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Venus/Bellatrix, how could she look like someone from both your wet dream and worst nightmare at once?

Bellatrix Lestrange apparated outside in front of a brick wall in the middle of Knighstbridge, London. She had been told the Poison Lady was extremely wealthy so she had expected a Manor in the countryside much like her sister. She was familiar with hidden urban houses though. 12 Grimmauld Place was located in Kensington, safe from muggle prying eyes. That’s why she didn’t move an inch when she saw the walls extend, finally showing her the entrance.

She knocked and was greeted by a tall man in a black suit. No house-elves, then. “Mrs Lestrange?” She nodded. “Please let me take your coat.” He was talking too much already.

Bellatrix bypassed him and arrived in the hugest parlour she had ever been in. There were windows all around enlightening the white walls. 

“Please take a seat, Mrs Lestrange. Lady Zabini will come down in a minute.” Lady? She was anything but. She had the money but she would never have the blood. 

Bellatrix never sat down. The furniture was fancy, she could tell. Pure-bloods did not much care for the newly wealthy but the name Zabini was famous among them. The woman carried a reputation. One of gold-digger and man killer. Needless to say, Bellatrix was intrigued. Voldemort thought she would be too and so he had led her to this house, asking that she came back to him with “special plants” only the Lady was cultivating. 

She distinctly heard her come down the stairs. The whole damn city would have been able to with the high heels she was wearing. That was the first thing Bellatrix noticed, right before her impossibly long dark-skinned legs. 

She was wearing a red dress moulding her hips and breasts. Her black hair was cascading down her left shoulder. Her face was flawless and you couldn’t guess how old she was. She was both young and mature. Sweet and salty. She could be your every dream. No wonder all these men fell for her. Men were weak. 

After a moment of perplexity, the host smirked dangerously at her guest. “Well, I was told Voldemort’s most loyal and ruthless servant was on their way yet I have to admit you are far from what I imagined.”

“Disappointed I’m not an affluent man you could add to your little list?” She was accustomed to people treating her as an inferior solely due to her gender.

“Not at all. You exceed expectations is all.” She turned her back and walked towards another door. Her gait was divinely insanely sensual. She opened the door. “This is the way to my glasshouse. I believe that’s why you’re here.” Bellatrix nodded and reached her. “After you.” She showed her the way with her palm. Even her smell was intoxicating. Did she use amortentia? The thing was, Bellatrix was quite certain she didn’t even have to.

Before exiting the parlour, Bellatrix stared right into her hazel eyes. What she saw in them was determination and danger. She knew this look entirely too well. Same eyes greeted her through the mirror every morning. She promised herself she would never underestimate the woman. This was a man’s mistake and she was no man.

“You exceed mine too.”

How could she look like someone from both your wet dream and worst nightmare at once? 

Homecoming [Klaine] PG

6.01/6.02 reaction fic.  Home is where the heart is.  Blaine doesn’t know where to go in the wake of the break up with Kurt, so he goes to the one place that will always have a piece of his heart: Dalton.
~1,300 words
Also available on ffnet and AO3.

Blaine stares at the placard on his desk for a moment, one hand cradling a pen loosely as a slow smile curls his lips. 

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Cold Hands and Warm Hearts

Description: When Phil’s hands are cold, what other source of heat is better than Dan? (based on this hella cute prompt (xx) sent into phanfic. thanks, anon.).

Word Count: 1,225


It had been a cold and arduous day of present-buying in London, and Dan and Phil were just about ready to kill the next person who accidentally barged into them in the streets with muttered apologies and hasty pats on the back – but not before they took a long and much-deserved nap, first. One too many bypassing commuters had managed to piss them off with their with their unusually loud voices and fast-paced walking, and don’t even get them started on the weather. The conditions were worse than arctic, as Phil had described with the most chattering teeth that Dan had ever seen over a cup of coffee that had failed its job of warming the pair up. Their goal of the day was only to buy a few Christmas presents for their family before they left it too late and would have to start practising their excuses; they didn’t expect to be hurled around the streets of London between sweaty businessmen and advertisers.

Once they had arrived home later that evening, Phil hadn’t said anything as he marched straight to the boiler to turn their heating up to its highest setting. It had never been cranked that high before, and rightfully so. Never in their two years of living in this house had they felt so cold to the extent where they genuinely felt concerned for their health. And Phil was a naturally cold person anyway, but this feeling of utter lack of control to stop his shivering limbs and vibrating jaw couldn’t ever be compared to anything he had felt before. It was verging on painful.

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Comics to Read 6/22 - Wonderful Wonderful edition

School is out, Summer is here and that is time for comics, comics, comics. And this week we have some good ones. Let’s go with a short but sweet list.

The new age of Wonder Woman is here with writer Greg Rucka and artist Liam Sharpe. Following on the Rebirth issue, Diana is still confused about her own history (join the club my friend) so she is off to the jungle for answers. Meanwhile her new supporting case swings into action and they are familiar to long time readers but with some welcome updating. Diana is the narrator and focus of THIS volume of Wonder Woman and the creative team has a sure handle on the character. I couldn’t be happier. Also Wonder Woman is canon for sure FREAKING tall.

Batwoman is training the teen Bats while Batman tries to find out what is going on in Gotham. Tynion’s Kate is very good and very Kate Kane. I’ll take the teen angst for her.

There is another issue here and it is more than welcome but the publishing schedule on this book is getting a bit punishing.

That’s it for me. Sorry Marvel’s latest cross over is too much for me. I’ll continue to pick up books that bypass it.

What’s on your list?