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So many happy things today! Glass, birthdays, flowers, live tickets… 

It is a good day to be a Pangur. 

Finally feeling like a human again.

🎇 Happy New Year from Draco & Harry 🎇 

Wonho: everyday every night I can feel you ohh


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if I may ask why are you going to community college?

I applied for all kinds of schools and universities but unfortunately my test scores weren’t good enough for the universities I hoped to get into. Even though I got accepted to all of my state colleges, I decided to attend community college instead in order to improve my grades (since it’s harder to transfer from a state college than a community college) and transfer to the university of my choice ! Another factor to this was also tuition costs; my family isn’t currently in a financial state to pay for a 4 year university so going to a 2 year community college and transferring to a university will save us a lot of money ☺️

@linneart‘s amazing art that I commissioned for my fic, Castle on a Cloud.

Dean pulled Cas closer into his arms, wiping the trail of blood away from his lips with tender, shaking fingers… he shook his head, shook his head, shook his head…

He had nothing to scream with anymore. Suddenly, even though the thunder still rolled, the dragon still roared, the lightning still lanced and struck all around them – suddenly there was only the two of them, in a total, deep, dark quiet.


Kageyama: the jealous boyfriend ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Stranger Things + The Guide to Troubled Birds

Couldn’t help myself after seeing @eggos-and-promises post about it!

I also noticed @supercomsandeggos did one as well and those were too perfect, so you guys should totally take a look at their post and give it some love as well! <3

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hello!! may i please request rfa (+v and saeran) seeing that their s/o LOVES LOVES LOVES spiderman, and wants to do an upside down kiss like in the movie???


Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me


  • He loves your passion for the spider man
  • He likes it too! You guys look perfect together.
  • When you said that you wanted to do like spider-man and do an upside down kiss
  • He’s super flustered and with his face all red
  • He wants to do this right!
  • He somehow managed to put a rope on the ceiling, you don’t want to know how and when he did this.
  • He said he was going to climb that rope, and then he would bow to you with his face and then it’s done!
  • That’s no way this would end badly…Right?
  • Oh, and he put a cap on his head to be just like spider-man!
  • He’s not even seeing what he’s doing
  • And then the obvious happens, he falls to the ground, you keep asking if he’s fine
  • He makes a thumbs up, and you lean into him while he was sitting on the ground in pain
  • You take that cap off, and he looks at you, you are behind him, you’re leaning to him while he’s looking up to you.
  • And then you kissed him, spider-man style.
  • He forgot the pain…


  • Do you like that movie? No, watch his movies.
  • What?Do you want to remake that scene? He’ll keep that in mind.
  • When you go to him to see him rehearsing, he sees a rope attached to the ceiling, probably it’ll be used for some training.
  • He’ll use it to kiss you.
  • We have to take the opportunity!
  • He’ll not put a mask, cap, anything to cover his pretty face!
  • While you were not looking, he goes to that rope and be just like spider-man.
  • Instead of Yoosung, he can hold himself there.
  • And when he called you, you laugh and run to him.
  • He’s prepared for the kiss, come on!
  • Oh, the excitement!
  • And then you kissed him, looks so cinematic, so romantic!
  • He looked at you right after that, looks like he’s in the clouds.
  • “I like spider-man now…”


  • This is child’s thing,right?
  • Jaehee, stop.
  • Ok, that’s fine, she prefers to watch and read about Zen.
  • When you mentioned the kiss from the movie, she secretly searches on the youtube.
  • This is impossible!
  • One day you were lying down on the bed, well, kind of, only from your stomach to below, your chest and everything above it was lying down on the bed.
  • You were upside down, with your hair touching the ground, and your head almost too.
  • You were whining about getting up.
  • Jaehee saw the opportunity there.
  • She got on her knee in front of you and kissed you.
  • An upside down kiss!
  • You froze, this is the best day of your life!
  • Jaehee just smiled as she leaves the room
  • This was not a bad idea.


  • Who is spider-man?
  • It’s a new species of spider?
  • What you mean is a superhero?
  • Superheroes don’t exist.
  • Who would call himself SPIDER-MAN?
  • You commoners are so strange.
  • So you must watch the movie with him, then he would understand.
  • At the kiss scene, you said how much you wanted to do this and he just said: “Oh i see…”
  • On the other day, Jumin was upside down on the couch, looking at you seriously.
  • That’s a funny thing, Elizabeth it’s just like: I don’t know him.
  • “Kiss me.” He said, now you understand, you go to him, get on your knee and kiss him.
  • After that kiss, he looks at you “How about you bend over now? You can do this is bed”
  • Jumin Han doesn’t fuck play man


  • You fucking made a mistake
  • You told him about your love for spider-man, you fucking told him
  • And you told about that kiss.
  • The next day…I will let you guys guess…
  • Did you guess it?
  • why
  • And he has the glasses even with that mask
  • How those glasses are not falling down??
  • And he’s upside down on the ceiling, with his feet on the chandelier
  • Wait…Was this chandelier here before?
  • Before you could say something Saeran is beside you “Please kiss him, he’s in there for 5 hours…If he throws one more synthetic spider web in me…I’ll kill him”
  • You laugh at that and you run to Seven, lifting a little that mask so you can kiss him.
  • And you did, he kissed you fervently, he waited a long time for that.
  • After that you laugh “I’ll do something to eat” and you walked away
  • “Uh…Saeran?” Saeran looked at him “Could you…Help me get down?”
  • Saeran gives him an evil laugh and get closer to him “Call me Venom”
  • And he walked
  • away ,Seven gasps


  • To your surprise, he knew about spider-man, and about the kiss.
  • People always want photographers taking a picture of it.
  • So he was not surprised when you say that one day you wanted to do one upside down kiss.
  • One day, you were sitting on the couch, V just walks to the back of the couch.
  • “Hey, love…” You lift your head up, and then he kisses you like that.
  • You were not upside down, but this was a spider-man kiss!
  • Don’t even say otherwise
  • After that kiss, he just smiles
  • That smile that kills you
  • “Maybe sometimes we should take a picture kissing like that…What do you think?”


  • You showed him who was spider-man…He prefers Venom.
  • When you said that you wanted a kiss like the one in the movie, he starts to think.
  • He always tries to give you an upside down kiss here and there, but he always fails miserably.
  • If you ask him what he’s doing, or if he wanted to give you an upside down kiss, he doesn’t answer.
  • Maybe you could help him…But he’s too grumpy to it.
  • When you saw him with his head almost on the ground, upside down on the couch playing on his cell phone you ran to him and then kissed him.
  • He was surprised, but he kisses you.
  • After that, he sat properly, looking at you, and then he gives you a little smirk.
  • “I’m not a fan of spider-man, i’m a fan of Venom, what me to show you what can i do with my tongue too?” He laughs getting closer.
  • Oh god…

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11. Charles Xavier 🎄

Request:  Can i get an 11 with Charles?

So I was going through the requests we still have and the one that was assigned to be was surprisingly festive so I had to write it. I was going to wait for Tab to catch up on hers but I couldn’t help myself it was just too perfect. Hope you guys enjoy and enjoy yourselves these holidays.

~Much love, Ive

It was two sleeps until Christmas and this year it looked like it wasn’t going snow. There was a huge part of you that was disappointed but you had to admit there were benefits. It definitely wasn’t as cold and of there was an emergency it would be much easier to get out of the house, well those were the two reasons your boyfriend Charles had given you after you grumbled about the lack of snow.

“Is a bit of snow too much to ask for?” You grumbled as you climbed into bed.

“It snowed last year. A year without snow might even be better,” Charles said as he crawled into bed after you. You couldn’t help but disagree with him.

It was irritatingly bright when you woke up, which was unusual for this time of year. You heaved yourself out of bed, leaving Charles snoozing, and walked over to the window. As you pulled apart the curtains you couldn’t contain the little squeal that escaped your lips.

“Y/N?” You heard Charles murmur, “Everything okay?” He said as he slowly lifted himself to a sitting position.

“It snowed last night!” You couldn’t contain your excitement. The grin on your face made your cheeks hurt and you were bouncing up and down on the spot. Whenever it snowed you turned into a little kid.

“Calm down,” Charles chuckled. You let out another excited squeak, not listening to Charles.

“I’m going out there!” You frantically started grabbing your coat and boots, not bothering to properly change out of your pyjamas. You pulled on a scarf and your beanie with a huge pompom on the top. You put mittens on and then had to take them off again so you could lace up your boots. Charles just lay in bed watching you, biting his lip trying not to laugh. As you went to leave the room you could see why Charles was laughing. Underneath the winter jacket you could still see your red penguin pyjama bottoms that were tucked into your boots. You were past caring at this point and simply bolted out of the room and down the stairs until you were outside.

The cold made you nose sting and you were regretting not changing your bottoms but you were too excited to care. You got to work building a snowman. Carefully rolling a huge ball of snow for the body and then another for the head. It wasn’t a work of art but you were no artist so it was the best you could do. You found two wonky sticks and stuck them in as arms and laughed seeing that one was significantly shorter than the other. You grabbed some pebbles from the garden and fashioned them into eyes and a mouth and used the left overs to create buttons. All you needed now was a carrot so you headed back to the house. As you opened the door you were greeted by Charles who was rugged up in his own winter clothes but, unlike you, he’d taken off his pyjamas and put on proper clothes, appropriate for snow. In his gloved hand he held a long, orange carrot.

“Thought you’d need some help finishing him off,” Charles said with a grin that was almost as big as yours. “I have these too.” He held up an assortment of old scarves and hats.

“Perfect,” You giggled and grabbed them off him so he wouldn’t have to carry them. You practically skipped towards the snowman, leaving Charles shuffling along behind you. The scarf you’d grabbed was an old knitted scarf that was striped yellow and green, you’d forgotten how itchy it was as you wrapped it around the snowman’s neck. You did your best to wriggle the pink beanie onto his head without breaking him. You stepped back to admire your work. “You can have the honour of presenting the carrot nose,” You said to Charles. He laughed and stepped towards the snowman, placing the carrot right in the centre of his face. “Perfection is your middle name,” You said, impressed with how the snowman turned out.

“Charles Perfection Xavier?” Charles said with a laugh.

“Not you, the snowman. Snow Perfection Man,” You hardly reached the end of your sentence before you burst out laughing. You knew you were lame but sometimes you shocked even yourself. Charles groaned in pain which only made you laugh more. He decided to walk away from you in disgust of your awful joke. As he turned around you took the opportunity to grab a pile of snow and fashion it into a snowball. You quickly hid it behind your back before calling out to Charles, “Come back, I’m sorry. I know I’m lame!” Thankfully he turned around, a dorky grin on his face.

“You’re lucky you’re cute.” He started walking back to you before stopping dead in his tracks, “Don’t throw that snowball.”

“What snowball?” You asked innocently. That sneak must have read your mind, the snowball was very well hidden.

“You know what snowball, you aren’t fooling me.”

“I don’t have a snowball!” You protested one last time.

“Don’t you dare throw that snowball-“ With that you threw it, “Goddammit!” The snowball hit him right in the chest. “That’s it!” He yelled and formed his own snowball, throwing it at you. Your feeble attempts to dodge it didn’t work as it hit you in the shoulder. The two of you threw snowball after snowball after snowball at each other, laughing, squealing and giggling as you went. Charles threw one big snowball at you and as you went to dodge it you fell face first into the snow. Your pyjama bottoms were soaked. Charles ran over to you and helped you up, apologising as many times as he could.

“Let’s get you inside,” He said hugging you close to him.

The two of you sat beside the fire, rugged up in a soft sweaters and blankets. Charles had his arms wrapped around you and you snuggled into him for the warmth. You were sad your snow day was over but being in his arms made everything okay.

“Thanks for coming out in the snow with me,” You said softly.

“Sorry we had to come in, I didn’t want you to get sick.” He squeezed you tighter.

“I still can’t believe it snowed. It was like our own little Christmas present.”

“Merry Christmas Y/N,” Charles said, nuzzling into you.

“Merry Christmas Charles.” You looked up at him and touched your nose to his giving him an eskimo kiss which seemed fitting in the cold weather.

“Stop being cute,” Charles said before closing the space between your lips and his giving you the best Christmas gift of all.


I found a new hobby :D I tried making the most out of the free options on the line camera app which is too bad bc some of the ones you buy were perfect for these guys 😭
You can totally use these as icons if you want, just say I made them if anyone asks, sound fair?


I’ve fallen in love with her videos. They’re a great resource for getting an actual taste of what medical school is like through the eyes of a med student. She has some great tips and tricks as well as advice on various subjects. A big plus is her videos are vlogs of her daily life aswell!
I think getting answers to our questions about med school from actual students is the perfect resource because not too long ago they were premed.

You guys should explore her videos 😚