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I actually do not like this. But I’m sharing it because it’s Caryl week and I just felt like making something. But making art on the phone is so much more difficult, time for PS again! Anywho, here is something. I’ll likely make another crappy something tomorrow. Fair warning! 😲

Random Trollhunters Headcanons

Claire is the passionate-lipsyncing-into-a-hair-brush-while-dancing-around-the-room type (particularly to Fall Out Boy). Jim’s dancing hasn’t gotten any less dorky, except when slow-dancing (which he’s alright at).

The humans and trolls are still trying to find a quick way to communicate. They’ve tried cell phones (touchscreens don’t pick up rock, and no one sells anything with large enough buttons) and magical crystals (Claire’s started flashing during a test and she nearly got a fail for cheating).

Toby picked up sudoku from helping his Nana fill out the puzzles section in the paper. Blinky is thrilled to learn about sudoku, and Jim gets him a book of them and he nearly cried (he copies the grids down on separate paper so he can solve them without writing in the book).

Barbara Lake, when introduced to the trolls the second time, screams loud enough to wake the dead. Once she’s tried calming down, she nearly burns down the kitchen trying to make tea. Claire tries to explain but isn’t a huge help, because she gets distracted explaining things that sound incredibly dangerous (the hero forge). Weirdly, Barbara listens to Blinky the most. (She is also relieved to know where Jim’s moped came from).

Claire is objectively the worst at giving gifts, even more so than Blinky (who only gives informative things, but at least stays with areas of interest).

Claire is bad at judging when things are dangerous. She thinks having a staff that can teleport her means she can run directly into the middle of the fray. Jim is getting gray hairs.

Someone has to pick up a ranged weapon. Three melee fighters? Someone needs to be support.

Everyone expects Claire and Barbara to get along, being the only two girls in the group, but Barbara thinks Claire is reckless and impulsive, and Claire thinks Barbara is overprotective and doesn’t have any confidence in their fighting abilities. Obviously they still downplay their fights to keep Barbara from having a heart attack, but being underestimated is irritating.

Telling Barbara that Strickler was a changeling goes about as well as anyone could expect. She isolates herself in her room for a few hours and emerges with red eyes. Strickler is mentioned only as an absolute necessity for a while, before she tells them to stop coddling her, that’s not their job.

Barbara is initially unhappy with Jim fixing so many meals (he has a job that’s even more stressful than hers, and more physically demanding), but Jim finds it relaxing to tune everything else out and just cook.

Claire isn’t actually a great cook when it comes to the oven (which she and Toby agree is evil and hates her). As long as no heating is required, though, she rivals Jim. Cookoffs are deliberately kept to a minimum because Claire is competitive and Jim will willingly fail to make her happy (which she hates)

Toby likes crafting things with his hands. He’s tried several hobbies, including crocheting (his Nana taught him), knitting, sewing, and bracelet weaving. Everyone has at least one thing he’s made them.

Imagine sitting in a near-empty library by yourself and while you were nose deep in your textbook, you overheard someone beautifully singing one of your favorite songs. Your curiosity got the best of you so you got up from your seat and follow the source of the wonderful voice. You found out the identity of the talented singer to be librarian!Woozi, who would usually sing in the library when no one was around. You confronted him with a smile on your face and upon telling him how amazing of a singer he was, librarian!Woozi’s face turned red because he can’t believe his crush heard him sang and even complimented him.

BONUS: After the short conversation with librarian!Woozi, you went back to your table to resume your studying session but not before telling him how much you loved his voice and how you would love to hear it everyday (and also, seeing his face turn even redder).

you: beat the meat

me, an intellectual: tenderize the sirloin


Pictures of me as Winter from C2E2! This costume was… kinda torture haha the boots were awful and the wig gave me an awful head ache and I couldn’t see. But I got to talk to some awesome RWBY fans so that was really fun, also I don’t look terrible as Winter :) Overall I was happy with it, especially with how the wig turned out!

So I'm enjoying the subbed version now

Look at how Goku is concerned about Chichi worrying for him.

With their accent 😄

And then the whole family actually sat together to figure this out, Chichi suggested Goku taking this to Kaio-sama , which he assured her AGAIN its not big of a deal.

AND THEN PRECIOUS GOTEN LAID HIS HEAD ON GOKU’S LAP MAKING A SAD FACE. Moments of silence…Until Goku’s like.. “Alright I guess I’ll go..” and proceeded to put his hand on Chichi’s shoulder

Goten smiled brightly, And Chichi also in the next frame made a soft smile in relief. This family care so much about each other I just can’t 😢😢😍😍😍


just a little reminder and gift for @naonychan

i love you

we all do

((haha i sooo wanted to draw your ocs but idk if i drew them correctly ;;; i couldn’t do everyone buuuut.. yah. i love EVERY LITTLE ONE OF THEM. precious bbies-))

Your fave is problematic: cr1tikal

-wears basketball shorts 24/7
-always has earbuds around his neck
-his voice is too deep
-almost never laughs
-like wtf is up w/ that man, let us hear ur beautiful laughter
-is too handsome for mortals to comprehend
-doesn’t sing enough 90’s songs

This fandom and shpipingwars

Have you noticed all those crazy shippingwars in the Lucifer fandom?
Me neither.

I mean it’s crazy!
You go to any other fandom around the globe, be it the romance-drama kind, like TVD and alike, or evolving around action like the MCU, there are always these…wars going on. Who fits best to whom, who has chemistry and who isn’t worthy of whose attention and which character sucks completely?

People are fighting like dogs about whoxwho is the best ship and for what reason and I swear there are people going down bleeding.

And then there’s Lucifer. And it’s the most amazing fandom I’ve ever seen.
I mean every character is just adorable and people here ship literally everything! And not only the LuciferxChloe, or DanxChloe kind, no, there’s LuciferxMaze, LindaxMaze, LuciferxDan, AmenadielxMaze, AmenadielxLinda, ChloexMaze, DanxElla, LuciferxElla, I even saw ChloexElla. 
I’m not even finished (I didn’t even shine light on Charlotee for example) - and everyone is just okay with it!
There are even people going all “Hey why not put everyone in some kind of big happy polyamorous relationship?! Like AmenadielxMazexLuciferxChloexDan?”

And nobody gives a shit. 
I just love it, it’s pure greatness.

Plus Lucifer and Maze are officially bi, so that’s awesome as it is.

Okay it may just be me, but I actually have a lot more confidence for Nygmobblepot after this episode. Yes, we definitely are going to be on a wild ride. Owl lady knows about them! She now knows Oswald is in love with Ed! She won’t be letting that go, that will be used against them. Hopefully she won’t turn them against each other. But we can easily say that this isn’t over. Now that we have seen some of Isabella I can say that girl is creepy and suspicious as hell. She is just too perfect. Who is just okay with someone murdering their girlfriend after knowing them one day??? Like??? No one?? And can we talk about her in the preview. Wtf? I think she is a spy sent by the Court or the Red Queen. But we know their relationship will not last, and I think there is high hope for our boys.