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Fluff (2) Masterlist

part one

1 New Message (ao3) - Fangirl4life

Summary: Dan hates traveling without Phil, but sometimes he has to. Dan and Phil talk over text while Phil is sick and Dan is alone in a train.

An Over Priced Gym In Central London - ispendtoomuchtimeonhere

Summary: Fluff, broken showers, sweaty gym clothes, a confused grey haired man and an overabundance of mindless video games.

Baby, I Breathe You - phhantastic

Summary: They stay like that for a while; Phil watches Dan inhale and exhale calmly, he watches his stomach rises only to fall a second later but it’s so calming. Phil finds himself counting Dan’s breaths.

Better Than Kittens - literallyamazingphan

Summary: Dan works at an animal shelter and Phil comes in everyday just to play with kittens and Dan thinks Phil is super cute.

Braceface - cafephan

Summary: Phil is unsure about his new braces and is hesitant to let Dan see them.

By The Fireplace - howthemoonsuitsthenightsky

Summary: In which Dan falls asleep in front of the fireplace.

Cute - cafephan

Summary: Bored of London and in need of new clothes for a movie premiere, Dan and Phil head to Manchester for an impromptu shopping trip, resulting in more than they bargained for.

Driving Lessons - insanityplaysfics

Summary: Phil offers to teach Dan to drive, forgetting, in the moment, that he’s a terrible driver.

Embrace - littlephanfics

Summary: Phil is having an off day and there’s only one thing to do to make him feel better.

Gengar - pasteldanhowells

Summary: Dan gets a hole in one of his favorite t-shirts and is very upset about it, as it was his favorite shirt. Phil wants to cheer Dan up so he gives him one of his own favorite t-shirts.

I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Clause - phangirlingforphan

Summary: Henry Phillip Lester-Howell sees something unforgivable…his Daddy, Dan, kissing Santa Claus. Or at least who he thinks is Santa Claus.

I Won’t Give Up - philmakesyouhowell

Summary: Dan and Phil share their first kiss during a song break on the radio show.

My Song Is Love - phanyuss

Summary: Dan plays the piano and Phil always takes the time to listen and when he’s caught out Dan starts playing for him whenever he feels stressed. Basically just a drabble on reasons why Dan playing the piano makes Phil more thankful that he’s with him.

My Story - phanallamallama

Summary: Dan tells the story of how his internet relationship began the day before he is going to finally meet him for the first time.

New At This - cafephan

Summary: Adamant they are missing out on a pivotal stage in their teenage years, Dan and Phil decide to be each other’s first kisses.

Stickers On A Window - phantabulousfiction

Summary: Phil starts leaving Dan little messages on their windows with stickers.

Value Vs Worth - loverboylester

Summary: Dan broke the camera, and Phil is actually not angry.

Weeping Willow Trees - separatecrayonuniverse

Summary: Dan and Phil enjoy a picnic underneath a Willow tree.

Xenophobia - danisnopeonfire

Summary: Dan is scared to have his dentist check-up, and Phil is a trainee who has to look after him. An unlikely bond forms in an even more unlikely place.

Observe and Report

I’m new at this, at observing them. It’s part of my training, to find how things work in their world. How do they grow? How do they deal with these “emotions”? And how, of course, do they eventually die?

It’s sad really, to have seen documented cases of these creatures hurting each other, hurting themselves. Things that haven’t happened to us for thousands of years.

This is what we’re studying now: sickness. I’ve taken several courses on the development of germs, bacteria, disease. It’s all very new to me, and today marks my first day in observation.

“Why don’t we help them?” I ask my instructor as the ships door opens to reveal what looks to be a courtyard.

“Too dangerous,” he says, as we take our first steps on their planet’s surface. Simulations had prepared me for the dense atmosphere as I feel my body grow heavy. “Can’t do anything to disrupt their own evolutionary progress. We are here to observe and report, nothing more.”

We make our way across the courtyard, all but invisible to those we observe. Some may see a flicker of light out of the corner of their eye, but nothing more. Colors are somewhat subdued in my vision; a possible effect of the atmosphere.

The building we enter is what they call “hospital”. “Today’s lesson is on observing what we’ve learned in class first-hand.” Our instructor points down a few halls, listing off what we should expect today.

“Of course, some halls are for advanced classes only if you wish to continue your studies on this planet.” Some of my peers look at each other quizzically, but raise no questions.

We make our way through several rooms riddled with germs and disease, and even glimpse a few operations. I marvel at the rudimentary skills of their healers; shaky hands and minuscule mistakes that differ from ours by at least 12.5 percent.

With the conclusion of our lesson, we are instructed to head back to the ship. “I want a report sent to me by next lesson,” our instructor says.

Before we leave, I hear loud noises coming from a hall we didn’t observe. Screaming, I think. Curious, I step away from the group and enter a darkened room. A female lies on a table, crying, while a male sits and holds her hand. He says something, and I turn my translator on to make out, “Sometime soon.”

We had had a lesson on death, but I haven’t had the chance to observe it.

I move forward, trying to find the source of her pain. I switch the mode on my visor to see inside and find a disturbingly large mass in her abdominal region. I almost remember what they call them. Tumors, I think.

My instructor wouldn’t approve, but I can’t help it. I lay my hand on her stomach, and concentrate. Within moments it’s gone, and I smile to myself.

And then she’s screaming again, but it’s different, it’s worse. What have I done?

I’m gonna take a moment to say a few things about the new year too.

I want to thank you all so, so much for all your support. There was a lot going on for me personally this year, and not all of it was pleasant. I lost a close family member, my bachelor project stressed me out so badly that I lost all motivation for anything and got physically sick over it, there was fear and very bad behavior I had to take among other things - but there were also a lot of good things. I made a lot of new experiences, I learnt that my heart isn’t as loveless as I thought it was and that I can melt over someone, I successfully finished my studies, I’ve met new amazing people, my hobby has been very rewarding and I am very, very happy. 
And I want to thank you all for it, you were always there for me last year when things weren’t good for me, you were supportive and understanding when my horrible self-esteem pulled me down again and you just make this whole fandom experience wonderful for me. I appreciate everything you’ve all done for me and I hope I can continue to entertain you. I know I have said this before, but this blog has been a very pleasant surprise to me, I never thought it would ever get this much attention, and I want to thank you so much for every single ask, like and reblog you’ve given me. 

For this next year, I want to try and be a bit more confident, I want to keep working on this blog and entertain you as well as I can, and I want to see how far we can get with this thing. This has all been such a good time for me, and I hope we can continue like this for this year.

Thank you very much again for your support, it means the world to me, I love you all and I wish you a very, very good new year!