too old too ugly to get notes


✨i’m michelle and my aesthetic is screaming into the void✨

(not really,, i just don’t know what’s my aesthetic lmao)

gemho  asked:

U WILL GET IN i believe in you !!!!!! 💚💚also im only going in for my as's & my year 12 mocks & im picking up 2 of my friends results too omg - whatre u hoping to do at royal holloway ???

thank u angel omg im dyin

omggg ok well as isnt too scary at all i wouldnt worry cherub,, i got a damn C and every single one of my friends got a C too lmao like nobody gives a shit bout as’ unless they contribute 2 ur final grade

hopefully english lit and creative writing!! like /side eyes my fics,, yall cant go in my portfolio but at least they helped me improve lol