too much yellow lol


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valentine’s dodie 💖

anonymous asked:

you give me a vibe of somebody with pale blue overalls and stripey socks and a beat up cap who exclusively reads and buys yellow flowers on sunday at the farmers market. u wear highlighter, lipstick, eyebrow pencils and mascara not because you don't like makeup, it's just not a person you are. you have a light colored room, littered with old, beige poetry books and homework with funky lamps and a denim jacket over the doorkob. [i profile people easily & a lot incase this sounded rlly creepy :)]

You’re like 95% right omg you’re so good at this??💘 I usually just drown myself in oversized sweaters because then I never have to worry about pants lol💐 I don’t usually wear caps because I’m not sure how to make them look good, although, I have a beret that’s pretty cute🌷 yellow flowers are my favorite and I read too much for my own good lol📖 my room is, in fact, yellow and I have so many books that they’re stacked in all corner’s of my room because the shelf I have isn’t big enough lol I love makeup, I’m just shit at putting it on lol🌸 this was so cool and you’re literally so smart💟