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Classic Lara is the best Lara. Just sayin’


I’m also for some weird reason 100% convinced Sakusa listens to death metal

High Rollers and Sore Losers -- Final Fantasy XV vs the Casino Headcanons

Since I’m a scrub who doesn’t want to sleep yet (even if it’s 2 AM), LET’S DO SOME QUICK HEADCANONS IN HONOR OF MY MINI-VACATION! C: *finger guns*
We’ll fudge it a bit and say that Prompto and Noctis are a year older than they are. Because US laws. c:

Noctis Lucis Caelum –

  • The passive and almost reluctant companion on the trip.
  • He doesn’t really care much about actually gambling, but he’s most excited for the comfortable beds.
  • Will order and request 15 pillows.
  • Yes, he does plan on trying to sleep with them all. The poor soul sleeping next to him will just have to try not getting smothered.
  • ‘We can get room service, right?’ He looks at Ignis with eager eyes.
  • The only machine he’ll ever gamble on are the ones that have pretty graphics.
  • He always wins. Even when he doesn’t know what he’s doing.
  • Prompto forces Noctis to stay because Noctis is his good luck charm.
  • Doesn’t order liquor and doesn’t stay long because the cigarette smell bothers him.
  • He’d rather go back to the room and play video games and sleep.

Prompto Argentum – 

  • ‘Hell yeah! When can we go to the buffet?!’
  • He destroys the buffet lines, eating everything and anything in sight.
  • Ignis is mortified watching Prompto start on his fourth plate, but he’s happy the boy eats.
  • Flirts with the waitress to get to-go cups and boxes to hide food in the room for later.
  • Sorry, Iggy. Unlimited cookies are too good to pass-up.
  • Likes the weird people you run into. Especially in the sketchier parts of the casino.
  • Cute and charming enough for all the little grandmas to adore him.
  • They want him and his cute friend to be their good luck – even if Prompto has no goddamn clue how any of these games work.
  • He takes lots of pictures with them though. Noctis is uncomfortable.
  • Probably one of the youngest looking there, so he gets carded. Alot.

Ignis Scientia – 

  • The scariest card shark in the world.
  • So much so that people at the card tables learned to fear Ignis and his insane card counting and intense look.
  • They try to catch Ignis cheating, but they never can because Ignis doesn’t cheat.
  • Ignis leaves with gil in the bank and all the bitches.
  • He feels awkward whenever it happens, so he avoids them if possible.
  • Or has Gladio distract them as he plays instead.
  • Takes his winnings and goes to lounge by the pool alot.
  • He’ll wear those short swim briefs, show off those thighs, and get all the bitches again.
  • Again, he’ll feel uncomfortable at cover up while Gladio distracts again.
  • Going to a casino is the first time Ignis is able to relax in months. He enjoys himself for sure.

Gladiolus Amicitia –

  • People are scared shitless around him in case he busts them for cheating.
  • No, people. He’s not apart of the security team.
  • Really knows how to liven up the party at the roulette and craps tables.
  • Even if his luck sometimes is terrible, ladies still love him.
  • Usually sticks with Ignis because Ignis knows how to win. And Gladio likes winning.
  • Tries to take ‘company’ back with him to the room. Pillow fort Noctis refuses to let them invade his fortress.
  • ‘Hope there’s a spa here.’ There is. He’s all up on that and getting the massage he deserves.
  • And reading a book in the giant tub regardless of what the others say.
  • Discovers there’s unlimited drinks so long as you play.
  • He wastes the most money in the world and comes back a wasted and broke(n) man.

Ravus Nox Fleuret – 

  • Almost as good as Ignis is at poker.
  • Almost. His eyes give him away, so people always know when he’s bluffing.
  • Who needs to bluff though when you know you’re going to win?
  • Will have super good luck in bursts, then lose it all within the next five minutes.
  • ‘Is that all you’re playing?’ In which Ravus glares and replies, ‘I shall play as much as I desire to!’
  • And then he feels challenged and has to play more.
  • Thinks that the buffet is a place for savages. Has to go to the fine-dining restaurant.
  • Has alot of guys flirting with him and offering to buy him drinks.
  • He sort of stares, but Ardyn takes the drinks for him. Because hey! Free things!
  • Will stay up playing until he makes back everything he lost. He always makes it back. Probably through intimidating the machine.

Ardyn Izunia – 

  • The grandpa that all the grandmas adore.
  • And the grandpa that cheats blatantly enough that the boys know, but the casino can’t catch him.
  • Always on casino security in case he tries to rob them.
  • Or steal trinkets from the casino gift shop.
  • A walking embodiment of sin – drinking, smoking, fraternizing and more.
  • ‘I am disgusted,’ everyone states.
  • Ardyn does his things nevertheless.
  • Only ever plays the classic slot machines. The other machines are too new for him.
  • ‘I appreciate the older classics.’ *cough cough Hipster cough*
  • Is found sleeping next to a trash can, hungover with a bag of poker chips in his hands.

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret –

  • Acts like a princess who is naive and innocent when she enters the high-stakes poker tables.
  • She then proceeds to make grown men cry and leave without any of their clothes or dignity.
  • Doesn’t drink or smoke, but she indulges on their tears.
  • ‘Teehee~’
  • Usually donates her winnings to charity afterwards, bless her soul~
  • Only really goes to the casino to make sure her brother doesn’t lose another arm and a leg when playing.
  • And just in case Ardyn tries to get Ravus wasted and into bed again.
  • Probably the only one willing enough to be the designated driver.
  • Tries not to scream because the room coffee tastes awful and she really needs some sort of coffee or tea in the morning.
  • Keeps the room so cold that you’re on the verge of getting hypothermia.

Cindy Aurum – 

  • Literally does nothing but lean against the bar to get a water, and guys are all up on her.
  • ‘Can’t a girl just roll ‘em in peace?!’
  • Gets grumpy when she’s not allowed to gamble.
  • Mostly interested in how the machine works, hoping to take one apart one day.
  • Wicked lucky on slots, to the point where it’s scary.
  • Just as enthusiastic about the buffet and all you can eat as Prompto is.
  • If not more.
  • Will reach for your bread rolls and take it from you as she asks ‘You gonna eat that?’
  • Noctis cannot reply, for Cindy has already devoured it.
  • Eats the ice cubes from the ice machines like they’re candy.

Aranea Highwind – 

  • Never uses her own money to play.
  • Why pay when others will pay for you? She ends up flirting and hanging with some guy who’s dumb enough to fall for her charm.
  • Gets money by the end of the night and ultimately ‘wins’ that way.
  • Too impatient to remain loyal to a machine (or person), so she’s always wandering about.
  • Would rather go shopping at the gift shop and get something worth keeping.
  • Doesn’t help that Biggs and Wedge regulate her spending.
  • Like, alot.
  • Especially because Aranea’s the worst spender out of all of them.
  • Is seen sun-tanning by the pool or working out when not hustling people.
  • Girl’s gonna make every minute or her vacation last, goddamnit!

Cor Leonis – 

  • Is he even alive? Nobody’s seen him leave his hotel room since he arrived.
  • He spends all day watching TV and taking old man naps.
  • Comes out only to go to the bar for awhile and bet on some sports games or horse races.
  • Shittiest luck in the world.
  • Makes Gladio usually pick what team to bet on. Gladiolus has worse luck that Cor though.
  • Thus, he goes back to his room because he’s broke and grumpy.
  • That, and this little blond kid (who Cor assumes is too young to even be there) keeps watching to challenge Cor to Blackjack.
  • To the death!
  • Cor refuses, even if he used to be a blackjack king in the past.
  • Not like you can even do blackjack to the death, kid…

Day 16 - Matt Bellamy and Miles Kane in DPJHCB


7 days of TeniPuri

Day 1: Favorite character - Mizuki Hajime


A new miniseries adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s all-too-relevant 1985 classic, The Handmaid’s Tale, hits Hulu next week, and The New York Public Library’s copies are flying off the shelves. Whether you’re waiting for your copy from the library or you’ve already read the Atwood classic and are looking for a good follow-up, we have a few suggestions.

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Okay highschoollevelotaku and me are indulging here because this is one of my all time favourites I hope you enjoy as much as I do friend!!

*one of these has probably already been made but oh well (I kind of got carried away, I just love this cinnamon roll so much 😂) I’ll most likely make another one not going to lie*

Being in a relationship with Abe would include…

- He is definitely a romantic. He would send agents off to buy you roses and chocolates for him. Your favourite present he got you was a silver necklace with a small blue diamond fish charm on it. You never take it off and Abe can’t help smiling everytime he sees you wearing it.

-You get him a lot of presents too. You order in new classical records from across the world and buy books for Abe that he hasn’t read yet. Not to mention all of the rotten eggs he can eat.

- Him always standing close to you. No matter where you were, library or on a mission, he would find a way to be as close as possible. He finds you calming and loves when you lean into him subconsciously.

- Him not having any experience in the way of kissing and being extremely nervous when he wants to try it. He would plan it out weeks beforehand, terrified of messing up.

- You taking the lead when it came to physical affection. Abe isn’t used to physical contact so he is unsure of what to do. Even hugging was new to him. He liked it though.

- Him slowly gaining confidence over time and initiating hugs and kisses.

- Him especially loving it when you have to stand on your tiptoes to kiss him on the cheek and use his chest to steady yourself. He has no idea why but it makes his heart melt.

- Him whispering he loves you into your hairline whenever he hugs you.

- Him telling Hellboy that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

- Hellboy teasing Abe about marriage and future kids only to be suprised when Abe tells him that if you wanted to be wed and have children then he would be the happiest man in the world.

- Double dates with Hellboy and Liz.

- A lot of comfortable silences. You don’t need to be talking to one another all the time. Just sitting watching the fire is enough for the both of you.

- Curling up together by the fire in the library and taking turns to read chapters of a book to one another. You find his voice unbelievably soothing so when it comes to your turn you pretend to be asleep in the hope that he will continue reading to himself.

- Him 100% knowing you are faking being asleep but going along anyway.

- Swimming in Abe’s tank with him. You would chase him in the water until he finally let you catch him. He would wrap his arms around you and pull you close to him not wanting to let go.

-You helping him with his Rubik’s Cube.

- There would definitely be dancing around the library late at night to Abe’s classical music when all of the agents have settled down for the night.

- Him humming ‘Can’t Smile Without You’ while you slow dance together by the fireplace.

- Him being reluctant to let you go on missions by yourself because he doesn’t know what he would do if something were to happen.

- Him never leaving your side when you get injured and constantly pestering the medical staff to make sure you get the best care possible.

- Him realising that you have been the thing missing from his life. The thought of losing you is enough to bring him to tears (well it would be if he had tear ducts).

‘River on the Rise’ by Debra Blake for Vegetarian Times, March 1988 (Part II, final)

How the family took their vision to Hollywood dates back 10 years ago, to their final days in Venezuela. The family had little money when they left the religious community and River, along with his sister Rainbow, often took to the streets, restaurants, and even airport waiting areas to sing to people, entertaining them while trying to earn a dollar. River had been playing guitar since before he was 5 years old, and his talent became increasingly apparent to Arlyn and John. Back in the States, the family headed straight for Los Angeles, where Arlyn took a job at a broadcasting company to get the family’s collective foot in Hollywood’s door.

“We weren’t going for the glamour or the fame of it all,” Arlyn says. “We were going to take the kids’ talent-which was so obvious-to us-and turn it into something and help make change at the same time. That’s why we went.”

Weren’t they afraid that the kids wouldn’t share their vision, or perhaps lose sight of it as the endless glittery parties began to welcome them, threatening to turn them into Hollywood brats?

“No,” says Arlyn. “I knew they wouldn’t get into the Hollywood scene. We had our own business to attend to, and it wasn’t Hollywood. It was making change in the world.”

River’s business is making change, too. He’s clear on that score. “If I didn’t think I could be a part of a movement that could influence,” he says, “and be a part of helping and change, if I couldn’t help that through what I’m doing, I wouldn’t do this. But I’m seeing that through this position-in this career, and where I have these magazine interviews- I can be an example, and I think that’s important. In all the interviews I do, I say something about my being vegan. I don’t want to come off as if I’m a savior. I’m only a very small part of anything, but I think it’s important to be involved. I’m interested in meditation and finding spiritual fulfillment. But for me to just go off and devote my life to monkhood in the jungle would be ultimately abandoning the world, and the consciousness would be on a selfish level. I think I can do a lot more good for this planet if I am out there.”

River is still young. Does he share his mother’s confidence that he’ll be able to withstand the pressures that Hollywood places on young people-pressures that make them grow up quickly, losing their dreams and ideals in the process?

“Being out there,” River says slowly, looking around at the giant oak trees on the lawn, “you can go astray, and everything can be destroyed. I’m aware of that, but I don’t think I’ll get into that. Maybe I’m lucky; I’m not really attracted to all of that now. I think I’ll be strong enough, but I do see there’s that chance.

"You can’t really make any plans about things like this, though. You go with the flow but still against the grain, not for the ego of it but for the belief of it. The only thing I have to show is how I live. The vegan thing is one of the main things. I’m a peaceful person; I think that’s manifested through how I live. I don’t start trouble. But time will tell.”

River has moved around a lot over the years. He was born in Oregon, went with the family to South America as a young child, and has lived in countless California towns. He’s traveled-sometimes with only part of the family-to different countries to film on location. Just before last Thanksgiving the whole family moved to Florida, where they now reside. They wanted to leave the Hollywood scene and revive ideals about living in the country.

Florida winter afternoons are warm, and River spends hours in the garage, hunched over his new 12-string guitar. His hands are square and strong, and after so many years they’re used to playing the chords that sound good to him. He has the guitar plugged into an amplifier, and the rock rhythms echo out in the yard. He’s not in school (he was privately tutored for most of his life), and he says he’s not interested in working until the summer. These days he’s mostly hanging around, traveling a bit, hoping a bass guitarist will read the signs he placed around the University of Florida campus. “Needed,” the signs read. “Bass guitarist with young blood who’s into progressive rock and roll, jazz. For demo recordings.” River is looking for a buddy to jam with.

If he didn’t have his acting career, River thinks he could be a musician. He’s driven to it. “I love music,” he says. “It’s so much a part of me.” The roster of his favorite musicians is long and eclectic; he’s especially into early Squeeze and U2. But the rest of his list reads like the playlist of an early ‘70s FM station. “I like jazz, folk music, Bob Dylan. Older Bowie and old Roxy Music to fall asleep to. I like old Steely Dan music and some Pink Floyd. Old Led Zeppelin, too. The Beatles are my Bible; that goes without saying. And I like classical music.”

Modern music disappoints River, and he doesn’t like much of what’s commercially produced. His tastes in books and movies also show that River has one foot in a different age. He sounds a little frustrated by that, and says things like “movies nowadays. ..books nowadays. .. music nowadays.”

He doesn’t see too many new movies, preferring witty, intelligent classic comedies, and he likes the great slapsticks. But his idealism comes through even here. “I haven’t seen Cry Freedom [about Steven Biko, a martyred black South African], but it’s top on my list for a real conscious movie. And I liked Brazil. I like intense movies. Did you ever see Brother Sun, Sister Moon? It’s about St. Francis. I felt a rebirth after I saw that.”

He doesn’t find much time for reading, though he’d like to, but somehow he’s picked up a lot of information on health and political issues. The novels he’s read, or would like to read, are those that kids grew up on 15 and 20 years ago: Catcher in the Rye and Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salinger, Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha, Richard Bach’s Illusions, Ray Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

As for his own movies, he’s hot enough to be selective about the scripts he accepts, and he’s been pretty happy with the results. “I feel no need to invest in a movie unless I have an incredible passion for it,” he says. “And one that will not only be good for me but one I can be proud of-one that’s a benefit to society. I always hope the movie will, if nothing else, be a part of good art and influence people in a good way.”

Up to now, there’s been no compromising in River’s work, and he’s not planning on changing his record. Even as a child, no commercials he ever made endorsed white bread, and when he was in Seven Brides, the family made sure he wouldn’t have to go fishing or wear a coonskin cap.

River still chooses carefully, hoping the ideals he lives by will be reflected in the characters he plays. He liked his character of Chris Chambers in Stand by Me, directed by Rob Reiner. “Chris came off as a victim of the mentality of his town, but he was a good person. He was a great friend, he was loyal and he wasn’t an idiot-not just a big dumb l2-year-old. He was a real sweet guy, smart and intelligent. A good character.”

The last movie he worked on was Sidney Lumet’s Running on Empty. (Lumet directed Dustin Hoffman in the Academy Award-winner Tootsie.) River plays the son of parents whose antimilitary activities have kept them on the run for years. River likes the character but sees him as a victim, too.

“In dramas, kids usually are victims, either to their parents or to society:’ River explains. "I want to get away from that. It would be wonderful to see someone already in a clear-minded reality take it from there and maybe go beyond that, show what can happen.”

He can’t say precisely what kinds of films he’d like to do or what kind of work will draw him next. Theater would be interesting, perhaps, and possibly directing at some point. Unlike many actors, he’s not even thinking about who he’d like to work with. “I would like to work with Rob Reiner again,” he says, “Maybe just a cameo role in one of his movies. But for the most part I don’t think like that. I figure that time will tell, and if it’s right, I’ll meet the right people and work with them at some point.” Outwardly, River has few doubts about himself, as an individual and as a Phoenix family member. “I’m definitely an individual,” he said. “I feel very secure as an individual. And I’m proud of my family and what we’ve done together. I’m a product of my family, just like everybody else. These are my roots.

"I just want to live my life. Acting is what I love to do, and it’s worked out this way. I don’t know if it’s God’s perfect plan or whatever, but for me, not only do I love it and get great satisfaction out of it, but also I can work my beliefs in. I’m free to believe in what I do, and I can share those beliefs with others. Not in a preaching way, not telling others, but just by what I do. I find that very fulfilling.”

After lunch-tabouli, nori, blue corn chips, tofu omelet, tahini dressing-River and Rainbow, like older brother and sister in any family, take the family jeep to pick up the other kids from school. Back home, River runs into the yard to swing on the rope hung from one of the oaks. “Hey, look at this!” he yells. While Rainbow watches, River laughs, jumps high and grabs hold. 

A Phoenix on the rise.