too precious for his own good

Thoughts on The OA

I watched all 8 episodes in the last 36 hours so I have a lot to process through. Here are my questions, comments, and concerns:

1) Buck Vu is unquestionably the purest and most wonderful of the boys. He just seems to GET IT and he has my undying love and support. Protect Buck at all costs.
2) “my boys” ok bba just stab me in the heart
3) Steve is my problematic fave. He’s 100% an asshole. He’s violent, he’s cruel, he pissed me off many a time. But I felt like in his own immature, self-destructive, emotionally stunted way he was doing his best. Idk maybe assholes need love too sometimes. Steve is not a good person but I think sometimes he wants to be and I love him for that.
5) Ah French. The beautiful skeptic. Our resident Dana Scully. I really needed more of you.
6) Precious Homer, with that baby face. I want him to be real. I hope he’s okay.
7) Why was OA’s therapist in her house?? At the same time French found the books??? 🤔😒
8) If they don’t believe her, why do the movements during the shooting?
9) Did they save the school supernaturally with the movements or just by distracting the guy? Does it matter? She said every choice anyone makes creates an alternate universe, so by choosing to do the movements they created the universe in which no one dies…. idk metaphysical puzzle
10) Abel handles conflict the way I do: avoidance and the way everyone should: by making waffles.
11) If she WASNT in Lucius Malfoy’s basement, WHERE HAS OA BEEN THE PAST 7 YEARS?

I’m sure more will come to me but wow

Reasons to stan Kang Daesung 

‌• voice of an angel 
‌• he is an angel 
‌• treats vips with utmost kindness 
‌• eye smiles 
‌• he’s overcome so much
‌• and still manages to be positive 
‌• GD, TOP, Taeyang and Seungri look at him like he’s the most precious baby in existence 
‌• he manages to have bromances with all 4 members 
‌• stans Seungri more than anyone
‌• his tour merch included a mold of his lips and nose, Which is half wtf and half take my money 
‌• those lips
‌• dat ass sorry not sorry
‌• makes jokes about his big dick nose
‌• sexy drummer boy 
‌• variety show king 
‌• so underrated it’s unreal 
‌• literal sunshine 
‌• dumb and dumber 
‌• he’s too modest for his own good 
‌• if you tripped and fell on his abs you’d get a concussion 
‌• has a heart of solid f*cking gold 
‌• he’s scared of literally everything 
‌• he’s laughter pays my bills, clears my skin, brightens my day and reduces stress levels by 19458%

I could be here all night. Seriously. 

Someone: You can’t love Waylon Park forever

Me: Watch me


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Beautiful Headcanon

Okay, so what if, sometime around Shippuden, teams 8 and 10 would have training sessions together and they all became friends.

Imagine Ino and Hinata being the biggest gal pals, and Hinata always visiting the flower shop and bonding with Ino over flowers.

Imagine Choji taking a snack break during training, attempting to sit next to Shino, swatting flies surrounding precious bags of chips.

Imagine Shino purposely sending his flies to bother Choji for his own amusement and the chip-lover never caught on and continues to chat with Shino everyday cause the guy is good company for him.

Imagine Kiba teasing Hinata too much about Naruto causing the girl to heel over in embarrassment. Shikamaru mutters “how troublesome”, but crouches next to her along with Kiba. Both boys make eyecontact breifly acknowledge each other, but nurse the Heiress back on her feet. This becomes a weekly thing.

Imagine Ino teaching Hinata about fashion and make up and giving the all the boys a heart attack when Hinata came into the training feilds wearing shorts and a crop top. She fainted which of course led Shikamura and Kiba to help her. Kiba had to let Hinata use his jacket for the rest of the day.

Imagine Kiba getting on Ino’s nerves and the whole thing erupting into the loudest argument anyone had heard.

Imagine Shino and Shikamaru standing next to each and both sighing as they watch the two begin to fight and Hinata and Chouji try to mediate and intervene.

Imagine Kiba trying to steal a potato chip from Choji, but always fails. And Choji always gives a chip to Akamaru to annoy Kiba. Imagine Hinata and Ino playing with Shikamru’s hair cause why not.

Imagine Hinata making bento’s for everyone and always makes sure to pack extra food for Choji. He appreciates that a lot.

Imagine Hinata giggling when Shikamaru says “how troublesome”.

Imagine everyone having the biggest laugh, because Shino’s and Ino’s names rhyme. Sometimes someone slips up and accidently calls Ino, Shino and vice versa .They both don’t think it’s too hilarious.

Imagine Shino picking up on Shikamaru’s habit of always saying troublesome.

Imagine Asuma and Kurenai watching and smiling at all of this.

Another thing I've noticed about myself:

I’m already starting to see that I have a “type” when comes to my fave characters. I love Tamatoa: a gigantic shiny bioluminescent glam crab who has it in for Maui, who is hinted at being his ex-friend who cut off his leg and abandoned him. And I love Bendy: a demonic cartoon who has it in for his creator who also abandoned him. So I basically love cartoon villains who are too precious for their own good who want revenge on the people who were important to them. Cute + Evil + Revenge Complex I is my type I guess XD

Me: Shawn Mendes is a precious muffin

tnttkn92  asked:

"I hate to say it Adrien, he's better than you." (Which ever pairing you like)

“I hate to say it Adrien, he’s better than you.”

Adrien didn’t even look up from his phone. “Uh huh, I’m sure he is.”

“You don’t even know who I’m talking about,” Marinette pointed out.

“Don’t need to, love. There’s always gonna be someone better.” He glanced at her. “But even if he’s a better person than I am, I’m still coming out on top. Wanna know why?” Taking her silence as a ‘yes’, he continued, “It’s because I’ve got you, and he doesn’t.”

“Adrien Dupain-Cheng, you are too corny and precious for your own good,” she said, trying and failing to contain her laughter. He shot her a quick smile and a wink before he started chuckling too.

I’m a giant sucker for Adrien taking her last name B^))

Send me a sentence starting a fic and I’ll write 5(+) more!


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You Got: Lawful GoodYour actions are motivated by compassion and a sense of duty. You rarely do anything for your own benefit or gain, but rather in service of others.

Popular lawful good characters:
Hermione Granger from Harry Potter
Superman from DC Comics
Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec

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