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red spoils blue in his own way

does this count as spoiling?? idk he indulges his bf sometimes

okay so i tried my hand at writing for the first time in Years and idk if it’s any good?? idk its just Neil being introspective more that anything, mostly about andrew,, idk,, pls be nice to me it been so long since ive written 

In his 19 years of life Neil Josten had concerned himself with one thing: survival. He knew the concept like he knew every ugly blemish that marred his torso, like he knew the insistent need to get out of there perpetually lodged in his throat, like he knew the feel of cold steel against warm flesh again again again. That is to say he knew what it meant to survive intimately so. Neil knew how to shoot a man to make him bleed out without fatality and he knew how to kill a man without leaving a trace. The snik of a lock successfully picked, the consuming smoke and fire in his lungs, in his throat, on his tongue, the ricochet of a bullet and the resounding finality of the resultant echo were all sensations Neil had familiarised himself with over the years. Fear was something that had woven itself between Neil’s fingertips, burned behind eyes and weighted down his tongue. Intimacy meant feeling his mother’s heartbeat roaring in his ears on those nights it was too close, it was the back of his mother’s hand and the side of his face when he looked too long, it was Lola’s breath on his neck, hot and heavy.

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I had to learn how to be a monster
and I taught every lesson myself.

My claws were just nails
before I dug them deep into earth
and they emerged as sharp branches.

My teeth were just teeth,
blunt with river rock polished edges,
until I broke them on the forest floor,
chewed flint like fudge
and spat out the last softness
that sheltered on my tongue.

I took the human being I had been
and shaped her into a shadow, a demon,
a being of power.

My hands forgot to be anything but fists,
holding only strength and resolve,
my mouth forgot what it was to smile,
forgot kindness, but it learned how to bite,
it learned how to bare teeth like knives

My heart was the hardest part,
still weak with each beat,
because even monsters can learn how to love
but you don’t need to hold hands
when you can hold the world at your feet.

I had to learn how to be a monster.


Because the world wanted me weak,
and afraid and ashamed.
It wanted me docile.

And I wanted to prove I was more.

So when even our heroes were bowing to pressure,
I remade myself iron

- i had to learn how to be a monster // l.s.

I am a ball of emotions after this chapter, every word Touka said, every honest feeling she delivers,,—how she gives Amon advice/helps him to have courage and go see Akira, speaking about her own personal feelings and fears, the exchange of thoughts.. the way Amon feels about the fact she’s rabbit but doesn’t blame her, he understands the circumstances&the other side of the story, honestly..  everything about this talk with Amon was everything I ever wanted and never expected.

Elricest Week - Day 1: How do the brothers see each other?

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There’s nothing better than logging onto Tumblr dot com and seeing Royai all over your dash.

@ People at DC, We all now that Talia calling Bruce “Beloved” is just the english substitute for the Arabic word “Habibi” so lets stop this evil deception and have her actually say it, Ok :)🔪?

New Concussion Protocol

Quick disclaimer before you read. You do not need to know anything about football or the NFL to read this story. I tried to make it as basic and as easy to understand as I could. That being said, if anyone can name the team that they’re on, bonus points to you. <3

They were out to the league, and the first openly gay couple in major league football. The team didn’t care, as long as they kept winning games. And when your star quarterback and your star receiver were the best in the entire NFL, they could be shacking up with whomever they wanted to and no one on the team would bat an eye.

That’s not to say they didn’t have enemies. While their teammates and coaches were well and truly okay with their relationship, fans and opposing teams alike had not too nice words for the pair. Some fans boycotted the team, games got rougher; but they still played to the best of their abilities. The passes were still caught, and the touchdowns were celebrated both on the field and at home.

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Ask Me

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by Qpenguin98

Pidge turns towards him fully. “Lance gets really protective over the people he cares about. And you’re a person he definitely cares about.”

His stomach does that little flippy thing again. He knows that Lance cares about him, but hearing it from someone else is nice. Pidge looks entirely too gleeful.

“Are you blushing?”

Words: 8992, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 4 of Pizza Boxes and Unspoken Promises

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Steve Rogers and the 22 Push-up Challenge

Because of the video and gif sets of you know who doing pushups.  Totally un-edited and rapidly written.    What’s a super hero to do when he needs to do 22 pushup videos in 22 days?  Call in The Fixer.  Darcy Lewis.  Pairings: Darcy/Steve, background Bucky/Nat, Jane/Thor and Helen/Sam

Steve Rogers and the 22 Push-Up Challenge

“Do you understand what you’ve done?”

Natasha’s question was warranted.  Steve had just done a video on his official twitter of 22 pushups  He’d have to post another video a day of him doing 22 pushups.  And he’d made the foolish mistake of challenging two friends to do the same.  

Sam Wilson.

And Thor.

Motherfucking Thor.

Natasha’s phone dinged with an alert and she held it up without even looking at it and Sam’s response video began to play.

He was in a sleeveless muscle shirt and despite the fact that the weather had suddenly turned cool and autumnal, he was sweating far more than seemed normal.  Almost like he had been sprayed down with something before he hit record.  He heard feminine giggling in the background of the video and knew that Helen was in the background.  

“Take that Cap!  Here’s my challenge to you and Big Thunder.  Whoever gets the most likes and retweets on these videos is the Pushup King and gets to pick the other’s Halloween costumes.  Boom.  I just did that.  WILSON OUT.

“Shit,” Steve huffed out in annoyance.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I hope you're having a good day. I was wondering, would you mind talking about wolfstar and what made you interested in the pairing/what do you like about them? I've never thought about them as anything more than friends but I've been seeing a lot about them on my dash lately and I'm very intrigued, and I always love when you talk about drarry and share your thoughts with us, you have a really great way with words. <3

You’re too nice, thank you! 
I’ve liked Wolfstar from the very beginning actually, i thought they were really obvious when i was reading the books. They were always mentioned together, always touching each other in some way, always looking at each other (the famous 40 line stare!), they gave joint christmas presents, they bickered like an old married couple, they stayed together when Sirius had to lay low, and it was clear they had deep affection and respect for one another. It took Remus only a second with Sirius to figure out a “truth” he’d been believing for 12 years was a lie. Same with Sirius, even when he was furious, he listened to Remus and backed down. I feel like they’ve learned the hard way what lack of communication could cost them, you know?
I’ve also always felt like those two complemented each other really well. Sirius is wild and reckless where Remus is calculating and calm. Remus is a good anchor for Sirius to keep himself in check, while Sirius is a reassurance for Remus to let go and enjoy himself. Remus’ warm and caring nature is also something Sirius needs, he’s so driven by and controlled by his emotions that he needs a moment of peace to ease his soul. Sirius being emotionally driven is actually very good for Remus, because when Sirius loves he loves fiercely, he’s loyal to his core. Remus needs that kind of love because he’s very prone to having self-loathing and doubting feelings. They aren’t all that different though! They’re also both people who value friendship before all else. They’re both a little broken, enough to understand and help each other. They’re both mischievous and playful, enough to have fun together. They do things differently but they’re motivated by similar stuff when it gets down to it. I just feel like they connect so well together. Even their names are so poetically compatible! There’s a little bit of everything in their relationship; friendship, love, fun, warmth, angst, pain, reunion, forgiveness. Whatever you’re in the mood for, they have it.


Keep your face to the sunshine
and you cannot see a shadow.


Too Nice

“You’re too nice.”

These three words that my friend said last night got me thinking.

I told myself I better read between the lines.

I’d like to believe that kindness is always in style, yet at the same time

accept that being too nice can hurt me.

Once in a while.

In different ways.

I don’t know how to say “no.”

I always try to make other people happy.

I talk to almost everyone.

I am afraid to voice my opinion just to avoid a conflict.

Yes, I’m falling into the “too nice” trap,

and I should start saving myself from falling deeper.

“Nice” is good, but “too nice” is not.

(Adam) - It’s been a while since we’ve sent you something, but we really hope you enjoy this. You’re awesome and we wanted to congratulate you for not only being an amazing artist, but for also being the first ever person to respond to our asks.

(The New Age) - You’re Da Best DaMIIZ!


Gosh, The New Age, that’s so cute! T////T Thank you so much!! Ahh I’m so glad your words are just too nice, you’re the first person who make lots of arts for me too! Keep being awesome, Thank you again love ya so much!! ♥♥

@ZELO96: 감사합니다 모두 

정말 다 가진 거 같이 행복하네요😄

Thank you everyone
I’m really happy as if I have everything 😄

Picture trans:

Yongguk: Junhong-ah(,) happy birthday. It’s nice seeing you being concerned and anguished(.) You should live listening to nice words well and always accepting bad words positively too(.) You will become a better artist(.) Let’s become an artist that pays attention to criticisms rather than nice words(.) I should be a better role model but I’m not so I’m always sorry(,) but you’re still the best to me(.) Let’s become a cooler adult(,) fighting

Zelo: Thank you hyung✌🏻

trans cr by transforbap ; take out with full credit

The mountain is a mother
cradles you in arms of stone
keeping you safe
keeping you sane
a haven, a home, a temple.

The mountain is a father
protects you with its tumbling wrath
puts fire in your blood
and courage in your heart
a fortress, a kingdom, a city.

The mountain is both parent and child
bids you welcome when you return
stifles your screams
soothes your fears
a lullaby, a hearth, a tomb.

But he, he is the one you truly need -
wraps you in his loving arms
stills the tears
quiets the trembling
a lover, a friend, your One.

—  Erebor is Dwalin’s home, but without Nori he would never be able to bear the weight of it pressing down on his shoulders.