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Sf9 Being Jealous When You’re Close To Another Member

Inseong: Isn’t the type to confront or really express major jealousy much on the outside but could be SUPER jealous on the inside. Will constantly look over at you if you were close to zuho or something and his smile will fade just a teeny bit. The type to, if really jealous, will just call you and when you turn, he’ll return you a small smile and say, “come here for a bit I missed u~”

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Youngbin: If he has a crush, it will probably make him someone that is close to you and be a very brotherly/oppa figure type of guy so if he does get jealous, he will joke around with the other members like moving you to the side away from a member like, “she’s not interested taeyang, stop trying to flirt with her.” Even tho yall know that aint a joke.

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Jaeyoon: “Um? Don’t touch her too much.” Jaeyoon will bluntly say to any damn member who seems like they’re going over their boundaries. Probably is super obvious about liking you or his ass will make sure it’s clear that he does and would probably make it clear to the other members as well that he does so they know your off limits. “Yah, rowoon, watch it buddy.”

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Rowoon: Would probably be the cuteass type that hovers around you all the time because if he likes you secretly, he will make sure he establishes a good friendship with you that involves alot of skinship and aegyo that people will just often assume that you’re dating. (So basically you’ll be treated like how he treats chani but 2x) Will constantly hug you away from a member or distract you with something and if your too into a member, he’ll probably hook his pinky finger with yours and be like “let’s go get some coffee.”

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Dawon: Wouldn’t be too obvious like Jaeyoon but will constantly tease you and playfully whine and judge like “why are you so close with many boys???? Stop being too pretty gosh!” And whenever he sees you hanging around a certain member way too much he’ll just be like “Hey! Stop flirting you two!” Would be so ugly like that when instead he knows he should just spend more time with you if he really wants to get things running instead of interrupting and cock blocking every chance he gets.

“Oh I was saying-dawon why you here?”

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Zuho: Probably would just stand there like a robot watching you get close to someone that’s not him and be awfully jealous on the inside, but would talk quietly to that member later and lay his feelings straight with them that he likes you. Would be another oppa figure so if he does everything do you and more, he’s forreal. Would be extra too and start coughing super loud or clearing his throat loud if a member starts to initiate skinship or call that member off to run fakeass chores just cuz thats the zuho way. 

“Dawon, go buy some milk.”
“We still have milk..”
  Then go get some orange juice.”

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Taeyang: The sunshine would highkey become a sunset everytime you are not next to him and having fun with another member. It will show on his face even if you never really noticed, however the other members will. Wont frown or glare but it would be like a poker face sort of thing where it looks like he’s lost in his own little world, sometimes his eyes just fixated on you or the other member until they realized they’re being stared at.

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Hwiyoung: Baby is also a huge diva when it comes to his member, in private he will make it clear to all his members he likes you and to back off from trying to get with u. In public, if it does still happen, he will Look tired and like he’s done and just wants to go home. Perfect moment for the phrase  “I came out here to have a good time and I’m feeling really attacked right now.” Its practically written across his face. Could also lose alot of his confidence cuz he’s a sweetheart and also he’s annoyed cuz he clearly reminded everyone not to try to get with you.

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Chani: smiles and brush it off every-time you get close to another member but once he sees something serious going on between you too, he will go into his other phase and it’s not the super funny extra one, its poker faces robot/done with the day chani. Would also distract that member away from you instead of distracting you from that member cuz he’s an awkward hamster and wouldn’t know how to entertain you anyways and would just get too pressured and turn into an awkward mess.

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I think the other thing that kind of works good for Monster Factory is that we try to really embrace whatever character we make. So we try to, like, if we pick a character and we’re investing ourselves in them, no matter how sort of initially weird they may be, by the time we’ve lived with them a while, we can’t imagine them looking like a different way. And I think that that’s–this is reading too much into it, obviously, but there’s something that resonates in that with people, like, there’s this sense that Monster Factory is broadly about–there’s a lot of it that’s about acceptance, I think … We build this character and we live with it, but we let it evolve naturally and let it become whatever it’s going to become and we love whatever the character is. And that’s so much more interesting than trying to poke fun at ugly characters. And the thing about that that’s so fun is you find that when you love, like, really ugly characters, they become beautiful for some people. Probably our best example of this is The Final Pam … The weird thing is that we just tried to make the most uncomfortable looking person we could in Fallout 4, but because we made these choices that she’s indestructible and unkillable and a force of nature basically, that weird visage became the least interesting thing about her. And that was the jumping off point, but by the end of it it 100% did not define her. And there’s morals and lessons there, I think, if you want to think too much about it.
—  Justin McElroy (Just Talking Podcast, #372)
Daydream Block.

Do you know the feeling of dullness everytime your daydream? Everytime you want to daydream about something, it just seems so dull and ugly, and you’re not motivated enough to daydream about it at all.

I call this a daydream block. it’s very similar to artist’s block - basically when you suddenly feel like your daydreams are too dull, boring, and not motivated enough to daydream about that thing.

It’s really painful because I love my daydreams so much but I can’t seem to daydream about it anymore for a period of time. Suddenly I end up in a spiral of frustation because of this.

Miraculous Ladybug Season 1 Starters

You know the deal. Feel free to change pronouns, words, etc!

  • “I like your work. It’s awesome. Keep it up!”
  • “I didn’t just do that! Tell me I didn’t just do that!”
  • “Now that’s a tragedy.”
  • “Cats are nothing but trouble.”
  • “Nice ride, but if I were you, I would have at least made it a convertible.”
  • “_______, you’re good at annoying people; do your thing!”
  • “There better be some explosive boots in there or something.”
  • “I’m the lamest of friends. Lamer than lame!”
  • “You don’t know me, but FYI, this is like the biggest moment of my life.”
  • “I know! I know what the bad guys want!”
  • “But then, he might think we’re following him! Like stalkers! What, me, a stalker? Ha! Although, I would follow him. You know, of course I wouldn’t really stalk him! Oh…who am I kidding?”
  • “Breaking and entering are grounds for a serious time-out.”
  • “Would you mind savoring it a little faster?”
  • “What rock have you been living under?”
  • “Ooh, swinky…”
  • “I’m guessing you’re talking about yourself.”
  • “You should get going. Our identities must remain secret.”
  • “I will have absolute power!”
  • “Happy birthday–I mean, have a nice day!”
  • “You think he’d remember what it was like to be young and wanna party a little.”
  • “And it better be amazing, and it better not be late!”
  • “Who just hijacked my mix?!”
  • “Yeah, if by emergency you mean jealousy.”
  • “Your…plumbing skill is gonna help us out?”
  • “You can’t run forever, and when I catch you, I will crush you!”
  • “Ridiculous, utterly ridiculous!”
  • “Why did I agree to do this again?”
  • “I…uhhh…dahee…wha…ahh…”
  • “They took everything away from me!”
  • “Then? I’ll invite him out for a fruit smoothie at the end of the photo shoot! Then, we’ll get married! Live happily ever after in a beautiful house and have two kids? No, three. And a dog!”
  • “And now, you have to eat the spaghetti off the floor!”
  • “Why don’t you pick on someone your own temperature?”
  • “You just won yourself a cat fight!”
  • “But I look so good in a swimsuit.”
  • “Come on, where’s the good stuff?”
  • “A girl doesn’t need to wear a costume to be amazing, you know.”
  • “We’ve become very close friends because we have something very special in common.”
  • “Between you and me, ____ doesn’t even make the top ten.”
  • “I could have easily stopped that meteorite myself.”
  • “Forget it, you were right. We’ll never be friends!”
  • “Because only love can conquer hate.”
  • “Have you seen some of the ugly sweaters they are forced to wear? It’s appalling.”
  • “I wonder who you are beneath that strong disguise.”
  • “Uh, she’s not crying enough.”
  • “I sound like a total dorkasaurus!”
  • “So she’s got eyes, arms, legs, big deal!”
  • “She’s too self-absorbed to think of anyone but herself, much less save the world!”
  • “Time flies fast when you’re saving the world.”
  • “He who enters uninvited burglarizes my inner being and steals my life force!”
  • “So you were biased? Unfair? Totally unjust?!”
  • “Good luck with your cat popsicle!”
  • “Hey! I happen to think that _____ is pretty slick.”
  • “Hey hot stuff, this is ______. I’d ask you on a date to a movie, but I’ve got such a crazy crush on you that the only way I can talk to you without foaming at the mouth is over this stupid phone.”
  • “I’m sure if she took a little time to get to know me, she would see how much we have in common.”
  • “You don’t even take love seriously.”
  • “_____ may annoy me to pieces, but he’s never lied to me.”
  • “Thanks, Super Dad!”
  • “You were totally going ballistic. It was so cool!”
  • “I’m no good with words anyway.”
  • “Now do you see what I mean about respect?”
  • “Have I ever told you you turn my world upside down?”
  • “Nice try, but we know who the bad guy is.”
  • “Forget it, I’m a disaster zone.”
  • “You’re a born champion.”
  • “Pigeons will reign supreme! Power to the pigeons!”
  • “I can’t wait, my dear pigeon.”
  • “It’s scandalous, how could you do that?”
  • “A friend of ____? Ah, you must be kidding!”
  • “Fancy meeting you here, what a stroke of luck!”
  • “I was allowed to have one because I won a zoo tap-dancing contest in the Kingdom of _____.”
  • “Not so fast, my royal pain in the neck!”
  • “Cooking needs no words.”
  • “Huh, silly me, you don’t have any taste! I mean, look at that you’re wearing.”
  • “Haha! Like it spicy?”
  • “You think you can beat me with a piece of paper?”
  • “I can’t wait to get home and write a song about soup!”
  • “Are you tired of having your creative spirit crushed?’”
  • “I hate dealing with it!”
  • “That’s not equal at all! Is that how you two work?”
  • “I got wind that you were being blown away by a hairy situation.”
  • “Fewer puns, more action!”
  • “No. Everyone adores me.”
  • “You’re beautiful and sweet and…you’re perfect and I could never hurt you!”
  • “I simply cannot bear violence.”
  • “See what I did? I made a cat joke! Ah! I can be funny.”
  • “Come on! Seriously? Why is everyone comparing me to ____ tonight?”
  • “It would have been too…dramatic!”
  • “Well, it’s only a birthday.”
  • “You’re no match for me. My neck is bigger than your thigh.”
  • “Do I see double vision in my future? Or should I say double villain?”
  • “Responsibility isn’t something to be taken lightly. I should know.”
  • “You can’t be serious! Over a missing bracelet?”
  • “If by big you are referring to my rock-hard abs? Well, thanks for noticing!”
  • “Do I sense a plan?”
  • “Fabulous…so wickedly fabulous!”
  • “Isn’t it killer?”
  • “_____, superhero of _____, defender of the innocent, fighter of all the rights, can’t deal with the pressure?”
  • “Why, you little perfume ad!”
  • “Rockin’ riff, baby!”
  • “Your heart’s gonna roar.”
  • “Oh no, dude. You’re coming with me. You can’t leave me alone by myself. Uh-uh.”
  • “Oh, where are you, love of my life?”
  • “I’m obviously the better looking one.”
  • “And then there was one.”
  • “Thanks. I’ve always wanted to smell like…ocean summer breeze?”
  • “It’s some invisible mystical being. Like a leprechaun.”
  • “As far as I’m concerned, she doesn’t even exist!”
  • “How handy.”
  • “We’re an unstoppable team.”
  • “Weirdly enough, I think the feeling is mutual.”
  • “My only loss is my appetite.”
  • “You know that’s considered stealing.”
Hate you

You were the only person I’d ever truly loved. The only person that I ever let in. You made me feel beautiful and strong. I was invincible with you by my side. My heart would crash through the floor each time I saw you. I would lose my breath after kissing your lips. Breathing you in was intoxicating. You were so perfect. We were so perfect. Both of us were so young and both full of passion. We would feed off of each other mentally and physically. Craving conversation more, craving each other’s touch more, never fully satisfied and always eager to explore the depths of one another. I never thought of a happier time then when I was with you.

But you got tired of me and I knew it. I kept pushing you away. I was always getting jealous. I was being too nosey. I was caring too much about other people you talked to. “Jealousy is an ugly trait” you would say. I get so mad every time I think about those five words. Jealousy is a reasonable part of loving someone, I would always try defend myself. But I had known something was off. You smiled at me less. You would get annoyed with me quickly. The “I love you"s became dull and repetitive. Soon those happy thoughts I’ve had of you vanished. And then horrible memories come swarming back. And I just feel hurt and alone again. My heart shattered.

When I found out you were cheating on me I wanted to hate you so badly. Sometimes I can work my self up about it and get really angry about it but I never really hate you. I didn’t even care about the lying or the cheating. I just needed you. We had built a life together. You were the only string holding me to this earth. I had you. But not really. Not even a little.

I was always yours though. I was head over heels in love. You had every part of me, body and soul, and you choose someone else. Now I try to choose someone else and I can’t.
I can’t.
I can’t because no matter how hard I try you still have me. My heart will always belong to you. When I said "i would love you forever” I meant it. But I thought our forever was just that, ours.

I would give up my life just be with you again. I would do anything to be part of yours. And that’s the sad part the truly unforgiving part of love. Is no matter how hard you want to hate someone for hurting you, its just not that simple. You always have feelings. You would go back to them just as easily as the sea does to the shore.

I want to hate you so desperately. It would be easier that way. But truth is I loved you. I love you. I’m in love with you. And I hate myself for it.

But I can’t seem to hate you.

I’m in the middle of some emotional turmoil for personal reasons + wondering how to cope with something I’ve just discovered that might explain years of feeling strange, out of this world, stupid… :)

I’m also overwhelmed by all these pictures on my dashboard - too many, I don’t know how to deal with this anymore. So many, so much quality, so time-consuming, so much beauty :)

I need a break. And leave with this “ugly duckling” metaphor. And with much love and admiration for you all :)

Oh well, just as Terminator said : “I’ll be back” :)

Bullet Journal things you should know before starting one
  • keep it simple - it’s tempting to fill every page with something given many inspirating bullet journals spreads people posts online but do you really need write down every little thing down? Your water intake or medicine remainders are better to keep on phone tracker apps tbh. Before you write something down in your bujo ask yourself if you really need to or you just want to make it look “full”. If it’s that’s the case, don’t do it.
    I was on bujo high when I started it in January and there’s so many things I regret that I did: some collections I don’t necessarily need and spreads that were way too much for my little needs. Some of these things took just too much of a time to set up which wasn’t convenient to do often.
    Bullet journaling is about time management and getting more productive before anything else so before you’ll get comfortable with your journal you should focus on that and maybe add more things along the way when you’ll know what works and what doesn’t for you.
  • you’ll make a lot of mistakes-like, a lot. If you’re sensitive to how thngs look like me you’ll probably want to start anew everytime you spell something wrong. Don’t do that. Think about your first bujo as practice. Don’t tear pages off just because you made an ugly line - you’ll just destroy your notebook making it more ugly. Instead find a way to cover your mistakes, i.e. stick something on it (washi tapes, photos, post-it notes with doodles or quotes), doodle over it - get creative with your mistakes! Something nice might come of it.
  • don’t be afraid to make things ugly - when I was planning my degree project I used my bujo to write down my ideas and doodles. It’s not pretty, definitely not aesthetic. It’s just ugly. But it’s okay. I needed to brainstorm with a piece of paper and a pen and where is a better place to do that than in my journal that I keep with me all the time. It’s just my notebook, I’ll be probably the only one to look at it anyway. It’s not the book I’m gonna sell or something.
  • don’t be afraid to steal - if you like something in others bujo try it in yours and see if it works for you. It’s okay if it looks the same. As I said you’ll be the only person to read it so there’s nothing wrong with it. Think of it as practicing drawing by following your favourite artists style. But if you plan on posting it online you should credit the person you got inspiration from. It’s the basic manners to do that.
  • don’t buy everything at the beginning - you don’t know what is gonna work for you or if you won’t drop your bullet journaling after a week or two so don’t go on a shopping spree for stationery. All you need is a pen and a notebook. You can buy the rest later.
  • sometimes you’ll go off the plan - and that is okay too. It happens. Don’t beat yourself for it. Life is more that just a list of things to do before you die so don’t live like your life depends on doing this homework today or not. Treat bujo as a thing that helps you remember about things you have to do not as deal with a devil over your soul.
  • follow studyblrs and bujo blogs on social media - these blogs are really helpful about keeping your life together or making it better. Follow them to get inspired and motivated.

I’m not a studyblr blogger but I thought I should write down my experience to share with others and post it here :) Feel free to add more to this if you think about something.

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Hey Netherlands, Opinion on England? *cough-Glorious Revolution-cough*

Netherlands: “In fact, everyone around me was being a pain in the ass at that time. England, France, heck even Münster and Köln. But yes, the resulting Glorious Revolution was purely a strategic play. Poor Mary though, I think she cried when she saw William because he was so ugly. But I digress, England is… different. I wouldn’t say I dislike him nowadays, though I could have easily thrown him off a cliff a few times in the past. He’s quite into gossip and showing off though, something I’m not particularly fond of. And his chocolate sucks. But he’s not too bad.”


“Forced me into deals in the past that turned out to be much more profitable for me than for him. Thanks for Suriname, sukkel.

The Other Hemmings pt.2 - M.C

Click HERE for Part 1



There was no such thing as Muke on stage and, honestly, if there wasn’t supposed to be a concert an hour after he had caught them together, y/n thought Luke would have probably killed Michael then and there, or at least injured him enough to show that he was pissed. His eyes were clouded over in a dark, brooding way as he played his guitar with no emotion, forcing the energy he had on stage when most of it was rage. There was one, tiny, simple little rule Luke had placed when y/n joined for the tour for the North American leg, and that was for everyone to keep it in their pants. That’s it. It wasn’t that they couldn’t kiss her, knowing their versions of drunk truth or dare often consisted of someone lip locking, or that they couldn’t cuddle with her…all they had to do, was keep it in their pants and not in his sister…and of course, Michael just had to go and fuck it up.

“Lu, come on, can we talk about this?” y/n asked as her brother walked by her off the stage after they finished the encore, Ashton and Calum following behind the blonde confused as to why their hype man hadn’t been hype all night. “Luke Robert Hemmings, don’t ignore me.”

“I really don’t want to talk to you right now, y/n,” he muttered turning towards her with a frown on his face.

“Well we kind of need to, Luke, because your performance was shit tonight and that’s my fault. So, come on,” y/n said trying to grab for her brother’s arm, only to have him step away.

“There’s nothing to talk about right now! I asked for one thing while you were here, just one and that was for everyone to keep it in their pants and Michael just couldn’t comprehend that!” Ashton and Calum both looked towards Michael wide-eyed while Michael just looked towards his feet, hands in pockets. “I’m looking out for your best interest.”

“Well, Luke, you’re missing my best interest which would be to let me do what I want with my boyfriend considering we’ve been together for almost a year now!”

“Jesus Christ, what did we miss?” Calum whispered to Ash who just shrugged his shoulders in response as they watched Luke’s facial expressions go from pissed, to shocked, to a kitten that accidentally fell in the bath tub.

“I’m sorry…boyfriend? What the actual fuck? Why would you think that’s a good idea? Seriously?”

“And this is the exact reason I didn’t want to tell you. But Mom, Dad, and Mikey have all been mentioning it but this-,”

“Mom knows too? And she just let it happen?” Y/n rolled her eyes at her brother before crossing her arms looking up at his 6’4 frame that contrasted her 5’8 one. Aside from the height, they looked similar, both with piercing blue eyes and crazy blonde hair that y/n had pulled up into a ponytail.

“He even came to dinner and formally introduced himself as my boyfriend when you, jack, and Ben all went to laser tag one night. And before you even ask, no. Jack and Ben don’t know either, for this exact reason.” It was silent once again as the two siblings just stared at each other now gaining an audience of all the crew members and management staff as they watched the showdown.

“I’m so mad right now it’s not even funny,” Luke muttered under his breath.

“If anyone has a reason to be mad right now, Luke, it’s y/n,” they heard from beside them causing them to turn and make eye contact with their mum. “You are being absolutely ridiculous. I don’t know what caused this, but this is your sister we’re talking about!”

“I walked in on them shagging after Mikey blatantly lied to my face!” Luke yelled back pointing towards the other guitarist.

“I’d lie to your face too if I knew you’d react this way! Your sister is happy…the happiest she has been in a long time and you’re being completely rude and inconsiderate to her feelings. She’s nineteen years old and only ten months apart from you, yet you’re acting as if she’s twelve.” Y/n watched as her mum and Luke argued back and forth about the situation noting it wasn’t going too far.

“I don’t want her to make mistakes, not with him! The last thing that needs to happen is for her to end up pregnant or something and him just dipping out or something!”

“Nice to know you think that lowly of me,” Michael muttered back as Luke’s head turned towards him forgetting he was in the room. Y/b frowned towards her brother before walking towards her boyfriend gripping his hand and pulling him along out of the venue to catch a cab back to the hotel. The ride was quiet and a bit uncomfortable, michael’s hand draped over y/n’s shoulder holding her close, but still seeming distant.

“Mikey, baby.”

“Yes, kitten?” He responded not looking towards her, keeping his eyes straight ahead watching the road as if he was driving.

“You know Luke doesn’t always mean what he says when he’s mad, right?” She asked turning his head to face her. He nodded his head in confirmation kissing her lightly as the cab pulled up to the hotel, paparazzi already packed by the front causing both to sigh intently, but at this point, both were too tired to care. Let the world find out about them because, at this point, nothing could be worse than what Luke had said only moments before.

“Michael! Michael, is that y/n Hemmings with you?”

“Are you two an item?”

“How does Luke feel about this?”

They ignored the questions heading inside to the elevator bringing them up to Michael’s shared room with Ashton. The door shut behind them almost immediately when Michael took off his SnapBack chucking it across the room violently. “Mikey, calm down.”

“Do you think that low of me? Like do you really think i’ll leave you if you get pregnant?” He asked turning to face her clearly upset with tears in his eyes.

“No, of course not! How could you think that?”

“Well, considering my best friend thinks that, I just…you’re too good for me y/n,” he muttered back sitting on his bed. “You know…I totally fell for you when you walked into school that first day of year nine…eleven for me. All I could think was ‘there’s no way she’s dorky Hemmo’s younger sister.’ And me being the awkward monkey I am spilled pudding all over myself trying to talk to you.”

“I remember that day,” y/n giggled walking over to her boyfriend straddling his thighs sitting on him as his hands rested on her hips. “I thought you were the most awkward person ever…now look at us.” She ran a hand through his hair smiling at him slightly. “Baby, I’m not going anywhere. I love you too much to do that, whether or not you think I’m too good for you.”

“You love me?” He asked with a shocked expression on his face. It had been the first time either of them had said it, not wanting to get too ahead of themselves and jump right into something that could end so quickly and ugly, but y/n felt this was the perfect time. “Fuck, kitten, I love you too.”

“You better,” she giggled again leaning in to kiss him pressing a few quick pecks to his lips that was soon interrupted by a knock on the hotel door. She rolled off him letting him get up to open the door, only to see Luke standing there, hands in his pockets looking at the ground.

“I, uhh,” Michael started shocked Luke was even standing there.

“Can I come in?” Luke asked refusing to look up for another moment before making eye contact with his green eyed friend who just stepped aside letting the stick walk in. “Listen, I just wanted to apologize about earlier, but I need you both to understand where I’m coming from. Y/n, you’re always going to be my baby sister even if you are only ten months younger than me…okay? And, no offense Mikey, but it’s just that no one’s ever going to be good enough for my princess even if you are my best friend.” Luke started, looking back and forth between the two of them. “With that being said, mum’s right…this is the happiest she’s been in a long time and even though I still really want to cut your dick off, I’m happy that she’s happy. I just really don’t want her to get hurt and it’s hard knowing my best friend could do that at any point in time. I just don’t think you really understand because you’re an only child.”

“But I do understand, Luke. The last thing I want is for her to get hurt by anyone, including me. If I could I’d protect her from everything, I would, but we both know it’s not realistic. I love y/n and you’re just going to have to trust me.” Luke raised his eyebrows looking between them both again noting the smile that grew on her face as he said the word love while she watched Michael.

“Alright…don’t make me regret this Clifford,” Luke said before walking out of the room leaving y/n and Michael alone once again.

“So, now that he’s gone and that we have his blessing…can you come fuck me?”

“I’m not going to fuck you, kitten. I’m just going to make love to you all night.”

Thank you so much you both! <3 But I suck so bad at drawing tutorials as I don’t even know how to make one. Believe me, I tried. I just tell someone you just open a blank canvas on photoshop and draw something you love. Which, I know, isn’t very helpful. But that’s how it’s always been for me. For more blabbering about art stuff, do continue. If not, just ignore. :D


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Namjoon Appreciation

Once again happy Namjoon day!!! This post is gonna be all about our amazing leader, Kim Namjoon, they definitely aren’t all of the reasons he’s amazing but they are some, I’m gonna stick to ten reasons for now

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why is this fandom so angry and negative and hateful towards the supergirl cast ???? like i’ve been fortunate enough to find such a positive and loving group of people on here so it’s not something I see everyday (*raises a glass to the block feature*), but when i do, boy is it ugly…there’s too much shit going on in the world already, all of which is much bigger than a fictional show. It’s times like these that i wish social media was never a thing

I got tagged by @ask-college-yoongi. Thank you! 

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  • Age: 22
  • Relationship status: Single
  • Favorite color(s): pink!
  • Pets: I…I don’t have any :’D
  • Lipstick or Chapstick: none, tbh
  • Last song you listened to: Jay Park - LIFE (ft. Paloalto, Gaeko & DJ Wegun)
  • Favorite TV show: Don’t have one
  • Hobbies: Drawing, writing, model-making, stamp-making, baking, photography
  • Fun Fact: I can’t like my voice so whenever someone says something nice about it I just don’t believe them. Like, at all.

And just because I can; let’s make Joonie answer these too!

  • Age: 22
  • Relationship status: Taken <3
  • Favorite color(s): Black, white *cough* pink
  • Pets: I have a dog back home.
  • Lipstick or Chapstick: none
  • Last song you listened to: Jay Park - Don’t try me (ft. Ugly Duck & GRAY)
  • Favorite TV show: I don’t…watch TV that much…
  • Hobbies: Drawing, writing, reading, producing, music in general 
  • Fun Fact: This one time I came home and the second I closed the door behind me, the electricity on the entire street got cut off. BUT I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!!!
Taken Care Of

Request:  Can you do a female reader x Melanie Martinez where (y/n) is getting hate from melanie’s fans. Love your blog and don’t feel pressured to do so.

A/n: I honestly love Melanie, so I couldn’t turn down this request. Anyways, hope you guys like it xx

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curieuser  asked:

“ you’re staying in here until you feel better. ”

he blinks,   all skepticism and    dry disbelief.     ‘     wha’ ye gonna do,   tie me to a fuckin’ chair ?    keep on fussin’ like tha’ ‘n  ye migh’ give us the wrong idea.     ’     all due respect to her good intentions  :  he’s fine.    he’s always fine.    a little off - kilter,   admittedly,   but it’s nothing that can’t be remedied with copious amounts of liquor and something  recreational  to mix it with.

this happens,   sometimes.    a lot of the time.    everything is too loud and too much and he has to grapple with the migraine so that he can focus again   —   corral those ugly thoughts.    shove them back into their lockbox and  throw away  the key.    most days it still feels like slogging through waist - deep molasses  ;  moving and going nowhere.    like the door he’s aiming for just keeps getting further and further out of reach,   the hall stretching longer and longer.

and  staying in here  is supposed to help with that ?

he finds his equilibrium with one hand wrapped around his phone and the other clutching a pack of cigarettes,   molars grinding together as jaw muscles tighten and tic.    words start to form again,   coalesce,   i wish she’d fuckin’   –––––––

stop.   backpedal.   that’s where it all goes wrong.

‘     ye know wha’ ?     ’     sharp intake of breath,   tongue between his teeth.     ‘     this,   ‘ere   —   wha’ever you’re doin’.    more trouble than it’s worth,   luv.    soon as i ring me brother,   i’ll be fuckin’ made up.     ’

black swan   /   @curieuser.

Now that it’s canon that Homeworld has a very strict class system on par with Transformer IDW’s functionism - can we please discuss how painful Rose and Pearl’s relationship must have been?

Pearls as ornamental pets. Pearls as less than labor, less than personal assistants - Pearls literally objectified. The Pearl we know, as Rose’s own ornamental Gem. A being created as a vanity object, whose sole function (according to Peridot and presumably the rest of Homeworld) is to look pretty and obey their owner’s orders.

Originally posted by vahnitr

Rose eventually realizing that this power imbalance is wrong - but also realizing that this is the only way of living that Pearl knows.

Rose tries to tell Pearl to make her own decisions. Rose is, after all, rebelling against Homeworld, presumably for freedom and choice and all that good stuff. She knows that Pearl will follow her because Rose owns her - not just because Pearl loves her. If Rose even recognizes that as love. From Rose’s position, this Gem she has owned for who knows how long (thousands of years probably, if Pearl has traveled through space with her) is devoted to her… but then, aren’t all Pearls devoted to their owners?

Originally posted by oathkeeper-of-tarth

Pearl imagining the life they’ll have together after the war, when castes don’t matter any more, when Homeworld laws don’t tell them what is and isn’t proper. Pearl not daring to voice the hope that Rose will be able to love her like she loves Rose - all while knowing that they can never be equals, because how could they be? Pearl’s own conditioning working against her, dragging her self-worth back down to its “proper place” even after the war is over, even when Rose is no longer a Diamond but just a simple Quartz, please. Pearl has spent so long serving, worshipping, accenting - she doesn’t know how else to be.

Originally posted by themysteryoftheunknownuniverse

Pearl slowly, slowly realizing that the life she imagined will never come to be. The harder she tries to be pleasing, the more Rose pushes her away. Pearl not understanding why Rose looks so sad when she smiles at her Pearl.

Originally posted by rozequart

Because Pearl is still Rose’s Pearl. Rose only tried to tell her she was free, that Rose did not own her, once - and couldn’t bear to see the pain written so plainly on Pearl’s face, not so soon after the pain and loss of the war with Homeworld. Rose knowing that, to Pearl, ownership is her only valid connection to Rose. Rose knowing that severing that tie, as terrible as it is, will only ever cause Pearl pain. Rose can’t bear it.

Every “my Pearl” makes Pearl shiver in pleasure. It’s a reaffirmation of belonging. Every order followed unquestioningly makes Pearl more confident and happy, even as it makes Rose sick to her stomach.

Rose loves Earth. Rose loves humans. And that’s ok, Pearl reasons every time she wants Rose to look at her with a burning need that feels so ugly that Pearl has to meditate to calm herself into serenity again. That’s ok, Pearl repeats as a mantra for 50 years or so, because after 50 years or so the human is dead and rotting - and Pearl would never leave Rose like that. It hurts Rose so much every time. Pearl would never abandon her like that. Pearl is too faithful to die.

Originally posted by queeradorability

Pearl, the lowest of the Gems, looking at humans and feeling good about herself for the first time in her life. Here is something lower than her. She may be just a Pearl, she may be nothing to the Gems or to Homeworld, but at least she’s better than these.

Somewhere, Pearl picks up the idea of knighthood. During the war she flourished under Rose’s careful manipulation, turned into almost her own Gem when she decided that she wanted to be useful and not just pretty.

But she is still Rose’s Pearl. Just… a better one.

Originally posted by misterakio

And Rose can’t bear to be the person she was before, no matter how much Pearl expects it or craves it. She wishes Pearl would defy her, would decide on her own. But Pearl only looks to her for guidance, for orders, for everything, and Rose loves to nurture but she cannot separate Pearl’s desires from Homeworld’s social conditioning. It’s wrong, she thinks, to take advantage of her Pearl’s infatuation.

Because it’s clear to everyone that even if Rose is willing to cast aside ranks and all be equals, Pearl is not. And she might not ever be.

So all Rose can do is smile sadly and nudge Pearl in the right direction, encourage any independence she can. And all Pearl can do is try to please Rose.

But in the end, Rose is gone… and Steven is all Pearl has left.

Originally posted by sardonyxs


Since I was one half of the organizers, I decided to do little thank you’s for our pinch hitters that did a piece for someone even though they were not officially getting anything done in return. You guys are really stars, and I really want to thank you for taking the time to do something for others. 

Im far too lazy to try and tag everyone so I hope… you see this in the tag. Thanks again so much for taking part! Its been a whirlwind event.

cries ugly tears!!!!

Madam Red’s State of Mind

One thing that always struck me unusual was Madam Red. She’s obviously an intelligent woman. She was able to become a doctor when this was a rather unusual profession for a woman

Yet, she clings to Vincent and thinks of herself in love with him after he only paid her a simple compliment.

She holds on to that love even after he’s married to her sister, has a son, and she has married another man. It was one thing for a 15 year old girl to have a crush, but this has continued up to the point where she’s an adult. This is rather unusual when you start deconstructing it. If there was some reason for her to hold on to Vincent, such as he had claimed to have any love for her, it would make more sense. Even by Madam Red’s own memories, however, it was only a single compliment.

Some of it might tie back into her red hair. There’s been a lot of prejudices against redheads, especially red haired women throughout history. In his 1885 book I Say No, Wilkie Collins wrote “The prejudice against habitual silence, among the lower order of the people, is almost as inveterate as the prejudice against red hair.” (link) Madam Red wouldn’t have been as effected because of her social class, but she still would have to face a certain amount of prejudice and had probably been taught to hate her hair color. This is one this one compliment from Vincent meant so much too her. She thinks her hair is so ugly, but there’s a prominent, handsome man telling her that it suits her and means this as a compliment. No wonder she held on to his words so dearly.

At the same time, it might be something more. There’s no question that Madam Red loved her sister dearly.

Yet, it’s possible that she might have resented her sister just a little. Rachel had always had fragile health. It’s shown that she can’t even play with Ciel and Elizabeth.

As a child, she was no doubt doted on. It’s possible that the healthier An was overlooked. Perhaps she didn’t want to cure Rachel’s asthma purely to help her sister but also because her sister’s weak health was one reason she had gotten so much attention.

Plus, Rachel was blonde. When Madam Red talks about her sister’s beauty, she doesn’t mention her blue eyes or graceful figure. She talks about her amber colored hair.

Rachel always had what Madam Red wanted. She was blonde and considered beautiful by society. She had gotten attention because of her fragile health. Then she ended up marrying a man that Madam Red felt she loved. This is one reason that Madam Red looks so strange when holding the newborn Ciel. In her mind, this should have been her son with Vincent.

When she married the Baron, she tried to find her own happiness, but then she lost him and her unborn child. This would make the fact her sister had both husband and a child all the more hurtful. Tragedy did strike again as Vincent and Rachel were killed and Ciel was missing. What’s so odd is that Madam Red even envied her sister in this since she was able to die with her husband. This is most likely because Rachel didn’t have to deal with loss.

When Ciel returns with Sebastian, Madam Red takes his face in her hands, thinking that he looks like her sister, but then an odd look comes across her face.

She quite literally saw her sister, and suddenly she starts thinking how Ciel had stolen Vincent. Of course he hadn’t. Technically neither did Rachel, but Madam Red had always thought that she had. It seems that she’s now taken her feelings towards sister and projected them to Ciel.

This continues up until she knows that Ciel has been tasked with stopping ‘Jack the Ripper.’ Now she’s literally asking her sister how much Rachel is going to steal from her when there is no Rachel. There is only Ciel.

It seems she did have resentment towards her sister, and she took some of that on Ciel. In fact, this could even explain why here line about, “This child is my…” is never finished. It wasn’t Grell’s chainsaw that stopped it. Madam Red didn’t know how to finish the statement. Technically, Ciel was her nephew. He was her sister reborn as well as the child she should have had.

Who’s to say that her projected her resentment towards her sister was limited to Ciel? The prostitutes she murdered also represented women who had what she couldn’t. The first one was even blonde like her sister. Maybe, each time Madam Red killed, she was killing her sister again and again.

It’s also interesting to add that Grell’s relationship with Madam Red has been described as sisterly.

So perfect. Joker x Reader

A/n: as promised here’s the “reader idolised J as pure perfection ” imagen X’D had a lot of fun writing it so hope you enjoy. :3

Warning : none ? Idk

Pairing : (Jared Leto) Joker x Reader

Plot : J likes to brake in to people’s houses from time to time when he’s bored. This time he broke in to the readers house and to his surprise she saw him as perfection (idk it gets a bit weird xD)

So perfect.

As an artist you found beauty in almost everything .

It was your small talent and fetish . It was a blessing and curse.  You absolutely loved things you consider flawless.  But such things can be rearly found in the mostly ugly world you live in . It became rare for you too seriously something as perfect as you always wished . It definitely was a curse.  So much so , this fetish of yours almost drove you insane. 

It was rather quiet in Gotham tonight . No police car sirens , no screaming,  no gun shots.

It almost felt weird. 

 You were painting in your living room again.  You just couldn’t finish an order for a simple portrait but every time you tried you hated the result . Sighing,  not liking this one either , you decided to wrap things up . You cleared your supplies,  washed your brushes and palette,  and got in to some clean clothes , because the others you were in were covered in paint .

You got up stairs to your bedroom . As you sat down on your bed you opened up your laptop,  opening Netflix to see if you were interested in any of the films , TV shows or series they had . You soon found a move , and of course you fell asleep half way through the film .

You woke up to a sound of glass breaking .

Was it one of your windows or was your cat just walking on the shelfs again and knocked over a vase ? Either way you had to check.  You quickly got up from your bed and quietly walked down stairs.  It was dark as hell but you still could see the outline of things . As you walked further in to the living room , turning on the lights along the way , you really though it really was your cat .

But your thoughts were soon cut short when you felt a rough gripp on your arm . Someone floped you around and knocked you to the ground,  knocking out the air out of you lungs.  You looked up to see what you thought was perfection in its purest form .

It was a man , about a head tallerthat you, bright green hair,  perfect pale , almost white skin , crazy blue eyes and the most perfect smile .

“Now now Doll ~ how about we play a little game … ” he started talking but it was as if you couldn’t hear a word he was saying in that amazing raspy voice of his .

Your eyes trailed don’t from his eyes to his exposed chest . He also had tattoos all over his body . God he looked absolutely breathtakingly perfect . You were deep in thought or rather amazement that you had no idea what he was taking about . He noticed the absence of your attention so he gripped your chin and made you look at him .

“Doll you better be listening to me ” he growled.
“So perfect ” you mumble as your hands reach to touch his flawless skin . You saw the slight confusion in his eyes as you continued mumbling.

“So absolutely perfect … not a single flaw …. absolutely breathtaking….” you continued . You used your chance and flipped over so now you were on top of him getting a better look at him . You were surprised he allowed this , he was surprised too .

“I haven’t seen someone this flawless in a long time … ” you say as your fingers gently trace his tattoos on his chest . “You are absolutely perfect ” you say to him while looking him in the eyes . At first he was confused but soon a smirk appeared on his red lips and soon a crazed laughter left his throat making you like this mysterious man even more .

“I’m starting to really like you ” he said “what’s your name doll ” he asked , you still on top of him .“(Y/n) …” you say . “Joker ” he interrupted himself.  Then all of a sudden he stands up you in his arms “I don’t usually take my new toys home but I particularly like you , so it’s your lucky day pumpkin  ” he laughed again before walking out of your hose .

You had no idea where he was taking you and to be honest.

You didn’t mind at all .