too poor to buy stuff new~

Idk why but I’ve never been into book fandoms? Like at all? 

Or been a “book lover”, blogging about how much I love books and stuff like that? You know? Memes about how I’m a total nerd who loves books. About how books are wonderful and completely new worlds inside of your head. About “book lover problems”. 

Not only have I never been able to relate (I’m poor so I can’t really buy books and half of the memes are about owning too many books to read, which I don’t), but my attitude completely clashes with the attitude of these memes and this community. I’m not saying every person who loves reading books is the same, god no, but the saccharine positivity is completely against my salty as fuck personality. 

There’s also this thing where people seem to feel special because they read? Like that book reader feel when you read!!! You know that feel when you read and it ends and you’re sad??? Yeah that!! Isn’t that unique!!!

No I mean it happens to pretty much every person who has ever read a book they liked. This all is incredibly redundant. I’m glad you feel like you can relate but reading books doesn’t really make you that special. 


What I’m trying to say is: Books are garbage.