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Books Read in Summer 2015 | Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe (Benjamin Alire Sáenz)

“Sometimes, I think everyone is like the people in that painting, everyone lost in their own private universes of pain or sorrow or guilt, everyone remote and unknowable.”

zzzora  asked:

Speedwagon + C + 1 please? Or if not then maybe Jonathan + B + 4? Either would be very cute I think

He’s kinda used to too-small-tops, but the baggy pants sure are a plus. Let him have a PJ day he deserves some rest. 

(Cause the C1 was already requested I rolled out the B4 for ya, both were great I love pink.)

ooc.  uhhhh new year new promo rIGHT??  alrighty so my name is shizu!!please like or reblog  (  preferably reblog  )if you would be interested in interacting with…
          -  my flower child, a personification of cherry blossoms.
          -  presh cinnamon too good for this world.
          -  should rlly be an angel personified omg.
          -  easily scared  
&  embarrassed,  but can be your greatest support??
          -  pls baby my child?