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So sometime last year I posted how the Japanese GBA version of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 replaced Steve Caballero’s “Gundam ‘95″ board with an entirely different design to avoid any rights issues… although frankly you’d think they’d change the name as well.

Well, turns out that, on the PS1 version (released earlier), they did. Not only that, but they gave it an actually new design too, rather than just slapping the publishers’ logo on it. Pretty neat!

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YESSSS. I HOPED YOU'D REBLOG THAT. XD Enjolras and Feuilly, please! ^_^

so @pilferingapples and @mayleavestars both asked for this pair too! :D thank you friends! This was really fun - some of these scenarios I’m not generally a fan of, but I had fun with them anyway, surprisingly! And now I really want to write some of them as actually fic, oops.

  • who’s the werewolf and who’s the hunter

Enjolras comes from a proud family of hunters, even though that he knows it’s bullshit; they don’t do much hunting anymore, they claim to protect the ‘innocent’ but mostly sit on the status and privilege the title of ‘hunter’ had granted them for generations.

Feuilly is a werewolf who, since he cannot get hired at any other job, decided to found an organisation to help magical creatures and humans who have been affected by curses and other magical illnesses navigate a society that’s dangerously hostile for them. Enjolras joins, using the ressources and contacts he has to help the organisation stay afloat.

(They front as a book club. It was neither Enjolras nor even Feuilly’s idea, but it works.)

  • who’s the mermaid and who’s the fisherman

Enjolras is the mermaid who is tired of having to live by her society’s rule and standards; Feuilly is the fisherwoman who struggles to make a living and who just wants to see the world beyond the tiny island she lives on.

They build a boat together.

  • who’s the witch and who’s the familiar

I’m not too sure of what the concept of familiar involves, but; Feuilly is a young witch who joined a coven to hopefully learn more about magic, about spells and rituals and everything there is to learn about this skill she never even knew she had; one day, Enjolras shows up - they’re a spirit, they think, and though they appear human as a spirit, they can only become corporeal in animal form. (They prefer bird forms - there’s something natural about flying for them). They become good friends - for some reason, Feuilly has a much easier time with magic when Enjolras is around, as if they help her tap into the most of her power, and Enjolras, who would otherwise use up all their energy trying to stay in this world, doesn’t even have to make an effort when Feuilly is around.

  • who’s the barista and who’s the coffee addict

They’re both baristas and coffee addicts, who go to each other’s store because they actually really like the other - it’s not weird, they just want to talk, they heard about - they read the thing -

Feuilly works in a cheap chain coffee shop, and really can’t afford to drink at Enjolras’ hipster indie third wave coffee shop that much, but it makes his day to go. And Feuilly’s workplace is way out of Enjolras’ way between classes and work, and he’s been late quite a few times, but it’s worth it every time.

  • who’s the professor and who’s the TA

Enjolras is the young professor who just got his position - the youngest to ever teach at the faculty. Feuilly happens to be his TA - they’re the same age, but Feuilly has just started grad school after studying part time throughout undergrad. They don’t have much in common at first, and they actually kinda intimidate each other - and let’s be honest, they’re a little intimidated by their job too - but turns out they adore working with each other, and company makes grading a little less painful.

  • who’s the knight and who’s the prince(ss)

Enjolras is the only child - only daughter - of an eldely merchant couple. She grew up hearing the stories of the Good King and Queen of her parents’ time, and how the Evil King murdered them both years ago and took over the throne. She also grew up seeing first hand how people have suffered under the Evil King - famines and war and epidemies. And she’s had enough of seeing everyone suffer.

So Enjolras grabs a sword and cuts her hair and set out for the castle, passing as a knight. She’s incredibly skilled and easily infiltrates the castle, all the while also gathering a few loyal followers. There she finds Feuilly, who is actually the Good King and Queen’s daughter - she was hidden and raised in secret after her parents were murdered and now works as a kitchen maid at the castle. She was told to wait until the ‘time was right’ to act and save her people - acting carelessly would just get her killed and her family killed - but, like Enjolras, she’s seen so many people suffer and she’s had enough, she won’t let anyone tell her she is powerless anymore. Enjolras’ arrival in the castle is sign that the time is right to finally act.

So they team up to get rid of the Evil King. And also fall in love. And because this works best if they’re young, like, late-teens-early-20s-at-most, they surround themselves with and elected council to help them rule over the land, and war and famine and suffering is over, because this is a fairytale. Hurrah!

  • who’s the teacher and who’s the single parent

Enjolras teaches maths in high school; most kids are intimidated by him at the start of the school year, because he always looks very serious, but by the end most of them will agree he’s one of the best teachers they ever had. 

His neighbour is Feuilly, who adopted his much younger foster brother (let’s say it’s Gavoche) a few years ago. The kid is sweet, but kind of a handful, and Feuilly works three jobs to keep food on the table - he’s actually a teacher too, but has only ever managed to pick up a few temporary jobs as a substitute teacher so he had to find other things. Enjolras starts coming over from time to time to help Gavroche with his homework and, well.

Eventually Feuilly ends up finding a full-time teaching job at Enjolras’ school, and they start dating, and it’s all very sweet and Gavroche thinks they’re so sweet it’s actually nauseating and goes to hang out with Bahorel instead.

  • who’s the writer and who’s the editor

Enjolras is the writer - he writes a mile a minute, has so much to say about so many things, but he hasn’t been able to speak out loud - or hear, for that matter - since he was a child. So he turned to writing, and write he does!

Feuilly is his editor - some would say ‘long-suffering’, but in truth, he loves it. He cleans up Enjolras’ writing, which goes from stream-of-consciousness to grandiose speech-writing sometimes in a single page, contributes to ideas, asks Enjolras to develop some points, sometimes to even reconsider his angle on certain topics - and that’s what Enjolras loves about working with Feuilly. Feuilly has a lot of things to say about, well, pretty much everything too, but he’s never felt quite confident enough to publish a book on his own.

Until Enjolras offers to cowrite something with him. After that, it becomes a different story.

Media log update, book 102: John Dies at the End by David Wong

This novel is weird, both in the sense of uncanny Lovecraftian horrors and in the sense of a bizarre plot related by a rambling unreliable narrator. I think the author was aiming for an Army of Darkness sort of tone, where snarky characters battle creeping monstrosities, but the whole thing is severely hampered by the juvenile humor and the end result is pretty sophomoric. I probably would have liked this better if I had read it back when I was a teenager in love with Kevin Smith movies, but these days I need more from a story than just freak-out gore punctuated by toilet humor and random asides.

asexual awareness week fandom challenge
day 5: a male character you see as aromantic 
 --> newton geiszler, pacific rim

(a fanmix for ace/aro newt geiszler)

please note that, after “does it have a connection to asexuality, aromanticism, or newt?” the most important question i asked myself before putting a song on this playlist was “would blasting this at full volume cause hermann gottlieb to insult my taste in music??”

move! - i fight dragons // call me newt - pacific rim soundtrack // oh no! - marina and the diamonds // my way - i fight dragons // don’t fall in love - danko jones // kaiju groupie - pacific rim soundtrack // hall of fame - the script // good friend - cloud cult // firework - katy perry



“Romance your ego for a while, come on, give it a try.”
{Illuminated by Hurts | Barduil | edited by Zelynxia}


i know they don’t look like mooncakes at all but i like cats and no one can stop me from making cat mooncakes (︶ω︶)



you could consider opening a bakery!!♥♥♥♥


Let us start by saying that sad as we are, we don’t have the slightest doubt that Damon will come back.

But we feel like we need to commemorate him, in a way, right?

We’re doing it on Sunday, May 18. The whole day.

How does it work?

1) You send us messages why you love Damon. Why you would thank him, what’s great about him, etc. Anon or not, your choice. :) Send them to our ask or, if they’re too long, to our submit. We’ll publish them in a pretty frame. ;)

2) All kinds of art are appreciated, too. You can express your appreciation in a gif set or a graphic, too. ;) Just tag it #dsc memorial so we know it’s meant for us, and we’ll reblog it.

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Let’s have this moment all together. <3

For thewriterinthebatcave

About halfway through she raises her eyebrow.

Castle leans forward, because, okay, this is it now, the juicy part - but that’s it. That’s all she does. 

She doesn’t even look at him as she continues reading and yeah, okay, he’s a little crestfallen. 

He’d spent hours working on that, chopping and changing and twisting the words until it read like poetry. Steamy, sexy poetry.

It was maybe more fantasy than fiction, true, and too explicit to send to his publisher, but it was pretty damn close to his best work.

Of course, he had to write a less R-rated version for his book and if his plan wasn’t going to work on Beckett then he’d spent the better part of his afternoon re-working the scene for nothing. 

He’d been hoping for - he doesn’t know what. Something. A heavy make out session, perhaps? But not this. Not just the raise of an eyebrow and a quick, “You spelt ‘succubus’ wrong in the third paragraph." 

(Because, oh, he so did not.) 

Beckett closes the laptop lid, standing from behind his desk to stretch before she steps around and drops a kiss on his cheek. 

"I have to go meet Lanie,” she tells him, snagging her jacket and heading out of the loft.

“Have fun!” he calls, and he manages to wait until he hears the door snick closed before he drops his head onto the desk.



“Never gonna let you down,” Castle sings, wielding the bar of soap like a microphone. “Never gonna run around and desert you!" 

Stupid internet meme. 

He doesn’t hear the bathroom door slide open as he hums loudly through the parts he doesn’t know, preoccupied as he is with lathering shampoo through his hair. 

He doesn’t even hear his girlfriend clear her throat. 


Castle snaps his eyes open and winces when the soap starts to sting.

"Beckett?” He sticks his head back under the spray, washing away the soap before he turns back around. “What are you-?”

His words die on his lips, the sight of her standing there in stupidly sexy red lingerie, a hand cocked on her hip suddenly too much for him to process. 

He’d thought - 

And - 

That was days ago! 

Beckett plants a hand flat on his chest, palm over his wildly beating heart, and pushes him until his back hits the cold tiled wall.

She follows him in, stepping under the spray, sexy red lace and all. 

He grins. “So you did like it.”

Her eyebrow quirks and, okay, maybe it’s weird but that’s starting to become a turn on.



“Shut up and kiss me." 

He does.