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Hi, I really like your prompt fills, they're amazing! I really love the prompt fill on zombies being representations of the seven deadly sins. I don't know if this is thinking too much into it but is/are there any specific person/people who specialise in dealing with packs of Envies? And who does repair work on the corral?

(Part One)

Numbers sleeps out by the Envies some nights.

 Most nights. 

Okay, nearly every night. She thinks that most sane people would with people like Stella and the General in the camp. It’s not that she thinks they’d ever go after her (except for how she does). It’s just that she doesn’t have confidence they won’t get her the next time camp is attacked.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Tia says when Numbers tells her this. She hands the girl a bag of food, that day’s rations. “They’ve been doing this way too long for that.”

Numbers doesn’t say anything. Two years ago, when this started, she’d thought people wouldn’t make mistake like that, wouldn’t hit a human instead of a zombie. In a way, she was right.

It wasn’t a mistake then and she doubts it would be one now.

“Thanks for the food,” she says, holding up the bag.

“No fire tonight,” Tia warns. “I don’t like how many Sloths have been around lately.”

Numbers casts an uneasy look at the horizon. Their camp is on a small hill which leads down to a flood plain. She can see the ruins of a city a mile or two away, but between here and there are too many holes, too much foliage, too much coverage for zombies.

“’Course,” Tia says, too nonchalant, “you could have a hot meal if you came to stay in the camp. Get to know everyone.”

Numbers is already shaking her head. She’s the newest member to the camp, the youngest to boot, and she likes the anonymity that gives her. She’s pretty sure Stella doesn’t even know her name.

Tia sighs, used to losing this particular battle. “Well, you know the knock. It baffles me that you’d feel more comfortable out here next to them though.”

Numbers looks where Tia gestures though she already knows what she’s pointing at. Numbers has just put a new batch of Envies in the corral and they’re getting to know the older ones, bumping into each other as they wander around aimlessly. Every now and then, they almost scent her and Tia and stop, those with noses letting their nostrils flare. Then they go right back to meandering, what’s left of their minds forgetting the distraction as soon as the wind snatches the scent away.

“Envies are predictable,” Numbers says because she likes Tia. She rustles in the bag of food, checking out her supplies. “People aren’t.”

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I kinda wonder like, do the big time you tubers of zombies (you know mrdalekjd and all them) know we exist? they always refer to the community when they do easter eggs and stuff, just wondering if they also know of the tumblr side of zombies…idk why i just keep thinking about how if they ever saw our little contributions (fanart and stuff) 

sorry just thinking lol 

i’ll always make it back to you (zombie hunter!jackson, m)

summary: you and jackson promised to be best friends through anything, be it high school, significant others, or growing up. of course, neither of you had ever anticipated that a little more than two years later, a widespread virus would infest the entire world, and would rip you away from the one person you held close. you were lost, dying, and ready to give up on ever finding him again, but jackson had other plans.

relationship: jackson x reader

warnings: angst, smut, slight-ish gore, language

words: 7,696 (damn)

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september 6th, 2015

“Hey, hey, Wang… are you even listening to me?” You fling a popcorn kernel at Jackson, narrowly missing his nose as it clatters to the floor a few feet away from your target. Jackson raises an eyebrow, not tearing his eyes from the tv screen, “Ya?”

You roll over onto your back glare up at the ceiling, covered in posters of sci-fi movies, supermodels, and video games that Jackson had obsessed over from middle school to senior year. He was your best friend, had been since you were little, and you recalled a time when you could look up at this very ceiling and see white paint, “I don’t get why you invite me over these days if all you’re gonna do is play video games.” You huff, folding your arms over your chest as you give a picture of Han Solo a stern glare. 

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for hh, how does bitty feel about tater? since he knows that tater has a crush on kent

Well, you know. Alexei is nice to Kent. And Bitty is glad that Kent seems to have made a friend because, in Bitty’s opinion, Kent needs more close friends. He was happy to hear that Kent and Alexei talked regularly, because Bitty felt like Kent needed that.

He certainly wasn’t expecting for Alexei to have a crush on Kent, but it isn’t particularly upsetting. After all, it’s not like he is competition. As it is, Kent and Bitty have been talking for a year and half? and even though it took longer than that for them to officially define their relationship, they both probably think of themselves as having been dating since last summer – so, about a year. Kent has really never given Bitty any reason to think that he’s interested in anyone else.

Still, it is a bit awkward, and we will have to see how they interact in the future. It’s clear that Kent wasn’t expecting it, either, and they haven’t physically been in the same place since that awkward NHL awards night. Who knows?

Bitty might not be opposed to Alexei being… around, though. 🤔 

Thanks so much for asking!!

I had a dream last night where there was a zombie war, and at the end of it, Tumblr went full Tumblr. I was scrolling down my Tumblr and every post was like:

“I support headless liberation and all that but I have to say that as a person with a head, I feel really left out by some of the movement’s followers. I can’t help it if I have a head. I shared a meme supporting headless liberation, what more do you headless people want???”

“Well what headless people really want is for the headless community to acknowledge the unique struggle of those who had their heads eaten by zombies. Too much of the movement is taken up by quibbles about whether being beheaded left to right or right to left is worse. BUT WE HAD OUR HEADS LITERALLY EATEN BY ZOMBIES OVER HERE AND NO ONE CARES”

“I have a head but I really identify with the struggles of the headless people because this one time I only got 20 likes on a selfie and that’s why I awkwardly hide my head inside my clothes”

“Ok everyone please remember to drink water uwu. It will make you feel happy uwu. Drink water uwu”

“Well that’s EASY TO SAY because you have a HEAD TO DRINK WATER WITH. Check your HEAD PRIVILEGE, headed scum”

“Excuse me I am not headed I identify as a person with a head thank you very much and drinking water will totally solve all the problems of the headless community why are you all so ungrateful for my magnanimous help”

“Can we really call ourselves a headless community if we’re only representing the people beheaded with knives? Too often, the people who had their brains eaten by zombies are dismissed by a movement that purports to liberate us”


“No, I’m not headless. I’m a person without a head”

“I don’t actually have head privilege because I only have one head. Stop shouting ‘head privilege’. You’re putting people off supporting you. I don’t understand this SJW headonism crap and it’s your job to make me understand while I make my respecting your humanity contingent on you coddling my feelings”

“I have a head and I really think the headless movement should think more about my feelings. I WORKED HARD for this head! I ran away from brain-eating zombies and I worked hard not to have anyone mistake me for a zombie. I EARNED my head! There was no privilege involved! And now these headless whiners are trying to get free headouts from the nanny state”

“Well anyways, down with the headriarchy and all that”