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Eyes snap back to Edge's face at the impromptu shift in his tone to something more demanding, brows raising in interest. "Is that s—!" Words are cut short with sudden hitching breath as the other grabs onto his hair and tugs, scalp dashing with heat at the pressure. "O-okay, of course." He acquiesces without hesitation,arms tightening around Edge in excitement. He hadn't anticipated this response! He hurries into the small shed and to the refrigerator, grabbing the basket and showing him.

He would admit, the thought was really REALLY touching.
But if he was going to be what Go-Chan liked, he would have to be just the tiniest bit more on the cruel side. Of course, he wasn’t going to say anything directly MEAN, but all those romantic movies prepared him for something like this right? 

“Oh I can’t wait! Now come on, I wanna spend SOME time with you before i’s dark.”

Tail ceasing its previous efforts, it went on to take a good chunk of Gohan’s hair in its grasp and pull back roughly. Edge not caring- he merely went to tapping his zipper impatiently, hand going to his hair and attempting to give it just that little extra BOUNCE, adding the flare to his ever growing impatience. 

“Well? Whaddya waitin’ fer? Yer prin-cess doesn’ like waitin’ ya know, hurry up DUMMY.