too perfect for this world

this is your daily reminder that selena marie gomez is a perfect beautiful heaven sent angel too good for the world shed never hurt me she’d never do me any wrong an honest to god amazing cute bubbly strong woman that we’re all so blessed to have

anonymous asked:

top 5 andy moments :)

Andy is my favorite male character on that show, he’s a perfect husband, an amazing friend and coworker, a great person overall. Almost everything he does is perfect. I’d just like that on the record.

1. The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show

You’re what I love. You’re the only reason I have any of this. You believed in me, you supported me, you make me happy. Happier than I ever thought I could be. Without you I wouldn’t be anything, you’re what keeps me going. You’re my Verizon Chipotle Exxon. As long as I’m with you I’m gonna be happy.

2. Andy and April’s Fancy Party

I could have chosen his wedding vows, because they are amazing, or just how nice he is to everyone invited (love him asking Ron and Chris to be his best men), but in the end, look at this cutie. Look how emotional he is. I love this.

3. Sweet Sixteen

One of the many selfless gestures by Andy.

4. Operation Ann

Andy and the crypttext

5. Galentine’s Day