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I wish i could find this one article written in I believe the 90’s that went under the radar on abortion. The author said that the “life” arguments are basically useless on either side and what actually matters is that humans shouldn’t have a right to use other human bodies as a resource without consent no matter how alive or sentient they are, even if they’re on the brink of death you have the right to deny them access to you. It probably was too radical for pro-choice activists back in those days but like…that’s the most robust arguement lol so we need 2 being that back and dead the pontifications and splitting hairs about “life” in my honest onion

  • Jughead: I want complete freedom
  • Betty: I can give you partial freedom and my puppy eyes look
  • Jughead: Sold
six monthiversary!

As of this moment, this blog has existed for six months! And as of like ten minutes ago, it has exactly 16,000 followers! Neat!

I would do a blog thing to celebrate but my first final is in nine hours. So i should not spend time on this. However, tomorrow afternoon I will be taking a very brief post-exam breather from studying to write a story or two for you guys. So if you wanna pop into the askbox and prompt a story or tell me what you like about this blog and want to see more of, I’ll take it into consideration! 

Okay im gonna go study for two more hours and then sleep. Wish me luck, and thanks for sticking with me this far!

-Mod Hell

“You can be Han Solo. And I’ll be Boba Fett. I’ll cross the sky for you.”

- “Eleanor & Park” by Rainbow Rowell

Which is one of my favorite love confessions ever. And the book is great and I cried and I was a mess at the end. I need to re-read it sometime soon.

Shadowhunter vs. TMI books

Jace, and Clary, and Climon

Book! Jace: States that he cannot look at Simon without wanting to kill someone, try’s to convince Clary to be with him regardless of incest…. they can always leave their loved ones behind and run away to a  place were no one knows, tells her he is trying to hate her when she says no, mocks her relationship with Simon saying it is a lie and distraction… while Simon can hear them!

Show! Jace: Is still protective and affectionate with Clary but only in platonic/sibling way once they are declared brother and sister. Is hurt seeing her with Simon but still congratulates them and is supportive of their relationship. When they learn that they are not siblings he tells Clary that “You have a good thing, I will not Ruin it”.

Book!Jace: Gets furious at not having the girl he wants and does what he can to make both her boyfriend and her suffer.

Show! Jace: Understands that Clary can have feelings for people besides him. Respects her right to make her own choices based on what she feels is right for her.

book! Clary: Is completely obsessed with Jace and totally using Simon, admits to Jace half way through the book that she romantically loves him and see’s Simon as a brother… then continues to “date” Simon, Though you honestly forget that they are dating because she totally forgets about him all the time, because she is so focused on how pretty and gold Jace is. Let a very upset Simon run off into the night so she could go sleep in Jace’s room while he was showering

Show! Clary: Really cares about Simon and is a great friend and girlfriend to him. I stand by the idea that she is keeping close to him anyway she can so that the shadowhunters vs. downworlders social fight does not tear her and her oldest friend apart, but It is obvious how much she really does care about him, Genuinly seems to enjoy being with him. Okay ya’ll I do think Clace understand each other better in the present, and that Climon work better as a platonic relationship, but you have to give them that they are adorable, really.

Book! Clary: tries to get over her shock of having a brother she never asked for by playing with her best friends heart

Show! Clary: Loves as much as possible, and is on the road to figuring out how to name all the types of love she feels.

*Posts picture to Twitter* I wonder if Liam will like this one.


hello it’s me again, there’s this musical called “daddy long legs” which if you haven’t heard of it already, go look it up asap

You know, there are times where I come across a shipper, who doesn’t ship Bakudeku or Katsudeku like I do, and after hearing a valid reason, I’m like

“Okay, cool. I mean, nobody really likes the same thing, so it’s cool, I’ll try not to crowd you with Bakudeku stuff cause I know you’re not into it.”

But if their reasoning for not liking it is by giving me their entire life story on how they’ve been bullied all their life and how they feel Izuku on such a deep level I’m just like

i wanted to give something to the voltron alarm meme

pros and cons of the moon signs
  • aries pro: you're not a big sulker when you don't get your way, and you hate manipulating people. you're super passionate about the things you like!
  • aries con: you don't always look before you leap and you can tend to rush into things too fast
  • taurus pro: you appreciate beautiful things and you're so strong willed! you're a true romantic at heart
  • taurus con: you don't like to hear out the other side of the argument
  • gemini pro: you're so charming and open-minded, you're also a loyal and caring friend
  • gemini con: you can sometimes be quite moody and irritable
  • cancer pro: you love to love people, and you're always happy to help people in need!
  • cancer con: you might get so caught up in your own feelings that you become self absorbed
  • leo pro: you're sociable and charismatic, and a great natural entertainer!
  • leo con: you might have a little jealous streak, and when you're upset you may like to close yourself off from everyone
  • virgo pro: you always put in the extra mile in everything you do, no matter how big or small!
  • virgo con: you might be too critical of yourself
  • libra pro: you're very sociable and quite easy-going, you really love your family and your close friends and loved ones
  • libra con: your mood changes can be quite unpredictable, and you can get very upset when you don't get your way
  • scorpio pro: you can basically look into people's souls and see their true self, and you're a human lie detector
  • scorpio con: you may take criticism too personally, and you can get very jealous very easily
  • sagittarius pro: you love expanding your own horizons, and you love to learn and discover new things
  • sagittarius con: you speak your mind a lot, and sometimes this can hurt others
  • capricorn pro: you strive to be respected and you're always ready to help out and take responsibility for something
  • capricorn con: you might not take enough risks, and it can be very difficult to show people that you care about them
  • aquarius pro: you're kind and compassionate, also very optimistic and friendly
  • aquarius con: you can be so stubborn that you're unwilling to consider the other side of the argument, you don't take criticism too well
  • pisces pro: you genuinely care about everyone, and you have a great sense of humour
  • pisces con: you may sometimes let people walk all over you without realising it
A Nice Evening

Fandom: Marvel      Genres: mild violence, swearing, action

Summary: Based on: “Imagine Loki beating up your ex.” by @thefandomimagine

A/N: I’ve made the ex a man, because I doubt Loki would beat a woman.

Word count: 1,120


Originally posted by spindle-berry

Knocking on the door, Loki couldn’t help but notice the dirt covering the narrow corridor and some cigarettes left in the flower pot. The flower was long dead so it didn’t really matter. Loki thought that people were barbarians indeed, no matter how hard his brother tried to convince him otherwise.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, do you know of any mixed fandom blogs who are 100% pro Snape? I like following people who post different things and edits on top of HP things, but sometimes they disappoint me with that one Snape hate post in between everything else and that complete ruins them for me, tbqh. I'd be really happy to know some safe blogs here for Snape lovers :) don't have to post about him, but if they do, not in a bad way. :)

first off you should check out the list of pro-snape blogs i put together. all people listed here are pro-snape whether they post about him or not and they’re all sorted into categories so it’s easy for you to browse :)

here are some i follow myself though (again in order of how they appear on my blogroll:

@ellie-williams, @alanprickman, @blueeyedstark, @laventadorn-baker, @onecelestialbeing, @liminy-lemony, @witchunters, @athosds, @lennyweasley, @histhory, @teamenti, @kylooren, @masha-russia, @alishenciya, @avada-kxdavra, @expectopatronuts, @woobierumple, @lifeofapottedplant, @thefadedpicture, @crmediagal, @tea-and-tragedy, @sardoniyx, @itisariddle, @austenide, @run-and-hide21, @repurikare, @professorlupins, @hanatsuki89, @kassillus, @ferteinoctem, @heermione, @wiebkeart, @shapedlikemyself, @jonasvasqez, @gryffindoridiot, @bloodyhellharry, @s-snape, @smeagoled@softlysimmering, @elrondings, @katniss-mellarky, @argusfilch, @chanccart, @asphodel27 

aaaand here’s the post about mostly snape blogs i follow that i answered the other week.