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A Few Rambling Thoughts on Sailor Moon S

Even with the Monsters of the Day, I’m impressed with how well Sailor Moon S’s structure has held up during this rewatch. Pretty much every episode either introduces a new major character, an important fact about a new character, reveals something new about an old character, or deepens an important relationship (*coughChibiusaandHotaru*).

After the Talismans and the Holy Grail are revealed in 110/111 (and even more so after Hotaru is formally introduced in the next episode), the tension builds steadily toward the climax.

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If I could change one thing about this season, I would have placed just a little more emphasis on Rei’s visions. It’s so close—this plot point is brought up just enough times for it to have an impact—and Rei does act distant, distracted, and uncharacteristically nice to Usagi in a few episodes due to her visions of the approaching Silence.

But then there are episodes where she slips back into her old characterization, and when Setsuna finally reveals that Rei has been having these visions for months, Rei’s reaction is just sort of “hmm, well.” Meanwhile, everyone else is like, “Wha? Oh, OK.” It would’ve been nice if they’d leaned into that moment a bit more: made it more of a “ah, so that’s why she’s been acting different lately” moment.

Basically, I want the anime to import Manga!Rei for this season is what I’m getting at.

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Meanwhile, the budding friendship between Chibiusa and Hotaru is just about perfect (which, to its credit, I’d say the same thing about Crystal as well). Look, this is the season that made me care about Chibiusa. And I’ve already said on this blog that Hotaru is kind of my favorite. These are not unrelated.

Hotaru is so, so relatable for me. She’s a sickly, depressed, somewhat self-loathing young teen who has been isolated from her peers because of her father’s job, her mother’s death, her odd appearance, her shyness, and her violent outbursts (I’m not going to say which one of these things I relate to, but it is more than two of them). We learn in a later season that she’s also preternaturally smart, which doesn’t help with the social isolation.

When Chibiusa first meets Hotaru, and throughout the course of their friendship, Hotaru is resistant to trust herself around Chibiusa, and yet at the same time she’s drawn to this cheery pink-haired girl’s warmth.

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And Chibiusa—gosh, I love her so much in this season. Yeah, as a senshi-in-training she’s kind of silly and useless, but I kind of love that about her. She’s like Kitty Pryde in her first appearance: more earnestness than skill, and still trying way too hard to be Very Grown Up.

It’s her friendship with Hotaru, though, that really makes me love her. We know that Chibiusa was lonely in Crystal Tokyo. Her arc in R was about coming to terms with her parents, but it didn’t resolve her feelings of loneliness and isolation from her peers (this is more of a manga thing than in the anime, but enough of it crosses over that I’m gonna run with it). We also know that her mother, Neo Queen Serenity, sent her back to the 20th century in part for Chibiusa to train as a senshi, but more importantly—and this is an explicit instruction from the queen in Chibiusa’s introductory episode—Serenity wants Chibiusa to make friends.

Serenity wants her daughter to make one friend in particular, but we don’t know that just yet.

Anyway, Chibiusa meets Hotaru for the first time, and she immediately understands this pale, awkward girl. Chibiusa sees the same loneliness in Hotaru that she, herself, has felt all her life. Remember the Wicked Lady bit? Yeah, that.

And the more Hotaru tries to push her away, the more she learns about Hotaru’s strange illness, her painful home life, her crippling loneliness, the more Chibiusa reaches out to offer love and support.

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And it’s done with such subtlety, too! There’s a scene in one episode (I forget which one) where someone—Hotaru maybe?—makes a casual statement about Hotaru being alone, and the frame pauses for just a moment on Chibiusa looking sad. I completely missed this the first time I watched the series, but on rewatch, I could tell exactly what Chibiusa must’ve been thinking: she was thinking, “Hotaru is my friend. I don’t want her to be alone. I don’t want her to suffer like I did.”

Her friendship with Hotaru becomes so important to Chibiusa that she tells Sailor Pluto—Puu, her one friend in all of Crystal Tokyo—that she (Chibiusa) hates her (Sailor Pluto) for threatening her (Hotaru’s) life.

And considering how lonely Pluto was/is/was guarding the Door of Time, that is harsh.

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(Side note: I love how loneliness is a common theme in this show. All of the scouts were lonely before they met Usagi/Chibiusa/each other, as the R movie and the opening arc of Stars makes clear. That series-long theme is the reason why Stars!Anime!Nehellenia and Galaxia are my favorite villains: because they’re such obvious contrasts to Usagi’s light and warmth and effortless ability to make friends.)

But yeah, the Hotaru/Chibiusa friendship is great.

And it’s all more painful and wonderful knowing where all of this is going. I’m still a couple episodes away from the climactic moment, but, oh, we are getting there.

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Guess who started reading the Captive Prince series



Oh hey stuff from my snapchat I haven’t posted here! Enjoy my notes which I know look like a rainbow barfed on them and also suffer from “holy shit the prof is talking too fast I can’t keep up” handwriting. Anyway, this is pretty true to what my notes generally look like, for people who are curious.

One True Pairing

One look and you drown into these two characters.

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They don’t have to speak for their feelings to cross each other.

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They may be oblivious, teasing, or have that chemistry that baffles you into thinking, “Why can’t they just see, how perfect they are?”

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You might see that they were made for each other before their relationship was established, or seen the little things that pulled you into the pairing.

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You start to develop strong feelings to protect and defend the idea of this couple from people that can’t understand your reasons for wanting them together. 

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Because they don’t see these two people the way you do.

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Nevada Gothic

*The playground looks very nice. It is clean and colorful and well-thought-out. No one goes there but the jackrabbits.

*A new company is moving into the area. The local councils fall all over themselves providing whatever might be needed. No one mentions that the first day of work is the last day the workers are seen.

*The popping noise at night is just someone target-shooting. You try not to think about what’s being used as targets.

*We’re very proud of our town. Where do we get the water? It doesn’t matter. We’re very proud of our town.

*As you drive through endless stretches of highway, you occasionally see an onion farm. The wind rustles through the stalks. You don’t think it sounds like someone pleading for help at all.

*Everyone laughs at the local ghost stories. Only the local Native American tribes know enough to keep their silence. You’re new here, don’t you want to see the most haunted city in America?

*A healthy teenager went into an abandoned mine. When they recovered his body, they couldn’t find a cause of death.

*It’s wonderful how involved the city’s council is. Why, almost everything is sponsored by them…

*Your high school reunion is coming up in a week. You aren’t going. Getting out once was enough.

*The neighbor’s dogs always seem oddly well-fed. You never see them except at night. They have very bright eyes.


“Again, perhaps controversially, I perceive Bundy as a tragic figure. A highly intelligent man sliced in half by two opposing tensions - the inferiority complex bred by his illegitimate birth, and overcompensatory ambition designed to thwart perceived disadvantage. Not quite the same problem of indecision that tortured Hamlet, but in the early stages it had similar effect, leading Bundy to resolve the anguished dichotomy by embarking on the same course of action, multiple murder.

Had Bundy possessed Hamlet’s talent for self-analysis, he might have solved his lesser problem more pragmatically by recognition of his own limitations. Instead, his inferiority complex goaded him to goals too high, drove him too hard to achieve them, and futilely challenged the law of reversed effort in his particular case. Then, not wishing to duplicate the dogging, depressing disappointment of failure, he tried too little or, perhaps more aptly, tried too hard not to try hard, and met failure once again. Double jeopardy. ‘Catch-22.’

When I say Bundy ‘failed,’ I mean by his own perceived personal standards. By any normal measure, his academic achievements were well above average and highly commendable. But he was stuck on a psychic seesaw, forever thinking too highly or too lowly of himself, and ended up balancing in limbo between the two   worlds. Had he achieved, even modestly, a more dexterous equilibrium, he would probably be practising as a reasonably successful lawyer today. Given his undoubted social and manipulative skills, innate ambition, amorality and ruthlessness, he might even have reached Congress or the Senate.”

- Ian Brady on Ted Bundy in The Gates of Janus.



“I-I’m a virgin.”

Harry took that as a blow to the dignity of all males, his eyes going wide in pure shock. Sure, he knew she wasn’t the type for one night stands but he definitely didn’t think she had never done it with anyone.And for some reason, he felt like making up for it. He must be crazy.


harry thinks his best friend is way too fuckable to still be a virgin.

[alternate universe]


The relationship between Harry and Y/N was always one to question. They had been best friends since 9th grade, when Harry moved to America. Long story short, everyone picked on the dorky British kid while Y/N was the only defier. She admired his accent, thought it was cute even. 

And so of course, as you can image, Y/N didn’t have too many friends either. She was mostly a pretty shy girl, only letting her true hilarious self through with people she felt absolutely comfortable with. 

Harry was that person. 

“Styles, you better not have eaten all my fucking chocolates!” Y/N shouts into her apartment, remembering Harry sending her text during Economics that said something along the lines of ‘coming over. you have food and i don’t.’ 

He emerges out of her small kitchen - barely considered a kitchen to Y/N’s mother - with, sure enough, the box of chocolates in hand. He’s been caught red handed, giving a goofy smile as the shrugs his shoulders, “They weren’t that good anyway,” Harry reassures, remembering these particular candies were bought for her by a fuckboy whose only intention was getting in her pants. 

“You little bitch, I was going to eat those!” she groans, even though she knows they couldn’t have been that good to begin with. 

Harry thinks this is sorta kinda cute, seeing her get all flustered over practically nothing. “So, what was the assholes name again?” he makes his way over to her, pulling her down to sit on the small white sofa. 

“Jeremy Collins. Ugh, he was so dreamy and then he talked and all I wanted to do was cover his words and never have to hear his voice.” 

He laughed, never understanding her search for “the perfect boy”, “That bad? Damn, maybe you’ve gotten too accustomed to my voice.” 

She rolled her eyes, swatting his arm, “No dumbass, his voice was fine. What he said was beyond stupid though,” She laughed, resting her head on Harry’s shoulder, “I said: Not everything is about sex, I actually have a personality - and so he interrupted and said: Can your personality sit on my dick?” 

Harry quite literally fell back in laughter, snorting a few times as he clutched his stomach, “He actually fucking said that?” 

She laughed, knowing he never meant to hurt her feelings, just maybe her search for love. 

She stood up, mumbling about having to change out of the way too tight jeans as Harry simply nodded, scrolling through his phone while she was absent. 

When she came back, Harry noticed the outfit she chose to bless his eyes with. A tshirt that used to be his, barely-considered shorts, and some fuzzy socks with her hair thrown up into a top knot. Not that he had those types of feelings for her, but damn, did Y/N have perfectly long legs. Plus, her ass was hanging out of those “shorts” but who was he to complain? 

“What do you want to do?” she asked, looking up into his eyes. 


She nodded, turning Netflix onto her television while grabbing a blanket for the two of them. “What movie-” “The breakfast club.” Harry answered for her, smirking as she smiled at his remembrance of her all time favorite movie. 

Now, at this point, Y/N was snuggled up with her best friend, the movie about halfway through. Only, she was distracted by fuckboy #16 Jeremy as he kept flooding her imessage with ‘take me back’ texts. Harry noticed, but kept quiet knowing she would get agitated. 

“Ugh, what is this boy’s problem?!” She sat up, Harry following suit, “Now he’s saying I’m too innocent, not experienced enough? That’s such bullshit! I do things, like - like…” 

Harry tried rubbing her back, trying to get her to chill out a little and not worry about an irrelevant person. 

“How much have you done?” He genuinely wondered, thinking about it. 

She rolled her eyes and barely acknowledged the question, mumbling “Plenty of things.” 

He looked into her eyes now, the intimidation she never noticed before becoming evident as his green eyes stared back at her with insane wonder, “Like what?” 

She gulped, wanting to know why in the hell her skin was heating up, “Uhm, well - like…” 

He smirked, a whole new possibility flickering through his rotten mind, “Go on?” 

“Okay! God, Jesus Christ, Harry. Why the fuck do you want to know so bad all the sudden?” 

“You’re avoiding the question, babe.” 

She froze in place as she swore on her life he moved closer to her, the crush she developed sophomore year of high school flashing through her mind for a spilt second. “I-I’m a virgin.” 

Harry took that as a blow to the dignity of all males, his eyes going wide in pure shock. Sure, he knew she wasn’t the type for one night stands but he definitely didn’t think she had never done it with anyone. 

And for some reason, he felt like making up for it. He must be crazy. 

“Virgin? How the fuck…” He muttered, sincerely trying to figure out how that was even possible. Fuck, just look at her. She’s very fuckable. More than that, girlfriend material, the kind of girl armies should be fighting for in the thousands. 

“No one has ever felt like the one. They’re all assholes so-” 

The next thing Harry says surprises both of them, all the chemistry they always shared finally making sense, “Am I an asshole?” 

Of course, the true meaning behind this was, “I wasn’t fuckable enough?” 

Which, naturally makes her eyes widen as he seriously debates on whether or not she’s ever experienced any sexual pleasing, feeling like it’s his responsibly. 

Yep, he’s definitely going crazy. 

“So you’ve never even had an orgasm before?” He thinks aloud, throwing all his control into the trash. 

She rolls her eyes, standing up now and heading to the kitchen to get away from his never ending game of 21 questions, and maybe trying to get away from the urge to kiss him and let him be that one. 

“Still have fingers, Harry.” She calls from the kitchen, and fuck, he’s thinking all the things that shouldn’t be said in Church while those four words go straight to his dick. 

He stands up, debating his intentions as he finds her grabbing a can of soda out of the fridge, her ass on full display. 

And so with a final, fuck it, he meets her as he stands tall, still towering over her as her back is to him. 

He moves a strand of her hair and brings his lips to her ear, whispering the four words that have such a new meaning now. 

“You trust me, right?” 

And with that, she flips around and brings him down to meet their lips together in a forceful lust, surprising Harry at first, quickly responding as his hands find their way to her hips. 

Harry is thinking how in the hell has he never kissed her sugar sweet lips before and Y/N is thinking why she looked for so long when the perfect thing was right in front of her. Both of them thought the other was very fuckable. 


i’ll be creating a master list once i get a good amount of imagines completed but for now, you can search my tag #babymyharry and all my imagines will appear :)) it’s magic !!

edit: here is my masterlist 

yooo i might make a part 2 to this?? idkkk what to even call this bc likeee smut didn’t actually happen but?? if i made a part 2 there would fs be smut whohoo


- amanda;))

Tim Drake: Power Outage

Imagine Mount Justice having a power cut and you and Tim go to fix it but end up getting distracted.

Warnings: None


Though you were clarified as a geek or nerd by some, you preferred the term technical genius. You were in fact apart of Young Justice but instead of spending your time constantly out on the field, you focussed on computers and gadgets for the team simply because you excelled at it - being a former pro hacker was quite the change but these talents came in very handy on a mission and you were able to shut down the most advanced security systems in seconds, much to the appraisal of your team.

Often, they said you were the best at what you do but that wasn’t quite true. Robin was pretty good too as much as you’d hate to admit it, you considered him your rival since you never really spoke to one another at all and therefore had no idea what he was actually like. None the less, you loved technology for the most part and could often be found working on some new tech for the team which they all loved and came to ask about it quite often. Bart would often tell you about the future whilst you worked and Batgirl sought you out more often than not. Fortunately, today was peaceful despite the raging thunderstorm outside and you were fixing the stealth technology to keep yourself occupied. At least until disaster struck.

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Ok wwe needs to sell some replicas of Brian Kendrick's tights because they are just too damm pretty

Okay true true true I would love to have some of them forreal