too old to be fangirling

have anyone ever felt like they’re too old for this whole ‘fangirling’ thing

Rant about fanfiction writing

I was just informed by my brother (who thinks he’s a better writer than anyone else because he has some fancy degree in writing) that fanfiction “doesn’t count” as “real writing” because you aren’t using your own “ideas.”

He doesn’t know that I write fanfiction. He probably wouldn’t have admitted his opinion if her did. But it has pretty much solidified that I will never tell anyone I know in person what I write.

I’ve already been told by several family members that my obsession with a “stupid tv show” is ridiculous and that I’m “too old” to fangirl.

Sigh. /rant

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What does it feel like being 18+ in this fandom? Because I'm going to be turning 18 in a few days and I feel like I'm too old to be fangirling over the sidemen considering most of the fan base is pre-teen to 16/17. :/

that’s really not a big age difference so you have no reason to feel too old for this fandom. in my case it’s basically like having a bunch of younger siblings. sometimes it can be great but sometimes it just sucks because almost none of those people can relate to you or you to them because you’re in completely different stages of life and i really can’t be as open with them as i would be with someone who is closer to my age and has the similar life experience as i so yeah :/

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The concept of wags is so interesting to me, like can you enumerate the positives and negatives that the life comes with. Sorry if I'm bothering you, I'm just genuinely curious and i have no one to talk abt it with. 🙁

If you are a genuine football fan the positive things would be that you get to go to games for free and you will always have the best seats in the vip section. If you are not a football fan and just happens to date a football player the perks would obviously be the lavish life,going to exclusive parties and meeting famous people.

Now the negative side as you can see here too are the desperate 12 year old fangirls that will hunt you on every possible social media. They still think that they have a chance with a certain football player and you as a wag stay in their way. If you are famous they will trash talk you and pick on every word you say and picture you post. They will also say that you are fake and got plastic surgery. And if you are not famous they will automatically call you a gold digger.

Tip : Make sure if you become a WAG to smile all the time when you are with your partner because,according to the fangirls on here we can perfectly label a relationship after paparazzi pictures 😊
Also if you go too often to his games or post too many pictures with him you will be called an attention seeker so conclusion: whatever you do, you will never make everyone happy so just do what makes you happy and f@!& the others.-Ralu

I’m 21 this year. I’m too old to fangirl over a Norwegian tv show. Too old to interpret and analyse everything. Too old to keep thinking about what happened between Noora/William, Even/the balloon squad and about everything related to Sana and how it all comes together. Too all to coming up with teories knowing that once everything is in the open all theories will go to hell. And yet, I’m here(and all around Twitter and instagram) doing exactly these things.

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You have no idea how much better you've made me feel. I am 27 and I still fangirl over Harry. I was really embarrassed before. I was always like, "I am too old to fangirl over him". But, your recent answers to few of your anons, made me feel so good. So, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Baby love there is no age limit on joy and happiness. If it makes you happy to indulge in, indulge until your heart is full. Go to a sports event and you’ll see men well passed their 60s, head to toe in merch, yelling and screaming and crying. If that’s socially acceptable, then so is being a fan of music that literally marks every memory in my life. So is loving and being interested in a handful of amazing men who make us feel joy.

These entitled little children who try and shame adults out of joy I feel bad for. Because if they believe adulthood is just bills and boredom, then they’re not going to be happy as they grow up and must not be surrounded by happy adults.

One of my favorite most cherished things about my 60 year old mother is that she still indulges in things she’s a fan of. She still talks about her concert memories. She will gab for an hour with me about Matty and Harry without making fun of me or making me feel silly. I will be that mother and my kids will feel so bad for the kids who don’t have that and I’m proud they won’t be able to relate.


i feel like i’m too old to be a “fangirl”. i’m not that old though. maybe the word is just outdated. i have no idea what qualifies a fangirl anymore tbh. being attracted to a character?? that’s a pretty low & superficial bar. how someone regards the character? indulgently? isn’t that the point of fiction? what’s indulgent and not indulgent? who draws the line?

anyway at one point if you called me a “fangirl” i’d probably be like “haha yeah” but nowadays if you did, i’d be like. pretty thrown off. i feel like i haven’t heard that term in 10 years or something

Ageism in Fandom: Too Old to Fangirl?

Most Fandoms are comprised mostly of women, young and old. 

It’s interesting to me when Young Women– who are the most likely to champion women’s rights can turn around and show their youth-bias when it comes to Older Women in Fandom. 

There are women who champion Gay Rights, and often Slash– and fall for men old enough to be their fathers— 

—but somehow, the idea of Older Women in Fandom seems to an affront, that there’s something inherently wrong with it. 

Very puzzling. You’d think there would be more tolerance in a subculture that is based on freedom of thought and expression for ALL. 

~ from the 52 year old Fangrrrllll. 

can we just take a moment and let this sink in

dean & sam know about fangirls which means they had to do their research for the show 


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THEY’RE TOO FUCKING WILDT I HATE THEM SO MUCH their nasty horny asses need to calm tf down what the fuck

[Requested] Cnetz Reaction To Chanyeol’s Movie

Note 1: *We only picked nonfans’ comments in order to give a better idea on reactions to the movie and Chanyeol

Note 2: *SIMAAF was not released in theaters in Korea so we will not be able to translate reactions to the movie from Knetizens

Source: Weibo

The first half is full of punchlines, while the second half is quite warm. The ajumma who sat behind me kept saying “Hoojoon (tn: name of Chanyeol’s character in SIMAAF) is so handsome, so handsome.” It’s really rare that my friend who never pays any attention to Kpop idols actually proposed to watch this movie. I mean, I didn’t drag him/her to the cinema. He/she also said that Chanyeol’s Chinese is quite good, and his face is so distinctly outlined. If my memory serves me correctly, Chanyeol sang the OST. It’s a pity that he only sang a small part of it.

I went to the cinema because of the second female lead, but I completely became Hoojoon’s fan after it. Chanyeol is indeed so handsome from beginning to end.

It is indeed incredibly amazing. Even I, a hardcore Clover (tn: fan of tfboys), was fascinated by Hoojoon’s face and acting. I’ve decided to make Chanyeol my third husband.

I became a fan, not an anti-fan, successfully. I only knew that there is someone called chanyeol (tn: meaning that she/he had only heard of Chanyeol’s name before, but didn’t really know much about him). But now I know you, Hoojoon.

I watched it. I’d like to say, Hoojoon is so handsome and sweet. I successfully become Chanyeol’s fan. So adorable and cute. The plot of the movie is quite good as well. Miaomiao (tn: name of Yuan Shan Shan’s character) is so brave and lucky. I envy her.

Why was everyone crying during the kiss scene? I was so fascinated that I was about to die right there. Hoojoon oppa, why not kiss me!!! (Park Chanyeol’s cold face is really too handsome. He looks good in every costume. He looked so good when he frowned. Too handsome. I was admiring Park Chanyeol’s visual without wearing my glasses but I already feel that I become trash because of his handsomeness.)

I didn’t even know nor hear of the lead actor before the movie, because I don’t really pay much attention to Kpop, asides from Gdragon. After watching it, I found Hoojoon, who was played by Park Chanyeol, so cute. The movie is very entertaining too. I couldn’t help but take a picture with him (tn: the op posted a picture of her kissing Hoojoon’s face on life sized cardboard cut-out).

The plot is okay, but predictable. Mabel Yuan’s acting is a bit exaggerating in clueless scenes, but is fine in natural scenes. Some punchlines are too blunt, but there are indeed enough punchlines. By the way, why is Park Chanyeol’s smile so handsome? I saw him a few times on TV and magzines, but as a person who has face blindness, I couldn’t remember his face. But after watching the movie today, I became Hoojoon oppa’s fan in one second.

I was laughing so hard the entire time. I’m Mabel Yuan’s fan. I have to say her acting as a girl from a small town is very vivid, a typical cowgirl.  The only drawback is that the movie is too short. I didn’t have enough time to enjoy it. Hoojoon oppa, so fresh. His handsomeness hits you right in the heart. Please give this movie more screentime!!

Hoojoon is too charming. I went to watch it again with my auntie and cousin. They all laughed happily. And just now, my auntie even asked me if I have any good pictures of him. After I sent them to her, she immediately changed her desktop picture. Hoojoon is so attractive. Even a mother of a kindergarten kid couldn’t resist him. I’ll go watch again tomorrow.

He could kill you with just one glance. He is so handsome that he has no friend (tn: a very popular phrase among cnetz to describe someone who is incredibly handsome). He not only has sparkling visual, but a fulfilled heart as well. He is not just a beautiful shell. His popularity doesn’t come from nowhere.

I couldn’t fall asleep after watching the movie. Right. It’s all because of Chanyeol’s handsomeness. His boyfriend feeling is max when he was acting with Mabel yuan. His manager’s role is quite good as well. The entire audience burst into laughter several times! I thought that the audience were all fans but the couple that sat behind me were asking: “Who is Hoojoon? So handsome!”

I went to watch the movie yesterday with my friend. So shocked by Chanyeol’s handsomeness that I’m gonna fly ahahahahahah my friend said we had to watch it just for Chanyeol’s face. Indeed, I was focusing on Chanyeol’s face the whole time. Indeed so delicate. I’m sorry Karry (tn: a member of tfboys), I’m gonna stay with Park Chanyeol for 15 seconds.

I thought it would be a fans only movie. But it turns out to be not bad. Chanyeol dubbed all his lines. He is so sincere. And his smirk is so alluring.

I barely watch any Korean dramas and never pay attention to Korean stars. I didn’t even know Park Chanyeol before the movie. I watched the movie today and…Why is he so handsome! His eyes are so vivid yet still manly. I barely fall for male stars. But this time it really hits me. My heart fluttered.

As a fans only movie, I didn’t expect much before I went to the cinema. It’s quite amazing that it surpassed 30m yuan already within just two days. And the rating is quite good as well. Most importantly, Chanyeol got so much recognition from the general public and gained a lot of fans. After all, Chanyeol wasn’t widely recognized by gp (tn: kpop is not main stream among gp in China.) But after this movie, I believe his fans will love him even more and nonfans will become his fans. And I belong to the latter. Because, Chanyeol is too handsome on big screen.

I was expecting a crappy movie when I went to the cinema. But this movie, with such a horrible name, is surprisingly better than Bounty Hunter. The guy called Park Chanyeol is so f* handsome.

I went to watch this movie because of Mabel Yuan, but I ended up becoming Park Chanyeol and his manager’s fan. The plot is entertaining, full of punchlines. Park Chanyeol is really handsome and cute. His acting is quite good too. Mabel sister, I stood by you side from the period when you were bashed by netizens to now (tn: a few years ago, Mable went through some dark time because of her own antifans. This is one of the reason why she chose this movie.) I witnessed your improvement and effort. I’m lucky to be a witness. Queen of positive energy. I hope you could be as happy as this. Be the beautiful “flower of laughter” (tn: “laugh flower” has the same pronunciation as “school babe”)

So…I married an anti fan. Fangirling during the whole movie. Did I just fall for Chanyeol without a clue like this!!! Why do I feel like an old cattle that ate the browse (tn: Chinese slang. Means people fall in love with someone much younger.) (PS.I’m the old cattle)

I could never imagine that I would be Chanyeol-ed because of SIMAF. Btw, today, it is the first time that I ever heard of him.

I’m a passerby. How could Chanyeol be so handsome!! He is so handsome I’m gonna cry. Mabel’s acting improved too, pretty. A very good movie. Fighting. eotteokae? I’m being Chanyeol-ed.

OMG, I watched SIMAAF, I’m Chanyeol-ed unexpectedly. I’m too old to be a fangirl. But he is really so handsome.

Eotteokae? eotteokae? I’m Chanyeol-ed. My time of spending money (tn: spend money on idols) has now started. Chanyeol is so handsome.

Just watched SIMAAF. It has a Kdrama feeling. I was Chanyeol-ed after watching it. Chanyeol oppa is so handsome. The movie ended too soon, I was expecting more. I saw some boyfriends dragging their girlfriends out of the cinema before the bonus scene ended.