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It Started With A Treehouse (G.D.)

I havent written any Grayson smut in forever soooooo here take this garbage lmao

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              Ethan, Grayson, and I had been inseparable for our entire lives. We grew up as neighbors, the twins ran into my backyard and climbed into my tree house scaring the hell out of me when we were five years old and the rest is pretty much history. Our parents became friends, we went on vacations together, we were babysat together, and we got along great so we basically grew up in each other’s pockets. As we got older the twins grew like weeds and bulked up quite a bit. There was no denying that they were handsome young men, I just wasn’t attracted to either of them. Or so I thought.

                As time went on, I realized a little part of me always loved Grayson a little bit more than Ethan. I always gave in to him, whether it be where we went to eat or what game we played. All he had to do was look up at me through the thick fringe of his eyelashes with those big hazel puppy dog eyes and my resolve would crumble in an instant. His face would split into a beautiful grin, flashing his brilliant white teeth, and I’d melt. Of course, to his face I would scoff and pretend to be irritated but I was never really upset. I don’t think I ever could be.

               It was late on Saturday night, and my phone rang with a text message.

*Group Chat*

G: hey sluts, movie night?

E: first off, rude. second, no.

Me: why not E? hot date tonight?! Lmaooooo

G: yeah right, Y/N. maybe with his left hand.

Me: EW


G: suuuuuure ya could buddy.

E: I don’t see you on many dates dear brother so….


G: you two are the worst

E: aww ya sad now?

Me: yeah gray, ya gonna cry?

G: fuck offfffff. Is anyone coming to watch this fucking movie with me or what????

E: I already said no, dingus. I’m sleeping at Aaron’s house tonight

G: so you DO have a hot date!

Me: don’t let things get too sexy tonight E!

E: you are both monsters.

Me: gray I’m in for a movie if you want. As long as its nothing that sucks.

G: do my choices ever suck?????

Me: um remember the 4th of july with the twizzlers and half a bottle of fireball???


Me: mhmmmmmm

G: I came out to have a good time and im honestly feeling so attacked right now.

E: gray that was lame

Me: you are LITERALLY a living meme

G: yeah but you love me baby!

E: I don’t!

Me: yeah yeah whatever I’ll be over in 5


               I put my phone in my pocket before I slipped my shoes on. I called out to my mother to let her know where I was going on my way out the door. I walked across the driveway and into the Dolan’s front yard. I didn’t bother knocking and I just walked inside. I knew everyone else was gone because the only car in the driveway was Grayson’s. That’s when reality hit. I was alone with him in this big house. Why the fuck was it so hard to breathe all of a sudden? I needed to relax and act normal. I could not let my minor crush come bubbling to the surface right this very second.

               “GRAYSON BAILEY DOLAN WHERE YOU AT?!” I shouted from the front hallway. “I’M IN HERE!” I heard him yell in response from the living room. I grinned and started running. When I hit the living room I dove over the arm of the couch and tackled Grayson onto the cushions. “Y/N what the hell girl?! Are you tryin to kill me?” He said while laughing. His laughter shook my body as I was still on top of him. “You know I like to make an entrance.” I said while climbing off of him. I flopped onto the couch next to him with my feet in his lap. “Go ahead G, fire it up!” He chuckled while pressing play on the remote.

               About an hour into the movie, I started to get tired and uncomfortable because of the way I was sitting. Grayson’s large hand wrapped around my ankle. Still staring at the screen, he said “Stop squirming.” My heartbeat quickened just a little and I let out a fake irritated sigh. He patted his thigh and said “Come on.” I smiled a little and rearranged myself so my head was resting in his lap. Grayson knew this was my favorite way to lay but he also knew I always fell asleep like this too. Sure enough he started stroking my hair and in a matter of minutes I was asleep.

               About an hour later I started to wake up but Grayson was still stroking my hair so I didn’t open my eyes. Call me selfish but it was soothing and I didn’t want him to stop. I cracked one eye open and his phone was close enough to my face that I could read his texts. Now I didn’t want to spy but teasing Gray was kinda my favorite thing and if there was something funny in his texts I could use against him, you can bet your ass I would. He was texting Ethan and the hand that wasn’t stroking my hair, was flying over his keyboard.  It took all of my strength not to shiver while reading his conversation.

G: e I need help

E: whats up bro?

G: im freaking out. Y/N’s head is in my lap

E: dude this isn’t new. she does that all the time

G: e you KNOW this is different. You know how I feel about her!

E: yeah and that’s why I went to Aarons! Man up!

G: I don’t know what to do! God damn it I want to touch her so bad

E: okay well don’t be weird about it. Just like touch her arm or something idk man!

G: ethan you have no idea what she does to me I cant fucking breathe rn

E: well im going to leave you to it FIGURE IT OUT BUD!




               He clicked the power button on his phone and threw it onto the other side of the couch, and his head dropped back, a sigh escaping his lips. Now that I knew he wanted me just as bad as I wanted him, I pulled the courage from inside of me and decided that I was going to make the move to go further. I pretended to still be asleep and I rolled over so my face was inches from his toned stomach. I could hear him gasp above me and I bit back a grin. I stretched out like a cat as his hand ran down my spine. I slowly dragged my hand over the growing bulge in Grayson’s jeans. A groan spilled from his lips and I could feel his body tense up. I slowly blinked my eyes open and grinned up at him. “Are you sure sweetheart? Because if we do this, you gotta be sure.” He asked quietly. I could see the hope shining in his eyes and a shy grin appeared on his face as I nodded.

               As soon as he had confirmation that I was okay with this, a fire ignited in his eyes and his hand traveled down between my thighs. He began rubbing small tight circles over my clit through my leggings. All reasonable thought flew out of my head at the feeling of his fingers on my most sensitive area. My hips bucked against his hand and moans spilled from my lips. “These need to come off.” Grayson said, pulling at my pants. I stood up and removed my leggings, feeling exposed. “C’mere baby.” He said, grabbing my hips and pulling me into his lap.

               Grayson tucked his head into my neck and nipped at the sensitive skin. My hips began to grind down onto his thick thigh and I couldn’t control my sighs as my clit rubbed against the denim of his jeans. At this point I was so turned on I couldn’t see straight. “Fuck baby. You like riding my thigh? Does that feel good?” Grayson growled, his hands guiding my hips back and forth on his leg. “Yes! Hngg-oh my god Grayson!” I whined out. One of his hands left my hip and snaked down to rub me through my panties. He pushed them to the side and sank 2 thick fingers into me. I gasped at the intrusion and he grinned me, knowing exactly what he was doing to me. I tipped my head down and sealed my lips with his. He pumped his fingers in and out of my dripping center and my mouth fell open. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and I could feel that heat coiling in my belly.

               Grayson withdrew his fingers from my pussy and brought them up to my mouth. I sucked his index finger into my mouth, wrapping my tongue around the thick digits. I looked into his eyes as I continued sucking and he let out a low hiss.

               “That’s it. Enough fucking around.” He growled as he flipped me onto my back. Grayson stood up and unbuckled his pants, yanking them down along with his boxers. He pushed my knees apart and settled between my thighs. “Please Grayson. I need you.” I whined, on the brink of tears. “Shh don’t cry baby. Daddy knows what you need.” He whispered, lining his length up with my entrance. He pushed into me slowly, giving me time to adjust to his size.

               Grayson pulled out almost all the way and slammed back in, an animalistic sound ripping out of my throat. He began thrusting into me at a near punishing pace and I couldn’t contain the sounds spilling from my lips. “Please Daddy! God you feel so good! I can’t hold on!” I screamed. “Yeah that’s right baby. Tell me how good you feel. Tell me how much you need my cock.” Grayson grunted into my ear, his warm breathe fanning over my heated skin. “Ugh-Gray you feel so good inside me. Your cock is the best I’ve ever had! I’m gonna come!” I whimpered in response.

               His hand gently tightened around my throat, beginning to cut off my air supply. He kept thrusting quickly, his face twisting and contorting as he chased his release. His hand kept tightening around my throat and the air was getting thinner and thinner. The lack of oxygen made my blood feel like it was boiling and my clit was throbbing. Just as my vision started to darken Grayson removed his hand and used it to rub my clit in tight circles as I sucked in a huge breath. The sudden intake of oxygen mixed with his touches threw me right over the edge as I exploded around him. “FUCK!” Grayson shouted into the empty room as my pussy continued to flutter around him. After another half dozen powerful thrusts he stilled inside me as his orgasm washed over him. After he spilled his seed inside me, he collapsed on top of me, his head on my chest.

               “Wow. Y/N do you know how I’ve wanted this? How long I’ve wanted you?” He whispered into my damp skin. I ran my fingers through his messy hair and whispered back “I’m guessing, as long as I’ve wanted you?” He was quiet before responding. “Y/N please don’t tell me this was a one time thing? I want you to be mine. Like, forever ya know?” Grayson said, lifting his head to look me in the eyes. I cradled his face in my hand. “I’ve been yours since you and your idiot brother stormed my treehouse when we were five years old Grayson Bailey Dolan. I’m not going anywhere.”

Okay first can we all appreciate this little piece of art made by my little five years old sister ?

Y'know I told you about the fact that she basically came watching me while I was drawing, asking to put a flower crown on Lapis’ head. I then finished the post after saying she watched Steven Universe at the end of the day. I stopped because this actually deserves its own post.

Before I talk about the whole SU experience I need to add that I found out where she got the idea of the crown from - A little before asking she was crying about wanting to put a flower crown she found on her head and my family wouldn’t allow her to and explained that this was for a wedding we’re going. So from what I know this crown is for my aunt who’s getting married next week. Basically my sis’ asked me to draw a fucking WEDDING CROWN to Lapis
I guess she made the link with the dance since yeah, when we celebrate a wedding people dance ?
Idk this makes it cuter lol.

Now back to the subject, why am I proud of what happened when she actually watched ? Lemme tell you -

I was just trying to find something to do on my computer and put the season 3, my favorite, and she decided to watch too. I kinda randomly put an episode and went for Beta since she knows all the characters from this one so she wouldn’t be lost (and since she doesn’t understand english putting episodes in order is useless for now). We then watched several episodes from the season.

First episode. She spent. THE WHOLE EPIDODE
I’m not joking. I litteraly did nothing. She just kept saying things like “Oooooh the green one is my favorite !!” “She’s so cute and funny love the faces she makes !!!“”I LOVE HER VOICE HER VOICE IS ADORABLE !!!!!” .
I mean I’m not surprised (coming from a kid who ties her tablet on her arm…also she actually drew the picture above before watching) but for some reason I thought her fav would be Amethyst ? She already saw her before and liked her bUT NO IT’S PERIDOT and it gets better after it

I then proceeded to put Peridot episodes (well, she actually sort of chose the episodes).
We went for Barn Mates. Characters she likes, full of Peri. Ship material for my stupid shipper brain.

“Wah she’s so well drawn on this one !!!! I like how she is here” Yeah thumbs up for Lauren Zuke, support from my lil’ sis.

She continued to fangirl. And she started to like Lapis too. And Steven. But still, Peri is her fav. She kept asking question and the episode ended but she wanted what’s next. Well, let’s go for Hit the diamond.

“-Why is she hiding ?
-Well she thinks the Rubies are gonna shatter her.
-What happens if they do ??
-Well…she dies

“-Were they playing baseball to protect her ?
-Who’s winning then ?
-Them. They won. Don’t worry she’s fine :’)”

She also started to love Lapis, wait, I mean, “Bob”. Basically laughing at every single reaction from her.She also sometimes asked stuff about Sapphire “Is the little blue one nice ? Who is she with ? The red one ?” and said she’s also cute lol
She kept asking stuff about Lapis and Peri but I keep this for a little later

We then watched some other episodes, and I ask her what season she wants and we went for the fourth
Kindergarten Kid, Lion 4, Room for Ruby, and, 3 gems and a baby and then Gem Harvest (chosen by her and my cousin, lol.)

She was still fangirling and saying to my other cousin that she absolutely loves Peridot and how she loved her powers and Here’s basically the rest of what she asked and said :

“What happens if we take Steven’s gem ? If we try does her mother come back ?!” (ADMIT IT YOU ALSO WONDERED THE SAME THING AT LEAST ONCE.)
“WAIT DID STEVEN SAY HE WAS HIS MOM’S SISTER ? HOW” (i’m kinda proud she -almost- understood this quote hahaha) “Ooooh loooook Peridot is smaller than Lapis !!!” “Why does Steven draw them the same height ?!”“ I want to draw them too like he did !!”
“Is Lapis going to accept Peridot’s gift ? Is she ?! Aw no :(”
“-Why are they laughing together ??
-Well, they’re making jokes together!” (she then proceeded to make jokes too. And make a weird impression of pumpkin.)
“Why is Peridot sad when Lapis is sad/mad ?”
“Why does she want to get along with her ?!”

That’s all I can remember. ‘Cause my sister never stopped to ask stuff about them. And pointing out that Peridot is small XD I obviously tried to answer but it’s hard not to laugh to this XD

She keeps trying to get into the same stuff as me and look what happens lol.


sarah’s ultimate fic rec (1/?)

this is only part one because i read too much. i’m making this bc i rly needed a place to organize everything (my ao3 bookmarks are a nightmare yikes), so here! have this! it’s categorized by ship, so it should be easy to navigate your way around.

this one only includes the following ships: yoonmin, yoonkook, vmin, taekook & taegi. i tried to limit myself to 10/20ish fics per ship bc i didn’t want it to get too long, so i’ll add the rest later on & i’ll also include other ships in the next post!

total: 20 yoonmin fics, 23 yoonkook fics, 15 vmin fics, 11 taekook fics, 8 taegi fics (77 fics overall).

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anonymous asked:

'you thought i was someone else and started making out with me at a club and you’re really hot so i just went with it and now we’re heading back to your place and idk how to break it to you' or ‘we’re two thirds of the threesome we had last night and we’re walking awkwardly out of the last persons’s apartment together’ maybe if it's smt you'd write.... any pairing you think fits

i did the second one, also meant to try out another pairing but i forgot and it ended up being taekook because OOPS IM FUCKING DUMB lmao thanks for this prompt <3 (like just under 1k words btw)

“we’re two thirds of the threesome we had last night and we’re walking awkwardly out of the last persons’s apartment together”

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A Happy Realization // All

Word Count- 1573

Summary- just a lil buttercream squad fluff

Authors Note- this just a lil something i wrote a few days ago. sorry its so long. hope you like it!


Being a YouTuber was definitely something you didn’t mind. It had completely changed your life. One rainy April day was all it took. Now look, 4 years and 2 million subscribers later.

Seeing as you had just hit 2 million, you decided to film a celebratory video with your best friends.


“Mikey, I swear to God if you interrupt me one more time I’ll-” you started

“Sorry love,” Mikey said, cutting you off once again.

“MIKEY!” You shouted. “I just want to do my intro!”

Jack and Caspar began laughing at your reaction. Mikey was just sitting there, eyes wide.

You turned to the camera, “Hey guy! It’s y/n. As most of you know, I recently hit 2 million subscribers!”

The boys began shouting, hearing a few “yays”, a “finally”, and a “you deserve it babe.”

“Aw thanks guys,” you smiled. “Well I thought it’d be fun to celebrate by having a giant orgy!” You exclaimed.

“What?” Said Joe and Oli in unison.

“Are you serious?” Conor whispered.

“Wait.” Caspar gave you a confused look.

You started laughing uncontrollably, “No! I’m not serious! You lads are quite thick aren’t you?” Your stomach began to ache because of your laughing so hard.

“Oh, thank God. I don’t think I could bear seeing Oli naked,” said Caspar, clutching his heart.

“Hey! Don’t be rude!” Oli shouted back.

“ANYWAYS,” you shouted, trying to get the boys attention, “what better way to celebrate 2 million subscribers than with my favorite guys!” you all gathered for a group hug, knowing you would put that as your thumbnail.

“Today I’m with Lord Pearce, Joshua Pieters, Joe Sugg, Caspar Lee,” you said pointing at each boy to your left. “And on my right we have Jack Maynard, Conor Maynard, and Oli White!” you exaggerated the I in his name.

“So to celebrate my success,” you flipped your hair dramatically. “We’ll be doing a video that has been requested by loads of you.” You hesitated, looking at the boys’ faces. They had no idea what you had in store for them.

“WHO KNOWS Y/N BEST?! Winner gets to be named my favorite buttercream member.” All the boys started shouting about how they knew you best.

“Alright,” you stared into the camera lens, “I have 10 questions. I’ll ask the question and you’ll have ten seconds to write down the answer. I’ll put the points here.” You gestured towards the bottom of the screen.

“If anyone is tied at the end we’ll go into-””

“SUDDEN DEATH!” All 8 of you shouted at once.

“Let’s get started. First question! What… is… my… favorite movie of all time?”

“That’s so easy!” shouted Oli.

“I’ve got this one right.” Joe said while writing his answer down.

“C’mon y/n! You got to have better ones than that.” Josh laughed.

Ignoring them, you counted down, “Okay. 3, 2, 1!”

They all shoed their answers:

Mikey- Harry Potter 3

Josh- titanic

Joe- titanic

Caspar- that one movie with the hot guy

Jack- Titanic

Conor- Harry Potter

Oli- titanic

“That one movie with the hot guy?” You laughed as Caspar kept a straight face.

“You know the one where he does the thing and saves that one person.”

“Oh yeah of course!” You smiled.

“Oh Mikey, You know Harry Potter doesn’t count when I’m choosing favorites! They have a separate spot in my heart.” You giggled as Conor slowly put down his paper. His earned a laugh from Joe.

“What’s so funny?” you asked.

“Conor put that as well!” he laughed, clutching onto Caspar for support.

You turned to Conor faking a sniff, “I thought you knew be better Von.”

“I’m sorry y/n!” He fake cried.

“One point to Joe, Josh, Jack, and Oli!” You smiled at the camera.

“Yay! Told ya I knew you!” said Jack, putting his arm around you.

“Next question!” You put your head on Jacks shoulder. “How old was I when I got the scar on my left foot?”

“You have a scar on your foot?” Joe muttered looking at the camera with a worried face.

“Hah! I know this one!” Conor yelled.

The other boys quietly wrote their answers then showed them to the screen.

Mikey- 7

Josh- 11

Joe- 14

Caspar- 17

Jack- 17


Oli- 13

“One point to Caspar, Jack and Conor! Casp, how’d you know?!” You laughed.

“I guessed.” He said flatly, everyone erupted with laughter.

You looked at the camera,” I was at the beach with the Maynard’s and tripped on a rock.”

“I remember that.  It was for Anna’s birthday, right?” Jack asked.

“No that was the other beach, the one with the cliff. This happened in LA. Remember?” Conor replied.

“Oh yeah.”

“Okay! Question numero tres. What is my favorite cover of Conor’s?” You looked down at your notes then to the boys.

“I know this.” Mikey said. “She plays it all the bloody time!”

Conor laughed.

“3, 2, 1!”

Mikey- The one with Jack

Josh- the one outside with jack

Joe- the controlla one

Caspar- idk what its called but it outside

Jack- the mashup outside with me

Conor- Drake- Controlla

Oli- the one outside

“You all get a point!” You laughed, giving the camera a look that says ‘I’m way too predictable’.

“The real question is: is it because of me or Jack?” Conor said and all the boys laughed.

“It’s a good mash up!” you defended yourself.

“Aw thanks babe.” Conor reached behind Jack and put his hand on your shoulder.

“Okay, let’s move on. What my least favorite thing about being a YouTuber?” You said directly into the lens.

“How the bloody hell am I supposed to know that?” Oli shouted.

“You should know everything about me, Oli.”

“I think I know this,” Mikey said, mostly to himself.

“I know it.” Josh said, looking a little guilty.

“Shoe m your answers!”

Mikey- hate

Josh- us doing dumb stuff for the viewers

Joe- dumb dares/stunts

Caspar- nothing

Jack- pranks

Conor- vlogs?

Oli- pranks

“Oh those are all good answers… except Conor’s.” you looked at him. “I love vlogs, why’d you put that?”

“You’re always stressing about daily vlogging, I don’t know it was the first thing that came to mind.” He said honestly. 

“I’m going to give the point to… Josh and Joe!”

“I absolutely hate some of the things you boys do for views. I hate seeing you in pain or causing someone else pain.” You said, looking at the ground. 

“Oh Y/N.” Joe put his arm around you, “were sorry we make you worry. I promise it’s all in good fun.“ 

"I know, but if you have to put a warning telling viewers not to do it at home, you probably shouldn’t be doing.” You said moving on. 

“Anyways! Next question. How old was I when I had my first kiss?”

They all giggled as they wrote their answers. You laughed to yourself realizing that your best friends were literally children. 

“Okay show me your answers!”

Mikey- 13

Josh- 16

Joe- 12

Caspar- 9

Jack- 13

Conor- 11

Oli- 16

“Nine?!” You laughed. 

“What?” Caspar asked. You just laughed. 

“The point goes to… Oli and Josh!" 

They both whooped as Mikey asked, "sixteen? That’s rather late don’t you reckon?”

“What can I say? I’m a late bloomer.” You said and winked at the camera, laughing. 

You went through the next 4 questions rather slowly seeing as the boys’ attention spans were quite short.


“Alright, the last and final question.” You said slowly, the boys waiting. 

“When’s the last time I read fanfiction?”

Once the last boy finally finished you asked then to reveal their answers. 

Mikey- 45 minutes ago

Josh- last night

Joe- last week

Caspar- this morning

Jack- last night 

Conor- yesterday 

Oli- when you filmed the video of you reacting to it. 

“Alright. The point goes to Josh, Jack and Conor!”

“Alright well, the results are in…” you said. "And the winner is, JOSHUA PIETERS!” You shouted.

“Yay! I knew I knew you the best!” He laughed. 

“This is bullshit!” Jack stood up and left the screen. However he came back for the outro.

“Well that’s it for today! Thank you all so much for 2 million! I can’t wait to make more videos for you all! And thank you lads for being in this and helping me with my channel! Love you all lots. I’ll link their channels below! Make sure to like, comment and subscribe! We love your feedback!” You smiled, blew a kiss and waved, your signature outro.


After you shut the camera off you, with the help of Conor, put everything in you room. You’d deal with that tomorrow… or next week. 

When you returned to the main room the lads had all cracked open a beer.

“What? None for me?” You joked. 

“You’ve got two legs!” Oli laughed, pointing to the kitchen. You grabbed one for Conor as well. 

“Shall we watch a movie?” You suggested, handing the eldest Maynard his beverage. 

“I say we play Never Have I Ever,” said Jack. 

“Oh of course you do!” You and a few others laughed, however agreed to play anyways.

While Joe cracked a joke about the last time you all played Never Have I Ever, you looked around at the seven boys surrounding you, and that’s when you realized. 

You knew that these were people who would be in your life for a very long time. And you were happy with that realization.

Some more stuff about the Trainer Jack au  

First of all, his schooling:

  • Jack has always loved sports and FitnessTM so it’s not a big surprise when he begins to express interest in human kinetics/kinesiology or whatever when he’s at Samwell
     (Is that a degree there? I don’t care, it is now)
  •  As early as his first year at Samwell he’s not really sure if he wants to go back to playing professionally or not. He loves hockey more than anything and all, but he thinks he could be satisfied with playing for the sake of playing rather than playing as his entire career and also life
  • Even still, he becomes more and more interested in what physiotherapists and trainers are doing as time goes on and decides that life might be more for him. He would still be involved in sports, just from a totally different angle
  • So, he ends up changing around his program to fit in a bunch of Sports related courses (he still takes history and photography as electives) and ends up with a degree in Kinesiology to start off
  • He continues on going to school for physical therapy or whatever it is trainers have as an educational background. that’s what im gathering from the minimal research im willing to do at this point

Moving on to after he gets his degree:

  • He works in a clinic in Canada for a little while, but he does have dreams of going on to work for an NHL team. Hey, it might not be the NHL career he expected, but he thinks it would be a cool, intense environment to work on even if he’s not playing.
  • He winds up back at Samwell when a position opens up at their health centre and he’s working with athletes, including their hockey boys of course
  • Eventually he gets a chance to work with the Falcs after their main trainer decides he wants to relocate to Sweden.
  • Snowy doesn’t like Jack at first, but it’s mostly because he had a huge crush on the guy Jack’s replacing. He gives him hell, but he does go to Jack.
  • Tater gives Jack a fair chance, though, and it quickly spreads through the Falcs that Jack is actually pretty great at his job. He’s a little stiff to talk to, particularly at first, but he knows his shit and he’s efficient as fuck

And then we have… Bitty:

  •  Bitty, meanwhile, ends up drafted at 18 to an NHL team after his own time in the Q. A few years later, he gets traded onto the Falcs. Idk what the real process is but im assuming he’d familiarize himself with trainers and whatnot pretty early on
  • So Bitty ends up a client of Jack’s by default, going in for some assessments not long after his relocation to Providence
  •  He gets one look at his new trainer and he is like “Fuck”
  • Jack L Z is a beautiful, blue-eyed specimen who has this no-nonsense look but doesn’t even bat an eye when Snowy barges in during Bitty’s consultation and says “Jack holy fuck my knee is killing me you gotta do something about this shit man”
  • Jack just looks at Bitty with an unimpressed expression and rolls his eyes, asking for a moment
  • Bitty would give him a moment and then some like damn he could have 100 moments if he wanted em
  • For real, Bitty is a good sport and he’s always patient with the trainers and if it means he spends a little more time near Jack he’s okay with that.
  • Jack has a habit of saying “you don’t like that much, huh?” when he’s feeling out for strains or tension in muscles
    EX. Bitty ends up twisting his wrist a little funny and isn’t sure if it’s sprained. He goes to Jack, who takes his hand in his nice, long fingers and starts to feel around the bones. When Bitty makes a weird face he says “that hurts, yeah? You don’t like it when I do that, do you?” 
  • Bitty is like “Well no but you can keep holding my hand if you like, that part is fine” except not really lmao.
  • This habit kills Bitty because its so……….. it’s too easy to imagine Jack asking if he “likes it when he does that” instead of asking if he doesn’t like it, okay??
  • Slowly, it becomes apparent Bitty is in the trainer’s room a little more often than the rest of them, but he claims he just wants to make sure he’s keeping up his health and preventing any wearing on his body and whatnot
  • The other guys see right through him, tho, because he’s exactly like fucking Snowy was before Jack was hired on. Snowy is bitter af and Bitty is confused when they start calling him “little snow” which ends up becoming “snowbits” then “icicle” for some strange reason and Jack questions him about all the new nicknames but Bitty has no answer for him
  • Bitty chats Jack up all the time due to his being a cute, sweet, southern, social butterfly and all. He eventually figures out Jack used to play in college and after almost a year of working together Jack lets it slip that he plays in a local gay hockey league on weekends and Bitty nearly melts in a puddle because he just talked to Georgia about coming out to the team the other day and now he has a potentially queer trainer??!!?!
  • He finds a way to subtly bring it up to Jack like “oh you’re still playing hockey yeah where is that maybe I’m not around enough hockey myself and should go check you out haha wait not like that (or maybe like that youll never know hahah).” And Jack reveals a few more details about where he plays and, after another little bit of trying to distract Bitty with other topics, gives him an invitation to come watch. Which Bitty does the next chance he can
  • Jack’s still pretty fucking good at hockey and Bitty nearly dies once again watching him play and wondering what it would be like to play with Jack and he realizes he must orchestrate this somehow.
  • Also, maybe he should orchestrate a dinner date while he’s at it
  •  And so Bitty does. He comes out to his team, then asks Jack if he would want to go skating on the local outdoor rink sometime, and maybe grab lunch while they’re at it
  • Jack agrees and soon enough they’ve been on their first, third, and fifth date
  • The rest of the team mainly end up congratulating Bitty on doing what Snowy did not accomplish, which, Snowy is happy for Bitty but Still Bitter about
  • Jack and Bitty end up going steady so Bitty is just over the moon with alla that
  • Eventually their former trainer also returns from Sweden and he ends up working at a local clinic. Snowy is weak and says fuck Jack to see his old trainer, who he promptly asks out on a date as well.
  • The former Falcs trainer is like “whoa this is extremely sudden but I kinda thought you’d liked me all those years ago… I almost didn’t go to Sweden but you never said anything so I followed my dreams and now im back and yeah ill go out with you”
  • So everyone is happy and gay
  • Like for real somewhere in this universe Shitty is pantless, Lardo is painting, Ransom and Holster are being in Bro Love, Nursey and Dex aren’t at each others throats, Chowder is happily existing etc and everyone is having a grand old time

Anyway all of this happened because I went to see a physiotherapist for my wrist and overheard her talking to one of the basketball players and thought of the fact that hockey players would have to do similar things bc sports and bodies

Thank you for your time

i’m young and in love

for @reneewalkerx for the @tfcfemslashnet exchange; hope you like this little coffeeshop au! (title from lana del rey’s ‘love’)

As it turns out, excessive swearing is not a desirable trait in a barista. Neither is the tendency to make out with a customer against the counter.

Allison is not remotely surprised to hear this, but that doesn’t mean she likes it. It doesn’t mean she can’t find something else to blame her lack of a job on.

Namely, the pretty girl sitting by the window who sips tea for a half-hour every other morning while typing away on her laptop. Dan says she walked over there once while wiping down the others tables and it looked like some kind of messaging program was open. She says the pretty girl laughed to herself sometimes as she wrote, probably at whatever her friend just sent her.

Allison wonders what it’d be like to not have someone be sick of you after talking that often, week after week.

Allison bets it’s a boyfriend she’s talking to, long distance or something, because the pretty girls always have boyfriends.

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Why Gamzee? Let you list the ways... (I genuinely want to know) #not judging

why not gamzee tho jkgndskjngds

ok well i didnt really Choose how to feel tbh im mostly clueless considering hes not even rly,,,,,,, my type,,,, ?? ? i mean !!! i lov !! floofy hair but the first time i saw his sprite i thought it was ugli af just like the others nO OFFENSE KGJDNSGJDSN

but putting appearences aside i. thought he was rly nice and funny but i also could relate to him on a deeper level (i sorta answered somethin like this here) which is kindof Personal, i wont give details on that

TC: oThEr ThAn I bE cHeCkIn OuT hOw My BeSt MoThErFuCkIn FrIeNd Is At Yo.
TC: YoU SaY iT pReTtY mUcH eVeRy TiMe We TaLk YeAh.
TC: but uh, i don’t have to…
TC: uhhh see?
TC: but i mean man this feels so motherfuckin unnatural and shit.
TC: YoU jUsT gOt To Be GoInG wItH wHaT fEeLs RiGhT aT wHeRe YoUr HeArT’s Up In, YoU kNoW?

TC: iT’s LiKe, AlRiGhT, cOmPuTeRs, RiGhT?
TC: WhAt ThE fUcK?
TC: mIrAcLeS iS wHaT.

TC: yOu KnOw HoW iT iS wItH fAmIlY.
TC: Oh YeAh…
GC: >:]
TC: sOoOoOoOrY.

TC: jUsT gIvE mE a MiNuTe!
GC: G4MZ?????
TC: WhAt?
TC: oH mAn SoRrY.
TC: I sPaCeD oUt, DiD yOu KnOw HoW bEaTuFuL tHe SoUnD oF tHe OcEaN iS?
TC: hAvE yOu EvEr EvEn SeEn ThE oCeAn?
TC: oR i MeAn SmElLeD iT…
TC: SoRrY.

buoy i hate/love reading his convo with eq but here have some Highlights™

TC: MoThErFuCkIn SpIlL iT, dOn’T bE aLl KeEpIn ThAt ShIt BoTtLeD uP

TC: ThAt’S cOoL, i CaN’t AlL bE mAkInG nOt EvErYbOdY hApPy AlL tHe TiMe.
TC: iF wE eVeR mEt I cOuLd BaKe YoU a FuCkIn PiE aNd We CoUlD cHiLl AnD mAyBe We’D bE bEtTeR bRoS tHaT wAy.

TC: I mEaN, yOu GoT tO sHoW sOmE fAiTh In YoUr FrIeNdS, cAuSe ThEy’Re AlL tHe OnEs WhO’rE bEiNg To LoOk OuT fOr YoU.
TC: sO fUcK iF yOu SaY i’M nOt DoInG tHe ShIt RiGhT, tHeN wHaT tHe MoThErFuCk Do I kNoW!

TC: aW sHiT bRo, I dOn’T wAnT tO bE aLl LiKe To DiSaPpOiNt YoU!
TC: WhAt CaN i Do To MaKe A bRoThEr FuCkIn ShApE hIs ShIt Up?
TC: iF i CoUlD mAkE yOu SmIlE iT’d Be ThE bEsT fUcKiN mIrAcLe I eVeR dId PaRt Of.

TC: It’S cOoL wE cOuLd AlL uP aNd MoThErFuCkIn OpEn Up A lItTlE bIt WiTh EaCh OtHeR.
TC: lIkE bRoS.
TC: If ThErE’s StUfF yOu WaNt To GeT oFf YoUr ChEsT dUdE, lIkE i SaId I’m FuCkIn HeRe FoR a MoThErFuCkEr.

CT: D –> I have lots of thoughts, but they’re difficult to communicate
CT: D –> If you’ll listen
TC: sUrE! :oD

TC: ArE YoU SuRe i cAn’t hElP A bRoThEr Up iNtO HiS MoThErFuCkIn cHiLl?

TC: SnAtCh aN IcEcOlD, dOg
TC: MoThErFuCkIn cHuG ThAt sHiT LiKe yOu aNd tHe bOtTlE WaS ReUnItEd lOvErS

but rly tho why not gamzee !!!! hes always trying 2 be there for his friends even tho they treat him like crap except for tav and some others we didnt really see interact/have conversations with him :^\ i lov the way he sees things and . says things idk

TC: I WaSn’t tHe dUdE Of tImE
TC: ThE MoThErFuCkIn
TC: BaRd oF
TC: FuCk
TC: I FoRgOt :o(

while im at it i’d jst like to point out how harmless ppl think he is and i think its cool bc it fuckin says A Lot about how suddenly he did a fuckin 180º turn on his personality after lookin into lil cal’s eyes 👀👀👀


anyway idk hes p great i guess my 13-14 yr old self just appreciated all of this Too hard, my friends and a certain gam ask blog didnt help either GDNSDKN

TL;DR: gam’s A+++++++ hes great i lov him have a good day/night

Alright so I’m separating this liveblog into different categories in different posts because they’re going in the queue anyways so might as well.


This is for you, s4ngo

Koga makes his appearance in the arc and we get to see some of his behavior towards Kagome, and it shows that he idealizes her. A lot. And doesn’t really know her all that well, tbh.

When Inuyasha breaks the barrier and immediately goes to check if Kagome is alright, this really cute scene happens.

Kagome runs up to front where Inuyasha is approaching fast. “Inuyasha!”

“Kagome, are you alright?”

Kagome nods, a small smile as she says, “I just knew you would come for us.” Koga suddenly wraps his arm around her and pulls her into a hug, and she lets out a strange, “Uuuuh?”

“No need to worry anymore, Kagome,” Koga tells her with a smirk on his face.


Look I know this is Koga piece but COME ON.

I have never seen Inuyasha stand like that, ever. And I kinda like how Kagome is looking down at him, but slouched to meet his eyes. Idk I just find it adorable.

(and so does the mirsan in the back but that’s its own post later)

Kagome looks so fucking adorable with her little blush and smile that shows so much and her wide eyes because she knew, she knew he would come for her.

Then Koga comes in and makes for one funny screenshot.

Arm around her, hand in his, making himself the hero. Koga is trying his damn hardest to make Kagome fall in love with him and turn her into his woman, but that doesn’t work with Kagome. Especially what he is saying.

“No need to worry anymore, Kagome.”

This is just a small show of how little Koga really knows Kagome. He’s treating her like she’s some damsel in distress that was worried sitting around in the castle waiting for her prince to come, but she wasn’t. She knew from the moment she was taken that she would be safe because Inuyasha was coming for her, and later on Koga. 

And let’s be real here, Kagome spends her time when she’s kidnapped trying to find a way out on her own. It happened when she was taken by the Thunder Brothers - she was the one who thought a way out, she was the one who tricked them into believing her, she would’ve gotten away with it if Inuyasha had been smart for a moment and not denied it.

Kagome’s the farthest thing from a damsel in distress, and Koga knows that - he kidnapped her too, once upon a time. And remember the entire plan with Shippo disguised as Koga to go out, and Kagome making sure Shippo got out?

Yeah. Koga knows, but I don’t think he got the memo that Kagome’s normally fine when she’s kidnapped. Inuyasha’s just overprotective.

And another show of how little of Kagome’s personality Koga knows, is when the Panther King smashes his hand down on them and Koga takes Kagome out of the way.

“Inuyasha!” Kagome cries as she watches the Panther King’s hand crush him.

“Rest assured, Kagome. It’s gonna be easy to get you out of here,” Koga tells her, a small smirk on his face.

Kagome turns to him and snaps, “I’m not leaving the others behind!”

Koga looks at her, a shocked look on his face.

See, if Koga knew Kagome better, he would know that at this point, Kagome’s priorities go as such: everyone else’s security > her own security.

Kagome Higurashi is selfless, and she helps everyone she can. And her friends know that - even Inuyasha, who doesn’t like it most of the time.

But apparently the guy who is in love with her doesn’t.

He looks confused at her, mouth in a “o” and his eyes wide in shock, as if the notion that she would ever think of anyone else before her is unbelievable. You would think that a guy that claimed he was in love with her nearly 40 episodes ago would figure out how selfless Kagome is, but he hasn’t. And that just makes it more obvious to me that Koga likes Kagome for what she stands for, not for who she is.

Koga likes the jewel detector who is feisty and who fights for herself, not the 15-year-old girl who likes oden and is going to the feudal era solely to help others, whether it be her friends or random people she meets.

Need more proof?

When Kagome acts like a fucking BAMF and nags at the panthers who are blocking their pathes with weapons, saying, “We’re the live sacrifice, aren’t we?” and shoving them out of the way, Koga smirking while Ginta and Hakkaku admire her, and they help her clear a path.

This is the Kagome Koga likes seeing - the feisty, sassy one who pays attention to details going around her and is the only human who can say, “Now, move” to a bunch of demons with weapons and still live. And yes, that is part of Kagome. But it’s not all of her, it’s not her core of self. But he admires, he idealizes that one part.

Not to mention he kinda disregards her feelings, tbh.

When the villagers see that the Panther King came back to life and is fighting Inuyasha and Sesshomaru, the Inu-Tachi and Koga are wondering how he got to life, considering he needed a sacrifice. And what does he say?

“Maybe he had some fresh dog meat.”

“Don’t say things like that!”

Koga is smirking at the thought of Inuyasha being dead, while Kagome is clearly shocked and scared that that might be so. If Koga really loved Kagome, then he would know that she cares for Inuyasha and would never want to see him dead, or even think about it. Remember that later on the river scene happens in the Band of Seven arc and Koga is insensitive and made Kagome cry?


I’m just saying, you would have to be kinda dense to not see the care Kagome and Inuyasha have for each other, and be insensitive like that. And I know it might be considered as a joke, but just like rape and suicide jokes, it’s not fucking funny.

So yeah, that’s all I have for Koga and his idealization of Kagome. I really like Koga’s character - it’s fun to analyze, for sure!

Up Next - MirSan

Ah, the Bickers of love

Originally posted by taesverynofun

Pairing: Taehyung x reader

*Taehyung’s POV

Genre: Once again…Fluff

Word Count: 1,348

 A/N: This is more like a second part to this but only because of the characters, so you may wanna give that a read first but you don’t reeaaally have to. TBH IDK ABOUT THIS ONE I WINGED THE ENTIRE THING HSHHSJ

We may bicker, we may age, but I will always love you.

“Honey, in my youth, if I’ll have you know, I was quite the rebel.”

 "Oh I’m aware dear, I mean stealing lollipops was heavy criminal business.“

 "Oh come on! You know it’s true, you were with me half the time! In fact you were behind almost every scheme if my memory isn’t failing me.” I coughed out, trying my best to maintain a serious face.

“I’m surprised it hasn’t yet.” She laughed out lowly, but despite their old age, my ears were working just fine, well enough to pick up the sly comment.

“Ha, ha very funny, at least my hair isn’t turning a freakish white, it’s transforming into a charming silver.” Leaning back into the lush of the armchair, I watched as she peered at me through her reading glasses, shooting me one of those glares she’d gotten so good at giving before she settled back into her book. I sighed in contentment, my eyes growing weary, flickering shut, demanding a nap before our walk out to the garden. The one she insists on doing almost every day. Where we’ll simply jog down to the park about 15 minutes away and circle the flower garden until boredom finally strikes. Actually she only, truly insists because along the way, we end up passing that old little cafe I used to work at centuries ago. Something about the nostalgia of it all.

When we moved back here to good ol’ Seoul from a 4 year stay in Sydney, I couldn’t believe my ageing eyes when I saw its doors still standing there. Not more than her though, she was practically gleaming- almost as much as she was when we went to Spain on our honeymoon.

Ever since then she’s made some sort of pact with herself that we walk by it during our little exercise routine, dragging me along with her. Usually it’d be the complete opposite; I would be the one dragging her lazy, antisocial ass in an explosion of restlessness. Simply to put some meaning into the day, even if it meant just having lunch from the hotdog stand 10 minutes away from her old apartment. But the job got far too tiring, especially after a solid 40 years, so we’ve switched roles now.

“You’re such a bore.” I peeled open an eyelid to peek at her, just in time to catch the little pout she used to do so often and a smile graced my chapped lips.

“Ah really? Then is that why you married me?”

“Well what can I say, I took pity on you. Thought I should at least give the dork a chance.” I may as well have spit out my drink, if I had one, instead I choked on a scoff.

“YOU? pity ME? Darling it was YOU that asked ME out, I only agreed because I was afraid you’d burst with how red you were. Also I’m not boring, if anything it was I that turned you interesting.”

“Oh bug off, I had lady problems that day. Blame the hormones!” She argued flailing her hands in wild gestures. “And how dare you, I am plenty interesting. I was tired of being single and you were just a last resort.”

“Lies, you came to the cafe every single day for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, everything!” I gaped, pulling back each finger as I counted every meal I could think of.

“Quit making me out to be a stalker my goodness! I came for the breakfast and that was only once a week!”

“Yet somehow it was always when I had a shift…” I held my chin, still amazed at the coincidences that couldn’t be called coincidences after the fourth time.

“Blame it on your good looks alright, nothing more. Now those have faded too.“ she sighed dramatically and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Says the one turning 59 next week, just a year till 60 sugarplum.” I had to bite back a grin, pursing my lips and clamping my eyes shut in both anticipation and fear of her reaction when she slammed her book shut.

“Kim Taehyung!” Oops.

“I am still younger than your old ass and, unlike someone, I don’t look a day over 40. How dare you insult your loving wife like this.” She exclaimed with a gasp, and a series of mumbles. Probably curses. “We agreed I wasn’t going to age after 45 by the way so be quiet.”

I turned toward her, clasping  her hand in mine.“I know I know, I’m sorry. You’ll always be prettier and younger than me, promise.” I chuckled, cooing when she responded with nothing but a pout and puff in annoyance.

“I love you.” Her thin brows shot up at my loving gaze- just like mine did when she uttered those same three words for the very first time, and I found myself repeating them to her with tenfold the excitement.

Her gaze narrowed suspiciously when I tried to throw in a cheeky wink.

“Yeah, yeah I love you too.“I slid my fingers into hers, bringing the back of her hand to my lips for a loving peck. She rolled her eyes but I could see the corners of her lips tugging at a smile.

It was true, she did look younger than her age, maybe not 20 years younger but definitely not 59, old age had favored her, skin still smooth- albeit the few folds and the subtle sag that came with time. Smile still as bright, soft, if not more. Her kind eyes still glowing like they used to, especially when we found freedom after graduation. When I landed a career that took me from one corner of the earth to the next, keeping her glued to my side whilst she built and raised her very own Jewellery business, watching it grow and expand through the comfort of her laptop.

Discovering new places, new foods, new people, embracing every change that came my way, except the hand that I held through it all. Even through ruthless arguments that threatened us apart and long distance calls when she couldn’t board a flight with me.

The age agreement of 45 was born one day out of nowhere when she stalked out of the bathroom, eyes fixed on me, declaring sternly that she will now be 45 forever as she clung onto a grey strand of hair that she had yet to dye. I really did choke on my juice then, laughing until I saw her unwavering expression and nod my head so fast I gave myself whiplash, watching as she stomped back inside.

It didn’t matter anyway, she’d still look like a fresh new day to me, still elicit the same admiration and devotion I will always have towards her, no matter the unhealthy obsession she has for drama and gossip- yet sticks her nose up at the smallest whiff of any around herself.

I will still cherish her even if she’s wrong and she refuses to admit it-the silent card her best tactic. Although I could always have her feeling guilty with a simple sigh and a dejected ‘Whatever’. She never could play it out long enough until she would turn up teary eyed and apologetic.

I will still see the same mesmerising beauty I saw 40 years ago, stuttering her order and shattering a glass one Spring Tuesday. I will adore her no matter how many wrinkles decorate her skin, will listen and kiss her quiet when she nervously defends the unnecessary luxury she pulls out of branded shopping bags. I will forgive and tease her no matter how many times she forgets the simplest of things or runs late for no reason at all. I will love her till the day I die, even if she may no longer breathe beside me anymore. She is my all and even through the worst of times, I will never regret taking that job at a little bistro on a Winter Monday because I met a clumsy, hopeless romantic who ended up as the love of my life on a beautiful Spring Tuesday.

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babe please make a spam about- what you said- that after 2014 ended kaisoo moments have been more intense please omg.

hey there babe, okay first of all i want to explain that “moment after 2014 becoming more intense” is purely my opinion, this thing is prob wouldnt/couldnt be applied to y’all 

[this gonna be long ass post so i put this keep reading thingy so ppl on their phone wont start complaining about my post making their fingers tired bc they want to skip it] basically this post contains their 2015 moments + my bullshit theory hah prepare ur eyes

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AH GOSH OH GOSH THATS WAY TOO SWEET JESUS Q///___///Q Thank you so so much!! I’m not as great as you say I am really, I just adore seeing other people’s art, and fanart is even more wonderful for me, it’s absolutely amazing to think that people would spend their time drawing my characters, like it’s insane 8//m//8;;

And yeah I agree though, sometimes AUs or art styles really look like their creators!! Theres this amazing post where everyone kept reblogging a picture of themselves and one drawing they made, and you could only notice how similar they were *//__//* It was a fantastic post!! (Almost added mine, but… I changed my mind at the last minute. I’m too shy haha //nervous sweating)


Aww… Thank you so so much. See, turning off asks and submissions is already a huge HUGE relief. I was very very afraid that it would cut the link I have with you guys, but look at all the adorable messages I got?? I mean, I’M AMAZED BY HOW SWEET YOU GUYS ARE???? You’re so supportive and nice and absolute cutie pies, and gaaaah I always have a wonderful (now ordered) time <333

Your support is sooo appreciated dear, really. Thank you deeply, you understand so perfectly!! q//v//q ALSO YEAH OH GOSH MY FOLLOWERS ARE WAY TOO CUTE I JUST SAID IT ABOVE BUT I LOVE YOU GUYS ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY.

And aaaah, oh mi gooooosh of course!! Please design as much as you want, the guy wears anything!! <333 (also nice icon o//^//o)


Aaaah thank you I’m glad you like it! <3 I honestly really really enjoy working on this comic. It makes me practise, I’ve never done comics so detailed before, or I stopped afer like 4 or 5 pages because it didn’t interest me anymore. (Gotta say, thanks to CQ who is my main inspiration to keep going right now! It’s really pleasant :D)

I am never going to give specific dates about the Ink comics updates, because I’m a student and work is more important than anything <3 Besides, I owe art and also want to draw my OCs more, I got a personal project started >//v//< <3 For now Update 3 has its storyboard done! Now I need to write the text in details. I gotta say it didn’t progress much for now, sorry! D: But hey, one more month and I’ll be free to work on it without any problem >://3c

(We’ll see if Ink makes it… oops did I say that loud)


Mi god you brought so many memories to me just by saying the name of this song. Now I have it in my head. ;____;

ZT!Gaster is the ultimate goop manta. He is the Golden Goopster yes



Originally posted by mermaid-sundae

I love my babies alothhhhah… I’m so glad you like them too!!! 8//m//87

//wiggles// Mweeeh

My main OCs for now are Meke (the jellyfish girl), Soar (the muscled creepy guy who’s missing an eye and is a total sadist/masochist/cannibal but I love him anyway) and Aherän, the Angel, the cute the pure cinnamon roll WHO WILL GET FCKING DESTROYED.



WELL FUNNY YOU SAY THAT Because I just got a hair cut, my hair is short and curly again now!! :DD It was starting to get way too long and I really didn’t like having it. I’m sooo happy now it’s all beautiful and shiny ^////__////^<33

I’m small with brown eyes and brown hair (I’m original ye). I’m

very small. //sobbing



Aww I took a random theme and fucked up the code. ._.


I’m not an expert at coding but I know the very very basics concerning it’s visual aspects, and coding is reaaaally relaxing to do. That’s why I change my dA page design from time to time. (actually I should change it again when I have the time, it’s getting a bit old D:)

Aaaah je suis ravie que tu aimes mon fiston <333 Et je t’en prie viens squatter, y’a encore de la place :DDD //pointe une des 9500 chaises (déjà bientôt les 10k AAAAAAAAAAAA)


Awwww thank you so so much I just had to put this question in it was too cute <333 Thank you a lot, I hope the arting is going well!! >//w//<9



//sobbs on the floor caressing a drawing of him


HAHAHA HUEEEEE IM SO GLAD YOU AND YOUR FRIEND LIKE THEM! ////v//// Yeah Holiday seems to have alot of success <3 Just take him he’s yours //hands him over and keeps Heats close

I’m very happy you guys like the Uwa!!trio, I love them too alot <333

(i cant find them a specific tag though… Q//___//Q i guess uwa!!sanses or uwa!!trio but I’m not sure…)



I wanna see more ideas like that so yeah <3333 IM VERY HAPPY YOU LIKE THEMMM SQUEEEE

OH MY GOSH REALLY??? I’m so happy you like my blog, that’s so sweet of you!! Q///v///Q <333 YOURE THE SWEET PERSON HERE JESUS

And nooo ah, I don’t have a Wattpad sorry!! 8//m//8 For now I’m only active on deviantART and tumblr!!

Calum Hood Imagine - Never Be

| Request |

| Masterlist |

| This actually wasn’t written by me, but by my very good friend zquad-directioner She is also one of the writers and admins for this account now. So welcome her! | 

| Gifs are not ours. If you want credit or removal message us! |

Calum Hood Imagine - Never Be 

I need your love to light up this house
Staring into the darkness of the room, a sudden loneliness crept into your heart. Suddenly sleeping in the middle of a bed you both shared would never feel right. Not while Calum isn’t here. It wouldn’t feel right and it’ll never feel right. It’ll never feel like home. While dialing his number, the rings never sounded so empty despite the blasted volume and eagerness to hear his voice. Maybe it was because you felt empty or the fact that you could never feel warm inside unless you were in his arms, the only place that truly felt like home. 

“Y/n?” He whispered tiredly answering the phone. “What’s wrong baby?” Calum asked despite the fact he was clearly sleeping. 

“I’m sorry I woke you up.” You whispered back. 

“I was dreaming about you.” He laughed lightly and the image of his smile melted your heart. The sound of his voice made you feel things no one has made you feel before, and suddenly you panicked thinking about losing him, you need him. More than anyone else.  

“I was sleeping right next to you on our cozy bed,” He continued and it eased your thoughts. “but, I woke up and was scared shitless because I thought you left me.”

“Did I wake up after too?” You asked. 

“You did. I told you what happened. You said that you would never leave because the sun wouldn’t shine anymore." 

"It’s true!” I giggled feeling better already. “What did you say after?" 

"I said that without you everything would just be dark. I told you that nothing I could ever have or be will compare to the feeling I get with you next to me." 

"It is dark here without you.” You whispered knowing you were no longer referring the the lights. 

“You have my love and you always will. It won’t be dark for long.” Calum promised over the phone. 

“My poetic lover.”

“The one and only baby.”

“I love you. Goodnight Cal." 

"Goodnight love. I’ll talk to you tomorrow." 

With the click of a button the call ended and the peak of the sun grazed the sky and soft yellow light entered the room.

I need your love guide me back home. 

bae/loser/cal: miss u 

You: imy2 <3 how’s the tour going? 

bae/loser/cal: its great the fans are fucking awesome. but imy 

bae/loser/cal: wish u were here baby 


You: LOOL send me a picture quickly!!

bae/loser/cal: he’s gone babe you took too long to reply *sigh* 

You: wish i was there to see that ;) 

bae/loser/cal: anD TO SEE ME TOO 

You: that too :)))) 

You: when do u get a break? they’re working my poor baby too hard, come home for a couple days. you’ll work too much then you’ll pull a zayn on us.


bae/loser/cal: okay first of all don’t mention that treacherous time i luv zayn 

bae/loser/cal: second why didn’t u get excited when i followed you on twitter 

bae/loser/cal: third idk when we get a break :(( 

You: HAHAHAHA ur so fckn lame ily but awh you gotta come home soonnn pleaseee!

You: (and wow u can spell treacherous???!!!!) 

bae/loser/cal: soon, patience young grasshopper.  

bae/loser/cal: also i can spell a lot of things like s-e-x

You: ….bruh

You: maybe instead of spelling sex u might be able to get some but too bad huh

You: another reason to come homeee *wink* *wink* *winkkkkkk* *coughs*

bae/loser/cal: LOOL dw baby you know your sweet lovin always brings me home
You: ur so cheesy and lame….i fckn love it! ha ttyl <3

We’ll never be as young as we are now.

There’s something amazing about photographs that you could never really explain. An image capturing an entire memory, something capturing that moment in time which would never happen exactly the way it did ever again. You recently got a series of photographs printed in light of your second anniversary and the longing feeling in your heart waiting for him to come back to you. Sitting on your bed with your laptop open, phone on the table, T.V on, and books scattered on the bed you still felt this weird boredom. Today was not your day clearly, but you always knew who could make you laugh when you didn’t even want to smile. 

"Helloooo y/nnnn,” A distinct voice answered after several rings. Laughing slightly you knew that wasn’t Calum. 

“Give it back Ash you fuc-" 

"Hello Ashton?” You questioned  smiling at the thought of the two boys attacking each other over a cell phone. After some possible wreckage, Ashton replied once again.

“God y/n, your boyfriend is really fast and g-OH MY GOD NOT MY BALLSACK CALUM!" 

"Oh my god." 

"Hello, holy crap jesus, oh god. Hi babe.” He panted out of breath. 

“Umm, should I even ask?" 


"Okay then. Well on a different note I got some pictures of us printed. I sent them all to you already but my favorite is that one selfie we took when me and your sister were kissing your cheek but you were about to sneeze and we all had this funny expression on our face and…oh man that was great." 

"I remember that day! We were home alone and I made you eat Vegemite!” Calum explained with excitement"

“It was gross. And you forgot that your sister and I basically murdered you in Mario Kart every single time.“ 

"I was trying to forget actually, but I still love you." 

"I love photographs man, they’re so special." 

"I know, I think I’ll frame some.”

After some comfortable silence a thought came up to mind. 

“So…this is random but can I ask you something?”

“Yeah…should I be scared?”

“No, I was just thinking…”

“I see…" 

"Do you think we’ll just grow old together?" 

"I’d like to think I’ll always be young when I’m with you." 

"Well you better come visit soon, cause I’m only getting older Mr.Hood.”  

“Ha, will do! A couple weeks left baby so hang tight." 

"I will. Bye Cal, love you." 

"Wait, hold on." 


“Even when you do get old one day, you’ll always be young and beautiful to me." 

"You make me smile, all the time. I love you." 



“Make a bucket list. There are just some things you can’t do when you’re 60.”

“Of course, this is gonna be fun. I’ll see you soon Cal.”
“Wait! I got the message." 

"Oh lord, and?" 

"Why’d you send nudes? Not that I’m complaining." 

"WHAT? I SWEAR TO GO-” He cut you off foolishly laughing, 

“I’m kidding! But I gotta rehearse, bye y/n!”

You hung up the phone with an odd smile and a sense of relief. He was such an idiot. Staring at the picture frames on the wall you realized how blessed you were, how lucky you were, how everything would somehow work out and somehow be for the best. While you started the bucket list, you started to wonder if it was the fact that Calum never planned on leaving you, or the fact that you never actually sent nudes which actually brought you more relief.
Not that you’d taken any naked photos of course…but you can’t exactly say the same for him. 

He’s young and stupid but, you only live once? I guess we’d like to believe we’ll always be forever young.  

I see myself here in your eyes 

“I hate that shade of green, take it off.”  You groaned wondering who even made a shirt that looked like that. 

“You just wanna see me shirtless.” Calum smirked. 

“Watch me hang up this Skype call right now.”

“No! I’ll take it off." 

"I hated the shirt but seeing a shirtless Calum Hood is a bonus." 

"I should be in an art museum." 

"I’d give my life savings to get a hunk like you." 

"You already got me." 

"Not physically. I’ve literally been sleeping on the left side of the bed saving space for you.” He wiped the hair from his face and kissed the webcam,

 "You’re adorable.“ 

"One more day?” You asked. 

“I see myself there right next to you.” He smiled.

“One more day right?” You impatiently asked again.

“Yes darling, one more.”  

“Good. I’ll see very soon." 

"Love you y/n, good night.”

I feel our hands intertwined 

“God I missed you, I missed you so much.”

“Finally. Home at last.”

One - After All These Years

Title: One - After All These Years

Word Count: 1,480

Rating: T (for language)

Notes: One drabble per episode: Book4 Episode 1: BroMasami.  Is this a thing?  Maybe I can make it a thing.  Or if its already someone else’s thing, sorry!  Thanks for letting me use this term!  Partially inspired by the Masami Friendship Headcanons that I read a while ago~


Mako is clearly staring but he really doesn’t give a damn.

He’s reclined in his chair, absentmindedly swirling his drink in his glass—it’s straight.  No ice and its maybe his sixth or seventh. His gaze is unwavering as he stares into the crowd.  Near the middle, there’s a group of girls clustered together; their hips gyrating in tight, inviting circles.

One of them, in particular, is wearing a tight blue dress that frames her hips perfectly.  She’s lean and the lights dance on the clean lines of her arms…out of the corner of her eye, she spots him staring and a coy smile spreads on her face.

“Do you want me to give her your number?” says Asami.  Her voice sounds like bells but it doesn’t break his line of sight.

“Nope,” he grunts as he tips the glass back before he pushes his chair away to get another.  

He tells himself that he’s not the least bit ashamed that the only thing he noticed about that girl was her hair.  It was pulled up in a high ponytail, strung through a narrow tube that glinted in the colorful lights.

He doesn’t even remember the girl’s face.

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anonymous asked:

Westallen 51 - farmer’s market

When Iris said she wanted to go the the farmer’s market downtown on Saturday morning, Barry thought he could handle it. After all, it was just a bunch of vegetables sitting in stalls with some bored people behind them, right? Nothing special. Nothing fancy. Just locally grown and fresh vegetables. Maybe even some fruits, if they were lucky. Or a stall that sold homemade ice cream. 

But this, this was just too much. For one, this “little farmer’s market” that she promised him stretched across an entire empty lot as well as shut down two side streets surrounding it. And he could have sworn he saw half of the city walking around, picking at the offerings. 

“Is that a stall devoted to selling wire giraffes? That seriously can’t be all they sell, right? There’s no way that they make enough money to afford that stall.”

Iris glanced up from the peaches she was perusing. “Mmmm, I don’t know. I always see people walking up and buying a wire giraffe. In fact, I’ve been thinking about getting one for the living room. I think they’ve even started making one dressed up in a Flash suit.”

He rolled his eyes, and she broke into a grin. “Hardy har, Iris. Very funny.”

“I am, surprisingly, not kidding. The Flash giraffes have got to be pretty big sellers, because I see new ones every morning and when I leave, there are hardly and left. I mean, it’s nor surprising. Pretty much every stall around here tries to do some Flash promo or tie in. In fact, I think there is a Flash memorabilia stall around here somewhere.”

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The Transcendence Scrapbook (Or Dipper's Life as an Ageless Dream Demon)

Two for one special today, lovelies! Because I’m feeling generous. I actually have quite a few of these backed up, at least ten more that I haven’t posted yet. I’m just sitting on them, letting you know I have them, watching you squirm because I won’t let you have them. Sorry not sorry.

Complete Scrapbook available on a03



Sometimes someone got a summoning down perfectly.

And Dipper was usually okay with that.

Once in a very great while, though, that summoning included a binding.

And that was something Dipper was definitely not okay with.

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