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What do you think about Ron being a prefect because that always pissed me off in my opinion he absolutely did not deserve it

By the time he was 15 Ron Weasley had faced down more genuinely terrifying obstacles than most adults. He had demonstrated that his loyalty would prevail even when he was scared or jealous. He had shown that he had valuable skills and knew his limits, and that he was willing to step aside and take one for the team. Why wouldn’t he deserve to be a prefect?

Even if you’re not a Ron fan, though, consider the context. In appointing prefects Dumbledore would have had several goals in mind:

  • Keeping a handle on Harry - no one was going to do that better than Ron, including Hermione, who both Ron and Harry sometimes disregard because she can be so by-the-book.
  • Making sure that Harry had the latitude to do what he needed to do - Ron was going to be understanding of that in a way no one else would have been.
  • Making sure that the Death Eaters didn’t get a foothold in Gryffindor - Ron would never have let that happen.
  • Developing the Order’s bench - Ron’s whole family was in the Order, developing his leadership skills and confidence was the safest bet going.
  • Creating balance in the house - Hermione might be a stickler for rules, but Ron would be a moderating influence.
  • Appointing prefects who could lighten adults’ loads as they focused on the war - Ron would have had important perspective on what really needed adult intervention and what students could be encouraged to work out on their own.
  • Appointing prefects who would stand up to each other and make sure no one abused their power - Ron definitely wouldn’t have had a problem stepping in if anyone else, especially Pansy and Draco, had tried pulling rank on younger kids, and the Slytherins would’ve realized that Ron wouldn’t have been above retaliating if they’d been tempted.
  • Making Ron a prefect also would’ve helped him come into his own among his siblings, given him a better understanding of power and authority (and helped reveal any lurking character issues that power might have brought out - remember how Percy changed when he became a prefect?)
  • And tbh, if Dumbledore saw what was coming he may have understood the virtue in giving Ron some privileges and creature comforts (for his sake and for Harry’s).

Consider the choices, too. There are only five possible Gryffindor boys prefects.

  • Harry was way too preoccupied and wouldn’t have benefited from additional responsibility, nor was it the best use of his energy.
  • Seamus had doubts about whether Voldemort’s return was real and had contributed to people second-guessing Harry, and it would’ve been risky to give him authority if that’s how he might have used it.
  • Neville still had his old wand and his magical strength wasn’t great yet, and he also may not have had the social authority to enforce rules, plus he had shown that he was willing to stand up to the trio and stop them from doing what they needed to do which, while brave and well-intentioned, had the potential to really get in the way of important stuff.
  • Dean was great and probably would’ve been a perfectly fine prefect but didn’t come with the same tactical advantages.

Any way you look at it, it’s gotta be Ron. He was the best choice going in any number of ways. Including because he had shown that he deserved it.

(P.S. - Why Pansy and Draco were the right choices too)

james: scuffed elbows, tapper of nails, drums fingers on knees, leans on walls, leans on tables, leans on anything stationary, also leans on people, terrible at chess, greets with a hug, ink stained knuckles, scar on temple from dolohov’s bludger, loves a girl, loves the girl, sings off-key, runs in the morning for fun, wanted to be a holyhead harpy when he was seven, ridiculously blind, chipped a canine in a fight with avery after he called sirius a traitor, takes stairs two at a time, only child but not really, playing card house architect, has never been seen with unrolled sleeves, kissed sirius after winning the quidditch cup, sends his mum flowers every week, meetings with mcgonagall every fortnight to discuss the others, named his owl quaffle, sprints down corridors after sirius, buys remus chocolate and hides it for him to find, sleeps shirtless, wakes up most nights from nightmares, bounces knees relentlessly, overflowing with energy, cannot stand still, can’t remember last time his mind shut up, wants to grow old so badly it hurts

sirius: cheekbones to die for, thinks he’s a connoisseur of firewhiskey, is not, has never had a spot, always has an arm round someones shoulders or a knee draped over their leg, rocks on chairs, asked out mcgonagall for odds on, rarely takes his shirt off, has a kitten called seraphina who he carries around in his pocket, once bet dumbledore five galleons he could beat him in a stare-off, lost, immaculate nails, has long conversations with lily where they plait each others hair and gossip about james, was the first to notice when marlene stopped eating, sits at the top of astronomy tower and shreds letters from his mother, president of protect the bees, won’t sleep with less than two pillows, spends a lot of time by the lake with remus, writes puns on parchment and leaves them round the castle, write’s pete’s charms essays for him when he’s bored, very proud of regulus when he catches the snitch, sits on the floor, sits on tables, sits on james, can’t cook pasta, has a map of all the places he wants to visit, infatuated with fresh air, can’t stand the city,  never wants to go back there

remus: reigning champion of ‘how many objects can we put on sirius whilst he naps’, terrible prefect, cracks knuckles, bites inside of cheeks, too tall to fit under tables, sarcastic little shit, stronger than he looks, runner of the hogwarts betting pool, mastermind of pranks, never gets caught, bites nails till they bleed, sits on windowsills, probably knows the nooks and crannys of the school better than the founders, memorises lyrics accidentally, owns too many jumpers, odd socks, sleeps in class a lot, slammed crabbe’s head into a desk so hard he broke his nose in three places, drinks hot chocolate by the gallon, has a book club with lily, official group photographer, terrified of the violent anger that bubbles under his skin, doesn’t talk in class but laughs under breath, drinker of tea, hates eggs, main seller of banned substances, uncomfortable with affection, except sirius, grammar pedant, can’t swim, falls asleep whilst reading, thought he was a monster until he was fourteen, has to remind himself he’s not on a daily basis, sometimes needs someone else to do it, loves the others with his whole heart

peter: marshmallow lover, chews the end of quills, dreams in black and white, cannot tie a tie to save his life, always leaves his bag somewhere, allergic to oranges, crosses his fingers when lying, twenty twenty vision, good at history of magic, has weird memory for dates, laughs at jokes even if he doesn’t understand them, trousers always just too long, watery eyes all year round, jumps at loud noises, wants to fit in so badly, spills ink over most of his work, burns in the sun, trips down stairs a lot, keeps wand behind his ear, nearly burnt one off once, always sides with james, daydreams in lessons, gets through four cauldrons a year, only one to like liquorice wands, notes up entire arm, never has parchment, found the kitchen in his first month, sleeps through every alarm, normally late for breakfast, eats toast without butter, worries about not being brave enough, doesn’t want to be average, would rather not fight, thinks the war has enough soldiers without him, terrified of them and what they can do

Hogwarts WiFi Passwords

Let’s get real, it’s a school filled with wizards and controlled by wizarding adults. The Hogwarts Wifi password would be “password.” At best, it would be “hogwarts.”

But as for the individual houses…


Network Name: The Dungeons

Password: 6FBb9w52 [changed monthly to protect from potential leaks]


Network Name: The Best House Ever

Password: Gryffindor1 [was “Gryffindor” for 6 years straight, but they changed it after too many unwelcome visitors]


Network Name: Ravenclaw Tower Wifi

Password: fire [Prefects will only give the password in riddle form, it’s up to students to work out what the actual password is.The password is also changed frequently. In this case, the riddle is “Give me food, and I will live. Give me water, and I will die. What am I?”]


Network Name: PuffPuff

Password: Pass


marauder series REMUS JOHN LUPIN. reigning champion of ‘how many objects can we put on sirius whilst he naps’, terrible prefect, cracks knuckles, bites inside of cheeks, too tall to fit under tables, sarcastic little shit, stronger than he looks, runner of the hogwarts betting pool, mastermind of pranks, never gets caught, bites nails till they bleed, sits on windowsills, probably knows the nooks and crannys of the school better than the founders, memorises lyrics accidentally, owns too many jumpers, odd socks, sleeps in class a lot, slammed crabbe’s head into a desk so hard he broke his nose in three places, drinks hot chocolate by the gallon, has a book club with lily, official group photographer, terrified of the violent anger that bubbles under his skin, doesn’t talk in class but laughs under breath, drinker of tea, hates eggs, main seller of banned substances, uncomfortable with affection, except sirius, grammar pedant, can’t swim, falls asleep whilst reading, thought he was a monster until he was fourteen, has to remind himself he’s not on a daily basis, sometimes needs someone else to do it, loves the others with his whole heart. (words.)

21st century marauders
  • Remus makes the horrible, horrible mistake of showing James and Sirius how to use a computer
  • mistake 2: 
    • a) having a tumblr (he makes killer aesthetics; reblogs some good angst, High Class memes ™, bi pride)
    • b) leaving the goddamn tab for tumblr up on his computer
  • “Moony what’s tumblr?” “Nothing.” Remus closes the tab calmly but it’s too late – Remus used his Prefect voice (mistake three) and it’s marauders law to do the opposite of the Prefect voice
  • Sirius and James use the public library’s computers in a muggle town until they get banned forever
    • all unbeknownst to Remus until the first day back at Hogwarts
  • “15 points from Gryffindor, Mr. Black.” “Aw, Minnie, I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now”
  • and the memes begin.
  • someone tripping up the stairs? *points* “same”
  • peter falling asleep in class? *points* “me lmao”
  • text talk
    • “bt-dubs prongsie you’re my bff 5eva”
    • “lol pads tbh you’re the greatest for realz”
  • Slughorn (talking about Potions brilliance) compares Lily to Snivellus
    • “Lily, sweetie I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry that ugly ass bitch like this would even say that, oh my god“
  • legit bought and packed fedoras in their trunks
    • “M’Lily”
  • embracing dramatically on top of the Gryffindor table “no homo just BROMO”
    • they get two days of pointing to anyone sitting next to the same gender and declaring no homo until Remus hexes them into the next century 
    • Inner Remus is just as bad as meme trash tho and he bewitches one of his robes to say NO HOMO FULL BI in sparkingly rainbow colors on the back to wear on weekends
      • (Sirius dies. James: “rip in peace”)
  • Me to me
    • James: “I haven’t lost any points in days…I should sit like a good boy and pay attention to Professor Binns”
      • Sirius *pulls robe hood over head and slaps James*: “transfigure that quill into a frog and levitate it onto Snivellus’ head”
  • passes by a painting right as the person in it scowls *points* “tfw u see Snivellus”
  • Sirius holding two apples onto his chest “bon apple titties”
  • James scores a Quidditch goal “for HARAMBE”
  • “I came out to have…” needs to be said at least once a day by Sirius
    • Sirius:
    • Sirius: “I came out to have – omg wtf moony!!!”
  • James convinces his mom to knit them all jumpers that say MFL for christmas
    • “it’s FML, actually” “no, moony, it’s obvi marauders for life, duh. are those tears in your eyes?”
  • Looking at Moony on the first of every month, Sirius says:
    • “look who’s still single in October”
    • “still single in December”
    • “still febURARY!!!”
  • of course every time any one in hogwarts turns seventeen – “you are the dancing queen!! young and sweet!!”
  • peter tries his best but he only catches onto a meme after they’ve moved onto the next
    • mostly he points to people a) eating b) sleeping c) crying over hw stress and says “me”
    • he’s also proud to say he draws the pepe frog for them
  • when all 4 marauders are walking together sirius shoves people out of the way “make way for the SQUAD” 
    • “tbh we’re squad goals af”
  • “ilysm!!!”
    • james, under breath: “or should i say….Lily-sm”
  • anytime a teacher compliments remus or gives him points sirius HAS to say “SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK”
  • when he’s Prefect-ing or says a killer one-liner to someone, Remus conjures a teacup and takes a sip
    • James and Sirius appreciate it and go wild when it happens tho they personally prefer less subtlety
  • “DAMN Snivellus back at it again with that greasy ass hair!!”
  • “still aprill!!!”
  • in McGonagall’s office being reprimanded: James holds Sirius’ shoulder “don’t talk to me or my son ever again”
  •  McGonagall gives Remus 10 points for hexing Sirius’ mouth shut after he tried to say “I came out to have – ”
  • “still!!!! MAY!!”
  • the morning of June 1st Remus pecks Sirius on the lips on the way to the bathroom
  • they all work together to release fireworks in the Great Hall on the last day of school that form four frogs on a unicycle with “WE DEM BOIS” written under
    • it was Remus’ idea
  • a meme revolution has begun

(feel free to add more)

edit: changed Remus’ yes homo to full bi

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Scenario where all the guys are arguing over being in love with the reader? (i want to see how they would handle that.)

I kind of made this an ailment thing anon, cause I just couldn’t see the bros arguing like that T-T I hope this is okay! 

While fighting a group of killer wasps, the boys are doused in an unrecognisable gas. It affects them in a most unusual way…

Fem!Reader x …all of the bros I guess!
WC: 4564 (another longer one, sorry!)


The sound of clanging metal was strong in your ears. You and the boys had unfortunately run into some killer wasps on your journey, and they were posing quite an annoying challenge. The three huge insects were rearing up again, and you knew that at any moment, they were going to release those horrible status ailment gases. Nimbly you dodged out of range.

“Guys! Look out!” But your warning call was too late as thick blue jets of gas expelled from the three wasps, clouding around the boys still in close range.

“Ugh, does it have to smell so bad?” cried Prompto, swishing his arms around desperately in a futile attempt to waft the gas away. You knew that it wasn’t going to stop the gas from working into their bodies though, once it hits you it’s like it clings to you.

“What even is this one?” Noctis yelled, warp striking to one of the wasps trying to fly higher out of reach. He plunged his engine blade into the wasp, bringing it back down to the ground where Ignis impaled it with his spear. One down.

“I must say I am rather confused myself. I’ve never seen that colour before.”

“Yeah well, I say we destroy them before it has a chance to work.” Gladio charged at the second wasp, knocking it to the floor with a heavy swing of his great sword. You agreed with Gladio, the sooner you got out of there the sooner you could see what kind of ailment they had and treat it accordingly.

“Just be careful you guys, don’t let them have a chance to do it again!” You told them, and Prompto swivelled around to face you, shooting you a beaming smile.

“It’s sweet that you’re so worried about us! Don’t worry, we’ve got this.”

As the blonde was speaking the third wasp loomed over him, stinger posed ready to strike, but he hadn’t noticed.

Damn it Prom!

Swiftly you brought up your pistol, borrow from Prompto’s own collection, and fired straight at its body. Prompto turned to see the insect fly backward from the impact of the shot, and turned to you once more.

“Um, thanks!” He grinned sheepishly, resolving to get his head back in the game.

“No problem, let’s get the last one.”

All five of you turned to the last one, hovering above you. Prompto stepped forward this time, raising his gun square at its head. And with one shot, he sent the insect crashing down to the ground, where Gladio hit it with his sword to make sure that it was truly dead.

You relaxed.

“Ahh, thank the gods that’s over.”  You stretched, pocketing your pistol once more.

“Yeah, and you’re getting better with your aim too.” Gladio nodded at you, and you smiled at his praise. You’d only been practicing for a few weeks, and this was really the first fight where you helped in the attack.

“Soon you might be even be as good as me.” Noctis smirked, never passing on the chance to boast. Gladio biffed him on the back of his head, causing you to laugh. Never a dull moment with your boys, that was for sure!

“You alright Iggy?” You turned to look at the tawny haired man who hadn’t yet spoke, his hand cupping his chin in thought.

“Yes, thank you. I’m just wondering… I really haven’t seen that colour of gas before from killer wasps.” He adjusted his glasses, coming to stand beside you as all five of you set off back to camp.

“Yeah, blue is a weird colour for gas!” Prompto agreed from your other side.

“Indeed… and there’s something else rather peculiar.”

“What’s that Ignis?”

“Why has it not affected us yet?”

That stumped everyone. Ignis was right, going by the rest of the gases that the wasps sprayed, the ailment should have been almost instant. It definitely would have been showing itself right about now at the very least, yet none of the boys looked worse for wear.

“Uh… immunity?” Prompto offered hopefully.

“I doubt it. When have we ever been fully immune to status attacks while not wearing protective accessories?”

“Good point specs, but are you saying that there’s something wrong with us here…?” Noctis asked the question that was on all your minds. They hadn’t shown any symptoms yet… but was that really a good thing?

“To give you an honest answer, I don’t know. But I feel we should err on the side of caution.”

And with that thought, the five of you trudged back to camp feeling more than a little weary.


Your stomach was full, you were warm sat beside the fire, and you were very comfortably stretched out on the floor, leaning on one elbow.

That’s the life!

By the time that Ignis had cooked his meal and everyone had consumed their share, the atmosphere had lifted somewhat. There had been no symptoms from any of the boys, and a good couple of hours had passed at least. In fact, the only one still worrying about it was of course, Ignis.

“We’re fine specs. If something were to happen, surely it would’ve happened by now?” Noctis nudged the man in question from his chair, opposite you. Ignis shook his head in reply.

“We don’t know that. Perhaps because it’s a new form of gas, it is a weaker solution than the others? Therefore, it wouldn’t act as fast. Or perhaps it just needs time to slowly work around our bodies?” He mumbled again, staring off into the distance. He really was absorbed in his thought process.

“Eh don’t sweat it. Whatever happens, we’ll get through it.” Gladio gave him a swift slap on the back, bringing him out of his reverie.

“Yes well, I sure hope so.” He answered quietly, re-adjusting his askew glasses.

“Hey [Name]! Do you want to go practice your shooting some more? You’re getting really good!” Prompto bounded over to you and tapped you on your back. He had been giving you shooting lessons for a while now, encouraging you to do your best so you could finally join in the fights properly. Today had been a big step for that, and you didn’t want to back down now.

“Heck yes!” You agreed, standing up instantly and scouring the area looking for the best place for shooting practice. Your eyes landed on a spot not far away from camp, in a clearing from the trees. The other boy should also be able to watch you and offer advice from where they were too.

“How about there?”

“Prefect!” And with that you followed Prompto down the hill, readying your pistol to practice. Prompto stood at the side of you, his own pistol aimed and at the ready.

“Right, so you wanna stand with your legs slightly apart to get the best balance, plant your feet firmly on the ground… well, when you can, I mean that may not be possible when you’re being attacked by killer wasps-”

“Get on with it!” Gladio called from the top of the hill, causing Prompto to flush in response. He loved this teacher roll; it felt great to be able to help someone like he was doing, to be needed by someone. So he felt anxious to not get it wrong.

“A-ah, you’re right! Okay so just copy my stance.”

You watched Prompto stand the way he just explained to you, his gun ready in an outstretched hand, and you did your best to mimic him.

“Like this?”

“Y-yeah you got it!”

That had sounded odd… Quickly you threw Prompto a glance. Was his speech getting slurred…?

“Okay, now raise your gun… aim for the branch of that tree there.”

Ignoring the slight slur and putting it down to exhaustion, you did as he asked and aimed for the tree in the distance.

“Now… shoot.”

The sound of the bullet echoed in the wide clearing, but the sound of the bullet lodging in the offending wood sounded even better to your ears.

“Yes!” You cried, hearing clapping from the top of the hill. The three boys were smiling at you, pleased you were getting better. It warmed your heart. Their support meant everything to you, and once again you were pleased that they had decided to let you join in their journey.

Gladio began chatting to Ignis, and you felt like having another go now two less people were watching. It would be less pressure for you. Cheeks flushed with excitement, you turned back to Prompto.

“Can I have another go?”

He chuckled at your eager expression, his big blue eyes sparkling.

“Of course! This time, try and show me the stance on your own.”

Nodding, you got to work.

Now what was it he said…? Stand with your legs apart for balance… feet on firmly planted… raise your arm…

“Is that it?” You asked, trying to look at the blonde over your shoulder.

“Nearly. You just need to move your leg an inch… no kind of like… hang on a second, I’ll show you.”

And in a completely unexpected move, Prompto came to stand very close behind you, his arms resting on your hips. It was like his proximity was suddenly all you could focus on, the almost feel of his chest against your back, the light drift of his breathing as his chin rested on your shoulder ever so lightly. The very real feeling of his fingers steadying your hips.


“Here, this arm needs to straighten out a little.” He uttered, his lips right at the shell of your ear, his voice taking on an unusually deep tone. His hands ran up from your hips, up along your waist and over your sides until he came to your arms. His fingers overlapped your elbows, gently coaxing them straight.

“Much better, though, your stance is still a little off…”


Suddenly you felt the pressure of Prompto’s leg sliding in between yours, tapping your feet slightly until you nudged them further apart. He kept his foot firmly planted between yours, his leg ever so slightly brushing against yours, sending chills up your body from the contact.

Well, this is certainly intimate.

“Prom, what are you doing?” You whispered, trying to turn your head to face him.

“Correcting your stance.” Was his simple answer, and suddenly you felt silly for asking. Of course that’s what he was doing. Perhaps a little unusual for Prompto who seemed to be a spluttering mess when he touched a girl, but maybe that’s just how bad your stance was.

Damn, I’ve really got to try harder.

So you left it at that, trying to ignore the slight buzz you were getting from his contact, choosing instead to focus on your aim.

Unbeknownst to you however, another set of piercing blue eyes were watching your every move.

What the hell is he doing?

Noctis had his head resting on a tightly closed fist, knowing that he probably looked as grumpy as he felt. But he just couldn’t help it. Prompto was over there just… just straight up fondling her in front of him. Under the guise of practice shooting, no less.

How dare he?

Shooting a quick look over at Ignis and Gladio, he realised they hadn’t noticed what was happening at the foot of that hill.

How could they not realise what he has done to get his grubby little hands on her?

Looking back down at the pair, his eyes zeroed in on Prompto’s fingers drifting over her body, his leg between hers, his arms pretty much wrapped around her…

He’s just imposing his presence on her like that!

He forcefully blew his fringe out of his face in annoyance, feeling his anger at the situation rise. And yet he just could not tear his eyes away from the scene unfolding before him.

“Noct, are you alright?” Ignis interjected his thoughts, draw by the annoyed huff.

“Just peachy.”

Ignis looked over to Gladio in confusion, who just shrugged in reply. Ignis knew at once what the big guy was thinking – bratty prince having another sulk, leave him to it. And so he did, continuing his earlier conversation.

Noctis meanwhile, was becoming increasingly frustrated. He felt his face becoming flusher by the second, his fists tightening as his blood boiled. His wide, piercing blue eyes alight with anger.

“You’re so good at this Prompto!” Came the sweet sound of her melodic voice, and he could stand it no longer. Forcefully, Noctis stood up from his chair and strolled down the hill, meeting the two at the bottom.

You noticed the raven haired boy’s presence before Prompto, and you turned around to face him, wiggling out of Prompto’s grasp. You smiled at him welcomingly, not registering the straight up scowl etched on his features as he continued walking, ignoring you completely. No, it seemed he had focused all his attention on the blonde stood next to you… Confused, you tried to talk to him.

“Hey, Noctis! Have you come to join in the- what the fuck?” You cried as Noctis had just continued on in strong strides, straight up to Prompto. Before you even had a chance to register what was happening, the prince had thrown back his fist and swung it straight into Prompto’s chest, causing him to stumble. It would have been his face had Prompto not moved at the last second, dodging to the side instead.

“Noctis – the hell are you doing?” You cried, dashing over to where Prompto had stumbled over with the intention of checking over the no doubt distraught boy. But as you reached him… you realised he had sat up himself, wearing a self-satisfied smirk.

Uh… that’s not the reaction I expected. You backed away slightly as Prompto rose to his feet, thoroughly confused at the scene unfolding in front of you. The air almost crackled with the tension in it, Noctis and Prompto pretty much squaring up to each other. The former was gritting his teeth in major annoyance, shaking his hand to ease off the sting. The latter was dusting himself off, that smirk never once slipping.

What… what has gotten into these guys?

“Did ya see that, your highness?” Prompto almost spat the title, something which you’d never heard him call Noctis even in a respectful manner. His tone had become incredibly cocky, it was completely jarring against his usual boyish voice.

Noctis didn’t answer, only glared back with shinning eyes.

“She came over to me. How do you like that? Mr I receive everything on a silver platter. This is one thing you can’t get – her!”

Hang on a second… what now? Since you were the only female around, they had to be talking about you. But you’d never disclosed your romantic feelings to anyone, it just wasn’t something you spoke about with the boys. Where on earth had this all come from?

“And it’s the one thing I won’t give up on.” Noctis answered angrily, balling his hands into fists once more. Prompto seemed to find this highly amusing, his smirk widening.


“Um, what the hell is going on here?” You cried, frustrated. This had to be some kind of wind up didn’t it? Quickly you flitted your gaze over to the two remaining boys atop the hill to see they were out of their chairs and watching the scene unfold with the same confusion in their eyes.

“Everything alright down there?” Came Ignis’ cautious voice. Even he felt unsure at what was happening, and also what to do.

Before you could answer, Prompto waved so casually to the tawny haired man, as if he was greeting an acquaintance.

“Superb, specs!” He called back cheerily, before his eyes rested on Noctis once more. His smile grew more pronounced, sending shivers up your spine. This… this wasn’t like your Prompto at all.

“I’ve seen the way you look at her. Pathetic.”

Noctis shook his head angrily, his frown deepening.

“Isn’t it enough that you have Lunafreya too? You always get everything Noctis.”

“Shut up.”

“And yet you still want more.”

“I said shut up!”

So ungrateful.”

And with that Noctis seemed to snap. With a strangled cry he charged forward once more, fists at the ready but this time Prompto knew what was happening. He swung back himself and soon the two boys were a flurry of fists, dull thwacks and crunches could be heard as the swings connected.

What…what in the…

“Noctis, stop! Prompto – ugh, help!” You turned pleadingly to Gladio and Ignis, seeing that they were already running down the hill to help break up the fight.

“[Name] get back!” Gladio cried, rushing forward to lock his arms around Noctis’ waist. Ignis ran behind Prompto to do the same, and eventually the two boys were pulled apart, breathing heavily. Prompto’s cheek seemed badly bruised, and Noctis has a shallow gash across his forehead.

“What in the name of the gods do you think you are doing?” Gladio admonished them both, the annoyance evident in his tone.

“Someone had to stop him from creeping on her.” Noctis kicked his legs out and struggled to get out of Gladio’s grip, meanwhile Prompto was stood calmly, not resisting Ignis’ hold.

“What are you talking about?” You’d just about had enough of this, whatever it was. You just wanted your old Prompto and Noctis back.

“He’s referring to his crippling jealousy, that’s what he’s talking about.” Prompto answered you, his tone still so sure and full of himself, rubbing a hand across his bruised cheek.

“Speak for yourself, you think you’re so slick? Don’t think we haven’t noticed how you always put your sleeping bag next to hers first in the tent. Desperate is what I’d call it.”

And for the first time since the whole thing had started, Prompto’s confident façade slipped at Noctis’ words and his features contorted in anger.

“How dare you?”

“How dare I what? Tell the truth?”

“Stop it! You sound like children!” You yelled at them both, finally causing them to stop squabbling for just a second. Were they actually both arguing about… about having feelings for you?

“Yes, I agree. You are both rather behaving like babies.” Ignis finally piped up, letting go of Prompto to straighten his glasses out. When he looked up, his eyes were shining. You sighed in relief, at least someone was talking sense.

“[Name] is rather befitting a man, wouldn’t you say?”

Maybe not.

His words took you by surprise, and even Gladio looked put out.


“What would you want these children for? I could really look after you.”

A slow smile spread across his face, one that didn’t sit too well with you. A sinking feeling coiled in the pit of your stomach as it dawned on you – whatever had happened to Noctis and Prompto had happened to Ignis too. All three of them were acting really strangely, and even if they did all feel that way about you, the normal guys would never have approached it this way!

“Oh no, not you too Iggy.” You whispered, wishing this nightmare would just come to an end.

“You hear that specs? She isn’t interested.” Noctis gloated and pulled free from Gladio’s shock loosened arms.

“That’s not what I – stop it!”

Straight away the prince had launched himself at Prompto once more, at the same time that Prompto had gone to knock Ignis over. The result was a three way fight, all participants using their well-honed battle skills against each other. None of them were listening to your pleas, and there was no way you could intervene. You had only just started your battle training, you weren’t as fast as Noctis, or as good an aim as Prompto, or even as lithe as Ignis. To stop all three of them would be impossible.

“Gladio, do something!” You turned to the only man left with his head not clouded with some sort of irrational anger.

Wait, clouded…? Clouded! The one word sparked a realisation within you – this had to be the work of that blue gas! It was the only explanation as to why the boys had all been affected in the same way; irrational anger, possessiveness…

And lust randomly? You remembered the touch of Prompto’s hands again, altering your shooting position earlier. You had thought it unusual for him at the time, but it made sense now. They were all reacting as if certain emotions had really been heightened, that had to be the symptoms of the gas. But they had all been struck by the gas, and that meant…

Slowly you looked up at the man stood beside you, to see that his eyes were also shimmering in the same, hazy way that the other boys’ eyes had.

Oh no

Your elation at figuring out what was wrong soon disappeared, replaced by an unsettled feeling in your stomach.

“Gladio…?” You whispered hopefully, but it was like he couldn’t hear you. He was listening intently to the three boys currently fighting.

“You both have no chance. Do you even know her favourite food? Her favourite colour? How about her favourite song?” Ignis taunted, ducking low to avoid Noctis’ leg swinging for him in a strong kick.

“That I can find out about her! You don’t know how best to comfort her. Oh yes, one night when she was feeling down? She came to me.” The prince goaded, grinning at their pained expressions.

“You? Now I know you’re lying, you’re about as comforting as a wet mop, Mr help-I-can’t-deal-with-emotions.” Prompto cried and tripped Noctis up, the latter landing hard on the ground with a dull moan. Angrily, he scrambled back up to his feet before Ignis could land a punch.

“I don’t know what you’re all squawking about.” Gladio interrupted, causing the three boys to freeze momentarily, looking at him wearily. “You know it’s me who can keep her warm at night. Has she ever cuddled up to you in our tent before? I didn’t think so.” He answered with a smirk, and you felt like burying your face in your hands.

When will this end? Other status ailments usually wore off on their own, but this one was so slow to start with, who knew when it would end?

Suddenly with a heavy thud, Prompto collapsed onto his knees and fell face first onto the floor.

Prompto!” You screeched, running forward and kneeling beside him hurriedly. You hadn’t even considered the possibility that this ailment could actually… kill any of them. Nervously, you took hold of one wrist, checking for any signs of life. A steady pulse thrummed under your fingers, and you sighed in relief.

“He’s alive! Just fainted.” You breathed.

“Huh, fainted. What a coward.”

Returning your focus back to Prompto, you brushed his blonde hair gently out of his face. From that touch alone you could feel the heat radiating off his forehead – he had a fever. Was this good or bad? Did it mean his body was fighting off the ailment?

“Oh Prom. I hope you wake up soon.”


The shout brought your attention back to the other three, and instantly your eyes clapped onto the fallen frame of Noctis. He had also collapsed in a similar way to Prompto. It had to be the effect of the gas.

“I can’t believe…that they…” But Ignis never had a chance to finish his sentence as he followed suit, hitting the floor with a dull bang. Gladio followed straight after, his immune system most likely the stronger of the four.

Looking around you, you sighed heavily. Now what?


In the end, you had decided to bring the tent down to the boys, doing your best to shove them into the small space. It had been a horrible waiting game, dabbing a cool cloth at their roasting foreheads and praying that they would be okay. You’d never been more scared in your life, and you were damn sure you hadn’t slept for longer than five minutes when you felt someone shaking your shoulder.

“[Name]! [Name] c’mon, it’s time to get up or Iggy will be furious!”

“Huh?” You groaned, sitting up and opening your bleary eyes to see…

“Prompto! You’re okay!” You gasped, now wide awake. He was knelt in front of you, his cheek significantly better and his usual happy grin on his face.

“Huh? Course I am! Though for some reason this side of my face is really sore… I must have slept on it funny.” The boy sat in front of you rubbed his cheek, in the exact same place where it had swollen the day before.

“What… do you not remember how you did it?” You asked, thoroughly confused.

“Eh, not really. But since we are fighting all the time, I was probably battling it out heroically with some sort of beast.” He chuckled, and then swivelled on his heel and left you alone in the tent. Unless he was a brilliant actor – which you knew he wasn’t since he was terrible at lying – Prompto had all but forgotten the events of last night.

Eagerly you threw on your clothes and scrabbled out of the tent. On top of that hill, stood all four of the boys, chatting and laughing as usual.

What on earth…?

As confused as you were however, the relief in your heart was overwhelming. Your boys were safe, they were alive and best of all they were back to normal.

“Come on [Name], your breakfast is getting cold!” Ignis tutted in his usual, friendly yet admonishing manner that hinted he was only slightly annoyed.

Without hesitating you ran up the hill happily, smiling at the welcoming sight of the group all back to normal, though confusingly, none of them seemed to remember what had happened in their hazy state the night before. But that suited you just fine. You weren’t about to relive the horrifying details, but you knew to stay away from killer wasps in the future.

“I still don’t know why you pitched the tent down there big guy.” Prompto gestured to the tent as you dug into your breakfast.

“Actually… I don’t either. But I thought of it, so it must have been a good reason.”

“Maaan, I was so tired last night I must have just blacked out when my head hit the pillow.” Noctis stretched, beginning to pack away the camping things.

So they really don’t remember…

“Me too.” Prompto agreed.

“And me… Iggy must have cooked us a fine meal that sent us straight to sleep.” Gladio nodded at Iggy who smiled and shook his head.

“I hope that you consider all my meals that way.” He half-joked.

After you had finished wolfing down your breakfast, you helped pack away the remaining items into the regalia and soon you were on your way again, sat in between a napping Noctis and a reading Gladio. Things had really gone back to normal.

But as you relaxed in the back of the car, pleased that your boys were safe, you couldn’t help but wonder… did that gas force the illusion of those strong feelings for you onto the guys, or did it simply heighten the feelings that were already there…? You cast a quick glance at each of them, all blissfully unaware of what they had said last night.

I wonder

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(I’ve started a little “series” thing. I’ve got ideas for all of the Potter-Malfoy kids and I’ll be releasing drawings and headcanons of them. I hope you enjoy!! I’d advise that you go look at the other kid’s stuff to avoid confusion)

The next of the Potter-Malfoy kids I’d like to re-introduce you to is Teddy


  • After Lupin and Tonks die, Andromeda is of course, more than willing to take Teddy
  • After Harry finishes his 7th year, he offers to take him, raise him. However, Andromeda insists that he go and start his life. He’s only 18 after all, he hasn’t got time for a child.
  • So Harry goes, and becomes a fantastic Auror, still visiting Teddy multiple times a week.
  • Meanwhile Narcissa decides to throw all of her pureblood shit out of the window bc after the war she’s just so tired. She’s been tired for over 40 years and she’s done pretending to be perfect and prim. She finally expels her mother’s voice from her head, and unapologetically becomes herself. (she even redecorates the manor bc it’s always felt much too like a museum)
  • Thus, she does the thing she’s wanted to do since she was 18 and shows up on Andromeda’s doorstep, not even a month after the war is over.
  • and obviously Andromeda is wary and a bit bitter towards her sister. 
  • but Narcissa keeps coming back. She brings presents for Teddy, helps Andromeda clean out her late husband’s things, tells her stories, and says “im sorry” more times to Andromeda in that space of time then she’s done in her entire life. and it feels wonderful. freeing almost
  • and suddenly, it’s been 6 months + it’s as if nothing ever changed between them
  • Narcissa just falls in love with Teddy
  • She, herself, never wanted anymore children after Draco, but she loves having a baby around to spoil.
  • In March of 2005, just a month after Harry and Draco adopt Cassiopeia, Andromeda gets into an accident and no longer has full control over her legs (she can still use them, but they’re very weak), That coupled with the fact that she’s in her 50′s, means she can no longer keep up with Teddy.
  • So she goes to Harry and asks if his offer from years ago still stands.
  • Harry and Draco take in Teddy (six years old at the time) with open arms
  • Teddy immediately blends with the family (and still sees his grandmother often), becoming the big brother™  to all his “little sisters”
  • He calls Draco daddy, just like the girls until he’s 8 or 9 then just calls him Dad bc of the cringe (the girls never stop. Draco is always Daddy, no matter how old they are)
  • He tries to call Harry many different things but his new siblings have none of it. It’s  bābā or nothing
  • By the time Teddy is 9, Harry and Draco approach him about being officially adopted by them
  • and Teddy is just beyond thrilled
  • Through the adoption process, Harry insists that Teddy’s last name is not changed
  • Teddy is extremely protective over his sisters and is ready to square up at anyone who threatens them
  • He becomes particularly close with Sirius (Cassiopeia) as, they are both metamorphmagus. 
  • Throughout Sirius’ whole childhood, Teddy tries his best to teach her to change her appearance with more ease and more permanently, but she never really gets a hold of it and very rarely uses her powers at all
  • Teddy is also always ready to hop up with Sirius to go on adventures to find magical creatures. Mostly so he can make sure she’s safe about it but also bc she always is just so excited
  • He’s the first to go to Hogwarts and the others are so jealous. So Teddy, not wanting them to feel left out, brings home all sorts of things as gifts. + when he can finally go into Hogsmeade in his third year, he comes back with tons of stuff for them (half of which Harry + Draco have to confiscate bc ‘Edward, Lupin you cannot give an 8 year old this potion !”)
  • When the twins are getting sorted, and the hat shouts “SLYTHEIRN”, they both look over to Teddy nervously. 
  • Teddy, catching their expressions thinks they might cry and literally gets up in the middle of the Great Hall to hug and congratulate them
  • “Don’t even worry about it. Being in different houses means nothing. You won’t be able to shake your big brother off that easily.” He even boops their noses “you’ll have so much fun in Slytherin you two. Wait until Dad hears, he’ll be thrilled.” and he pushes them over to their table
  • The twins also have to take a lot of shit for being Slytherin (as, after the war, the “slytherins are evil” stereotype heightens a bit) , also the growing rumors about the Potter-Malfoy family (specifically Draco) + Teddy just cannot stand it. 
  • The only time he shows real (terrifying might I add) anger is when people start to accuse Draco of things or try to pick on the girls about silly rumors 
  • He’s wonderful at herbology and transfiguration. Like, too good almost.
  • + ofc he’s a Prefect and Head Boy. But he’s not at all annoying about it.
  • When he’s 15 he approached Harry + Draco about changing his last name
  • Harry is like, “uhhh no? I love you and you’re basically my son ??? but you’re keeping Remus’ last name ???”
  • And Teddy tries to negotiate with them. Perhaps he can hyphenate? but Draco is just “what ? so you’ll be Lupin-Potter-Malfoy that’s not happening purely because it sounds ridiculous”
  • So Teddy is just like fine. How about his last name is Potter-Malfoy but changes his middle name to Lupin
  • Harry just kind of smiles and says if he still wants to do it in a couple years, they’ll talk about it again
  • So without fail, for every birthday he says “hopefully I’ll be a Potter-Malfoy this time next year”
  • and Drarry just share a look
  • Finally when Teddy is 17 he says they can’t stop him now, and he wants to change his name
  • so Harry just huffs and is like “okay if you want a mouthful of a name then we have one stipulation. You’re gonna have two middle names Tonks and Lupin” kind of as a joke
  •  but before Harry even stops talking Teddy’s shouts “DONE”
  • and it’s done before the week is over.
  • So Teddy, mouthful-of-a-fucking-name Potter-Malfoy is just a big ball of sunshine

Percy Weasley

“Hello, Minister!“ bellowed Percy, sending a neat jinx straight at Thicknesse, who dropped his wand and clawed at the front of his robes, apparently in awful discomfort.

consider: hogwarts au version
  • gryffindor!keith
    • is good at all clases except for herbology
    • gets detention at least once a week 
    • probably a quidditch star 
  • lance is outraged because he ends up in hufflepuff but KEITH GETS TO BE IN GRYFFINDOR THAT SON OF A-
    • he makes peace with it by second year because hufflepuff is actually amazing
    • he still resents keith tho
    • when keith puts his name in the globet of fire he does so too out of pure rivalry and pettiness but ends up getting chosen
  • pidge is a hatstall and chooses slytherin over ravenclaw
    • all the holts are ravenclaws
    • mr holt teaches potions
    • pidge is a prodigy at transformations
    • based on grades would be chosen to be prefect but gets in detention way too often
  • hunk, to everyone’s surprise, is not a hufflepuff. 
    • he is in ravenclaw and a prefect by fifth year
    • he loves to hang with lance is the hufflepuff common room cause it’s so near to the kitchen
    • great at charms and awful at quidditch
  • shiro is in his seventh year by the time the others get to the school.
    • he is gryffindor’s head boy and star student.
  • allura is ravenclaw’s head girl and aims to become the youngest minister of magic of all history
  • coran is the odd dada professor and head of hufflepuff
Prefect Meeting

James: Remus?  You okay man?

Remus: Oh yeah

Regulus: You’re sweating.

Remus: I’M FINE… c-carry mmm.. carry on…

Antonin: *Rolls eyes*

Lily: Okay then… 

James: Next thing to discuss… let’s see…

Lily: SEX!

Remus: Mmmmm

Everyone: *Looks at Remus*

Remus: I mean chocolate… who wants some… delicious… fuck yeah… chocolate… ?

James: No more chocolate, Remus.  Are you okay?  You’re acting weird…

Remus: I’m just great… *sinks lower in chair*

Regulus: Remus… 

Remus: Mm?

Regulus: Why is there… there’s sucking sounds… oh no.  No.  This can’t be happening.

Remus: That’s what I thought too when it starte- OH MY GOD!

Regulus: This is the worst thing in the world.  Why did I have to sit next to you?

Lily: GUYS, SHUSH!  Now, we need to promote the use of condoms to the students.  

Remus: *Moans loudly*

Antonin: *Rolls eyes again*


Remus: Nothing!

Regulus: I’m honestly going to be sick.  Do you give me permission to kick Sirius?

Remus: Uh… no… he’s almost there…



Regulus: I’m sorry, Lily…

Remus: Mhm, me too…

Antonin: Lupin’s getting a blowjob, guys. 

“Y/n!!!!” You heard someone yell from across the hallway. As it was late at night, you were pretty confused of why someone would be basically begging to get caught. Turning around, you saw the four most famous people at Hogwarts.

“James? Sirius? Peter?” You rolled your eyes as they all stumbled around, passing around a huge bottle of fire whisky between them. Even the Prefect took a sip or 30. “Remus? Really? you too?”

“Why not!” Remus said, a goofy smile on his face. ‘Life’s too short, ya know?”

“You’re a much different drunk than i’d thought you’d be,” You muttered, sighing deeply when you realize that they were beyond getting themselves back to the common room. “Okay, let’s get you to your room, okay?”

“Aye baby, when you go to bed could i Gryffindor?” Sirius very sloppily winked, almost tripping as he nudged your shoulder. 

“I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be Slytherin,” You corrected.

“Well Fuck Slytherin!” James screamed. You quickly put your hand to his mouth to shut him up.The last thing you wanted was detention with hung over Marauders. 

Ohmygod you all are so hard to deal with.” 

“Oh we know,” Peter said with a mischivious smirk on his face. The others barked in agreement. You were sure going to be in for it the whole night.

Liar 1/? (Tom Riddle Jr/Voldemort Imagine)

Tom Riddle was your superior, or so everyone said.

Sharp, handsome features shaped by dark waves of silky hair had women swooning left and right, his straight and healthy posture bringing him to his full height at six feet tall. When he walked he took long, graceful strides with purpose, head held high to flash either a dashing smile or a cold glare at his fellow students as he passed.

“Riddle is so handsome,” and “Tom is so smart!” had you cupping your ears with frustration - you were tired of hearing about Tom fucking Riddle and how much better he was at everything than you.

Scoffing softly, you stuck your nose back into your dinner at the very end the Slytherin table - with the first years. How humiliating.

Pushing your food around carelessly with your fork, you glanced distastefully towards the enormous doors to the Great Hall, contemplating whether or not you could cut announcements and go to your dorm.

“Professor Slughorn said that he’ll even tutor me in potions class. I can’t believe how lucky I am.” One girl said, and the girl next to her snorted, shoveling mashed potatoes into her open mouth. “No amount of tutoring will ever be enough to get into sixth-years’ potions class. It’s just not possible.”

You bit your lip as you continued to ponder leaving dinner early to escape the infuriating prattle of these first years and their plans to join the dreamy Tom Riddle and his handsome friend
Abraxas Malfoy.

You felt your blood boil at the mention of that rich, spoiled brat’s name - if there was one person you hated more than Tom, it was Abraxas. The bastard had deemed you dirty by blood despite being a half-blood Slytherin. You were socially exiled from any circle within your house and since you were a Slytherin, people often misjudged you and steered clear whenever you passed.

Having heard enough of the girls and their plots to win the devilishly handsome Slytherin’s heart you stood up, a few first years flinching at your abrupt movement. Straightening out the wrinkles on your grey slacks and gathering your books you turned with a hard scowl and stormed out of the Great Hall.

You grumbled to yourself as you made your way through the first floor of the magnificent castle, paying little mind to the students that cowered away from you. You did find it curious, considering you were never overly aggressive or cruel, there was a stereotype attached to Slytherin house but you never received such submissive behavior from anyone.

Brushing off the odd behavior of your fellow Hogwarts students, you continued your journey up four flights of moving stairs and as you lifted your right foot to step off of the last set, the familiar nauseating sway of the staircase had you groaning.

You were so busy off in your world and reacted too slowly, as usual. As if some cruel God was having too much fun with you to stop now and was choosing to continue with your torment, a soft velvety chuckle could be heard just behind you. You craned your neck lazily expecting to see some painfully dull ghost or poltergeist but they would’ve been too easy to share a staircase ride with. You turned your head away with a huff as you caught a glimpse of his soft lips and dark eyes.

“Miss your stop?” The brunette asked, and you simply grunted in response. “You hardly venture this far into the castle.” You raised your brows at the sixth-year prefect as he approached your side, fingers tangled together behind his back like a child shielding something scandalous.

“How would you know how I spend my spare time, Riddle?” You scowled at the teen’s growing smile, he turned away momentarily to wipe the amused smirk away before turning to you again with that annoyingly charming gaze.

“Well, you can’t possibly be coming here on some sort of routine because I always come to the library after dinner and announcements.“ Riddle raised a brow at you, the faintest of smirks lingering on his lips. Smart ass. You gritted your teeth and gripped the spine of your book harder, hoping that if you glared hard enough his face might start to melt. It didn’t and so you just looked foolish, standing there and scowling at the boy at your side.

“Announcements aren’t over yet, Riddle, which means you’re technically skipping a class, which means you’re technically breaking a rule. Aren’t you supposed to be setting a good example for the new first years?” You smirked and your eyebrows danced mischievously at the prefect who’s own smirk was beginning to falter.

Tom turned his gaze from you to the new floor the staircase abruptly halted at and with his arm, motioned for you to move ahead. “I would be if I wasn’t already about to catch another student red-handed.”

You bit your lip and shook your head as you walked side-by-side with Tom, “You’d be taking points from your own house, Riddle.” He scoffed and brushed a lock of hair from his forehead and glared from the corner of his eye at you, “Do you really think I care about house points? Honestly.”

You sneered at the back of his head as he sped past you and into the library entrance. It was dimly lit and you could hear the crackling of a nearby fireplace and the murmuring of several paintings that covered the stone walls. You practically dove across tables, narrowly avoiding death from several loose chairs on your way over to the receptionist’s empty desk and shoved your books into a small slit by it where dark bold letters spelled ‘return’.

Glancing over your shoulder one more time, you were both ecstatic and disappointed to find the room empty, Riddle had gone. Brushing away any feelings that arose you turned briskly and left the library, the walk slow and boring without someone to keep you company. Frowning, you couldn’t help but scold yourself for even wanting that curly haired git anywhere near you. Running your fingers over your face, you passed the Great Hall and were about to take another flight if stairs into the dungeon when you were firmly yanked away from the entrance. “There they are, Professor,” a smug yet familiar voice said, “trying to skip dinner. Again.” You turned and squinted in the dark at two figures in the dark and while the grip on your arm loosened, it didn’t let go. “Y/N, what do you have to say for yourself?” You cringed and rolled your eyes, “I feel ill, Professor Slughorn,” you lied to your potions instructor,

“A lie, Professor. I’ve been catching them left and right trying to cut evening meals.” You gaped at Riddle and he seemed to catch that in the dark, you could just sense that cunning smirk and you raised your hands defensively, “That’s not true! I was returning books!”

“I thought you were ill, Y/N?” Tom taunted from over Slughorn’s shoulder. “I tried to let them off with a warning but they just won’t listen, Professor.”

“Detention it is then,” the old man said with a somewhat authoritative tone, “all week, with you, Tom. I don’t want anyone else on duty.” Slughorn turned back to you and frowned, “It’s time we taught you how to respect the rules, Y/N.”

Without another word, the potion master turned and left you standing dumbfounded in the dark hallway. A long moment passed before Tom spoke up.

“I’m sorry, but as a prefect I have to inform a teacher if a student is breaking a rule.” The brunette apologized sarcastically. Your blank stare twisted into an annoyed scowl and Tom laughed in your face. “Detention starts tomorrow, Y/N. You heard Slughorn.”

“You lied.” You clenched your teeth and blinked away tears, growing increasingly frustrated with Riddle’s taunting.

“Hm? Did I?” He hummed from over his shoulder, his back now turned to you as he began his walk back to the Great Hall, only stopping to shoot you a demanding look. You raised your brow at him from your place in the shadows and Tom jerked his head, growing impatient. “You haven’t eaten.”

“Yes, I have.” You argued, crossing your arms and turning away from his penetrating glare. “You haven’t, I saw you. You didn’t touch your plate.”

You scoffed at him, “You wouldn’t even be able to see me from that far away, Riddle. Don’t lie.” His glare simply hardened and his long arm reached out to grab your shoulder, “You will eat, and I will watch you eat.” He ordered as he quite literally dragged you down the hall and to the Great Hall which was buzzing with noise.

You were about to stop at your usual place at the end of the table but a firm yank from Tom was enough to keep you moving. Up and up you climbed until you were there - right at the front of the table. Quizzical eyes watched you as you sunk into your seat between Tom and several of his pureblood Slytherin companions, none of which you liked. Your eyes met with Tom’s briefly and you felt your lip quiver, which he definitely notice, eyes falling to your mouth before he picked up his own cutlery and motioned for you to eat.

You mirrored his actions slowly and ate, occasionally stealing glances at the prefect who seemed all too content with your presence. Eventually the table settled and conversations started up again, you of course joined none - nor were you invited to. Strangely enough, despite his popularity, you noticed Tom was just as uninterested as you, not even lifting his gaze unless it was to inspect your plate.

You took this time to properly inspect him up close and stabbed aggressively as you noted just how handsome he really was. “Riddle is so handsome,” you cringed, “Tom is so smart.”

You remembered those girls and wondered if they’d be envious of you now. That alone was enough to make the rest of the evening tolerable.

You smiled as you ate your dinner.

Hogwarts! Jeonghan

anon requested: “hello hello! i really loved reading your hogwarts aus;; can i request a jeonghan one?? ty if you do this! <3”

@willowtree8 requested: “Hey love your writing. Especially the hogwarts au’s, so could you make a Jeonghan Hogwarts Au for me. And could you make the s/o a raveclaw, if it’s not to much to ask. Thanks so much!”

anon requested: “Can I please request a hogwarts jeonghan au! 💚✨”

  •  fifth year Slytherin
  • also a prefect with Joshua and Seungcheol
  • he was surprised when he found out he got selected as a prefect
  • but no one else was
  • Jeonghan tends to mother everyone
  • “Yah! Eat your food!”
  • “Don’t skip meals or I’ll give you detention.”
  • “If you don’t sleep, you’ll end up napping in classes, and miss vital information.”
  • “Hey just because I nap in class doesn’t mean you can!!! Your education is important!!!”
  • knows almost everyone’s names
  • don’t even be surprised if you walk by him in the halls
  • “Your robes are a bit crooked, here.” he’ll call you by name and fix it for you before waving goodbye
  • usually seen sitting under some tree with a first year or other younger students
  • giving them advice and counseling sessions
  • and because of this also knows all the latest gossip at Hogwarts
  • “Did you hear about the first year that got kicked out for trying to set the whomping willow on fire?”
  • “I heard the professor from muggle studies is dating!”
  • “There’s supposed to be a prank planned for the potions master by some of the older students, don’t get caught in the crossfire" 
  • absolutely adores Ravenclaw’s first year, Chan
  • always following Chan to make sure he eats and babies him a lot
  • "Chan, who’s baby are you?”
  • babies all of his friends though
  • “Seokmin, don’t read books upside down while walking, you’ll get a headache or run into a pillar, again.”
  • “Seungcheol, you should sit straight and not slouch or you’ll complain about back pains after quidditch practice.”
  • “Minghao, just cuz you think you’re cool, doesn’t mean it’s cool to not eat lunch.”
  • “Get your butt over here and explain yourself before I hex it out of you.”
  • suffice to say, may use his prefect powers a bit too much
  • “But professor, he was trying to prank a first year, I just used my powers as a prefect to get a bit of revenge. It was totally called for!!!!”
  • pranks everyone a lot too
  • “Jeonghan!!!”
  • “Yeeeeessss?”
  • “Why is my hw flying away from me?”
  • “I may or may not have cast a spell on it.” //evil giggling//
  • “But you’re a prefect!”
  • “Which is why you won’t tell the professor or else I’ll give you detention!”
  • even with all the pranking though
  • everyone knows they can go to Jeonghan for advice
  • literally the best second mother to everyone ever
  • always listening to students talk about friend drama
  • or stress problems
  • or schoolwork complaints
  • and never refuses to ignore someone who needs help
  • which is probably why all the teachers still tolerate him sending himself a howler every year around Christmas just so everyone can hear him singing Christmas songs all across the hall
  • his voice is freaking angelic anyway so no one complains
  • he's friends with everyone too
  • one time you’re sitting in the library
  • with your charms paper in front of you trying not to fall asleep on top of it
  • and you see Jeonghan walk in with Joshua
  • and Joshua leaves after a bit
  • leaving Jeonghan alone
  • now if you haven’t been living under a rock in the forbidden forest
  • you knew Jeonghan
  • literally all of Hogwarts knows Jeonghan and his friend group
  • the 13 boys from all four houses that were the best of friends
  • and so you were curious why he was alone in the library
  • you watched as he settled his stuff down on a desk and started writing a paper
  • you’re a fourth year ravenclaw so you don’t really have any classes with him
  • you’ve just kind of seen him around helping everyone
  • and you think he’s super sweet for trying to help everyone
  • but now that you’re looking at him from across the library
  • you notice he’s really cute too
  • the way his round wire-framed silver glasses sat neatly and gracefully on the bridge of his nose
  • the way his hair framed his forehead in a half heart shape
  • the way he set his chin on his fist to write his paper
  • you smiled at the sight, he was seriously good-looking
  • sighing, ‘outta my league too’ you thought to yourself
  • you went on to continue writing your paper
  • a little while later you finished
  • and get up about to leave
  • when you notice a frown on his face as he stares up at a bookshelf
  • you hear him audibly sigh a few times
  • and scratch his head angrily
  • so what the heck
  • you and whatever nonexistent confidence
  • you walked over and set your things down gently across from him
  • “Hey Jeonghan, are you ok?”
  • he looks up at you in surprise
  • “I’m y/n,” you say sheepishly forgetting that he probably doesn’t know you even though you always hear about him from everyone else
  • “No I know, you’re f/n’s friend, she talked about you once when you guys had that fight.”
  • “She did?”
  • “Yea, she was crying and asking how to tell you she was sorry and stuff” he said, “she even showed me a picture” he laughed
  • “Wow, well…” you’re speechless
  • the famous counselor Jeonghan knows you???
  • “I’m glad you guys made up.” He said smiling
  • “I’m just glad you made her feel better, it was just a misunderstanding.”
  • he gave another small smile before the frown returned to his face and he buried his face in his hands
  • “Well I just…” you start nervously, “I just wanted to ask if you’re ok. Usually you’re always helping everyone and it seems like there’s something wrong so, just know if you need someone to talk to, I’m here.” you say finally nodding slowly
  • you watch as the tiniest of smiles reappears on Jeonghan’s face
  • “That’s really nice of you to offer.”
  • you wait to see if he elaborates
  • “I’ve just been a bit tired lately, with studying for the O.W.L.’s and whatnot.”
  • you nod making reassuring eye contact with him
  • “My scores in transfiguration aren’t the best right now, but since I’m kind of the one everyone looks to for help when they’re stressed, I try really hard not to let the others know when I’m worried myself.” he said puffing his cheeks a bit
  • you stared at him for a bit
  • Jeonghan must genuinely care so much for everyone if he went to the point of sitting by himself in the library just to make sure his friends weren’t worried
  • “Well, I’m not sure if I’m any help as a fourth year” you say timidly, “but my best subject is transfiguration, and I have older siblings who show me stuff all the time. Let me see what you’re having trouble with.”
  • he looks at you a bit skeptically before turning the textbook he was reading around for you to see
  • it’s a diagram of the vanishing spell, a transfiguration spell that will most likely be on the O.W.L.’s
  • you smile up at Jeonghan
  • “Hey I know this one really well! My brother showed me ages ago.”
  • “Really? I’m struggling with it a lot, but I guess it must be easy for a Ravenclaw.” he smiled
  • your breath caught a bit as you felt your heart race a bit at his smile
  • you thought that Jeonghan’s smile was the best thing in the world
  • and you wanted to make sure he kept smiling since he made everyone around him as happy as he could
  • the boy was everyone’s saving grace from a bad day or bad moods in general
  • Hogwart’s own fallen angel
  • so you steeled your nerves and gathered up some more courage
  • “Let’s meet tomorrow, I’ll definitely help you.” you say confidently
  • “Why would you go through that trouble.” he frowned again making your heart ache
  • “Because you help everyone around here, it’s about time we repaid the favor.”
  • so you meet him out on the grounds the next day and you can tell he’s pretty nervous
  • but you’re pretty confident and you have like five bottles of butter beer and pumpkin juice lined up next to a few bowls of water you set up on the ground
  • “Rules are simple, for every vanishing spell you do perfectly, I’ll treat you to a free drink!” you call laughing
  • you notice he lightens up and starts smiling with you
  • the both of you work the afternoon away
  • you helping him with wand technique
  • and when he gets it perfectly for the first time
  • in a moment of screaming elated excitement
  • he turns to you with the biggest grin on his face as he hugs you
  • and promptly realizes what he did
  • and you both turn pink and start blushing as you pull away
  • but PROGRESS!!!!
  • you’re so happy he finally did it and he’s super thankful too
  • in the end he has it down
  • and you both just sit watching the sunset while sipping your bottles of pumpkin juice
  • “Who needs a vanishing spell when you can just drink the delicious drink, right?” you giggle raising your bottle for a toast
  • and as Jeonghan returns it with a gentle clink of his bottle to yours
  • you sigh contentedly proud you could be of some help
  • the next few weeks you don’t see Jeonghan around that much
  • for obvious reasons of course
  • you’re both a year apart and in different houses
  • but whenever you do see him in the hallways he gives you a big grin and literally runs up to you to give you a hug
  • or yell and jump around with you because he did well on his transfiguration exam
  • and although you don’t see him as much as you want to
  • you’re really happy to see him smiling again
  • an angel’s smile
  • you’re walking into charms one day when Wonwoo comes up to you
  • shaking his head in disbelief as he hands you a letter
  • “Honestly, making me a delivery owl, I thought I had more respect to my name than this” he joked and laughed giving you a smile
  • you open it and read it
  • “Thanks for all your help y/n, to celebrate I’m buying you butter beer at Hogsmeade, oh and I told Wonwoo not to leave you alone until you said yes.”
  • you look up at Wonwoo, a huge smile on your face
  • “Sorry you got put up to this” you laugh
  • “He doesn’t stop glowing about you now, never seen hyung so happy about anyone,” Wonwoo shakes his head while laughing, “So to save me some time, just say yes?”
  • “Of course, haha thank you Mr. owl.”
  • “I don’t get paid in owl treats for this you know.”
  • and when the weekend rolls by you’re super excited
  • and you put on your best outfit
  • even though you think you’re crazy
  • not like it was a date or anything, just a fifth year thanking you for helping him out in a class
  • but you couldn’t help the smile that crept up your face as you walked into Hogsmeade
  • to see Jeonghan there with a small bouquet of flowers
  • and freaking Joshua and Seungcheol laughing their asses off at Jeonghan before he turned around to threaten to smack them with the flowers
  • “Here.” he said smiling nervously before giving them to you
  • “Aww they’re so pretty thank you.” you laugh taking them into your arms
  • “I just can’t thank you enough, y/n.” he stands a bit awkwardly before Seungcheol comes up behind the two of you
  • “Not to be blunt and all… but I’m going to go practice quidditch. And leave the two of you alone. Yea.” Seungcheol laughs and you can literally see Jeonghan shooting lasers at Seungcheol with his eyes
  • oh but the best part
  • freaking Hong Jisoo
  • walks up to the two of you
  • with this sly af smile on his face
  • “Hey y/n, I’m going to take off too. You see, Jeonghan shoved me into a broom closet once because I had a crush on this person, and it must have worked because we’re dating now, but I still haven’t completely forgiven Jeonghan, and so I thought now would be a great time….”
  • “Shua I swear if you-”
  • “Take this as a metaphorical broom closet and I apologize profusely.”
  • Joshua gives you a sheepish smile before Seungcheol gives you a gentle push, causing you to trip before Jeonghan catches you in his arms
  • and legit Seungcheol and Joshua running away laughing
  • the both of you still blushing as he’s still holding you in his arms
  • “So….”
  • “So I’m just going to be honest and admit I wanted to ask you out on a date properly, but it seems my friends may have ruined the surprise.” Jeonghan chuckled
  • you stare at him in shock
  • “Wait you like me?”
  • “Yea.”
  • “Really?”
  • “I said yes already y/n keep up.” he laughed and tousled your hair lightly
  • “I-”
  • “It’s ok if you don't like me back, it’s just you made me feel like I could take time for myself and be worried and not have to hide anything. It’s was really nice.”
  • “No I like you, too, like a lot.” you laughed
  • “That’s actually perfect I was just pretending you not liking me back was ok, but I literally was freaking out on the inside so much thank you.”
  • and you both collapse into a fit of giggles in the middle of Hogsmeade blushing but happy
  • “So you’ll be my girlfriend?”
  • “Of course.”
  • and literally anyone seeing the two of you together would literally die from the cuteness how could they not
  • everyone
  • all the students  calling you and Jeonghan their parents
  • “Look it’s my mom and dad, aren’t they such goals ;,,,,)”
  • as you guys walk around the school grounds hand in hand, giggling together
  • he’d randomly stop walking just to hold you in his arms a bit
  • “Shut it Seungkwan!”
  • and everyone going to you and Jeonghan for relationship advice now too
  • “We don’t ever fight you can trust our advice.”
  • “What the heck, Jeonghan you’re always arguing with me.”
  • “Ok got me there.”
  • like the two of you going around calling yourselves cupids and matchmakers
  • “Look at us, aren’t we the cutest couple you’ve ever seen?”
  • and legit being the silliest couple ever around valentines day
  • bewitching miniature statues of cupid to go around pelting people with chocolates and paper arrows
  • and giving each other high fives as the cupids start attacking Seungcheol
  • “Nah I think they’ve got the right idea.”
  • definitely the fallen angel couple with your pranks on one side and lovey dovey advice on the other
  • “Honest;y we’re a blessing to this school.”
  • “Which is why we’re stuck cleaning up all these paper arrows the cupids shot everyone?”
  • “Hey detention is more fun with two people!”
  • “What angel gets detention?”
  • “Your boyfriend does, now shh and get the broom.”

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Alex’s Sorting

Prompt from the lovely @iamdeltas – “Maybe something about when they first get sorted into their houses, and Alex is really upset about being in Slytherin.”

(Note: in this minific, Kara came to live with the Danvers a few years earlier than she did in canon, so before Alex was sorted.)

Eliza would have been most pleased with Ravenclaw.

“Oh, the good you can do with that mind of yours, Alex, why would you ever put that to waste?”

Alex supposes Eliza would be okay with Gryffindor, too, because even though that’s the House for those “hard-headed ruffians would put brawn and ego before brains and forethought,” a little bravery would help her protect Kara better, wouldn’t it?

And hell, herself.

Though that never seemed to be a consideration of Eliza’s.


Eliza just wouldn’t believe it. And, frankly, neither would Alex.

Before Kara came to live with them, she thought of herself as a toss-up between Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.

Her father always was telling her how selfless she was. How willing to put other people before herself. The way she loved, hard, fierce, with everything she had.

And she had a lot.

But then Kara came to live with them, and Eliza cornered Alex into being a third parent for her little sister, and then Jeremiah…

Everything she’s had to be, everything she’s had to bury, everything she’s had to become…

She’s got no chance at Hufflepuff, now.

She knows that.

But Slytherin?

Eliza would send a Howler for sure.

Because “Alexandra, it’s a disgrace to this family, to have such hatred in our midst” and “don’t you know their reputations, Alexandra, how could you possibly embrace those parts of yourself?” and “what on earth will Kara do when she gets to Hogwarts? Because they certainly won’t accept her into that elitist House of yours.”

Alex won’t comment on the irony. It’s always useless, anyway.

She’s useless.

Useless, because the Sorting Hat hears her pleas for Ravenclaw.

“Well you certainly have the brains for it. My my, what smarts there are in here.”

But that’s not all the Hat has to say.

“But courage, too, oh my dear, the courage of a lion indeed.”

And the damn Hat still isn’t done.

“So much buried in such a young heart; so much determination to do right by your sister, your mother, the memory of your father… Slytherin would serve you well, you know – oh, now now, resistant to the idea, I see – they’ll teach you to look out for yourself, you know, and the people you love, instead of looking out for the people you love at the cost of your own life – “

And it’s that.

That idea – the idea that she can protect Kara, and also, somehow, learn to look out for herself, too – that makes Alex’s brain buzz. That makes Alex’s heart leap.

That makes the Hat crack into a muffled smile and shout, “Slytherin!”

But she still cries in the bathroom.

Still cries when she slips away from the other first years, because she knows, lord, she knows, that when the owl post comes in the next morning, it is not going to be pretty.

Hogwarts was supposed to be her escape.

And now it’s just going to be something else she’s done wrong.


The voice is small and the voice makes her crying stop cold. Makes her freeze and makes her heart do something she’s never felt before.

“What?” she snaps from inside the stall, and she thinks maybe the Hat was right about her, after all.

“It’s Danvers, right?”

“Who’s asking?” she snaps again, but even she can hear that her words are muffled by snot, by tears, by agony.

“Uh, sorry, I don’t mean to get in the way. I um… I’m Maggie. Sawyer. Maggie Sawyer. And I saw you slip away from the other Slytherins and I thought maybe… I thought maybe you could use a friend. Or something.”

Alex scoffs, still inside the stall, still not able to put a face to this name.

But she does remember the name.

And it figures, it really does.

“Hufflepuff, huh?”

She can’t see the girl, but she can feel Maggie bristle, can hear it in her voice.

“That a problem?”

Alex cracks a smile, and she’s glad this Hufflepuff girl can’t see. She rubs her eyes and she wipes her nose on the sleeve of her robe, and she unlocks the stall.

Her heart leaps, and she’s not quite sure why.

The girl is pretty. The girl is more than pretty.

She’s got these deep eyes, and this cute ponytail under her hat, and she’s got these adorable dimples. Alex can tell because the girl – Sawyer – smiles when Alex pops out of the stall.



“So is it a problem? Me being a Hufflepuff?”

“Not if it’s not a problem that I’m a…”

“Is that why you’re crying?”

“I’m not crying.”

Maggie just looks at her, and somehow there’s no judgment on her face.

“Well, I don’t know much about… all this. But I met this boy, James – he got sorted into Gryffindor, we sat together on the train – and he says sometimes Slytherins are the bravest and smartest and most selfless people. That you can’t tell who someone is by the color of their tie.”

“You’re a strange one, Sawyer – anyone ever tell you that?”

Maggie chuckles, like she knows Alex means it like a compliment – because she does.

“Only every day.”

They giggle softly, almost sadly, and they jump when the bathroom door opens.

“Oy! First years, aren’t you supposed to be with your Prefects?”

“I… I got sick. Too much pudding at the Feast. Threw up. Sawyer was helping me.”

The strikingly beautiful, older girl in Gryffindor robes, with a gleaming Head Girl badge, arches a careful eyebrow, like she knows Alex is lying, but she doesn’t mind.

“Alright you two. Come on, I’ll show you to your common rooms. Well, as far as I can go through the dungeon, anyway, for you – Danvers, is it? – and to the kitchen for you. Sawyer, right?”

“Yeah. Um, thank you…”

“M’orzz. M’gann M’orzz. Come on then. You can continue this risque inter-House friendship in the morning.”

Alex gulps, and Maggie does the same.


Ten minutes ago, the thought was relatively foreign to both of them.


Now, the morning is suddenly something to look very much forward to.

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Headcanon: The Slytherin Prefects having a rough batch of first years who are crying/upset about being in Slytherin when they reach the dungeons. So they go get Professor Potter, who is not much better with crying first years, until he's honest with them. "Look I didn't want to be in Slytherin at your age either, but I can tell you I'm proud of each of these Slytherins, and I know I'll be proud of you too." The Prefects being at first annoyed, then reluctantly enjoying his frankness.

Even now, so many years later, Harry remembers what it’s like to be eleven years old. With near painful clarity, he remembers standing in the entry way to the Great Hall, listening to the nervous shuffling and whispering from the other students around him. “What house do you think you’ll be in?” “Anything but slytherin. I’ll take hufflepuff before I take slytherin.” Harry only has a basic sense of what those words mean, but he recognizes all too well the tone they’d said “slytherin” in. The same tone Uncle Vernon used when he talked about “hippies”. 

When the Sorting Hat was dropped over his ears and the Great Hall disappeared, the anxiety was enough to nearly choke him. He listened to the hat whisper in his ear, saying “slytherin” like some dark promise. He’d begged at the time, anything but slytherin, anything but slytherin

Now, sitting in front of eleven year old equally as, if not more, upset than he had been, he decided to be honest. He’d been honest with the Sorting Hat and they deserved that same level of honesty. 

The Prefects had trusted him the least when he’d become their House Head. It hadn’t been easy for them to protect their younger housemates from the scorn of the other houses and even harder to fulfill their duties as Prefects when three fourths of the houses refused to listen to them half the time. What was Harry Potter, the boy who lived to defeat Voldemort, the heir to Slytherin, going to do for the young snakes crying in front of them? They’d seen no other option though, so they reluctantly marched the sniffling first years to Harry’s office and barged in the door without knocking. 

“We’re just not sure what to do.”

Harry looked down at the six students in front of him, tears stained faces with red rimmed eyes. There was awe in some of them, fear in others. Harry swallowed past the nervous ball in his throat. 

“Uhm, ah, everyone sit down. Prefects, you may return to the dungeons, I’ll escort them back in a little while.” They were halfway to the door when he rushed to add a, “Thank you.” They looked at him with unfathomable eyes before shrugging and disappearing out the door. 

“So,” he started after a beat of awkward silence, “Tell me what’s going on?”

They all rushed to explain, tripping over their words and speaking over each other. Harry held up a hand when he’d heard enough, effectively silencing them. 

“I’m going to be honest with he,” he said seriously, “I didn’t want to be in slytherin either. The only reason I was in Gryffindor was because I asked the Sorting Hat not to put me in slytherin. 

He rushed to keep speaking when they started to open their mouths again, undoubtedly about to ask him if they were allowed to go ask the Sorting Hat too, “I asked for that for the wrong reasons. I thought that slytherin house was bad. I thought that it was the house for dark wizards and witches. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to make any friends because how could I be like them?”

A sense of panic overtook the first years, as if he was confirming all their darkest thoughts. Harry smiled reassuringly. 

“I was wrong, though. Some of the bravest, best people I’ve known have come from slytherin house. Some of the most cowardly of men have come from gryffindor. There is no right or wrong house to be in. If the Sorting Hat thinks that you’ll succeed in slytherin, it’s because you have all the potential and traits to do so. And I’m here to help you do that.”

The first years calmed, thinking this over and staring at him with calculating eyes. One by one, they slowly nodded and wiped away tear tracks from their cheeks. Harry grinned triumphantly and stood from his desk. 

“Now, why don’t we return to the common room. I’ll introduce you to some of the mermaids that like to sit by the windows.”

The walk to the dungeon was filled with excited questions and bright eyes. 

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Hogwarts AU headcanons for RFA+Saeran? :o

My first ask yay! Let’s get this party started!  



♬ Hufflepuff 

♬ is very proud of his house and ready to fight you over it

♬ is a Pureblood but not the judgemental type

♬ his parents, however, are

♬ he doesn’t return home after fifth year because of it

♬ joined the Frog Choir, Muggle Music and Music his first year at Hogwarts

♬ is the most dramatic singer and everyone stares at him during the annual performance

♬ his favourite subject is Muggle Studies and he especially loves this thing called ‘movies’

♬ despite not being his favourite subject his best subjects are Transfiguration and Divination

♬ his worst subject is Care of Magical Creatures

♬ he’s not a big fan of animals in general and on top of that he’s allergic to a lot of them, magical or not

♬ his Patronus is a wolf

♬ he eventually joins the Quidditch team as a Seeker

♬ he kind of sucks at it, mostly because he constantly has one accident after the other

♬ still he fills the stands with swooning girls at every match

♬ even girls from other houses cheer for him

♬ Zen likes that a lot and signs whatever they want him to after the game


★ Gryffindor

★ doesn’t know what to think of his house, since most people see him as a whiny wuss

★ Muggleborn

★ cannot believe that technology isn’t allowed at Hogwarts

★ They use quills instead of freaking pens?!

★ There are no lamps, just candles?!

★ NO COMPUTERS?! → no Wikipedia for assignments and not more LOLOL

★ he’s a top grade student but doesn’t really enjoy a lot of it

★ despite being muggleborn he’s not as fascinated with magic as most people would be

★ mostly because he doesn’t see a point in a world where you refuse to acknowledge and use technology

★ his best subject, for obvious reasons, is Muggle Studies

★ his favourite subjects, however, are Astronomy and Defence Against the Dark Arts

★ he feels like a warrior whenever he has it

★ he really doesn’t like History of Magic

★ History is boring, be it muggle of magic

★ it’s far too dry for him

★ his Patronus is a mouse

★ he befriends another Gryffindor, Saeyoung, and constantly get’s in trouble because of him

★ somehow Seven (that is how he wants to be called for some reason) can talk him into anything

★ once he told Yoosung he wanted to visit his twin brother in Slytherin and they should sneak into the doorms

★ in reality he just wanted to steal a pack of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans

★ they got busted and each lost their house twenty points

★ he still continued to trust Seven for some reason…


♨ Ravenclaw

♨ likes the quiet and peace of it

♨ Muggleborn

♨ absolutely fascinated with the magical world

♨ she wants to learn anything and everything

♨ compared to Yoosung she finds it very romantic to use quills, candles, books  and such instead of technology

♨ her parents both died so her and Zen usually spend the big summer break together as they have nowhere else to go

♨ she’s the top student in every of her subjects

♨ some people are mean to her out of jealousy, no one in Ravenclaw though

♨ they actually admire her

♨ she doesn’t care, there is far too much to learn to bother with haters

♨ she is both Prefect for her house as well as Head Girl later on

♨  she is very proud of both and takes them extremely serious

♨ sometimes she overworks herself though

♨ then again, doing so for her passion makes her happy

♨ she really likes History of Magic, it’s her favourite

♨ Muggle Studies, however, she doesn’t enjoy as much

♨ mostly because she already knows all these things

♨ she drops the elective soon after

♨ she’s not very good at Charms and has to work hard to get the good grades she wants

♨ her Patronus is an owl

♨ she joins the Quidditch team during third year

♨ she plays as a Beater for her team and has a mean hook

♨ it surprises her when people come up to her after the game and tell her they cheered for her

♨ it always makes her blush


♛ Slytherin

♛ enjoys the luxury of his house

♛ Pureblood

♛ possibly stricter than his own father

♛ focuses on only the things he considers practical

♛ he doesn’t bother with things like Muggle Studies, any kind of Arts or Divination

♛ his favourite subject is Care of Magical Creatures

♛ his best subject, meanwhile, is Magical Theory

♛ he doesn’t suck at any subject per se, since he has to keep up appearances, but he’s not particularly good at flying

♛ he doesn’t even consider joining the Quidditch team despite the offers

♛ instead of bothering with flying he excels at Apparation 

♛ his Patronus is a cat

♛ he too is both Prefect as well as Head Boy

♛ he is very strict about those and will take points from you if he finds you sneaking around after curfew

♛ he is a registered Animagus – a snake

♛ he’s very popular amongst Slytherin (and other houses) girls but doesn’t acknowledge any of them


☼ Gryffindor

☼ freaking loves his house

☼ Half-blood

☼ both parents were magical, but his fathers mother was a muggle

☼ could have graduated very early

☼ decided to stay and let all hell break loose instead

☼ loves pulling pranks on any – and everyone even especially his best friend Yoosung

☼ attempts to give Jumin aneurysms on a daily basis

☼ constantly loses his house points

☼ is still well liked though, for whatever reason

☼ despite being a genius stinks at many subjects

☼ not because he doesn’t understand them, oh no

☼ sometimes he mouths off

☼ sometimes he purposefully acts dumb

☼ sometimes he doesn’t study and fails

☼ most of the time he pranks teachers or pisses them off otherwise

☼ very talented wizard, though

☼ his best subjects are Defence Against the Dark Arts and Charms

☼ his favourite subject used to be flying, though

☼ he finds Herbology utterly boring

☼ he is particularly bad at Care of Magical Creatures, because he smothers them too much

☼ known Metamorphmagus

☼ his Patronus is a cat as well

☼ Jumin hates that

☼ loves to turn himself into a girl and flirt with boys who don’t know

☼ constantly misuses his powers in general

☼ joins and gets kicked off the Quidditch team

☼ not because he is a bad player, but because he constantly breaks the rules and doesn’t show up to practice

☼ despite not playing, he collects brooms


☀ Slytherin

☀ also loves his house

☀ Half-blood

☀ did graduate early

☀ mostly because he couldn’t stand being around his own brother

☀ finds the idiot to be a disgrace and embarrassment

☀ for a while attempts to clean up after his brothers mess, only that their family name isn’t dirtied

☀ after that stops when he realized that him losing points is only good for Slytherin house

☀ professors love him because he is very obedient

☀ and doesn’t get caught when he does attempt something that isn’t allowed

☀ he is also both Prefect as well as Head Boy once Jumin is gone

☀ hides is ‘illegal’ activities behind those titles

☀ taught himself Dark Arts

☀ constantly reads things in the restricted section

☀ he is very talented at jinxes

☀ his favourite and best subject is Potions

☀ he doesn’t care for Astronomy

☀ which makes it his worst subject as well

☀ also known Metamorphmagus

☀ simply changes his eye and hair colour from time to time

☀ his Patronus is a unicorn

☀ Saeyound teases him mercilessly

☀ he won’t be laughing once his unicorn impales his brothers filthy cat

☀ joins the Quidditch team in second year

☀ makes a mighty fine Chaser


Hogwarts! S. Coups

anon requested: “Omfg, i LOVE your writtings! Can you do a Seungcheol hogwarts!au? I’m dying for one” and “can you do the hogwarts au for scoups?” and “Hello!! can you do a Hogwarts Scoups????? Thank you so much and your blog is wonderful💕”

  • Fifth year gryffindor

  • Also a prefect and the quidditch team captain

  • Seungcheol is liked by all the teachers too

  • He just naturally has that “I’m a leader” vibe

  • Which makes sense since he literally shouts sometimes on the quidditch field


  • Honestly a dork and a sweetheart though

  • Even all the girls swoon when he walks by

  • He doesn’t really notice how his uhhh

  • Lip bites and winking and beautiful smile

  • Just gets all the girls to have heart eyes

  • the most reliable prefect ever

  • he’s known to give quite a few detentions out for those who are out past curfew

  • and likes teasing Joshua about just letting people go

  • and likes joking around with Jeonghan about prefect powers

  • he doesn’t mess around that one lol

  • There was a rumor

  • That he once broke up an underground duel between the houses

  • Some stupid sixth years and some younger kids were hexing each other or something

  • And he stopped them by challenging the kids there to duel him

  • even though he was younger than a few

  • And they were like pssssshhhh we can take this old man prefect

  • Oh boy was that stupid and wrong

  • They all ended up sore from being hexed like crazy

  • some of them had to go to the infirmary

  • And with detention

  • Cleaning up the bathrooms no magic

  • and taking care of the magical creatures

  • especially their ahem excrement

  • And even the teachers couldn’t stop laughing and didn’t punish Cheol for the usage of his prefect powers

  • But that’s just a rumor

  • Probably

  • you don’t mess with Seungcheol

  • Obviously his best class is charms and defense against the dark arts

  • He wants to be an auror when he graduates from hogwarts

  • And he probably will be too

  • everyone can see it

  • since he protects younger students from being bullied

  • and he’s really good at hexing people

  • He’s also sort of the unofficial dad / leader of his friend group

  • you know the one everyone knows

  • Which is really entertaining

  • bc have you seen Cheol trying to keep those 12 boys in check?

  • It’s hilarious tbh

  • all the kids screaming and joking and messing around

  • and Seungcheol just shaking his head and trying to calm all of them down at one time

  • But he does a pretty decent job

  • When food isn’t flying through the air and stuff isn’t exploding 

  • Can be heard yelling across the dining room by all four houses

  • “If you throw the shepard’s pie one more time Seungkwan….”

  • “Soonyoung! Stop! Hexing! The! Peas! To! Dance!”

  • “Minghao stop pulling on Jun’s robes, NO ONE NEEDS THIS AT 7AM IN THE MORNING”

  • Joshua and Jeonghan just casually sipping their pumpkin juice

  • Like yea we’re prefects too and should probably help

  • But Seungcheol’s got this

  • But no haha

  • Those three fifth years baby their friends so much

  • always nagging to do their hw and eat and take care of themselves

  • It’s hella endearing

  • because you’d think they were actually all brothers or a family

  • The way they talk together, you’d really think those three are actually parenting ten children together

  • “I just helped Chan finish his potions paper, I’m exhausted what a day.”

  • “Don’t you mean Chan helped you with your potions paper Jeonghan?”

  • “SHHHHH Shua!!!”

  • “I just put Vernon back in his dormitory for like the fifth time, he and Seungkwan were planning something”

  • “Seungcheol, Seungkwan is back in his bed in the hufflepuff dormitory now too don’t worry”

  • “Last thing we need is another exploding pumpkins accident”

  • “Jeonghan, we said we’d never talk about that incident ever again.”

  • Seungcheol is always scheming game plans for quidditch in some empty classroom

  • drawing diagrams of the field on chalkboards and discussing stuff with the others

  • Or doing hw in the library with Jeonghan napping next to him and Joshua sitting on his other side discussing classwork or the upcoming quidditch game

  • And although Josh is on an opposing team
  • Tbh they have so much fun playing around and challenging each other
  • even when they play against each other
  • they’ve been seen to high five each other when the opposite team scores
  • and throw combined victory parties
  • just because they’re those kind of friends
  • supportive to the end
  • it’s not all about winning but having fun playing the game
  • though winner gets bragging rights and then it’s a full-on roast session between their teams lol
  • These three friends man
  • So surprised when they were all selected to be prefects
  • Like who’s genius idea was it to put all of us together
  • But tbh they work really well together
  • Because they’re caring parents lololol
  • using their prefect powers to keep all the younger kids in check
  • it’s tiring but worth it in their opinion
  • Seungcheol doesn’t really get that much sleep sometimes
  • Always trying to keep up with schoolwork and quidditch practice and prefect business
  • But he works his hardest
  • And Josh offers to help him too
  • Even though Joshua has even more crap to do than Seungcheol
  • The 95 line are always seen staying up pretty late to do stuff together in the library
  • And while the younger kids in their frien group go out and about on weekends
  • The three of them study
  • When Jeonghan isn’t napping that is
  • and Josh isn’t off doing frog chorus or tutoring other kids with the help of a time-turner
  • And tbh Seungcheol should get more sleep
  • or at least
  • that was your initial thought when he caught you out past curfew one night
  • “Y/n?”
  • You were a fifth year gryffindor too
  • And you had all your classes with him
  • But imagine your surprise when you found out he knew your name
  • Crazy really
  • Again everyone in school knows the 13 boys in that friend group
  • And honestly who wouldn’t notice 13 guys who happened to be the best of friends and also really good-looking
  • But them knowing your name? Surprise indeed
  • But you had fallen asleep doing your transfiguration paper in an empty classroom
  • you had been planning on going back before curfew but
  • It really hadn’t been your evening
  • You had dropped your charms paper in the toilet
  • And you had fallen asleep in countless classes
  • Much to the annoyance of your friends when you asked them for notes
  • And you had skipped dinner to study for the history of magic exam
  • and Seungcheol was known as one of the prefects that doled out detention bc he was supposed to
  • bc he didn’t want to break the rules
  • and you knew this
  • yet
  • As crappy as you felt
  • One look at Seungcheol and you could see the dark circles under his eyes
  • He was probably just as exhausted as you were
  • And you felt kinda bad because you relate to the struggle
  • But at the same time you don’t want detention
  • “Seungcheol! Heeeeeyyyy uhhhh! So I know I’m out past curfew, but I was doing my transfiguration paper and I didn’t understand anything and I was ready to have a mental breakdown and sooooo…”
  • You closed your eyes slightly anticipating the huge detention Seungcheol was about to serve up when
  • “If you need help, I’ll see if I can help you.”
  • And you opened your eyes to see a smiley Seungcheol
  • And honestly it was as if the moonlight hit the spot where he was standing just right bc damn was he cute //COUGH COUGH// I MEANT HURRAY FOR SAVING YOUR TRANSFIGURATION GRADE
  • you thought it’d be detention for sure, and you didn’t have the time for detention
  • but he sat on the desk next to you and proofread your paper
  • “It sounds right except you could elaborate more on the proper wand techniques for this spell which will help you reach the page length requirement
  • And at some point he pulled out a paper he still had to finish for history of magic
  • and you both kind of just naturally fell into doing your work together
  • And you both started quizzing each other
  • passing notes and books back and forth easily
  • And the scratching of quills on paper sounded throughout the classroom
  • It was productive and a lot of trying to get everything done but peaceful
  • The both of you just getting work done
  • “You’re really going to let me off without detention?” you asked him again pushing it a bit
  • “I’ll let you go this one time.” he chuckled not looking up from his paper
  • “That’s a relief, I’ll work in the common room from now on promise.”
  • “I’ll hold you to it y/n.”
  • And you both could have returned to the common room then
  • and you probably would have
  • but the two of you were just so tired
  • and had not been sleeping well because of upcoming exams
  • of course you should have returned to the dormitory when Seungcheol found you
  • But uhhh
  • No
  • That’s not exactly what happened
  • You fell asleep
  • The both of you did
  • Next to each other
  • Heads on the desk
  • really close, inches apart really
  • Arms grazing each others and the shuffling of the papers as your heads laid on top of the books
  • And when you woke up……
  • Seungcheol was still sleeping next to you
  • You might or might not have jumped fifty feet in the air while biting your lips to stop screaming
  • As you gathered your stuff and looked at the time
  • Breakfast
  • you couldn’t be late!!!! and neither could a prefect
  • but you felt weird
  • do you wake him up?!?!?!
  • “Seungcheol!!! Get up classes start soon!!!!!”
  • And the rest of that day was hella awkward
  • With Seungcheol and you catching each other’s eyes every three minutes or so
  • And blushing
  • And looking away immediately
  • him sort of having his eyes widen in a really cute way
  • With Jeonghan and Joshua eyeing the two of you suspiciously
  • and you just turning away and talking to a friend
  • or inserting yourself into a convo to avoid staring at Seungcheol
  • and banging your head on the table when his sleeping face came up in your thoughts
  • get a grip you yell at yourself
  • And from that little
  • Ahem “study session”
  • Fate made it really easy for yours and Seungcheol’s paths to cross
  • You’d be sitting with a friend from ravenclaw and Wonwoo shows up out of nowhere with Seungcheol and Jun behind him
  • And before you know what you’re doing, you’re running down the hall and out the door to avoid him
  • And it’s not like he cared right?
  • or you’d be sitting outside doing hw
  • and he’d walk past with a couple of his friends
  • and you’d hide your face behind a book to avoid staring at him
  • and then you wouldn’t see the little smile he had on his face as he looked back at you hiding
  • and the small chuckle he’d have
  • “What’s funny hyung?”
  • “Nothing just,,, thought I saw someone”
  • or he’d sit by you in the library
  • and you’d have to control the urge to get up and just run away
  • and he’d just smile and stare dead ahead not meeting your eyes
  • and the both of you would wave to each other and then continue studying
  • Well anyway
  • You go up to the astronomy tower one evening
  • Because you needed a break from the cramped common room where everyone was studying for end of december exams
  • and low key trying to avoid Seungcheol too
  • it was weird
  • you couldn’t help staring at him
  • the way his hair would lightly brush across his forehead
  • and the way he’d smile at you
  • And you sat at the edge of the balcony and just laid your forehead against the cold railing
  • And took a deep breath
  • Exams were coming up
  • And you weren’t ready
  • But for now you wanted to forget the stress and just stare out at the sky
  • the sky was beautiful
  • the glow of the sunlight slowly giving way to the stars’ glowing
  • And as you were slowly drifting into sleep
  • You hear a quiet voice
  • Someone was singing
  • And you peeped open an eye right in time
  • to see Seungcheol walking up the stairs
  • So naturally you do the one thing that all your years of being socially competent has taught you
  • And hid behind a telescope
  • Because reasons
  • And Seungcehol walked past you still quietly singing and sat down with a book and his paper
  • He looked tired
  • But he worked on his homework
  • And you sat admiring his voice
  • it was so nice and soothing
  • But uhhh you can’t just sit there forever right?
  • So you quietly clear your throat
  • Which makes Seungcheol jump like five feet in the air and instinctively yell
  • When he notices it’s just you and he sighs in relief
  • “Hey y/n”
  • And you awkwardly stand there like what
  • But he looks really tired
  • Like this is not ok
  • And you watch as he sort of falls
  • And you catch his head right as he falls asleep in your arms
  • You sort of half drag him down the tower to the infirmary
  • And the nurse just stares at you like fam I don’t endorse killing people
  • But she helps Serungcheol into a bed and tells you he’s just tired and needs sleep
  • But you’re hella worried and you find Joshua and Jeonghan
  • And drag them to the infirmary
  • And you kind of just motion like WHAT DO I DO
  • And they just shake their heads
  • “He does this once every year around exam time, he’s just tired, he’ll be ok”
  • Them trying to reassure you even though of course they’re worried too
  • but they also have been plotting things
  • But you stay by his bed with Joshua and Jeonghan just staring at you before leaving to get Seungcheol’s pajamas and stuff for him to stay overnight in the infirmary
  • And you fall asleep again
  • Next to Seungcheol
  • And you don’t wake up until you hear him say
  • “Here we are sleeping together again”
  • And you look up to see him smiling and looking well-rested and HEYO NO DARK CIRCLES
  • ligtly smacking his arm bc he worried you
  • But you smile bc gosh darn it he’s ok!!!!
  • And as you’re about to scold him again
  • He hugs you
  • Without any warning
  • And you freeze up blushing
  • Until you just sort of hug him back
  • and it’s just you in his arms for a few seconds
  • “Thanks for taking me to the infirmary.” he laughs
  • “UH yea no problem, you would have done the same for me, bud.”
  • Did you just call Seungcheol bud
  • What
  • Was
  • Wrong
  • With
  • You
  • He laughed and let go
  • “You’re cute y/n.”
  • You looked up in surprise at his comment
  • “Hmmm?”
  • Seungcheol blushed and scratched the back of his head
  • “I dunno you just are.”
  • “Super specific thanks, Cheol.” you giggle
  • “Heh, idk just you sleeping in classes and still trying to work your butt off for exams, it’s cute.” he smiled at you
  • Your heart raced a bit faster
  • “You’re cute too.”
  • But Seungcheol just gave you a wide grin
  • “Do you wanna get a butterbeer or something?” he laughed blushing
  • “We don’t have time… but I’d love to get a pumpkin juice or something and study for that charms exam if you want to hang out…” you said blushing right back
  • “Sounds perfect.”
  • And you both talked together more and hung out a lot more too
  • And as you got to know him more
  • And as he got to know you more
  • The both of you started liking each other more
  • It was really cute and innocent and just everything
  • A lot of light flirting
  • A wink or blowing kisses lol
  • But even Joshua was low key impatient
  • “Just ask her to be your gf if you guys are a thing”
  • “Shua what the heck”
  • Jeonghan butting in
  • And so they pushed him to get you flowers
  • And then it was official official
  • No more of this flirty and playful nonsense
  • Instead it was full on holding hands
  • And sometimes he’d give you a piggy-back ride across the school grounds
  • Just cuz
  • everyone is like finally our dad has someone
  • even if you aren’t ready to mom twelve other kids LOL
  • Jeonghan low key trying to sit between you and Seungcheol just so he can tease him
  • and Joshua just dying at the cuteness of you two
  • and the two of you always are studying together
  • or eating meals together
  • or sitting together during classes
  • those prefect powers sometimes has perks
  • all the kids begging you to convince Seungcheol to turn the other way and not give them detention
  • but he doesn’t budge an inch
  • “I could still give you detention for being out past curfew that night a long time ago, are you really asking me to lift the punishment of others?”
  • “AHh that’s not fair!”
  • “It’s not fair they’re tring to use my girlfriend against me.”
  • “Got me there, Cheol”
  • and just everyone thinks the two of you act like an old married couple
  • bickering together
  • but also eating the same meals
  • And when the two of you would fall asleep on the couch together in the common room after a late night study
  • No one could ever say anything
  • Bc too cute
  • Plus it wouldn’t be the first time the two of you fell asleep together

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Everyone loved the Christmas cards that year. It seem like there wasn’t a way to top it but surprisingly it was Cass who took an even better picture for the next year’s cards

anonymous asked:

Hi I LOVE your work and you totally don't have to write this but like you know the au where people's hair color change with their emotions what if like it was like that in a muggle au for wolfstar!

hi I’m so sorry I hate to be annoying! but I’m the anon that sent in the hair color changing au and I kinda just realized how cute it would be for jamesxteddy :)(again you can totally just ignore this I’ll understand, I’d hate to be a bother!)

You’re definitely not annoying! Thanks so much for your prompt(s)! I have a load of others in my inbox but this really appealed to me and I just had to write it and I was actually able to write all of it in one day whereas so many others I was only able to write half! Anyway this is my first james x teddy fic and I changed the ages a bit (teddy’s a year or two younger and all the other next gen kids except Victoire is well about a year or two older because I wanted to age gap to not be so big)

So yeah I went with the James x Teddy fic because I think that’s what you wanted in the end so I hope you like it! 

Being a metamorphmagus was something that Teddy honestly loved about himself.

As a child he loved changing his face into animal faces like a duck’s or one time he even gave himself a giraffe neck and almost stuck his head through Harry’s kitchen ceiling.

Once he got to Hogwarts he would impress his dorm-mates by showing them how he could make his fingers any length he wanted and how he could make himself taller than the others and make his voice deeper, managing to make his friends ever so slightly jealous but also intrigued.

It made him likeable but Ginny always said it wasn’t being a metamorphous that made him special, it was the things he chose to do with it.

Like turning into Professor McGonagall and pretending to give a lecture just to make a first year Slytherin laugh after she’d been crying, it was turning into Harry and telling Granddad Weasley made up facts about the muggle world until he was caught.

Harry once told him that Teddy used his gift that his mother gave him to continue his father’s legacy and that was what Teddy loved the most about himself. How he was equally both of them, even if he had never met them.

But unfortunately his gift had a price.

He could change anything about his body just by thinking of it except for his hair on his head. 

For some crazy reason, his head hair was controlled to his emotions; well there was some actual logic behind it as other metaphorphmaguses had the same condition, apparently Hermione and Percy had researched it when he was a child but Teddy didn’t really care why it happened, he just wanted it to stop but unfortunately there was no way of doing so.

He’d tried dyeing it in third year after he was left mortified when his hair turned a shade of pink when he saw a sixth year boy shirtless in the quidditch locker room.

Pink he realised on that day meant he had a crush and that wasn’t good because now everyone could tell he had a crush on someone.

However dyeing it didn’t make one bit of difference, he’d walked down from his dorm with his newly dyed brown hair and the second his friend laughed and made a comment about what happened in the locker room, his hair turned orange, orange which was for embarrassment.

For about a year and a half after that Teddy decided to just not have crushes on people but that turned out to be rather difficult being a bisexual teenager surrounded by attractive people every day at Hogwarts.

The worst part of it was when he started dating and a few times even though he and the other person said they were casual, Teddy could tell the other felt hurt whenever their eyes flitted up to his hair and it was blonde for friendship or fondness and not pink.

So after that he decided beanies and hats would become his new best friends. He’s seen a few photos of his dad wearing hats and found a few of his old ones. His mum had a few eccentric ones too so he wore those on his rebellious days but he preferred his dad’s old beanies because they covered all of his hair.

He started taking them off during the breaks though ever since he came home for the summer holidays and saw Harry’s worried frown at the train station.

That was an embarrassing conversation in which Teddy had to insist he wasn’t ashamed of who he was, he just didn’t like the whole world being able to tell what he felt at any moment.

But Teddy knew it worried Andromeda and Harry slightly though they tried their best not to show it and realistically it was rather stupid wearing beanies during the summer holidays so he didn’t wear them outside of Hogwarts.

But everything changed during his seventh year and the summer before it started.

That summer he’d spent a lot of the time with Andromeda and weeks here or there with the Potters and Weasleys. He loves all the Weasley cousins and thankfully several are in Hogwarts now so they’re all really close.

He’s always been the closest with Victoire though as she’s only a year younger than him but there was never anything romantic between them, the only small moment they had was at King’s Cross at the beginning of seventh year when he kissed her to make her ex jealous and they laughed about it afterwards.

Once he’d calmed down enough and looked around to see if the ex saw their kiss, he was at first happy on Vic’s behalf that he did but instantly he felt his heart plummet to his stomach when he saw James staring at them with wide eyes.

James Sirius Potter, Victoire’s cousin who was starting his fifth year that year.

James who Teddy had spent the summer laughing with, playing pranks on James’s cousins with and talking about everything with.

Because Victoire was great but Teddy just always felt he and James could talk about anything with each other.

In that moment James and Teddy looked at each other for what felt like eternity, Teddy saw hurt in James’s eyes and put that down to James thinking Teddy liked Victoire, maybe that they were even dating and that he’d never told him, even though they’d sworn that summer that they’d told each other everything.

Teddy takes a step forward, forgetting about Victoire beside him, wanting to talk to James, explain himself and the situation, anything to rid himself of the tightening knot of guilt in his stomach.

James merely shook his head, turned and ran from him to where his family were standing around Lily who was starting her first year at Hogwarts this year.

Teddy swallowed down his feelings and forced himself to turn back to Victoire and smile, pretending he’d been listening to her words of gratitude.

Teddy was Head Boy this year so thankfully he was too busy giving talks to the prefects and organising patrol schedules on the train to think about James’s heartbreakingly sad brown eyes but once the feast started and James ignored Teddy’s silent invitation to sit beside him, Teddy couldn’t stop thinking about them.

While the first years hurried up the steps one by one to be sorted and as the headmistress and the sorting hat gave their speeches, Teddy thought about the times he spent with James that summer.

He thought about all their late nights on the roof of the Potter’s house under the stars.

He lets himself remember the one talk in particular that he’s been trying to forget all summer.

The night when he told James more about the loneliness he feels without his parents than he could ever dream of telling Harry or Andromeda.

He remembers James repaying in kind, revealing how he hates how people look at him as the son of the Boy Who Lived and one of the greatest chasers the Holyhead Harpies ever had and how he sees himself as a disappointment because he struggles to pass his classes and can’t play quidditch if his life depended on it.

Teddy had looked at him and reassured him that he was the farthest thing from a disappointment and that he was so proud of him and he knew Harry and Ginny were too.

James had smiled, that dazzling white bright smile of his and Teddy had felt his stomach clench but not in a bad way, instead it was in a weirdly happy way.

He didn’t understand it until a second later when James’s eyes flickered up to his hair and he whispered into the night, “Why is your hair pink? What does that mean?”

Teddy’s eyes had widened in horror, he’d given some feeble excuse that he couldn’t even remember now and soon insisted he was tired and they should go to bed.

The next morning Teddy came down to the kitchen in a baseball cap and wore one for every day that summer regardless of what the others said.

After every conversation Teddy had with James, or after James so much as smiled at him, Teddy would find the nearest mirror, close the door and take off his hat and sure enough his hair would be pink.

But over the summer the pinkness turned into a light red shade and Teddy knew what that meant, he didn’t even need to look it up in one of Hermione’s books.

He knew it stood for romantic love.

And that was something Teddy really couldn’t handle in his final year of Hogwarts.

But then James had looked at him with those wide, sad eyes and he just wants to run over to the Gryffindor table and tell James that the kiss didn’t mean anything, not that James would care who he kissed but still he has a right to know.

Teddy wants to find James after the feast more than anything but he has to lead the first years back to the dorms, give them the usual speech and give everyone in Hufflepuff house the password so he doesn’t get a chance to talk to him.

The following two weeks are extremely busy too; he has to manage his own timetable while helping out the first years and balancing his patrol schedule and tutoring group at the same time so he rarely gets to talk to his friends in his dorm let alone his cousin in another year and house.

But in the middle of the last week of September, Teddy decides he has to try so he goes out of his way to see James, learning his timetable and waiting outside his last class, eating near him at the Gryffindor table at the feasts, thankfully inter-house unity is common now so this is normal but whenever Teddy approaches James, he won’t even look at him let alone talk to him.

James just skilfully avoids eye contact and talks to someone beside him or walks in the other direction and every single time Teddy’s pace falters and he doesn’t need to take his hat off to know that his hair has turned blue.

James succeeds in his avoidance techniques until the end of October but it’s not Teddy or James that brings this to an end, instead its Emma Bones, the sixth year prefect of Gryffindor house who Teddy used to tutor last year for her OWLs  

It’s at the end of their second prefect meeting when she lingers behind and asks to talk to him.

“Look I wasn’t going to say anything but I thought you’d want to know because I know how close you two are.” Emma starts, her eyebrows are drawn together but her eyes stare fiercely at him.

Teddy smiles and tries not to be worried, “What’s going on Em?”

“It’s probably not a big deal but it’s about James.”

Teddy frowns and stops packing his stuff away, focusing his full attention on her now.

“James? Is everything okay with him?”

“Yes everything’s fine, he’s just been getting into a bit of trouble recently. And I know that’s something you or me or any of those cousins are partial too but” Emma sighs,

“I don’t know it seems off, he’s doing stupid things like staying out late in stupid areas where he’d surely know we’d catch him on patrol. I think he’s been giving back cheek to teachers which isn’t really like him, he’ll banter with them but he never disrespects them so that’s why this is so unusual and he just seems so angry all the time. He’s gotten five detentions already and a letter’s going to be written home soon if it hasn’t already so I just thought…maybe if you could talk to him then he might settle down a bit?”

Teddy blinks twice, frozen in place and unsure of what to say.

Emma is right, Teddy can certainly be rebellious at times, and he was definitely partial to sneaking out here and there when he was in James’s year or even when he was younger but being disrespectful to teachers is another thing and as for being angry a lot, that’s definitely not who James is.

“I’ll talk to him” Teddy says eventually, “I will and thank you, I appreciate you telling me this, I really do Em.”

Emma smiles and nods before slipping out of the room and leaving Teddy alone with his thoughts.

The next morning is thankfully a Saturday and when he goes down to the Great Hall for breakfast he’s glad to see that James is there already, slowly eating his eggs and bacon like every other tired student who managed to drag themselves out of bed for breakfast.

Teddy sits beside Victoire at the Ravenclaw table and makes small chit-chat with her as he quickly eats some cereal and all the while he notices James’s eyes on him. He wonders how long James has been secretly watching him and why he won’t just talk to him or at least let Teddy talk to him.

From the corner of his eye, Teddy later catches James standing up to leave and Teddy knows that he needs to talk to him right now or he mightn’t get another chance so he politely excuses himself from the table and follows James out of the room.

He waits until they’ve both left the Entrance Hall to slide into step beside him and it’s rather fortunate that there’s nobody else around for James to talk to or anywhere James can run off to this morning.

“We need to talk” Teddy tells him softly.

James lets out a long breath that Teddy can’t differentiate between a sigh and a huff,

“Look I’ve lots of studying to do so if you don’t mind I’d rather-“

“James come on” Teddy says, coming to a halt and putting a gentle hand on James’s arm, causing him to stop too and face him, “What’s going on? You haven’t talked to me at all since we started term and I…I miss talking to you, can’t you just spare five minutes? Please?”

James finally meets his eyes and his eyes are a mixture of emotions, ranging from guarded, hurt and defiant, “Can’t you just go talk to Vic? You guys are dating now right so why-“

Teddy shakes his head clearly, “No we’re not.”

James stops talking and his mouth drops open, “What? What do you mean? Then why did you kiss her at King’s Cross?”

“She wanted to piss off that twat of an ex-boyfriend of hers.”

“The one that cheated on her?”

“Yes Jamie” Teddy says, a smile playing on his lips, “We’re definitely not together. I was just helping her out.”

“Oh” James says, his voice is soft and Teddy didn’t realise James’s shoulders were tensed until they drop and relax, “I didn’t…I didn’t know, the cousins, well they were all saying you were together.”

Teddy snorts, “I love Rose and Albus to pieces but how reliable are they for information, really?”

James laughs and Teddy forgot how much he missed that sound, “Yeah that’s true.”

Teddy smiles broadly now, “Look can we talk? Actually talk, please?”

James nods, “Yeah, yeah sure okay.”

They head down to the kitchens even though they just got food and spend an hour passing jokes back and forth while helping the house elves clean up from breakfast and then they sit side by side on a table, their shoulders touching and Teddy’s hair most definitely changing colour under his beanie.

“What’s going on with you?” Teddy asks softly

James’s eyes are focused on his fidgeting fingers that rest on his knees,

“Nothing, I’ve just been busy.”

“Jamie I’m head boy, I hear about all the kids getting in trouble, especially ones with five detentions for disrespecting teachers and getting caught after curfew.”

James scoffs but there’s no meaning to it, “Like you never did it.”

“James I know you. If you wanted to really rebel, this wouldn’t be how you’d do it and if you wanted to sneak out at night you wouldn’t let yourself get caught! I know you’ve your dad’s cloak and the map your grandfather and my dad made. So what’s going on? Why do you keep purposely getting into trouble?”

Teddy watches the varying emotions flicker on James’s face as he stares at his fingers that have stopped fidgeting to rest on his lap.

“I…” James whispers “Do you remember our second night on my roof at home last summer?”

Teddy nods, the night he rarely lets himself think about, the night of revelations and stupid pink hair.

“Yeah of course I remember” Teddy replies, his voice just as quiet as James’s, “Why?”

“Afterwards, about a month later when you were back at your gran’s I…well I borrowed one of Uncle Percy’s books and I found the part on metamorphaguses and those whose head hair are connected to their emotions, it’d been bookmarked I think he’d used it when they realised you were one of them. I…well I looked up what it meant when they…when you have pink hair.”

Teddy felt his breath catch in his throat.

A hundred thoughts, worries, fears and hopes ran through his mind but the main thought screaming in his head right now was ‘shit, shit, shit, shit’.

He wants to apologise, to lie and make something up, anything that could possibly explain this situation. He racks his head to remember what he told that sixth year in the locker room all those years ago, at least if he said that, it would be something but he just can’t remember.

James still doesn’t meet his eyes but Teddy is shocked to see a small smile on his lips,

“I thought…well I thought at first that…well that meant you liked me, that you had a crush on me.”

The words, ‘you thought right’ linger on Teddy’s lips but Teddy can’t find a voice to speak them.

“But I wasn’t sure you know?” James continues his voice surprisingly casual for this conversation, “I thought you could have been thinking of someone else, you could have been daydreaming of someone completely different and that’s why you were so embarrassed when I pointed it out, it would explain the rubbish excuse you gave. So I was going to wait until you came back to see what your hair was like” He laughs, “I even studied and learned what each hair colour stood for, I mean most of them I knew of course but some I didn’t but anyway then you came back wearing that stupid baseball cap that you never took off, not even that time we went swimming in the lake! I wanted to ask about it but…I guess I was just afraid.”

“What were you afraid of?” Teddy finds himself asking, even though his words are barely audible

“That your hair turned pink for the realistic reason, you were thinking of someone else. I didn’t, I didn’t want to hear it because I’d liked you for so long. And then, well, then I saw you kissing Victoire and I knew you didn’t like me and that you liked someone else, her to be exact and I was…sad and angry even though I had no right to be. I did all those stupid things to get your attention, hoping one day it would be you who caught me on patrol. I couldn’t just talk to you like you wanted, anytime you approached me I just felt guilty or annoyed or hurt so I just avoided you and kept getting in trouble to catch your attention, maybe to get your attention more than Vic, it makes no sense I know that but I…I don’t know, I didn’t know what else to do.”

Teddy opens his mouth to say something but he knows if he tries to talk, all that will come out would be a squeal of joy that James liked him back. So instead he reaches up to his head with one hand and takes the Hufflepuff pride beanie off his head.

He doesn’t need to look into a mirror to know that right now his hair is a light shade of red.

James finally looks at him and when he sees Teddy’s hair, his beautiful brown eyes widen and his eyebrows rise to his hairline.


“Romantic love” Teddy answers for him, unable to resist the grin spreading over his face, “I…James my hair turned pink that night because I liked you, I had a crush on you because you were open and honest with me and I liked that James, I liked the real James that you showed me that night. I swear I never liked Vic, I never told you I was falling for you that summer because I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable, we grew up together, your cousins see me as another cousin and I thought you saw me like that too so I said nothing. The last thing I wanted was to make you uncomfortable or to hurt you and I’m sorry I did.”

“I’m sorry too” James says, tearing his eyes away from Teddy’s hair to finally meet his eyes, “I should have come to you sooner, I should have talked to you whenever you tried to talk to me. I acted like a ridiculous child I know.”

Teddy smirks and lets himself kiss James’s forehead, “Maybe a small bit” and he laughs when James lightly hits his arm.

“I love you too, you know?”

Teddy does know that now but he can’t deny that his heart soars when he hears James say those words.

“Yeah I do”

James smiles that perfect wide toothy grin and hesitates only a minute before closing the space between them and kissing Teddy on the mouth.

It’s good for a first kiss, really good and it’s the best kiss Teddy has had in his entire life simply because it’s with James.

He knows there’s a lot they need to talk about and think about but for right now Teddy’s perfectly happy to keep kissing James on an old table in the Hogwarts kitchens and relish in the feel of James’s soft hand in his as their fingers intertwine.

One thing’s for certain though, Teddy’s not going to be wearing any hat, beanie or baseball cap for the next while, not if this is the reaction he gets from James at seeing his hair.

Maybe having hair that was attached to emotions wasn’t as bad as Teddy originally thought.