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How do you make your stimboards? They're really great, and I'm thinking of making a stim side blog and I would like some tips, if it's not too much to ask.

Ok here’s a quick rundown, I’ve actually gotten a couple questions about this:

I look for nine items to use, I go through tumblr tags or if I REALLY can’t find anything I use google (make sure to save the urls so you can source)

Then I put them all into photoshop and crop them to be squares, usually 177px177p (tumblr’s photoset dimensions) but any size square will work as long as they are all squares

Then I post! The steps are pretty simple, but finding pictures/gifs that match the theme is usually really time consuming which is why I take so long to make stimboards

I don’t really know if I have any tips but I would say it’s helpful to search for the color + “stim” or “slime” or whatever. And if you can’t find anything just go through the stim tag hoping that something comes up lol


Done with all 15 sets of lineart for the interior framing illustrations of “Where’s My Chull?”

They’re not the most consistent renderings of the characters, but considering how quickly I drew these I’m still pretty damn pleased with how they turned out. Much thanks to everyone who gave me feedback or just chatted while I was working on ‘em, kept me focused and having a good time. :3

And they’ll look fantastic and really come together once beneathsilverstars works her magic on 'em. :D

I’m gonna go… play some video games or something now. *puts away tablet*

EDIT: Navani’s gemstone braids are in the wrong place in the later pieces and I fixed them but am too lazy to redo this photoset arghhhhhhhh.

EDITthe2nd: Updated the photoset so we’re good now. :>


Part 1 of 4
Kuroko Tetsuya and fluorite
Kagami Taiga and realgar
Kise Ryouta and wulfenite/mimetite
Kasamatsu Yukio and snowflake obsidian (obsidian/cristobalite)

Saw some “things that look like KnB” posts floating around, thought I’d try my hand at it, too. So there you go. KnB characters and unusual lookalike minerals! Why minerals? Because they’re way pretty and I am a geek.

(Btw, anyone know how to make longer/multiple photosets in one post?)


I couldn’t sleep thinking about this, so I decided to participate in this celebratory reposting of old Homestuck art, too, even though I could barely find any HS art that I’m not completely embarrassed by by now. I’ve never managed to make any big pieces during the last two and a half years, but I did find these, so happy last 413!

under the cut are some choice artworks that didn’t fit into the photoset, but be sure not to miss those masterpieces!

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I was just wondering what you thought a typical day of work for Malcolm consisted of. At some point in 1x02 he is seen at his office at 2:45 am! And if you look into Alastair Campbell’s working hours, they were immense too.

(as asked by an anon)

Hmmm, this got just a bit out of hand – as my Malcolm meta tends to do – but there’s lots of pretty pictures to go with all the many words.  I do try to stick to the main point – what does a typical Malcolm work day look like? – but I get there by a path that could generously be called the long way round.

I’ll start by saying a typical working day for Malcolm is really going to depend on which series you’re talking about.  His workday in the first six episodes when everything is more or less stable and the government is ticking over smoothly – which actually meant longer work days for our Malc to keep it so – is not the same as his workday in the Specials (not that they are really typical anyway since from almost the first minute of Rise of the Nutters we know the PM is on his way out and Spinners and Losers doesn’t count at all) and then by series 3 when the wheels are slowly but inevitably coming off the wagon, what constitutes typical couldn’t be more different than what it was like in the good old pharaoh days. 

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Going to work on the 3k+ project, but I need some help

(( Don’t worry! It’s not much! While I’m pretty much SHOVELING my way through all my followers, I’ve been having trouble since I need your references!
Plus, apparently, some blogs I bump into have been inactive for a long while now       v v v

(( Because I am very close to 3k, I want to take the opportunity to be able to promote other blogs ovo”! ))

What I need you to do, is to reblog this little thing so I know you’re somewhat active, and put the tag to the reference of your oc below! o3o

((Or if you don’t have a ref tag and just a page- just tag it/type in
“I have a ref page” ))

Even if you don’t reblog this, I’m still digging through my list of followers, but as much as possible, please still reblog this, so it makes it easier for me to find your references ;w;

I hope this doesn’t sound like advertisement, just thought it would be a nice way to find the blogs who pay attention to what I post, plus your references o3o!

Thank you all so much for sticking around, even if we have less than 20 story related posts ;w;”

- Ebbs

PS. I expect to have this finished after 3.5k qwq //that’s a long while from now. I just expect to be drawing a lot of ponies- several times as well .w.” I need to do this in my spare time too, since I can’t do it everyday ))

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he’s got hundreds of thousands of followers and he does in fact, put:
✩ pale & pastels ✩
on all his posts. he’s also a photographer and loves his Nikon more than anything, possibly even more than his cat (Tabitha) and his Polaroid. he likes taking artsy pictures of his best friend lydia

and whatever

derek on the other hand, has a couple thousand followers, which is not too bad, and he is pretty damn happy with that. mostly he loves thinking up marvel headcanons and what happened in budapest and angrily demanding a black widow movie (which is how derek first finds stiles’ blog, because there was a photoset of lydia dressed up as the black widow. credits to tifferini for these photos)

and that is how they meet uwu

i have nothing else from this verse just yet but i think it would be so. freaking. cool.

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New here, why don't you want people to tag Connor in tronnor posts?

I am so glad you asked! And if you were one of the people I messaged please know I did not mean it rudely, I actually used to do it as well until I learned.

Anyways, the thing is, especially with Connor because he’s the one who actually checks his tags because Troye is a damned busy nerd, the boys are their own people. Their tags should be filled with posts about them, not posts about themselves having sex with someone who they are rumored to be dating. That sounds pretty extreme but there were actual posts about them having sex in Connor’s personal tag which I shouldn’t have to explain is crossing a line to put in his tag. And this applies to less extreme versions too, it’s just a little bit disrespectful and unkind, especially when it’s about a ship they are involved in that is not in fact confirmed by the people involved.

We are here to support our favs, in this/my case troye&connor, and we are here to support them and make them things like gifs, art and photosets. In my eyes, their tags should be a place where they can go to view us and the things we work really hard on to make for them and see support and appreciation for them. All that gets kind of diminished when you tag irrelevant stuff(and ships) in their tag. I understand you want them to notice you but I promise they won’t like/reblog a tronnor post. Plus if you’re making tronnor posts, why not make specific posts as well and tag that for them!! Those they are highly more likely to notice :)

here’s a little more detail to my poly ot5 idea

i spent a little too much time thinking about the way the hive five would make their relationship work after i made that photoset, and people seemed to respond pretty positively to it, so here’s some head canons put into a plot-thin for ya:

they are still the same old gang from middle school, but they’re just about to start their junior year of high school. it’s been a little rough on them in high school because everyone made a pact to explore themselves a little and took different electives. maya’s been dominating her art classes; lucas has been working hard on his sports; riley joined the garden and writing club, along with pep club since she never did make cheer squad; farkle and zay are both on the school’s dance team and in the drama department.

they still have the same history class together, but it’s still hard.

that summer, no one can pinpoint exactly when or how it happened, just that one day they were laying around in the huge minkus media room, watching a movie, when the subject came up. relationships, longevity, what ifs.

it hadn’t seemed like a big deal at the time, and it wasn’t exactly a surprise. maya has come to terms with her bisexuality ever since freshman year; with the help of her friends, riley was able to look into and own her pansexuality; lucas and farkle were still figuring it out, but they weren’t straight. zay never did have a thing for labels, for he had an eye for more than just girls, and everyone knew it.

their relationship was a little rocky at first, but things settled into their own place as the group took it upon themselves to acknowledge their mutual attraction for each other and looked into the possibility of just being together.

lucas and maya were the protectors. by the time the new school year started and progressed, everyone seemed to know about the five of them, because they weren’t exactly hiding it.

when a jock built like a marble statue came up to maya, screaming bible verses at her, she’d never punched someone harder in her life. the jock had only managed to backhand her before lucas was stepping in, giving him two black eyes and a bloody nose before he even knew what’d hit him.

riley and farkle are the lovers, always planning date nights and bandaging bloody knuckles with gentle scolds and forehead kisses. riley is the best at dealing with nightmares and thunderstorms, which are the nights that maya and zay spend the night, because they both hate storms. she’ll hold them both and look out her window from the bed, watching the rain hit the glass and lightning flash as she runs her fingers through their hair. farkle does all the planning, from movie nights to attending social gatherings for lgbtq+ teens at the gsa center in brooklyn.

sex was a conversation, but not a long one. zay was asexual, and all thoughts of sexual interaction turned him off completely. the others respected this, and mutually agreed that high school was no place for sex anyway. but lucas has made farkle flush from intense looks at his bare chest, and maya appreciates the view whenever riley shows off a new bra.

maybe the best part about the entire relationship was the parents. they waited until they could all of them into a room together on a weekend, piled together in the matthews’ living room, and proudly told them, linked arms and holding hands and shaking with nervous energy. they had papers printed and forming a mountain of facts on the coffee table.

at first, they were concerned - how would they stick together, how would they make the dynamic work?

riley was possibly the boldest, wiggling her way to the front of her partners and boldly staring each adult in the eye - from her parents to uncle shawn to katy to the minkus’s to the friar’s to zay’s mother.

“we love each other. all of us, all together, in every way, just the way we are.”

after that day, the support became coming in waves. for maya’s birthday, topanga and katy made her a three layer cake with rainbow frosting that made her cry. stuart and jennifer sat down farkle and down him they had set up an account for the five of them to get their own place once they graduated high school and settled into college.

the only bump they ran into was when maya’s father blew in, out of the blue, marching into the bakery to see maya sitting on lucas’s lap and giggling as riley played with her fingers. farkle and zay had been at rehearsals for the fall musical that day, and came to riley’s to see lucas lividly pacing the length of riley’s bedroom as maya sobbed.

apparently, not all father’s can be a cory matthews or a stuart minkus.

but they moved past it. after a long cuddle session and her favorite movie, maya realized that it didn’t matter what her father said. her sexuality, their relationship, was not something to be altered by a man who leaves when times get tough.

together, the five of them grow and love and live, graduating high school and all managing to get the same path to nyu, creating their own happily ever after.

oh god this was so long what happened oh my god