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  • Jughead: I want complete freedom
  • Betty: I can give you partial freedom and my puppy eyes look
  • Jughead: Sold

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Shadowhunter vs. TMI books

Jace, and Clary, and Climon

Book! Jace: States that he cannot look at Simon without wanting to kill someone, try’s to convince Clary to be with him regardless of incest…. they can always leave their loved ones behind and run away to a  place were no one knows, tells her he is trying to hate her when she says no, mocks her relationship with Simon saying it is a lie and distraction… while Simon can hear them!

Show! Jace: Is still protective and affectionate with Clary but only in platonic/sibling way once they are declared brother and sister. Is hurt seeing her with Simon but still congratulates them and is supportive of their relationship. When they learn that they are not siblings he tells Clary that “You have a good thing, I will not Ruin it”.

Book!Jace: Gets furious at not having the girl he wants and does what he can to make both her boyfriend and her suffer.

Show! Jace: Understands that Clary can have feelings for people besides him. Respects her right to make her own choices based on what she feels is right for her.

book! Clary: Is completely obsessed with Jace and totally using Simon, admits to Jace half way through the book that she romantically loves him and see’s Simon as a brother… then continues to “date” Simon, Though you honestly forget that they are dating because she totally forgets about him all the time, because she is so focused on how pretty and gold Jace is. Let a very upset Simon run off into the night so she could go sleep in Jace’s room while he was showering

Show! Clary: Really cares about Simon and is a great friend and girlfriend to him. I stand by the idea that she is keeping close to him anyway she can so that the shadowhunters vs. downworlders social fight does not tear her and her oldest friend apart, but It is obvious how much she really does care about him, Genuinly seems to enjoy being with him. Okay ya’ll I do think Clace understand each other better in the present, and that Climon work better as a platonic relationship, but you have to give them that they are adorable, really.

Book! Clary: tries to get over her shock of having a brother she never asked for by playing with her best friends heart

Show! Clary: Loves as much as possible, and is on the road to figuring out how to name all the types of love she feels.

i wanted to give something to the voltron alarm meme


Need to GET GOOD QUICK in time for Stormblood? Well with the help of this EXTREMELY HELPFUL GUIDE you too can become a pro!

If only we were in Vegas

Request: “Maybe we should just get married” with Luke + prompt ‘I just tripped and fell face first into your crotch, god end my life now please’
Summary: you’re at the student night when you see the most beautiful boy ever…too bad you’re a pro at embarrassing yourself

The student bar is packed tonight, and it took you and your friends ten full minutes to find a free table. Now you’re squeezed tight at the end of a bench, a beer in your hand as you watch the first couple of people starting to dance to the music.

You haven’t eaten much today, so between the two shots you took at the bar while waiting for a free spot and the beer Camilla bought you, you’re starting to feel a bit tipsy. There’s a warm seeping in your veins at the thought of being surrounded by so many people you love, in a good university, with your second-year exams over and done with.

The girls are gossiping about some dramatic love affair between two of your classmates, and you let your eyes glide further down the row, just looking at people and–

Your thoughts come to a screeching halt. You grab the arm of the person closest to you, who happens to be Camilla.

“Who is that?”

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Hiiiii! Your imagines are rlly cute! Can I have an RFA + Saeran where they accidentally find out MC has a crush on them? Like they overhear it or something. How would they react?

Thank you so much! That’s so cuuuute, here we go… (sorry it took so long, it’s been a crazy week for me…)

RFA + Saeran reacting to finding out MC has a crush on them


  • When he flirted with you, you would giggle and get really blushed.
  • But he thought you were just shy or get flustered easily, he would never think you were falling for him, you were always so nice to everybody, how could he tell?
  • He appreciated your friendship and how you were always willing to help him with rehearsals, you were not a good actress at all, but you read the lines to help him memorizing his
  • You really tried, but bless your heart, you were so stiff and sounded so uncomfortable. He didn’t mind, it was cute to watch you do your best to help him. And you would do anything to him, anyways
  • One day, you were  watching him on stage during a rehearsal. The musical would still take a few weeks to debut, but the director insisted on rehearsing like it already was the real deal
  • His co-star was a little late to this particular rehearsal, so Zen suggested you filled for her
  • You got desperate, you read the lines with him, but of course you didn’t memorize it, you were just helping him remember his
  • The director didn’t mind, it was more about adjusting the lightning and the markings, you could even improv if you wanted to
  • You went up on stage, you felt butterflies on your stomach, he looked so fucking handsome under this light, with that costume… it was too much for you to handle
  •  The director explained that was the scene on which the girl confesses her feelings for the guy before he gets on a plane for a trip who knows how long it could last (lololol so cliché, I’m sorry)
  • “What are you doing here? I thought you didn’t want to see me anymore” he said, acting as he was shocked
  •  You gulped as your eyes locked “I… I couldn’t let you go without you knowing how… how I truly feel.”
  • “What do you mean?”
  • You took a deep breath, here it goes: “ It’s just…  there wasn’t a single day ever since we met that I don’t think about you. I wake up thinking if you slept well, if you had good dreams, dreams about me. I go to sleep thinking how was your day, hoping we can meet in my dreams, and… I… dream about the day you’ll accept me and will rush to my house, take me in your arms, make me hop on your bike and we’re gonna go to a very beautiful place, as beautiful as you and… we’re gonna dream together, and make those dreams come true, Zen.” Then you remembered the plot “ So… so… don’t go into that plane, or… take me with you.”
  • Wow, he was impressed, could it be that helping him practice make you act like a pro too? And how did you manage to blush like that?
  • He hugged you, your heart was ready to come out of your mouth, and he leaned for a kiss… closer and closer… until you heard a “Cut!”
  • “That was good, although his character doesn’t have a bike. And you shouldn’t have called him Zen, but overall that was… interesting.” Said the director, you weren’t paying attention because you just wanted to kill him for interrupting!
  • “Wow, MC! That was so cool! Where did you get that dream thing from?” he was holding you by your shoulders
  • “Well, you always say things like that to me, about meeting in my dreams, I just… never really forgot about that…”
  • “Oh… really?” “Yeah…” and then there’s that awkward silence. “Oh, your co-worker is here, I should get going now” you gave him a soft smile and got off the stage, your heart was racing so much, you headed to the bathroom, trying to compose yourself
  • “Good, you’re finally here. If you have a crush on him too, this scene would be amazingly believable” the director said to the actress
  • And Zen was like… “Say what now?”
  • “Oh for God’s sake, Zen, that girl clearly can’t act! She wasn’t acting!”
  • “I just got here and I noticed too, how couldn’t you, dude?” said the actress
  • HOLY SHIT… you had so much to discus once this rehearsal is done


  • You weren’t even trying to hide, he was just too oblivious
  • You two were always hanging out at your place or his. You would help him study or try cooking new dishes , and sometimes play LOLOL
  • That night, you were at his house, you helped him study and now you were off to play LOLOL, but the doorbell rang
  • It was his mom, saying that he should watch his sister because she was busy (I know he cannonly has a sister, but I don’t know her age, let’s say she’s 9)
  • He whined a little, saying he already had plans with you, you said you would love to help, his mother smiled and said this could be a good training for both of you
  • You gasped in embarrassment, Yoosung didn’t get it oh my God…
  • She was soooo cute, like a girly brunette younger version of him, the same violet eyes you admired so much…
  • And she was adorable too, you took care of her while Yoosung just cooked . You helped her with homework and let her braid your hair.
  • Yoosung looked at you and said how good you looked with your hair like that, you should show off your ears more, they were really cute. And now you were a blushing mess.
  • His sister noticed and giggled a little. “Yoosung got a girlfriend~~~~” she sang
  • “Stop blabbering nonsense and get ready to bed!” he nagged. You couldn’t hold back your frustration, you knew it was just a joke, but hearing the possibility of you being his girlfriend was just blabbering really got to you.
  • She got ready to bed, but who slept was him, he was just so tired from all the studying and taking care of such an energetic child.
  • He dozed off on the couch, you and his sister made him company in the living room coloring some drawings
  • “Can I tell you a secret?” she said, you said yes
  •  “I have a crush on a boy in my class. He has black hair, blue eyes and he has a Ben 10 backpack!  But he doesn’t like me back…”
  • “How do you know, did you ask him?”
  • “No! I could never!” “Well, if you don’t ask, you’ll never know…” you were giving relationship advice to a 9 years old kid, what were you doing with your life?
  • “Did you ask my brother if he likes you?” you gasped and coughed “W-What? Why… why would I ask him that?”
  •  “I’m not stupid! You like my brother, don’t you? You like him! You like him! You like him!” oh god, she was being so loud, he was going to wake up!
  • “Yes, yes! I like him! Ok? I like him very much! Please keep it down!”
  •  “So why are you not being a couple?”
  • You sighed “Because adults are complicated and weird. And your brother is the weirdest of them all…”
  •  “And you still like him?”
  • “I’m complicated and weird too… Oh! Look at the time! You should go to bed, young lady! And I… should go home…” you were so embarrassed you just had to get out of there
  • You tucked her in and before you left, you planted a soft kiss on Yoosung’s forehead
  • After you left, she went back to the living room: “You are so dumb, you know that?”
  •  “Yes… yes… I know.” He said, running his fingers through his forehead


  • You two were always so busy because of the cafe, you didn’t actually expect her to notice your feelings with so much happening on the business right now
  • But your clients noticed, and boy, did they shipp you
  •  There was this elderly lady who would always come every morning and she was trying so hard to be your wingman (woman?)
  • “You and your friend are so adorable, young lady. Don’t you think she’s a doll?”
  • “Yes… she is very hard working too.” Wow… thanks Jaehee
  • “Is she taken? My son would be a perfect match for her.”
  • “Oh, I don’t really know, you should ask her that, although I don’t think it’s very appropriate” Well… she didn’t want you to meet the guy, that was already something… right?
  •  This lady would just give you that look, you were so embarrassed and frustrated
  • One day, she actually brought his son to meet you, he was really polite and cute, but yeah… you were not feeling it
  • She watched as you serviced him and got curious, he didn’t seem your type of guy, I mean, if you have one type, would it be like him? You never really talked about that stuff, actually, she would much rather avoid these topics, and you were so understanding you didn’t insist on,  she really appreciated that, she really appreciated how you were doing your best to make her feel comfortable with whatever
  • Your shift ended and you were about to close, you were cleaning the balcony and she was going to the stock room, but she freezed when she saw that guy coming in, she hid herself behind the door.
  • “Oh… we’re already closed, sir.”
  • “Yes, I know. I just wanted to talk to you, I won’t take much of your time, I swear. You see, my… mom kept talking about you, and… she was right, you must be the most adorable girl I’ve ever seen.”
  • “Oh… that’s really sweet, thanks.”
  • “Yes, so… I was wondering if I could take you on a date someday, you know…”
  • “Oh, I’m really flattered, but I… kinda already like someone?”
  • “You do?” he said and Jaehee thought the same. “Well… he is a lucky guy.”
  • “Girl, to be honest”. HOLY SHIT! “And I’d be the lucky one if she actually… noticed me, but I think her biggest love is coffee, as she always says.” Were you really opening up with this random fella? Girl, these feelings were really getting to you, huh?
  • “Well, good luck to both of you.” And he left.
  • “Her biggest love is coffee, as she always says”? Were you really talking about her? She really did say that a lot, so… no, it can be, can it?
  • You two were gonna have a long talk after you closed, and not even coffee could make her feel the excitement she was feeling right now


  • He invited you to some business party, these events were incredibly boring, but he said you had the ability to make things interesting somehow, so inviting you was just a logical conclusion. Okay…
  •  And he was right, it was really boring. You almost felt resting your head in his shoulder and just taking a nap right there, he was so warm, his suit was so soft, and he smelled so good… focus, MC!
  • He introduced you to a lot of people, and his father asked him where did he find such a treasure for a girlfriend. “She’s my friend, don’t make her uncomfortable, please.”
  • “Oh… I’m not uncomfortable, don’t worry.” Take the hint, Jumin
  • Mr. Chairman just giggled, his son was such a smart man, he couldn’t even noticed this big crush right there?
  • You were really tired and couldn’t hold back a yawn, Jumin smiled softly, his smile was going to be the death of you someday
  •  “I’m sorry I kept you for so long, I’ll just say goodbye to an acquaintance, but you can wait for me in the car, I’ll be there in a second. And… here, you look cold” he put his jacket on you and patted your shoulders before nodding and making his way back to the party, you let out a deep sigh and went to the car
  • Driver Kim was waiting for you with the door open, you said you were gonna wait outside
  • You started talking about whatever with Driver Kim, you were just trying to distract yourself from the alluring smell in the coat on your shoulders
  • “Mr. Han will not be happy to see you standing  here in the cold, miss MC, you should wait inside the car.”
  • “Don’ worry, I’ll tell him you tried to make me go inside, but I’m too stubborn.”
  • “Just like him, huh?”
  • You giggled, a little surprised: “Yes, like him. But that’s the only thing we have in common, I guess…” you closed your eyes and leaned your head on the car’s  window “I mean, he’s so elegant, so calm, I’m so sloppy and desperate… desperate for him to notice how crazy I am for him…” you were very sleepy and kept on mumbling about your feelings
  • “MC?” you heard that deep  low voice and raised your head, you didn’t want to open your eyes, but you did, just to find him looking at you curiously… oh fuck!
  • “Let’s go inside, it’s cold and we can talk more comfortably. Driver Kim is already set.” Were you that sleepy that you didn’t even notice Driver Kim gooing to the car or was this man a fucking ninja?
  • You two got into the car, you had no idea what was this cold he was talking about, you were sooooo hot, your face was burning
  • Driver Kim warned: “Buckle up, it’s going to be a very long ride” Yeah, no shit…


  • You knew you should back away since now he was dealing with all his brother’s problems, yet you kept catching yourself going to see him in the hospital
  • He didn’t mind, seeing you always made him feel sitting under the sun, anyways… and now he really needed some light to help him
  • The nurses loved seeing your interactions,  you looked so cute together, but you always had to tell them you were just a good friend…
  • Sometimes you would come and watch Saeran while he would go home and take a shower
  • But he couldn’t stop worrying. Saeran wasn’t stable, what if he hurt you? So he managed to install a camera and a wire on the hospital’s bedroom
  • Saeran was always loud and would never stop tossing and turning on the bed, but when you were there, he would just be quiet, like he was in some catatonic state
  • But one day he spoke to you: “Why you keep coming here?”
  • “I’m worried… about you and your brother.”
  • “Yeah, right… you just care about him, don’t need to lie to me.”
  • “Why would I lie to you? You are a big part in Saeyoung’s life, everything and everyone who are important to him are important to me too.”
  • Saeyoung was watching this, did you really mean that? That  was so considerate…
  •  “Oh… so cute… you have a little crush on him or something stupid like that?” he said sarcastically
  • “Definitely something stupid like that.” Saeran scoffed, but that almost sound like he was genuinely laughing. With just one sentence, you were able to amuse both the twins, you were really something…
  • He came back to the hospital and could not look you in the eye without blushing, you just smiled and waved a goodbye to Saeran. Then you lightly squeezed Saeyoung’s arm and messed his hair a little. “Take care, Choi boy.” The nurses were shrieking so much awwww
  • Saeyoung followed you with his gaze until you reached the elevator.
  • “I have no fucking clue which one of you it’s the biggest idiot here”  Saeran glared at him


  • He was trying different kinds of therapy  since he was released from the hospital
  • You found out he was really good at painting and drawing. Watching him so concentrated trying to find the right color was just… hypnotizing.
  • So once in a week, you would take him to a painting class and then to the park so he could practice with more freedom
  • One day, a big dog ran to you, he had a leash, but you couldn’t see the owner, so you let Saeran drawing and went to look for the dog’s owner
  • You walked a lot and got really tired, so you sat on a bench, sighed heavily, and looked to the dog and laughed
  • “You remind me of someone, you know?” the dog had these beautiful acqua eyes, they looked mysterious and a little intimidating, but yet… so mesmerizing, exactly like Saeran’s.
  • “Why can’t it be easy for humans like it is for you, mr. dog? You see the dog, sniff her butt and that’s it! But with us humans, is so… tough. I like this guy, I like him so much I can just watch him paint clouds and trees and flowers all day, I like him so much I don’t even care talking about him to a dog, because every human I know tells me to get away from him. What do I do, mr. dog?”
  • The dog start shaking his tail and licking your hand, you laugh. “Yeah, if I do that, he’ll probably think I’m crazy.”
  • “MC?” Saeran appears behind you, a guy is with him. “This is… mr. dog’s owner.”
  • “Her name is actually Priscilla” and he takes the dog away from you, you freaking weirdo
  • As Saeran referred to Pricilla as “mr. dog”, you could only assume he heard good part of your “conversation”, but you weren’t sure, so you just avoided any visual contact.
  • “Come on, I’ll buy you ice cream” he said and started walking, you ran after him. “And in exchange, I’ll let you sniff my butt.” God, just kill me now
The strongest Talon: part 3

A scream woke up everyone in the manor. Immediately, they all were running to their sister y/n’s room. You had been having nonstop nightmares ever since the night you had come home.

Damian was the first to reach your room since his was the closest. He threw the door open and ran to where you were writhing on the bed. Tears were streaming down your face and your pain filled cries broke his heart.

“Y/n! Y/n come on, it’s just a dream! Wake up please! Please, al'ukht alkubraa!(big sister in Arabic)” Damian pleaded. His brothers entered the room and Dick came forward.

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So, totally got inspired by this video I stumbled upon, and needed to write a freewood fic immediately. 

Gavin couldn’t say he necessarily enjoyed working at a Costco. Sure, it wasn’t the worst job he could have, but it didn’t really have him jumping for joy every time he woke up at an ungodly hour to get ready to take inventory.

That being said, he loved quite a few things about his job–the people were a plus, the pay wasn’t bad, and the employee discounts meant he could actually shop at the damn store he worked for, which was far better than he could say for the other shops he had previously been employed at.

“Oi, B! You’re gonna fucking love this new shipment we got,” Dan said the moment Gavin entered the backroom.

He waited until Gavin had locked his belongings away in his locker and donned the required red vest before dragging him out onto the sales floor.

“Christ B, what’s got you all fired up? Gonna rip my bloody arm off if you pull any harder.”

“Ah, you’ll thank me in a sec.”

Gavin doubted it highly, but he was proven wrong the moment Dan dragged him to one of the large center aisles. Gavin’s eyes widened as he spied three beautiful pianos displayed, still untouched by any curious customers or sticky-fingered children.

“And guess who managed to convince Mark to let a certain big-nosed twat sell them today?” Dan said smugly. Gavin’s head snapped up to meet Dan’s eyes. He grinned widely.

“B! I bloody love you, B!”

“Yeah, I know you do. Go on, get acquainted. Store opens in 5, B.”

“Cheers B!”

Gavin didn’t hesitate to bolt over to the lovely things. He ran his hand gently over the top before sitting at the bench. His fingers dances over the keys in a few simple chords before he let out a small laugh. It’d been too long.

The store opened and he began his usual routine, but he never strayed far from the pianos. A few kids stopped by to bang on the keys and Gavin had to bite his tongue not to snap at them before they were dragged away by their harried parents. At long last, there was a lull in the initial opening swarm and he sat back down at the bench. He didn’t have a song in mind, just the itch to touch those gleaming keys. For a few minutes he let his fingers create a tune while he smiled at the passers-by.  

Jack, one of the floor managers, walked by then, his usual clipboard and smile combo present. Gavin almost stopped playing but Jack waved him down.

“You’re drawing attention to the sale, so keep it going,” he said with a laugh. “I didn’t know you played, Gav.”

Gavin shrugged, “used to.”

“Well, if you’re taking suggestions, could you play some Adele? She’s gonna be big some day.”

Gavin grinned at the familiar joke and saluted, flawlessly transitioning to “Someone Like You.” He let it guide him, becoming completely involved with the music, and only stopping abruptly when he noticed another person sat at the piano on his left.

“Oh! Sorry! Did you need any assistance?” Gavin stuttered immediately, hoping no one saw him ignoring a paying customer for who knows how long. Especially a bloody attractive paying customer. Tall, sandy blond hair, bright blue eyes, and that smile. Gavin didn’t know whether he wanted to melt into a puddle or disappear into the ether out of sheer embarrassment.

“No, no, sorry to interrupt,” the stranger said, and his deep voice made Gavin’s stomach clench excitedly. “I was actually hoping to join you.”

“Um, wot?”

The customer looked at him sheepishly. “It isn’t every day you get an opportunity to do some impromptu piano duets out in the wild.”


When the man’s smile started to slip, Gavin unfroze and immediately scrambled for words, none of them intelligible.

“Do what the nice man says B,” Dan said, coming out of the shadows like goddamn Batman and slapping Gavin hard on the back.

Gavin glared at him before shooting the man–now staring at the two with amusement–a self-conscious grin. “Did you have a preference or–”

“That Adele song is fine with me.”


Gavin cleared his throat and nodded, starting the first few notes mechanically and waiting for the stranger to jump in. He nearly startled when the man did, but kept it together just by pure instinct. Bloody hell, the man was good. Kept up perfectly with Gavin and added his own flourishes to match Gavin’s embellishments. They both got lost in the music, completely unaware of the crowd they drew and the multiple videos that were being filmed. They finished, both sustaining their last chords, and they looked at each other, smiles wide across both their faces.

They startled at the sudden clapping, and they whipped around to look at the crowd. The man rubbed the back of his neck and Gavin flushed down to his roots, giving Dan a half-hearted glare when he whistled loudly from the front. He turned back to the man.

“You’re incredible!” He gushed.

“Naw, I’m completely out of practice, but you!”

“No, I haven’t played in bloody ages–”

“Well, I couldn’t tell. You could go pro.”

“You’re too kind, uh–”

“Jesus, that was rude of me. Ryan. Ryan Haywood,” he extended his hand to Gavin, and Gavin took it immediately.

“Well, Ryan Haywood, I think you play beautifully.”

Ryan smiled down at the floor and Gavin nearly burst from how endearing he found it.

“Uh, I wouldn’t mind doing it again. Maybe, uh, after some coffee or something?”

Gavin’s eyes widened in shock before a brilliant smile spread across his face.

“I would love that.”

“Great!” Ryan fumbled for his phone and nearly dropped it twice in his haste. He handed it to Gavin. “I’ll text you my number.”

Gavin nodded and typed in his name–Gavin Free (The Piano Guy)–and handed it back. Ryan chuckled as he read it and texted him immediately.

“I’ll text you after my shift?”

“Doun–sounds great. Talk to you soon.”

Ryan walked away then, and Gavin watched him go, dopey smile permanently etched on his face. That is, until Dan sidled up next to him with the smuggest look Gavin has ever seen.

“Well! Daniel Gruchy, master matchmaker. You’re welcome, B!”

“Oh, piss off.”

“I can’t wait to tell this at your wedding.”



If you want more than one SD.. You’re a pro

If you want him to wear a condom for sex and blow jobs.. You’re a pro

If you want cash.. You’re a pro

If you want your gift, allowance, payment, money, etc before you sleep with him.. You’re a pro

If you are familiar with sugar bowl/escorting terminology.. You’re a pro

If you want to screen him for your safety.. You’re a pro

If you have had a sugar daddy before.. You’re a pro

If you want to see a recent std test.. You’re a pro

If yeah that too ☝ yup.. You just another pro!

Who cares if she sounds professional, you are paying for good arm candy, great company and hot pussy SO PAY UP BITCHES!!

late night tv watching jercicobeth doodles to try and coax my motivation back to life. I think it’s working! I know I’m never going to finish this but I like the look of it too much not to post it.

I feel Nico though, trying to sleep with the tv on is hard /:

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Lighter skinned black people do experience colorism.(both of my parents are fully black) I've been shamed for wearing weaves, been called rotten,had boys tell me that they would never date my because of my skin color, being told I'm "not black enough"other girls and majority of these things darker toned people have been told too. If you are pro-black you need to be pro all shades not just light or dark skinned. Stop with the you have it better or you have it worst.

who’s mans is this?

-mod r

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Hi dad i just saw that ask where you said you wanted a gamer au! Please make it happen! And also love your work


Yoongi is the very famous Jungle for a North american team who lives in California and is actually kind of like the old pro player while Taehyung is a Mid lane player from one of Korea’s major teams and the new rookie face of LoL. 

Everyone thinks that they would hate each other or maybe there would be envy because Taehyung kind of lowkey stole the spot light and the role as an MVP player from Yoongi but when they meet though it’s actually kind of funny because Taehyung is a total fanboy. 

The younger walks in with his team and they are trying to look cool as fuck and like they don’t care they are a top team in the league but all that goes down the drain when Taehyung spots Yoongi talking to another player nearby. Taehyung breaks out into a slight jog/skip until he’s in front of Yoongi and his eyes are totally wide as he bounces in his place. 


Yoogi does all while chuckling at how cute Taehyung is. 

“Aren’t you a pro player too kid? You ask every opponent you meet for their autograph?” 

Taehyung answers before even thinking about what he’s saying. “Only the hot ones.” 

Yoongi smirks at the way Taehyung’s face heats up and the way the younger’s face turns as red as the jacket he’s wearing. He wants to stay and tease Taehyung a bit more but his team mates are already calling him and letting him know they need to head on stage so he settles for kissing Taehyung’s cheek and winking as he walks away. 

“Good luck today, kid.” 

During that day both Yoongi’s and and Taehyung’s team of course do very well take down team after team like it’s nothing. It’s right before the last game of the day (Tae and Yoongi’s teams against each other) that they have both teams doing an interview. Each team member answers questions and the whole time they are talking Yoongi and Taehyung are staring at each other, completely ignoring everything around them. 

The interviewer seems to notice them and laughs. 

“Oh can we say there’s love in the air for certain players?” 

Everyone begins teasing them, since it’s known Yoongi is openly pansexual, and Taehyung again turns bright red when Yoongi casually shrugs. 

“There’s something in the air alright.” 

(cue fanboys and fangirls new otp tbh)

To everyone’s surprise it’s Taehyung’s team that wins first place and people assume Yoongi is going to be down about it but he’s actually smiling. 

“Good job cutie.” 

Taehyung lifts his head and giggles at Yoongi. 

“Thank you! Maybe you can take me out to celebrate?” 

When they actually begin dating it’s even cuter. 

Since Taehyung lives in Korea and Yoongi in California it gets a bit hard for them but they do their best. There are a lot of trips to visit each other during their off seasons and TONS of live streams of them playing together during those visits. 

One thing that is mega adorable and Taehyung loves is that the fans do fan art of their champions together and literally they each have a wall in their homes just filled with art sent to them. 

During one live stream, Taehyung doesn’t really feel like playing so the fans get to scream over watching Taehyung sit on Yoongi’s lap and nap while Yoongi does his best to play with his over grown puppy boyfriend on top of him. 

It’s highkey funny too how competitive they get on those rare occasions where they go against each other whe they meet up in competitions.  Taehyung likes to yell out at Yoongi telling him he’s going to lose while Yoongi rolls his eyes and flips him off. Everyone laughs because Taehyung responds by shooting Yoongi a heart and a kiss and Yoongi blushes all while still flipping Taehyung off. 

Though they don’t play the same role in their teams they still try to help each other as best as they can. They’ll play together even though Taehyung is back home in Daegu and Yoongi is still in California and it’s cute because Taehyung slips in and out of Korean while Yoongi answers in English. 

They play into the early hours of the night/morning and when they are going to go bed finally Taehyung lets out a cute yawn. 

“Saranghae Yoonie.” 

Yoongi smiles. 

“I love you, too Tae.” 

LONG SKYPE DATES THAT ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THEM TALKING ABOUT LEAGUE OF LEGENDS RELATED THINGS BUT REALLY ARE SPENT WATCHING MOVIES AND LISTENING TO MUSIC TOGETHER UNTIL ONE OF THEM FALLS ASLEEP. They even do that cute shit where one of them will just play games and leave Skype open to occasionally watch them sleep in between playing games. (yoongi’s phone is filled with pics of sleeping tae tbh)

(i ran out of ideas idk fam it’s 5 a.m im sorry this was late just think about cute gamer bf’s that shit talk each other while they play and kiss each other in between games okay it’s soft)


An easy 4 with Beth this morning - the weather was cool and overcast.

Want your windows to look great and but you’re too cheap to pay a pro? Welcome to the club.  The key to pro results is the right tools.  The washer, squeegee, bucket and extension poles are fairly obvious, but the most important ingredient is probably the soap.  It’s a special soap - even when the squegee leaves streaks (and you’re going to have streaks), they’ll dry clear.

If you can, clean during the morning or early evening when the sun is low and the temperature is cool - that keeps the windows from drying before you have a chance to squeegee.  If your house is on a hill, invest in a ladder with adjustable legs.  Ask your dog to keep watch and don’t look down. 

  • PROS: Will share everything they have with you, laughs at your dumb jokes, has amazing taste in food
  • CONS: You have to listen to them tell you about the same thing over and over, and say goodbye to personal space and privacy
  • PROS: Will always tell you the truth (even if it’s embarrassing), always backs you up against your enemies, great movie recommendations, lets you mess with their hair
  • CONS: never lets anyone get a word in when speaking, annoys you with constant truth bombs when you know you need to fix yourself
  • PROS: a very rare soul that can get you in breathless laughter, doesn’t judge you no matter what you do, never loses chill, know all the gossip
  • CONS: knows all your gossip, never know their true opinion on things
  • PROS: cries at movies along with you, always carries a bag filled with 10000 stuffs and is prepared for any situation, helps you fix wardrobe malfunctions immediately and discreetly, easy to shop for
  • CONS: complains about the randomest things, freaks out over little messes
  • LEO
  • PROS: always tries to make you feel comfortable and good about yourself, really good at weaseling out of trouble, listens to all your problems and gives great advice
  • CONS: forgets literally everything, never knows when to shut up
  • PROS: takes great notes and can explain concepts you don’t understand, knows when someone isn’t good enough for you, lets you join in on their weird interests if you show enough appreciation for them
  • CONS: you have to listen to them talk about their weird obsessions 24/7, silent treatment if you piss them off
  • PROS: has super hot friends they want to set you up with (aka also the best wingman), they make it difficult to be embarrassed when hanging out with them, you get to see them unintentionally emulate your habits and it’s super cute
  • CONS: believes every conspiracy and urban legend and stupid rumor they hear, follows every trend, you get stuck with comforting them after every shitty relationship they have (which is a lot)
  • PROS: will literally kill anyone who hurts you, you learn from their mistakes, incredibly hot and it rubs off on you
  • CONS: unreal mood swings, can not let shit go
  • PROS: introduces you to amazing things, literally the whole package (beautiful, funny, smart)
  • CONS: always off somewhere and you never see them, steals all your food
  • PROS: gets things done, doesn’t excuse any shit from you, breaks rules for you, lets you borrow their jackets
  • CONS: subjects you to the terrible unfunny movies they love, listens to everything at either the lowest of highest possible volume
  • PROS: weirder than you, has amazing pets, can get super goofy or super real with them
  • CONS: literally could care less about ANY rules, absolutely caustic sarcasm 24/7 (though I personally find this to be a pro.)
  • PROS: refreshingly sweet, way too generous with their things, gives you massages, cooks like a boss,
  • CONS: never returns things they borrow, falls asleep before they can text you back