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Can you do Nekoma team reactions to their s/o telling hem they love them for the first time? If a whole team is too many then just the starters or something is cool too!

ask and ye shall receive

  • Kuroo Tetsurou

The captain would stare at his s/o, his eyes wide and lips parted slightly in surprise. He’d always envisioned this moment, ever since he first began crushing on them, but he hadn’t ever really thought about it happening. Kuroo was happy, his heart stopping as they said the words and then resuming again, this time beating faster than before- much faster. He would smile down at them before cupping their face with hands and saying “I love you, too.”

  • Kai Nobuyuki

To be honest, Kai wouldn’t really know how to react. He’d be a somewhat shell shocked, simply looking at his s/o with big eyes and a blank expression for about a minute before smiling shyly and rubbing the back of his neck, unable to look his s/o in the eyes as he instead turned his gaze to the ground. Once he’d regained his senses and gathered enough courage, he would glance at his s/o before replying with his own “I love you”.

  • Yaku Morisuke

It would come to him as a surprise, blinking at his s/o as he stumbled over his words. He wanted to grab their hands and tell them he loved them too, but he felt like that would be too forward, so he instead thought about looking away and playing it cool- but he didn’t want his s/o to get the wrong idea. Finally, after debating in his head, he let out a sharp sigh, looked his s/o straight in the eyes, gave them a blinding smile, and returned the words they said to him.

  • Yamamoto Taketora

One might think he would burst into tears Tanaka-style at his s/o’s declaration of love, but he would simply look at them, trying to gauge whether or not they were being serious or just joking around with him. Once he decided that they were, in fact, being serious, he would sniffle a little (now he’s feeling them Tanaka-style tears) before pulling them into his arms, bumbling out his own declaration of love.

  • Kozume Kenma

Wide eyes. Wide, cat-like eyes staring deep into the soul of his s/o, kind of unnerving them. It would take Kenma several minutes to collect himself before he was able to give them a slight nod, recognizing that he’d heard what they said. After fidgeting for a bit, Kenma would mumble out a “thank you” before returning to whatever it was he was doing before. He wouldn’t say “I love you” back until he was just about to go to sleep, sending them a text message that said “I love you, too.”

  • Fukunaga Shouhei

For once, Fukunaga couldn’t think of anything funny to say. He just looked at his s/o, facial expression not changing. However, his s/o could see the tips of his ears turning red as he processed their words. Eventually, Fukunaga managed to say a very quiet “I love you too” in return, his s/o enveloping him in a hug and him happily returning it.

  • Inuoka Sou

As soon as the words left his s/o’s lips, a gigantic grin would cover his face. The volleyball played swooped in, wrapping his arms around his s/o and crushing them in a warm, loving hug. He would bury his face in the crook of his neck so as to hide his bright red cheek, saying the words back to them and telling them just how cute they were and how happy they made him.

  • Haiba Lev

The tall first year would have to take a second to let the words sink in. Even then, he wouldn’t really take it seriously, initially brushing it off as them just being casual. But, when he realized they’d never said it before and weren’t being casual, he would blush brightly and stutter as he tried to say the words back to them, eventually managing and making his s/o smile brightly.

  • Shibayama Yuuki

Yuuki would stare at his s/o, his jaw dropping in surprise at the words. He would quickly cover the lower portion of his face up with his hand, apologizing for the odd reaction before clearing his throat and straightening his back. Looking into his s/o’s eyes, he said the words “I love you, too.” followed by a tight, shy hug.


westallen + slow mo kisses

ME1 Mako Headcanons
  • shepard: only permitted to drive on flat terrain due to habitual use of thrusters while reaching apexes of hills. further allowances are made while engaging thresher maws because to quote wrex, "only shepard is that crazy".
  • kaidan: granted nickname "roadtrip" by garrus after being the designated driver in mountainous areas due to his tendency to find paths around versus straight up. otherwise on hand to repair whatever breaks after shepard rolls them off another cliff.
  • ashley: permanently and unanimously banned from driving after asking the party if they ever thought about god while piloting too close to magma on therum.
  • garrus: handles the main gun. known to pout and pull his shots to the right on purpose while on foot if not allowed to handle the main gun.
  • wrex: relegated to the rear seats after intentionally bumping around the cabin too much while making comments about tomkahs having "a much smoother ride".
  • liara: has been requested thirty-seven times by squadmates not to argue with the mako vi when it is detailing local planetary history.
  • tali: hops out "just to flag a mineral deposit". spends the next fifteen minutes blasting an ambushing colossus with a shotgun while clinging to the roof.
BTS reaction after your first kiss


Jin would be about to go on stage, but would tell you he needed a good luck kiss. It would be sweet and lingering as the boys stared in jealousy awe at how cute you two were. He’d pull away with a simple ‘see you later Jagi’ and a wink to go on stage. He’d put on the best performance of his life that night.

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Your first kiss would be a little while into your relationship, he wouldn’t want to rush things. But good things come to those who wait because it would be perfect. He’d pull away and just look at you with the most adoring eyes you’d ever see and a small smile before taking your hands in his and kissing them too, a rare show of affection to remind you how much you mean to him.

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After dropping you off home after your dinner date, Hoseok, having practised this a million few times in his head, would boldly grab your waist and press a searing, passionate kiss to your lips. Smirking slightly he’d leave you flustered, heart pounding on your door step, saying a simple ‘good night Jagi’ over his shoulder.

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You two had been dating for a while and you both really wanted to get your first kiss right so when he finally leaned in for a sweet, lingering kiss, everything was perfect, the time, the place and the person. However, when Namjoon cheekily said ‘hmm, I think we need a bit more practice don’t you?’ you were more than happy to oblige.

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Jimin’s kisses would be sweet and loving with a little bit of naughtiness thrown in, so when you felt him nibbling on your bottom lip, your first kiss may have turned into a little bit more. So when you finally pull away, a rosy blush flushed on your cheeks, he would smile at you bashfully saying ‘aw you’re so cute when you’re embarrassed!’

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Tae would just pull away wondering to himself if you could be anymore perfect. His mind would be so consumed with thoughts of you that he wouldn’t even notice when he caught himself staring at you while running his thumb over his bottom lip causing you to blush. ‘Oh I’m sorry Jagi, you’re just so beautiful and that was amazing.’

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He’d come back from his third date with you to a full on interrogation from the boys. After many questions, Namjoon piped up with ‘did you kiss her?!’ ‘…maybe’ he’d reply to huge ceelbrations from the rest of the boys, their little Kookie was growing up. He just sat there, his face glowing like this:

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a handful of bone - chapter 1: omens Archive of Our Own
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Will frowned. When was the last time he’d slept the whole night through? The desk lamp flickered. “I feel haunted,” he said, gazing down into his hands.

“Too much time in the field chasing ghosts. Too many deaths weighing heavy on your mind.”

“I don’t mean it as a figure of speech.” Will sighed and closed his eyes. “When I’m alone I feel like someone’s watching me. The dogs bark at nothing in the middle of the night.”

Or the au in which Will is being haunted by a literal ghost in place of suffering from encephalitis. Canon divergent after early season one. This one is going to be a bit of a slow burn, but I promise it will earn its rating at some point in the future.


December Drabbles

A/N: I have way too much time on my hands, it’s official.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

fluff | angst

Send in anything Christmas related and i’ll write a short scenario for you!

Just send requests {here}

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He sat in a bar drinking alone, girls threw themselves at him left and right but he only wanted one. Sadly she wasn’t here, she never was. He doubted he’d ever see her again, she was about to move back to America after the fight they had had. It was horrible, screaming, crying, everything. 

He sighed, closing his eyes imagining you now, sitting alone in a cold house. No one to warm you up or bring you a blanket. He vaguely remembered something important but couldn’t quite pinpoint it the alcohol making his mind fuzzy. Maybe you were with friends, or family. Shaking his head he felt a heavy stone settle in his stomach, he was supposed to be next to you, Christmas tree lit up presents under it, hot cocoa in your hands. 

“Hey.” A girl said interrupting his thoughts, she leaned over showing him generous cleavage while winking, “How bout you come home with me and had a merry Christmas?” She asked in a low sultry voice. 

Yoongi stared at her, she was too easy. Y/N would never do something like this, no matter how desperate she was, but he missed her warmth.

Fuck it why not? I’m single now anyways….

He thought, before he got up and looked back at her, “Come on, didn’t you wanna give me a merry Christmas?” he asked nonchalantly. Surprise flitted onto her face before she smirked.

“Sure,” She responded before leaning in and kissing him. He tasted the lip gloss slathered onto her lips a little too heavy, okay a lot heavy. He hated the way her lips didn’t fit with his, the way she held her body, how it didn’t fit perfectly with his because she was too tall, how she took it too fast, too fast to enjoy any of it. He hated it because it wasn’t her. Pulling apart for a breath she murmured “I’m so glad I don’t have to spend Christmas alone.” 

He felt like ice cold water from the arctic had been dumped onto his head. A thousand thoughts came at once, even ones he didn’t want to remember. Your laughing face lit up by the sun, hair blowing softly in the wind. The way you smelled, like rain. He missed it so much. But one thing jolted him back to reality the most.

You’ve never spent Christmas alone.

He shoved the girl off of him breathing in rapidly, thoughts swirling, 

“You hated being alone.” He murmured to himself, remembering when you told him that you had almost died when you parents both left you alone when you were younger. 

Ever since then you hated being alone, the thought terrified you. 

Yet here he was, at a bar about to have sex with another girl while you were home, alone

He dashed out of the bar and sprinted home, running in the dark breaths tearing at his lungs. He felt himself crying, he was so sorry. Sorry that he had worthless pride. That he couldn’t show his emotions better. That he even started the stupid fight. He was so so sorry. 

The lights were all off when he finally unlocked the door, not even the Christmas tree was lit up. He slowly walked over to it, before turning it on. The room lit up with a dim light bouncing off the walls. One ornament glinted in the dim light. 

Y/N + Yoongi 

It was a small heart. Plain silver put it had so much emotion in it, so many memories.

It was the first Christmas he had ever spent with you. 

He sank to his knees, sobbing about how he was sorry. Turning suddenly when he heard the door open.

He gasped and fell off the couch, sitting on the ground like a small child. Shaking he looked around, no fight scene in sight, the tree was lit up, Christmas music played softly in the background. 

He finally got his breathing under control, realizing it was just a dream.It was just a dream….He finally calmed down, but started crying harder. 

“I thought it was real.” He whispered to himself when the door suddenly opened a gust of winter air invaded the warm atmosphere.

“You thought what was real?” You asked as you dumped some groceries onto the counter, when he suddenly enveloped you in his arms, holding onto you like he could lose you at any second. 

“Yoongi?” you asked confused as to why he was suddenly hugging you. Looking up you saw he was crying under the mop of black hair. “What’s wrong Min?” You asked softly while wiping his tears away.

“I had a bad dream, a nightmare. We,” he swallowed thickly, “we got in a fight and you were gone.” closed his eyes more tears falling. “You left me to be alone, I, I was so scared Y/N.” He finally whispered, voice sounding small and vulnerable.

“Oh Min,” You whispered back, “I would never leave you.” You stood up on your tippy toes and kissed him softly, hands wrapped around his neck holding him gently, as if he could break and shatter into a million pieces any second. 

“Never.” You murmured.

“Never” he whispered back, hugging you tighter, never letting go.

Cuddling the Chocobros

Starting off on my first headcanons, let me know what you guys think :)

There’s a lazy warmth to cuddling him. He feels most at ease with his s/o at his side so he’s likely to fall asleep. But at the same time, he’s too excited to sleep for long, because he gets to see his s/o peaceful as ever. And if they’ve fallen asleep, Noctis is probably going to stare at them; smiling to himself because he can’t believe how lucky he is. And this goes on for a while, with him occasionally pressing his lips to their hands in a soft kiss. But finally, when they wake up, he blushes and tries to play off that he was staring, but his s/o doesn’t tease him too much. And when Noctis is the one asleep, they play with his hair lightly. Because they love the way he smiles when they do.

He feels the need to overcompensate. He wants to make sure his s/o enjoys their time with him as much as he does with them. So he makes sure to tickle them, mess around with them, smother them with eskimo kisses, hoping it’s enough. He’ll ask his s/o to take selfies with him, only because he likes to keep reminders of what a good time he has with them. But after realising how much his s/o loves him, there will be times where it’s not about the laughs and silliness. There’ll be a lot of chaste kisses and holding each other, with Prompto sharing his inner most thoughts. His s/o is likely to join him, and the two talk about anything and everything under the stars. And it may just be cuddling at the end of the day but it means the world to Prompto that he has someone in his life he can be so comfortable with.

 With Ignis, it’s all about unwinding. Most hours of the day cuddling doesn’t even cross his mind, but the minute he comes home after a long day of work all he wants to do is hold his s/o. He loves hearing about their day because it gets him to focus on anything other than his responsibilities. And when his s/o asks him how his day went, he always says “More of the same.” Hoping they continue the conversation instead, closing his eyes. His s/o begins talking, and it could be anything but just the sound of their voice calms him. Before he finally drifts off into sleep though, he’ll make sure to kiss his s/o so he gets to end his day reminding them that he loves them.

He loves it when his s/o lays their head on his chest, any kind of close contact really. He just really loves spending time with his s/o. It’s not often that Gladio is very expressive, and the intimacy of cuddling is the extra push he needs. Whispering them sweet nothings, stroking their back, kissing them. His focus is on making sure nothing is left unsaid. And because the moment can get very passionate, it’s likely he’ll try to initiate something. First with longer kisses and then by stroking their inner thigh. If they aren’t in the mood Gladio will go back to being sweet but if they are then he makes sure their needs are taken care of first.

Hope you guys enjoyed them! And requests are open.

Edit:So I went back and edited Gladio and Prompto’s. I still feel like Noctis and Ignis’ came out the best but eh. At least they’re relatively better now.

The Girls /// The Nifs


The room was dead silent, both you and Isaac were sitting opposite each other at the table. He was fidgeting with his fingers avoiding eye contact, while you weren’t sure where to look either. No-one wanted to have this conversation, that was extremely clear. However the relationship was at a crossroad and this was the part where both parties had to decide to either solider through, or sadly call it quits and both go separate ways.

“What do we do about this?”, you softly asked even though all you wanted to do was fall apart.

Isaac cleared his throat and it was evident by his voice, that the emotions were becoming all too much for him too. “I just don’t…I don’t know”, he replied.

Lowering your head into your hands, how did it come to this?. “Isaac I love you, that is something that won’t ever change. But is that enough to keep this relationship alive…because lately it feels like it isn’t”.

For the first time tonight Isaac provided contact, he got up from his seat and kneeled beside you, covering your tiny hand in his larger ones. “I know things have been rough, and I wouldn’t blame you if we break up right now. But I need you to stay, I’ll fight for you…for us. I’ll do whatever it takes to get us back to how things were before…before we fell apart”.

You pushed yourself off the chair and Isaac shifted his position so you could easily fit into his arms. “I don’t us to end…but I’m so tired Isaac”. A single tear rolled down your cheeks, Isaac pulled you even closer and whispered. “I know love, I know”.

The two of you sat on the floor wrapped in each others embrace, still unsure about the state of the relationship. But perhaps it was clear, expect neither wanted to admit it, let alone say it out loud. Although for right now sitting in Isaac’s arms, whether it’s for the last time was all that you wanted to think about.


In sleep, I trust in you- USUK fanfic

Arthur Kirkland knew that the worst came at night.

He thought that the person sleeping beside him now should have made him feel safer, but the truth was that it just aggravated him even more. Not that he’d ever tell Alfred that.

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Do you have any head canon about the reader losing her virginity to Sam ?? I love all your stuff so much!!

Oh, do I ever!   fyi I have a one shot coming up that might interest you. 

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When Sam pops your cherry, he’s a virgin too.

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Feyre x Rhys
  • Rhysand: Feyre, have I told you lately that I love you?
  • Feyre: Yes, about five times and counting since this morning. I love you too.
  • Rhysand: *holds her hand and rubs it with his thumb* If you love me... could you paint me? Preferably nude, but we can work up to that.
  • Feyre: *laughs and rolls eyes* Sometimes I think you love your looks as much as you love me.
  • Rhysand: *looks deep into her eyes* Nothing could ever compare to my love for you.....*smirks* and my looks.
  • Feyre: *laughs again* Oh, so it's a tie?
  • Rhysand: For now, but if you give me a little persuasion...*nuzzles her neck* I bet you could change that.
  • Feyre: *wraps her arms around his neck and leans in* I'll keep it in mind.

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OMG PLEASE more jason and steph hcs!! I love them so much (make it sad if u feel like it bc im all about sadness)


listen the first time steph is injured infront of Jason its nearly fatally and he is so scared

he takes her back to his closest safehouse and stitches her up and oh god theres so much blood this cant be happening

when she wakes up the next morning he is hunched in a too small, creak wooden chair clasping tightly to her hand and she tries to crack a joke but she cant

listen these guys are the C L O S E S T best friends you ever will meet they both try to hide their pain by jokes

she’s the first to learn the whole story of his resurrection and the fact that he doesn’t even know how he came back to life and fuck she wasn’t prepared for the feelings she experienced

she has seen Jason at his worst, and helped pick him up because “Goddamnit Jason, you’re like the big brother I never had and if you fall to pieces what am I supposed to do, huh?”

Jooheon: A lil bit of jealousy (RATED)

* A/N: yeah i know Jooheon’s personality is all that aegyo stuff etc but for this i’ve made him a lil angsty, a bit hot headed when he’s had stuff to drink, so if it strays a little from his personality i apologise!

Hyungwon let out a loud laughter, rolling onto his back; he’d had too much to drink. Jooheon let out a giggle, settled beside him, arm around your shoulder. Hyunwoo shushed him, you were trying to play a game of never-ever-have-i-ever, it was supposed to be an innocent game to spend time until Hoseok turned up with alcohol and then any rules you had established had gone out the window. Changkyun cleared his throat, you all held your hands up.
“Never ever, have I ever.” He paused; Minhyuk let out a loud groan, kicking him in the shin. Changkyun shot him a playful glare.
“Lost my virginity.” He spoke. A few giggles filled the room as several of the boys put your hand down, as did you and Hyungwon. Jooheon knew you had but Hyungwon?
“Since when?” He asked. You and Hyungwon exchanged looks, before Hyungwon patted your head. You’d know each other way before debut, and there was a period of time where the two of you were going to be an item, until he had to begin training; one thing led to another one night and that’s how you lost your virginity. Jooheon glanced at you. You gulped; you hadn’t told him who, for a very obvious reason. You watched as his claw clench, arm dropping from your shoulder before he launched himself at Hyungwon.

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I just got my wisdom teeth out yesterday, so naturally–as the Destiel trash that I am– I have written a wisdom-teeth!AU ficlet.

Disclosure: I am still on pain meds that tell me I’m not allowed to drive. Who knows if this is even good?

“Yes, Mrs. Winchester. Dean’s going to be very out of it for the next few hours, so just keep an eye on him and make sure he keeps taking his pain medication or he won’t be a very happy camper when the anesthesia wears off.”

The doctor–Donna, Castiel remembered her name–smiled at Dean cheerfully as she handed Mary the medication. Dean however, was busy staring at his hands with wide eyes like it was the first time he’d ever seen them in his life.

“Thank you very much,” Mary said, handing off the bag to Castiel so she could grip the wheelchair tighter. “Cas and I will make sure he doesn’t get into too much trouble.” She smiled at Cas before running her fingers through her son’s hair, causing him to jump and look for the cause of the touch in a daze.

“Whoa!” Dean said through the gauze in his mouth. “That was…that was funny feeling. I think a–a thing was in my hair.” He murmured, leaning his head back to stare up at his mother.

A small chuckle escaped Castiel as he looked at his best friend. He knew how badly Dean had been hoping he wouldn’t react to the anesthesia after getting his wisdom teeth out, but it looked like that wasn’t going to be an option for him.

“Be sure to change his gauze in a few hours,” Donna said cheerfully, “but as soon as the bleeding stops he should be fine!”

Mary nodded as Castiel double checked the amount of gauze they’d been given. Looked like it would be more than enough. Castiel himself hadn’t needed nearly that much gauze, but he’d also been one of the lucky people in the world that was more or less lucid after after the operation.

Dean, however, didn’t seem like he’d be so lucky.

Mary took a deep breath and smiled at Castiel. “Thank you so much for coming, Cas. I’ll just need help getting him in the car and–”

“It’s alright, Mrs. Winchester,” Castiel assured. “I’m happy to–”

“Whoa, mom! Look!”

Castiel and Mary both looked at Dean who was staring at Castiel with bugged eyes and was pointing an unsteady finger in his direction.

Cas reached up to double check if anything was on his head or on his face that would be causing such a reaction, but nothing.

Mary frowned and leaned down. “What is it, sweetheart?”

Dean’s head lolled to the side as he stared, causing a little bit of drool to leak out from in-between his gauze.

“Mom he is so pretty.” Came the muffled response.

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What his fav outfit on you is

Requested by @a-girl-who-loves-disney


You have this pair of really tight fit jeans that drives Sam absolutely crazy. It didn’t take you long to figure out what they were doing to him because even though Sam tries to be subtle you caught him staring a bunch of time. Hell even Dean caught him staring at your ass one time you got of your chair to get another book from the next table which earned Sam a smart remark and a very red face.

Ever since then he has tried to hide his glaring better but you feel his eyes on you every time you wear them. When no one is looking you feel his hands too. Landing on your ass or gliding up your thigh under the table.

When you get finally retreat to his room for the night after a day of you wearing those jeans Sam will show you how much he loves them by getting you out of them quickly!  


Cas loves this little sundress of yours and not just because it was what you were wearing the day the two of you first met. He loves how the colors bring out your eyes and almost makes your skin look like it is shining.

He loves it because that dress makes it easier for his grace to warm up your body. He will sit across the room and a warm feeling will rush over you starting at your ankles running all the way through your body. He will caress your skin without the Winchesters sitting next to you notice it and it feels like he is caressing your soul.

He also loves how comfortable you always seem to be when you wear it – what he doesn’t know is it is because you know he loves it. His blue eyes resting on you makes you walk a little taller and put a little more sway into your hips. It makes you proud to be his.  


Dean loves it when you wear his flannel shirts. He doesn’t really care if you wear it as a dress or tie it up and wear it with a pair of nice fitting jeans. He just loves the fact that you want to wear it.

The days you choose a shirt from his drawer you know is going to be one of those days he won’t be able to keep his hands of you. He won’t try and jump your bones but the entire day will be one nice long build up to what you both now is coming when you close the door behind you to his room at night.

He will wrap his arms around you and whisper sweet nothings in your ear while you are cooking. When Sam or Cas walks into the room he will quickly kiss your neck and back of with a wink. He will hold your hand as you go grocery shopping together. All day he will “accidently” grind against you as he passed you. His usual soft touches to you back, to your hips, to your thighs will linger a little longer than they have too.

And you will know he will spend the entire night showing you just how much you really mean to him and how much he loves when you wear his cloth. He will worship you and make you promise yourself never to buy another piece of clothing ever again! 


Touched Starved Hanzo pt.2

Since this post seemed to be so popular, I wanted to make another.

Hanzo pulls away if he ever accidentally makes contact. Going to pick up the same object and bumping hands, something makes him offer the item anyways.
When Jesse’s fingers brush over his open palm, the urge to keep the cowboy’s hand there is almost too much.

Hanzo will fidget or pace when anxious, but Jesse’s steadying hand on his shoulder has him leaning into the touch.

Forehead touches and Jesse kissing the back of Hanzo’s fingers and hand is a simple and sweet show of affection that the archer finds himself craving.

If Hanzo is having a hard time falling asleep, Jesse traces over the archer’s features; down his nose, across his cheeks, following the ridges and touching ever so lightly. It almost never fails to lull Hanzo to sleep.

After a battle, Hanzo allows (and prefers) Jesse to patch him up if the wounds are minor bumps or scrapes. If there are none, Hanzo only seems to encourage Jesse’s hands on him anyways, checking to be sure. The cowboy’s fingers slowing to run the length of old scars only has him shivering at the contact. A short explanation of how he got them soon follows.

It’s Jesse that suggests a nice, easy massage to loosen the clear tension in Hanzo’s shoulders and neck.
The archer melts when firm hands work out each knot one by one, and this becomes a ritual whenever something seems off.

Hanzo being the one to pull Jesse’s arm around him as they slowly fall asleep.

The archer lets his own touch linger on Jesse’s hands far longer than necessary, when he teaches the cowboy how to shoot Stormbow.

Hanzo finding himself sitting or laying in Jesse’s lap more often than not, if they are watching/reading something.

Caught In A Web - Criminal!Michael AU - PART ONE

what happens when two thieves are obsessed with each other?

PART TWO  -  masterlist

Michael’s POV:

They called her The Spider. They called him The Hornet. The Hornet - otherwise known as Michael Clifford - had been following his rival’s work obsessively ever since he moved into the rich neighbourhood, quickly noticing her presence in surrounding areas. Michael wasn’t a cop or a detective, just a boy with a bit too much spare time on his hands.

The Spider was a criminal, a thief like Michael. Unnamed, no face, just someone who outsmarted the police time and time again. Michael never failed to admire the way she’d effortlessly hack into security systems, no matter how complex the coding was; and managed to pull off stunts with ease, in and out of a building in minutes leaving no trace. She gave Michael a run for his money when it came to efficiency. Recently she’d been hitting the rich town hard, making Michael’s job hard too, he had to work overtime to hack the firewalls imbedded in the security systems whenever he wanted to perform his own heists.

Today Michael sat crunching his cornflakes, invested in a new article about The Spider’s antics. She had robbed a Tiffany & Co in his town yesterday and took over £25,000 worth in diamonds. Michael’s read the words in awe, that little voice niggling at the back of his mind. She was in his town.

He had been considering pulling off his own stunt in attempt to get The Spider’s attention for some time. He’d carried off countless robberies before but this one would have a little twist.

He could do it. And he was going to. Today.

Michael was plotting the whole day, looking up building plans of the store and spending around 2 hours cracking into the enforced security. He was shaking as midnight rolled around, not from nerves, but from excitement.

He stared at his reflection in the mirror, his body cloaked in black and his bright red hair disguised under a balaclava. It wasn’t Michael’s usual style but The Spider wore one and Michael needed the message to be obvious.

As he snuck out the front door, he exhaled loudly, watching his breath fog in the cold night air. He was going to do this. Finally. Adrenaline pumped through Michael’s body as he headed to the jewelry store, stopping outside it before placing a device of his own invention to the glass wall. Security will be tighter today, that was obvious, but hopefully nothing Michael couldn’t handle. His code cracker flashed green as it unlocked the keypad on the door. The redhead wiggled his card through the gap between the door and grinned as he heard a click. He was in.

Now the trick was to not set off the automatic lights, stay in the shadows. He plastered his back to the wall and slowly crept around the perimeter of the Tiffany’s. He ended up at the cash register, cracking it open to find the lack of notes he expected. Now for the difficult part.

He needed to get to the jewelry encased under the glass counter. He didn’t have a particular want for the adornments but he needed to prove himself. He took out his personalised pocket knife from his jeans and began chiselling at the glass. It didn’t take him long as he had modified the knife to be sharper than most.

He got bored easily, leading most of his possessions to be updated or personalised in drastic ways. His bedroom alone had a burglary system and an automatic lock with a keypad entrance. He liked it that way, especially as his profession came with an all round feeling of paranoia.

Quickly shoving the jewels into his satchel he pulled out part two of his plan, the can of black spray paint.

This was it. This was how he was going to get The Spider’s attention.

His heart was pounding in his chest as he began spraying the wall behind the register. He worked quickly albeit messily, and stood back to admire his work. A huge drawing of a spider’s web covered the once pristine white wall.

Michael ran home. The fastest he’d moved ever on a job. He threw his head back and laughed as he felt his blood pumping through his veins, this was why he worked. Exhilaration flooded his body as he watched the orange sunrise streak the sky.

As he traipsed to his bedroom he peeled off the balaclava. He flopped down in his bed and abandoned his bag on the floor - which now contained jewelry worth thousands of pounds. He had never been so eager to fall asleep, he hoped that his crime would be reported in the local newspaper soon and he needed to see if The Spider would notice.

Y/N’s POV:

“Hey, Y/N!” Your roommate called to you from the kitchen of your apartment.

“Yeah?” You stuck your head out your bedroom door, pulling on shorts.

“I think The Hornet is trying to talk to us.”

“What? What The Hornet Hornet?” You walked into the kitchen seeing Q poring over the newspaper. Her laptop was open as well, you assumed displaying more articles.

“Look! He hit our Tiffany’s yesterday and drew a spider web on the wall! He’s even wearing your mask.”
“No fucking way!” You grinned as you grabbed the paper.

Sure enough, there was a picture of the store’s wall, a black spray painted web covering half of it. You quickly scanned the article, it seemed like The Hornet’s work. You’d been a fan of his work ever since you’d teamed up with Q and secretly wished that one day you’d accidentally bump into him on a job.

“Seems as if we have an admirer.” Q smirked up at you, taking a bite of her toast.

“This is fucking cool.” You turned to her, “We need to tell him that we saw this.”

With that Q’s face dropped, “No! No, Y/N. We’ve filled our crime quota this month, we can’t hit twice in a week! That’s how people get caught!”

“Come on! He stole 10 grand because of us! He also cracked the harder security codes.” You tempted Q with The Hornet’s obvious intelligence.

She gave you a glare as you bounced on the balls of your feet, waiting for the go ahead, “Okay fine.”

“Yay!” You cheered, sitting on a stool at the breakfast bar, “Let’s play.”

Suiting up for another robbery just as you had completed one gave you a buzz. You pushed your earpiece in, and pulled the tight mask over your hair and face.

“Can you hear me?” Q spoke into your comms.

“Loud and clear.”
You walked into the living room, seeing Q in her sweats surrounded by multiple screens.

“Remember, this is just a vanity robbery, don’t get carried away.”
“Yes, mum.” You joked, but Q knew how you could get when you were pumped up on adrenaline.

Just the second robbery you did together had resulted in you stealing around £6,000 more than you intended to. But Q quickly forgave you as you bought her a new computer.


“Let’s do this.”

You clung to the dark shadows of the street as you exited your apartment building, making your way towards the supermarket. It was a bit low-end for you two but it was far too risky to visit Tiffany’s again. You went round the back of the large building, looking for the loading docks and finding the chutes they used for transporting boxes into the store. You grinned as the chutes lay unguarded.

This was too easy. You had to hold back a laugh as you slid into the gigantic storeroom.


“Straight ahead, turn left when you get to aisle 12.”

You blindly navigated the maze, sighing in relief as you saw the door into the shop.

“Hey, careful, this door is armed.”

“Hack in then.”
“Hang on bossy,” You heard the tapping of fingers on a keyboard. “Go for it.”

You opened the door, wincing as it squeaked a bit and you slipped into the main building. Passing the sweets aisle you shoved a few chocolate bars in your bag, much to the protesting of Q in your ear. You hovered around the toy aisle too.

“Y/N, we do not need a battery operated karaoke machine.”
“But I want one!”
“Ugh you’re no fun.”

You rummaged in your backpack, curling your fingers around the spray paint can and tossing it around in your hands.

“Front window, yeah?” Q reiterated your plan.

“Yup, almost there.”
With one last shake of the can you began painting on the huge glass window that sat at the front of the store.

“Hurry up, someone just pulled into the car park.” Q spoke into your ear.

“One second!” You hissed.

You had to perfect the letters, if you painted in your own handwriting they could trace it back to you.

Finally clicking the lid back on the can, you were done.

“Get out of there, now!” You heard Q irritably sigh, knowing that the risk just made you want to hang around more.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m coming.”

You ran back to the store room and within no time you were home.

“Have fun?” Q greeted you, her computers no longer showing CCTV footage but displaying lines of code.

“Of course,” You sat down on the couch next to her, “Want a KitKat?”

Michael’s POV:

Michael woke up with a headache, he was awake till late the night before updating his folder full of all The Spider’s crimes. He liked to keep track, mostly for enjoyment but partly for ideas.

He threw on a Def Leppard tank top and sweatpants, plodding into his kitchen to see that he had run out of energy drinks and there was no cereal in the apartment.

“Great.” He huffed to himself, pulling on shoes and wincing at the harsh sunlight as he stepped into the street.

He furrowed his brows as he turned the corner to the local supermarket. Police cars were parked outside and a small crowd was gathered by a barrier of police tape.

Michael pushed to the front of the crowd, stopping short as he saw the sign. For him.

A huge spider’s web - just like the one he had drawn - was covering most of the window. Only this time a poorly drawn bug lay in the centre of it. A hornet.

Michael felt his mouth dry up as he read the words underneath the painting.


He backed away from the scene slowly, trying to avoid the gaze of police officers as he walked down the road. As soon as he was out of sight he began running and didn’t stop until he got home.

He slammed the front door as he got home and rested his back on it, catching his breath and contemplating what this meant.

“Fuck yeah!” Michael screamed, giddy like a schoolboy with a crush.

The Spider got his message, she saw him. He ran upstairs, tripping over his feet in his haste.

He couldn’t stop smiling through planning his next heist. He had to show her he got saw the sign.

This didn’t feel like crime any more, it felt like sport

Teach Me

I decided to actually sit down and write a snowbaz fic after about two months of promising to try it. It’s sooooooo bad ngl. FLUFF

Simon wants to learn to play violin.

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McWhorter Household - Curtis & Dana

“You heard me.”

“Dana, have you lost your mind? You can’t make such a decision without consulting me first.”

“It’s my boy, Curtis. Mine.”

“What if I wanted another child?”

“Then that’s your problem, Curtis. Not mine. You must be seriously delusional if you think I’ll ever let you lay a hand on me. What do you take me for - a baby-breeding machine?”

“I’d like a daughter too. One of each, you always said.”

“Did you suddenly forget how long it took for this pregnancy to come to fruition? How much you despised touching me? How many times did you call me by her name when we made love? I refuse to put myself through the humiliating ordeal of conceiving another child with you.”

“Whatever happened to you loving me enough for the both of us?”

His throwing her own words back at her hurt a lot more than she cared to let on. “This conversation is over,” she told him as she wobbled to her feet. “Sign the papers, Curtis.”