too pretty to actually eat

My pretty & dreamy pink fairy nice - cream: 
- vegan
- banana ice-cream which really tastes like fairy - tales and looks just like it tastes
- hclf (high carb low fat) 
- without any refined sugars, oils or flavorings 
- only consisting of whole foods, coming out of nature 
- actually too cute and pretty to eat, but if you do so, you are in nice - cream heaven! :) 
-> Thank you for much & positive feedback/requests for this beauty up there! Because many of you lovelies asked me to post the recipe as well, here you go! Hope you like it! Please give me some feedback after you tried it out, would make me really happy! :) 

• 3 - 6 frozen & chopped up bananas (depends on how hungry you are and if you eat it as a snack or meal)
•  around a handful of fresh strawberries or raspberries (number of fruit depends on number of bananas)
• some drops of vanilla essence or real vanilla  
• a sprinkle of cinnamon
• 1 - 3 tablespoons of maple syrup (optional) 
• some water or soy/rice milk (if your blender needs some liquid)
• a bit of coconut milk to make your fairy ice-cream extra creamy & fancy (optional)

- put your frozen bananas into your food processor or high speed blender 
- start pulsing the bananas, while scraping the mass down, so everything mixes well
- if your food processor/blender needs some liquid, add a splash of water or plant based milk
- after a while, add the strawberries/raspberries and continue pulsing
- when your bananas & berries turn into a creamy & ice-cream - like texture, fill them into a mixing bowl
- add vanilla, cinnamon and optional: maple syrup & creamy coconut milk
- swirl everything through and place it in a pretty bowl
- decorate your beauty with more fresh fruit
- enjoy & go on a short journey to fairyland :)

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I'm in bed about to sleep and my brain just randomly thinks "I wonder what kinda diet Tom has. I hope sony/marvel lets him eat good once in awhile." Cause you know them superhero diets/workout plans can be insane. Why does my brain do this?

lmao i’ve thought about this too rip 😶but actually he’s probably eating pretty good. he’s gained a lot of muscle in the past year, and while obviously you gotta work out a lot to gain muscle you also need to eat really well and not restrict your food. he probably has a very high calorie meal plan. bc calories aren’t bad for you when they come from good foods and are paired with a good workout regime. boy’s eating nice 😋👌

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Prompt:  Your writing is amazing and adorable, especially for Chekov! I know you’ve got heaps of Chekov requests, but I wonder if I could bother you with one more? He and reader are cooking together in readers’ quarters (mostly reader is cooking, he’s just distracting them by hugging them from the back and trying to sample everything) and they find it annoying but endearing. Thank you!
Word Count: 329
Author’s Note: This is one of the gifs I think it creepy looking, in case you were all wondering.

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artisan cookies | cabin fever series, part 3 by sogishoneybakeshop

now, i’m a cookie connoisseur … but these cookies might be the first ones that i actually deem too pretty to eat. how incredible is the paint job on these tasty cookies?! love the cabin fever theme, and i’d REALLY love to try the taste of them, with their almond extract and orange zest!

I just wanted to show you my two bearded dragons I named after you and your uncle.
Iroh actually eats dry tea leaves too. It’s pretty great. And Zuko is a hyperactive moody little shit, but has the cutest smile.
Also the beardies don’t get along very well. So, I’m literally saying they are in their Season one phase.

@alphafoodie this actually looks too pretty to eat !!! I’m just sitting at a cafe scrolling through all these amazing smoothie bowls and getting ideas for when the weather warms up! For now, I’ll stick to my eggs, toast, chilli kale and coffee 😍👏👌

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