too old for that shit basically

but what if I wrote a dumb AU Rogue One fic where Lyra is a Jedi and she leaves Galen with a baby bc she’s got Rebellion shit to do and he ends up in a relationship with Krennic and Jyn has two dads and Galen convinces Krennic to defect to the Rebellion with him and Bodhi is the pilot that helps them escape and Chirrut and Baze are old friends of Lyra’s and Cassian was there too and Luke gets to hang out with actual Jedi and Lyra and Chirrut can train him (I don’t like Yoda, okay?) and 

basically I want to rewrite Star Wars to be way more queer, somebody stop me (or help me)

Me about TFP (no detailed spoilers)

I will tagg this as spoilers anyway to be sure but there are no actual spoilers.

Ok guys so I watched the leaked version of TFP and my skills in Russian are good enough to understand most of it.

And it’s bullshit. It is fake.

- the episode is absolutely unrelated to the other episodes. They have literally no relation at all.
- old scenes were used
- special effects were literally non-existent (except for maybe two, but they were … bad. Very bad.)
- half of the episode and probably more was just people talking in different rooms (the rooms and other locations were shit as well)
- basically you just see that they used only enough money to troll some casuals
- no insane wish fulfillment
- absolutely no television history
- and other things they praised are not there either
- etc.
- etc.
- etc.

I could talk for hours now about how fake everything is but I think you all got the point.
I don’t think we got to see even one scene of the real TFP.
And I would like to mention that things like that don’t simply get leaked in HD by the way.

This is 20000000% not the real episode.
Don’t doubt, have faith. Tomorrow we will see how it goes.

P.S. Watch this version on Sunday after the real TFP aired. You will have a good laugh.
The way John Watson sounds with this russian voice acting is beautiful. He destroys Mycroft 24/7 with his new sass.
P.P.S The clown

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hi if you're still accepting requests, can you do one where mc and the rfa are childhood friends? I love childhood friends tropes so much!! ^^

yes yes hello, thank you for requesting!! i honestly have a love hate relationship with childhood friend tropes bUT THAT’S ONLY BC WHEN THERE’S A COUPLE I REALLY LIKE 1. childhood friend never wins in the end and is thrown aside by newcomer or 2. the newcomer is thrown aside bc of the childhood friend and i always feel bad.. well in both cases it’s pretty unfair for both parties bUT ANYWAY AODFJDA YES PLEASE ENJOY THIS!!


  • y’all have known eachother since
  • birth basically
  • honestly i can see that he always had a crush on you
  • you also started to like him too
  • and it was just
  • so natural to date
  • like it was a new
  • intimidating thing
  • but you two were so glad it was with each other
  • totally promised to get married as kids
  • using cute little toy rings
  • now look at y’all
  • all old
  • and shit
  • grown ups
  • so pure
  • just legit just
  • pure love
  • that’s so beautiful
  • innocent love makes me :’)


  • i mean you’ve been around
  • for like
  • ever
  • you were his only friend for a really long time when he was being bullied or treated differently bc of his appearance
  • up until like
  • highschool
  • that’s when you kinda
  • got pulled into biker gang messes
  • i mean if he went through a phase
  • so did you
  • but unlike him you didn’t end up dropping out
  • honestly it takes him a long time to fall in love with you
  • or be aware of it at least
  • you’re kinda smitten
  • have been for a while
  • but once he realizes like
  • you’ve always been there??
  • his girlfriends have always been pretty bad really
  • but then it just clicks and
  • the next thing he knows is
  • he’s falling in love


  • she’s never really had female friends other than you
  • or really friends at all
  • you met her before her parents passed away
  • and have been there ever since
  • she loves your accompany
  • and doesn’t realize her feelings
  • she doesn’t want to ruin the friendship you two have
  • and like??
  • me??
  • falling???
  • for a woman???
  • but oh boy were u eager
  • practically just waiting for the day she
  • said soMETHING
  • i mean you had come to terms with it pretty early on
  • hey jaehee ur a couple years late
  • but it’s a shy
  • first love
  • loving another woman
  • beautiful
  • art in it’s purest form

Jumin + V(?)

  • actually you met jumin through v as children
  • so you were the three musketeers
  • you guys did nothing without eachother
  • writing letters constantly
  • trying to find time to spend all together
  • you liked v
  • and jumin liked you
  • but it kinda changed once you all grew up
  • v became more distant after rika
  • jumin also became more distant from him
  • you were kinda stuck in the middle
  • but drinking wine and talking about v with jumin was always some good fun
  • you spill out from drunken secrets
  • about your fading crush on v
  • that just won’t go away
  • jumin also gets into his feels
  • confesses to you too
  • but y’all don’t remember this in the morning
  • got too shit-faced
  • but one day you will move on
  • and realize that jumin had been waiting for you all along
  • ok i’m sorry no one asked me to write this but i couldn’t help it


  • listen
  • i headcanon that mc is the girl who gave him bread in the church ok
  • you’d always share food with him
  • and play with him
  • the younger boy who always had a couple bruises here and there
  • and a head of bright orange unruly hair
  • and had round large glasses
  • with bright big golden eyes
  • he was kinda nerdy and dorky looking
  • but you thought he was cute
  • you’d always give him bandages
  • and cared for him more than anyone else he’d ever known at the time
  • but once he went missing all of sudden
  • time passed
  • a lot of time passes
  • you still think about the boy sometimes
  • your father is a well known politician
  • and sometimes you had to go along to events with him
  • at one party
  • that’s when you see him
  • the same head of hair
  • the same golden irises
  • it was truly fate the second you met eyes once again
UCLA Students Determine Level of Intelligence Needed to Like J. Cole

Tim Hawkins is considering removing his tattoo after learning he’s too intelligent to enjoy Cole’s new album.

“You have to have a certain type of intelligence to enjoy J. Cole.”

This phrase and similar have been uttered incessantly since North Carolina rap star J. Cole hit the scene in 2008. Few know what that “certain level” actually consisted of—before now. Students at UCLA have devised what they believe is a mental aptitude test to determine if you’ll enjoy Cole’s upcoming 4 Your Eyez Only album—before hearing a single bar.

The students tested over 150 Los Angeles-area 17-28-year olds of various educational levels. Some were admitted fans of Cole, such as Colin Simpson.

“I’m hype,” Simpson. “They said it was too smart for me. They said I basically failed. I enjoy all his shit, so I’m excited to hear he got something coming that I won’t even be able to say why I enjoy. Real Hip-Hop all day!”

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Bones and the Beast

whelp I saw this in my old file I never finished it and decided not to color it because I got so much shit to do (couch comic pages and a new project couch) but I wanted to atleast finish the sketches and maybe finish some of the scraped ones as wel l later, anyway

I really loved @enne01 disney princessandthefrog au with the Skeleton characters it inspired me  and some time ago I went to Beauty and the Beast Musical with @kamenmango anddd…the rest is history : D 

Basically in this parody Sans is Belle, Underfell Papyrus is Gaston, ( i mean come on this is perfect) Underfell Sans is LeFou because only he can enjoy the beatings of GastonPapyus, I first wanted Gaster as Maurice, but I thought it be more cute if UndertalePapyrus was just Sans’s brother who wanted to enter a cooking contest, and then there is Undeswap Sans and Papyrus as  Cogsworth and  Lumière desinged by @maple-and-pie who also helped me with the parody when we watched the Disney animated version  ; D 

and I couldn’t decide who the beast would be and thanks to @sweetsinnerchild who made the suggestion it should be Underswapfelll Papyrus, (btw guys check out her page she has many many good froncest fanfics!) (I need to design that beast form one day and finish the other desings of Toriel and Frisk as  Mrs. Potts and Chip

and Flowey is Rose cause Maple said so lol

i’d like everyone to take a moment to imagine the dragon bros babysitting the dragonborn’s kid

like the kid starts crying and odahviing panics and basically goes “the small mortal’s upset, what do we do?! I was not prepared for this level of responsibility!!” and when he looks at paarthunax the other dragon goes “I spent the last thousand years living on a fucking mountain with old guys, don’t expect me to know what do with children”

and while paarthunax is too old for this shit and odahviing is low key panicking, durnehviir’s the one that gets the kid to calm down

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a user called lovely-luxuray made this post about how she's 'coming out' as alt-right and possibly facist. She said that she's not anti-semitic but that she wouldn't put it past her to become anti-semitic in the future. It's actually really cringey. It's basically the right wing equivalent of all those 15 year olds saying Bernie Sanders will become president.

I found the post and holy shit that’s really something. Apparently she deleted her blog and someone else took the name too. Here’s a link to an archive of the post, for those of you who are interested in reading it in its entirety (Note: the lovely-luxray who currently owns the blog is not the same person as the lovely-luxray who made the original post. Do not send them any hate.)

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Is there something i don't know for why everyone hates cassandra clare - like other than the writing style is a bit shit? I was obsessed with them when i was probably too old to read them idk im just curious

very brief run down; she was basically a BNIF in early harry potter days when she wrote The Draco Trilogy which was a crazy popular fic, like people preferred it to the books popular and basically its responsible for a *lot* of standard fan interpretations of draco these days, a lot of it bled over into hp fanon. however she was also a massive cyber-bully who stirred up hate against people who left her less than perfect reviews, and basically her and a few other so called big names had this weird clique mentality where they thought they ruled the fandom and weren’t above bullying and doxxing anyone who disagreed (remember Cassie was basically an adult at this time and a lot of the people she bullied where kids)

anyway she pretty much plagiarised whole swathes of her writing from lesser known sci-fi and fantasy which is kinda fine in fic but then changed all the hp names and published it for real and also kept plagiarising in all her other books but here’s the fanlore page on all that which explains it better:

also she once got her ‘fans’ to buy her a new laptop

basically she’s a bully and a plagiarist and i also hate her personally because of how much influence she’s had over everyone’s interpretation of a lot of harry potter because she wrote TDT in the summer between books 4 and 5 when a lot of characterisation was still being settled and the harry/hermione vs rom/hermione shop wars where blazing so there was a lot of room for speculation and she speculated in every way i hate (not as bad as plagiarism but still annoying to me)

Soooooo this month’s monthly meeting is going to be 4 hours of what is basically a fancy form of sensitivity training and im gonna kill myself between the combination of whatever ridiculous neo liberal meditation shit it’s gonna spew and listening to all the old white men groaning about how people are too whimpy and easily offended these days

These are the days when being a gay woman working in a small town factory really fucking sucks

let’s do some gregor mendel shit real quick

klavier and kristoph are basically identical and therefore have to share at least one parent who they both resemble. thalassa would have been 16 if she was klavier’s mom, but she couldn’t have been kristoph’s. this means, in this theory, they have to resemble GavinDad. this makes the “jove is klavier’s dad too” theory impossible.

BUT if thalassa supposedly had klavier at 16, it would be logistically very gross for her to be having a kid with a guy who was old enough already had an eight year old son. capcom can be nasty but I don’t think they’re THAT nasty. their ages were all set in stone in GS4, deliberately so in relation to the events of the game, so we can’t blame this on the writing shift.

anyway. glad I’m thinking about important problems in this world we inhabit.

Basically these are their creators/daddies

…fist me daddy //shot

Just thought that i’d show you guys these dweebs fffff

Arthur Holsted (Leather)  - 29 year old virgin nerd who fails at punchlines and flirting to women and just wants to be noticed/appreciated/remembered. Doesn’t know how to explain shit and ends up sweating nervously. (May also faint. Pls handle with care)

George Dark (Old d) - 36 year old Loud alcoholic who acts cool and knows everything he’s doing. Looks like the douchebag that beat your ass in highschool and stole your girl. Too proud of himself and wants to be above everyone/everything else. (Sounds familiar? //coughgooglecough) but is actually a sensitive loser who throws a tantrum whenever he fails. And is actually not married to a physical human because of the ring on his ring finger but is actually married to his work. (Like Sherl)

Pls handle with care
Except George
Nobody likes George

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What's your sexual orientation??

oH bOY lmao i got so close to deleting this message and moving on with my life

short answer: queer? i guess?

long answer: somewhere on the asexual spectrum with a romantic orientation i’m constantly figuring out (but becca you’re 20 years old– i kNOW TRUST ME)

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Stan and Aymthest(sorry for asking again. These are just so funny)

So like first of all about Stan, dude’s got too many fucking self esteem issues dammit he’s so great and loves his family so much but he’s just standing around with this self depreciating smile like “hahah fuck me am i right?” NO OLD MAN NO YOU ARE FUCKIN VALUABLE GET YOUR DAMN SHIT TOGETHER FUCK 

Amethyst, basically all the same thing. Only with more yelling about it. 

(not as mean this time, because I couldn’t really think of anything really mean to say about either of them) 

Why I hate your sign. *This is a goddamn joke people*

Aries: Are you done yet? Shhh….shh shut the fuck up. No one cares about what you’re so awkwardly passionate about and its killing my vibe. Just go get fucked already ok?

Taurus: Oh look. You’re doing that thing, the same thing you’ve been doing for the past half century. Cool. It’s like your insides are made of sad old people. WTF.

Gemini: This sign hates to be hated on but you fucks make it so easy cause all you do is cry about how much fun you want to have while simultaneously wanting to be taken seriously… You’re a child. Get over yourself.

Cancer: You’re basically a fucking egg. Oh look at that smooth and hard little shell, so tough! No. Not really, cause that shit is thin and holy fucking shit your insides are a god forsaken mess. Just..just leave.

Leo: If I talk about this sign for too long (which you’d love) my eyes might never roll back into place. Is anything your fault? Plot twist all of it is. Oh don’t hide now, I thought you liked the spotlight???!?

Virgo: Go dust your own damn house and get your nose out of everyone else’s shit. You’re a mess just like the rest of us but all of your problems start when you think you’re good at helping. So basically when you wake up, go back to sleep.

Libra: Everything is fine and dandy so long as everything is your way. Scales my ass you selfish moron. People change and flowers die, nothing is pretty forever and you’re a fucking brat for not getting with it.

Scorpio: Oh for fucks sake you cannot demand to know everything about someone without at least expecting them to want something in return. That’s how humans work, you’d know that if you were one but you’re just a fucking leech.

Sagittarius: You know what you remind me of? A fly. Speeding off in a different direction every five seconds. You’re not an adventurer, you’re a coward. Either running from a problem you caused or running from the fear of causing one. Good job ass wipe.

Capricorn: You literally symbolize death in Tarot which makes sense cause you kill everything you touch. Romance, happiness, you name it, you fucking ruin it. All in the name of being “productive”. Maybe if you let someone help you everything you do wouldn’t suck. You’d probably end up killing them too though so best not.

Aquarius: Uuuuggghhh what is your endgame anyway? What’s your fucking point aside from pissing people off with your impossible standards. If you’re so fucking great then do it your goddamn self instead of leaving it up to someone else just so you can yell at them. You’re a dickbag.

Pisces: WAKE UP YOU FLAKY SALTINE CRACKER. Do you even own a cell phone or were you too busy imagining what it’d be like to hang out to actually hang out. You’re so damn boring. No wonder you nap all the time, if I had you in my head I’d get some fucking sleep too.

so guys I basically don’t have a place to stay outside of my college dorm now because of events with my family. I can stay with my boyfriend but since my name isn’t on the lease idk how long that would fly over summer, plus I still have to get a job and work on other shit and my dog is still at my mom’s house and I can’t get her because mom says she’s “too old” to go up and down the stairs and honestly I’m just really scared that I ruined everything

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o hey i barely remember ste4m pow3red g1raff3 as some kinda one hit wonder from 2012, is there some big drama about them that happened?? ive never heard much of them since then :0

ugh ill try to keep it brief bc yeah it was kinda a lot… it all happened in 2013 basically nd kinda built up nd finally exploded bc we’d had enough of their shit

basically the bennett twins and sam luke kept saying a bunch of rlly shitty things, like sam was racist and david was a misogynist and super ableist (he directly reblogged one of my posts mocking me for asking triggers to be tagged), bunny was racist too and extremely horrible about mental illnesses nd made rlly guilt tripping posts abt how “bad and selfish” it is to self harm nd shit

nd whenever they were called out for their behavior they just made rlly long whiny bullshit self victimizing “apologies” that basically just was them whining about their own problems

they were also annoyingly straight edge and atheist and kicked out an old member just bc he smoked weed, and later in 2013 kicked out their drummer and main backup musician/singer/writer/composer and their music turned into complete shit anyway so lmfao who cares at least theyre all free

oh and to top it all off they put a known abuser in power who was fandom-famous and she harassed and attacked ppl to the point of them deleting, self harming, and considering suicide but the band didnt do shit about it until she started spewing transmisogynistic comments at bunny

apparently sam left, good riddance, but idk if anything else is new. basically all the receipts are over on this blog @problematicpoweredgiraffe

Keep in mind this is just a silly theory, I’m pretty sure that none of this is even real. It’s just what people have been saying on the internet. Take this as a joke if anything.

Okkaayyy, so I guess I’m doing this now. So I’ve actually known about this “theory” for a couple years now. I’ve always been too afraid to look into it because….this some scurry shit y'all. So the story goes like this: An anonymous user on 4chan introduced themselves as one of the most famous people in the world, and said they would answer any question….. except what their name was. Basically this theory has 4 main parts.

Part 1 (The Blinds): The anonymous user posted a picture in front of some blinds with the top of her face cut off. Why does that matter? Well if you look closely….. Yep same blinds from Taylor’s old live streams (You can probably still find the video on YouTube)

Part 2 (Freezing cold, wintery beach) The anonymous user posted a picture that said “Nothing like a freezing cold, wintery beach” Then later that same day, Taylor tweeted those exact same words. Hmmm….

Part 3 (Meredith) So home girl goes on 4chan and asks what she should name her new kitten. One of the suggestions was “Meredith” well guess what happens the very next day?? Taylor names her cat Meredith.

Part 4 (The Contest): This one is by far the most compelling and creepy piece of the puzzle. So there was this radio contest where you could win a phone call with Taylor. Well the 4chan community started a campaign called #voteforcharles to get a guy from 4chan to win and ask Taylor if she was the anon. Well it worked (almost) Charles won the contest but right before the call, the whole contest was canceled.

Bonus (Diplo): This doesn’t really have anything to do with 4chan, but it creeps me the fuck out. Our friend Diplo mentioned Taylor in an interview and what he said was suspicious to say the least. “I know lots of secrets. I can’t divulge, but I know a lot of stuff about her. And she’s definitely, there’s definitely scary stuff going on. And I’m scared, I’m scared for my life.” Boi wtf?? Why would he say something like that??

Idk this is all really creepy and I know people aren’t supposed to talk about it so ✌✌ gotta blast. If I go missing y'all know what happened.

basic respect for human existence means not using poor people’s jobs (minimum wage/fast food) as a warning for all the ways your life can go terribly wrong if you make the wrong choices. basic human decency means acknowledging that poverty isn’t personal failure - it’s a systemic failure. why is it easier for people to believe someone would rather live in poverty (because they’re too lazy to “work hard”), than to believe there’s a fucking problem with capitalism? how nasty and bitter do you have to be to talk shit about the little old lady who works at McDonald’s?

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thank you!
A fact about myself… For my 12th birthday party, I planned activities that had to do with making candy. We didn’t do all the fancy taffy pulling and shit I planned because we spent basically the entire night messing around with candy melts and milk chocolate. We consumed way too much that night then stayed up until 2 AM playing Cooking Mama and riffing on How It’s Made. Don’t give 12 year olds sugar… It was basically the best birthday party I’ve ever had.