too precious to bear

Winter is horrible, but we’ll be fine, 

‘cuz we’ll face it together ‘til the end of the line. 

                                 - Bucky, Frozen in the Winters of our Past (x)

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Book 1: Water - Chapter 6 “Imprisoned” (Part 1)

Yeonjung: *talking to Eunseo* so unnie are you gonna call Cheng Xiao unnie? Or does she call you?

Yeonjung: how do girls decide who calls?

Yeonjung: *makes a realization*

Yeonjung: Is that what “top” means?


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Arian was rocking lazily in the chair by the mantle when Cullen entered the main room of their home, quietly singing a tune that he’d heard more and more frequently as of late.

“It’s a Dalish lullaby,” she told him one night as they lay curled up in one another, his fingers drawing random shapes over the swell of her abdomen. “My mother used to sing it to me when I was little.”

“It’s beautiful,” Cullen replied, kissing her cheek. “Are you singing it for the baby?”

Arian laughed, offering a little shrug. “May as well get a head-start, right?” she said. “Maybe they’ll recognize it once they’re here.”

He was anticipating what the prospect of parenthood would bring, of that there wasn’t a doubt. Arian, however, had embraced the title of mother as soon as she had announced they were expecting. It made his heart full seeing how happy she became whenever the subject of their baby came up, the way her eyes would brighten and her cheeks would flush.

Tonight, she was focused on knitting, a skill she had picked up with the help of Mia and Rosalie. Though having only one arm made things difficult in the beginning, Arian didn’t falter. Instead, she embraced the challenge, figuring out a solution in the matter of days and going from there. Now, she would knit or sew every evening, arguing that she didn’t want Mia to feel like she had to make all of their baby’s clothes.

As Cullen approached her, he found that she was working on a pair of booties, a project she had taken up just the day before. Their mabari shot up from his spot near the fireplace the moment he heard Cullen’s footsteps, shoving his snout into the man’s hand and wagging his stub of a tail.

“Been glued to your side all day, and he still wants attention,” Arian snickered without looking up. 

“I think he feels like he’s going to be replaced, with how much I dote on you,” Cullen replied, rubbing the mabari’s head. “Alright, boy. Give me a few minutes and we’ll play fetch outside for a while.” he told the dog, who yipped happily before plopping down in front of the fireplace once more.

Cullen knelt at Arian’s side then, examining the works in progress which rested on the curve of her belly. 

“What do you think?” she asked him softly, holding up a completed bootie. The tiny article of clothing was lovely in every sense, as it evidenced just how much love and care had gone into its craft - but that’s not what caused Cullen’s chest to tighten.

“Are… will the baby really be that small?” he asked, his voice quiet. Arian let out a gentle laugh, her smile rosy and affectionate.

“Yes, my love. They really will,” she confirmed, setting her knitting aside so she could cup his cheek. “Does that frighten you?”

Cullen shook his head, then shrugged. “It doesn’t, but…”

“Cullen,” Arian said, coaxing him to look at her. “It’s okay if it frightens you. It frightens me, too. To bear something so little and precious, to protect it, you would be afraid.”

He appreciated that his wife had a means of explaining what he always could not. He was frightened, but he was also ecstatic. He didn’t know what being a father would bring, or how he would adjust to the title. What he did know, however, was that he would spend every waking moment ensuring their child was safe, happy, and loved beyond belief. 

“I am afraid,” he admitted to her, turning his head to press his lips to her palm. “But with every passing day, it becomes overshadowed by the joy I feel. I…” he swallowed, looking into his wife’s eyes tenderly, “I cannot wait to meet them.”

Arian, touched by his words, smiled at him, her eyes squinting. “I can’t either,” she murmured, leaning over to kiss his brow. “I hope they have your eyes.”

“I hope they have your smile,” he countered, smirking at her. “That was one of the first things I noticed about you.”

“Really?” she inquired, tilting her head. “I’ll have to have Varric write that in his novel about us. ‘He became enamored by her infectious smile…’

“You haven’t been encouraging him again, have you?” Cullen deadpanned, though his lips twitched upward.

Arian feigned offense, her eyes widening as her hand flew to her chest. “Perish the thought, good sir!” she exclaimed, then smiled. “In all seriousness, I think I like the idea of our story remaining ours.” She leaned over, nuzzling her forehead into his. “What do you think?”

Cullen sighed as the tiniest of smiles rose on his cheeks, his eyes closing as he basked in the forever-comforting presence of his lover and wife.

“I wholeheartedly agree.”

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I’m sure someone has mentioned this by now, but can we please talk about the fact there’s this vicious, blood-thirsty animal within Kurogane that gets unleashed if his loved ones live’s are taken from him? 

The first panel is Kurogane right after he lost his parents, in a state of denial as well as unparalleled anger as he clutches his mother’s dead body, protecting her as if she’s still alive. 

The second panel is Kurogane hearing Yuuko tell him that the cost of saving Fai’s life is too high. This is of course, before Subaru wishes to replenish the water, so in that particular moment in time, the reality is that Fai is as good as dead. That’s Kurogane’s face when someone tells him that Fai is going to die and that there’s nothing he can do about it. Furthermore, like the first panel, he’s holding his loved one’s body in his arms, so heart broken about losing Fai that this inner beast threatens to come out and rip apart anyone who dares to touch him. 

Kurogane is reliving the horror of losing someone he’s sworn to protect, someone so precious that losing them is too much to bear. I think it reflects the fact that Kurogane is someone who not only loves, but loves with his entire heart and soul, unshakably loyal and committed. Kurogane lives to protect. He puts everything he has into their safety and that’s why it shatters his mental stability if they slip through his fingers.

What we see in these two panels is an emotionally wounded, dangerous animal who’s instinctively clutching someone in one last desperate attempt to protect them. 

Don’t you dare say Blackwall isn’t worthy. This is man will be my death!

Vivienne: Well, you two seem to make each other happy.

Blackwall: And? Surely, you’re not ending this on a complimentary note.

Vivienne: I was just wondering how you imagined your future. The Inquisitor and the– well, whatever you are now.

Blackwall: Ah, I see. You think we’re a poor match. Lady Vivienne, that woman there will stand with Thedas’ mightiest because of who she is. She may choose whomever she pleases, even an undeserving nobody. Envy her for her ability to love freely, but recognize that envy is what it is.