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Hjslalal okay but what if Victor, Yurio, Mila, and Georgi were all omegas? Do you think Yakov would be protective of them?

hsajksjksdjkdsj I LOVE THIS ASK!!!!!!!

I’m sorry this answer is so late, but I was so excited to answer this as soon as I got it!!!

Anyway: yes, Yakov is intensely protective of his talented omegas. But please give this poor man a break…all of them are so extra and ridiculous that it stresses the guy out so much…how do you think he lost his hair…

All of them have such different personalities that aren’t the demure, submissive stereotype at all, so they always cause Yakov so much trouble (I can see Yakov being a beta or an alpha, but Lilia is definitely an alpha).

Viktor: god, everyone knows Viktor. He’s the one who proved that not only are omegas capable of being top, competitive athletes, but they can crush anyone, no matter what gender and secondary gender they are. Viktor has ruled the world by surprising everyone despite his omega status and holding more gold than any alpha could dream of.

But he’s such an intense drama queen that Yakov has ripped out so much hair over his golden boy. Viktor please spare him… Yakov can’t even chew him out for being so out there and savage, because in Viktor’s case, his bark is actually just as bad as his bite. So Yakov must suffer…rip. Viktor is obnoxious and never backs down from a challenge, and though it frustrates Yakov to no end, it’s also what makes Viktor the greatest skater in the world. So Yakov can’t really begrudge him a little narcissism. Viktor’s confidence is captivating after all, and more omegas can learn from him and be inspired by watching him skate.

Georgi: lord…this boy…Georgi is actually the only omega out of the Russian skating squad that most fits the age-old stereotype… He’s obedient, eager to please, and he’s such a soft, sentimental romantic… Yet, his dramatic flair can rival Viktor’s…it’s just on the extreme opposite spectrum. Yakov thought it would be easier to deal with, but it’s actually more difficult because Georgi just shuts people out when he’s in his intense moods. He suddenly forgets to listen and flies off the handle in such an uncontrollable and unstable way that Yakov just needs a fucking drink. He really lives up to the negative “emotional omega” stereotype, which is why his alpha ex Anya ditched him…rip.

Mila: dang, what can I even say about Mila? Her intensity rivals Viktor’s, and honestly, she’s like an alpha in an omega package. No one can handle her because they keep expecting this cute, bubbly lil omega, but then Mila is really the most ferocious person on the Russian team. She takes no shit, and she can beat down anyone who underestimates her. She’s strong af, both mentally and physically. Thankfully, she gives Yakov the least trouble in public and at competitions, but the way she teases and messes with her teammates (mostly Yuri) can grate on his patience.

Yuri: oh geez…the firecracker…Yakov is too old to deal with teenage angst personified. He’s constantly tired with this boy, but since Yuri’s the youngest, Yakov is instinctively the most protective of him. Yakov’s glad that Lilia is there to whip Yuri into shape since he’s not sure he would have been able to do it. Yuri is infuriatingly a lot like Viktor when Viktor was younger; headstrong, tenacious, hungry for glory, and he never listens to a word Yakov says. Yuri was so explosive that everyone assumed he’d be an alpha, but then he became another one of Yakov’s problematic omegas…Yakov really needs a vacation.


Yuuri: surprisingly an alpha. Yakov was shocked to see someone with such a fragile mentality and glass heart hold the stereotypical “dominant” presentation. And he was a bit wary of Yuuri coming to St. Petersburg to train, especially with how quickly (in his very foster-father opinion) his and Viktor’s relationship developed. Yakov wasn’t sure how well an alpha would mesh with his pack of omegas, but surprisingly Yuuri flowed well with them. His temperament is so mild, Yakov knows how all the rumors of him being a beta began. The only annoying part about Yuuri being at his rink is that Viktor is 1000% more distracted than usual, and it makes Yakov want to rip out his remaining hair. It’s like Viktor is constantly in heat, always flirting and literally hanging off Yuuri at any opportunity. Yakov has screamed himself hoarse over their blatant PDA. At the very least, Yuuri seems apologetic for Viktor’s behavior and attempts to rein in their antics at the rink.

Moral of this post: please save Yakov 2k-season 2

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@lenfaz This one’s for you Lena! I’m sorry it took so long and that it’s literally SO LONG. I swear, it was supposed to be short and sweet but I didn’t have a lot of time to write so I just kept going back to it when I could find time and idk??? IT TURNED INTO 8K WORDS OF DOMESTIC FLUFF. Yup, this is where the muse took me.

The song my playlist gave me was North by Sleeping At Last where the title and the lyrics and the inspiration for this fic came from.

Anyway, Lena. Again, sorry it took FOREVER but here it is, and I hope you enjoy it! Thank you for the request!

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We’ll tell our stories on these walls

Every year, measure how tall

And just like a work of art,

We’ll tell our stories on these walls

It’s barely light out when he slowly stirs from slumber.

While Emma has convinced him many a time over the years to lay in bed a while longer, sleep in a little later, not much can override, literally centuries of routine.

But, it’s not routine that rouses him from sleep this time.

It’s the curious, incomprehensible yet undeniably alert babbling emanating from the room down the hall.

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