too much text but i swear this part made me cry like crazy

1. I should’ve bought more flowers for you, now I buy flowers even if today isn’t Valentine’s Day or a day with a specific meaning, in a way, every petal is imbued with an apology and every time someone leans in to smell it they can feel the parts of me that you’ve forgiven far long before I could

2. I didn’t start to feel better until I started to take better care of myself, a constant whisper of you saying “i was just worried about you”

3. You can’t let someone be your only source of happiness because once they’re gone, you’re all alone again and there’s nothing worse than starting all the way back over with yourself: square one of a broken heart multiplied by the intensity of she’s not coming back, let her go

4. Music will never betray me

5. Poetry is thinking that you’ve got it figured out and a metaphor is just your way of saying I don’t

6. Art rules the world and I am a masterpiece in progress; how can I love myself like how you did if I can’t see that little bit?

7. Lust isn’t conducive for growth, it’s like an addict trying to get his fix– some day, he’s going to break and not even the drug can help him

8. I buy myself nice things, but I can’t fill this emptiness inside of my heart– I guess some nights, I just miss being next to you

9. I still can’t get used to sleeping alone

10. Sometimes I wish I would’ve picked up your phone calls during the first few months, I broke my promise and you know something? I regret it

11. I threw away our love letters and memories two months ago, I cried the whole time– yeah, still a fool for you, but baby, we’ve changed so much, I’m happy with my unhappy

12. You once told me to go on many adventures without you, did you account for my depression? You know, I don’t blame you for any of this. In reality it was always an us thing, a too young thing, a stupid, mad love thing– as always, I still love you, I just don’t know what love is anymore

13. They were right, soulmates touch you and they change you forever– the moment a colorful paint filled brush hits the water and the figments of colors flow into the cup, you left my soul with so many seasons, I’m still raking up the leaves from last fall

14. The last time I saw you we shouldn’t have had sex, I think that night really broke you– I think that night really broke me too

15. I should’ve laid my head onto your chest and counted your heartbeats more often, I’m sorry

16. Sometimes when I talk to people and tell them random facts that you’ve filled my head up, I swear I can hear your voice echo in the back of my head– “baby, check this out, you’re gonna love it”

17. I always do

18. I still remember your favorite Harry Potter line

19. After all of this time? …Always.

20. I smoke cigarettes to think about how to think less, the fucking irony

21. I take painkillers and my excuse is that my right hand still hurts, in truth, I’m just another addict that believes if I take another maybe my heart might just start to sound like it belongs to me

22. I didn’t cut myself because I wanted to die, I cut myself open because I wanted to feel how often I made your heart break, each scar on my shoulders is a time when I’ve made you cry

23. And each night that I can’t sleep, I stay up wishing that you’re doing okay

24. I don’t pray often, but when I do, I always prayed for your mom, although she hated me, I’m so glad that she put you on this earth to allow us to meet– I have changed so much since I’ve met you

25. The crazy part? You still change me everyday

26. You know the renaissance era? Falling in love with you was like that

27. My favorite photo of us were those two kids eating a banana split at the New Orleans mall, I miss those two innocent kids, oh, how we’ve changed

28. We are destined to have this eternal flame kind of distance– the brighter I burn, the more you’ll read, the only thing that keeps me writing some days is knowing that somewhere, somehow you’re always reading, no matter who you’re with or if you’re laughing or crying or smiling

29. My number one fan was always you first

30. I’ve made so many bad decisions, you were never one of them

31. I’ve written so many bad poems, you were in every single one

32. I’ve written some pretty great ones too tho…!
You were also in those

33. I miss cleaning your eyes for you

34. I have met some amazing people because of what happened to us

35. I can’t get you by Fallbrooke the acoustic version is no longer on the internet, the funny part? The very last day that it was on the web, I downloaded it right before they removed it. It’s still my favorite song of all time, our song

36. Hold your tears by Clazziquai too

37. Sometimes when I get off from work, I sit in the car and cry, some tears don’t have meaning, they just need to come out

38. I claim to write poetry, but I feel like they’re just love letters sent to no one in particular

39. It’s not that I’m not over you, I’m just trying to get used to not needed you

40. It’s not that it hurts to the point where I can’t breathe, I’m just trying to light my own path to self-love and healing

41. The fact that your favorite color is orange, it makes the fruit taste some type of way

42. Sometimes I want to call you, but I don’t

42. Sometimes I want to text you and I do

43. Sometimes I want you to answer, I’m glad you don’t

43. Sometimes I just want to say fuck it all and call, I’m glad that I don’t

44. You stopped writing when we first met, in some way, the girl that waits by the shore has left a million pens near my desk and to this day– I wait by the shore too, just in case inspiration hits, right?

45. Our little codes of love finally decoded enough for me to not be blinded by you

46. We were both messed up people, I think we knew that about each other and maybe that’s why I always know when you’re not feeling okay

47. I still don’t have love figured out, but damn I’ll open every fucking door in my heart even if I have to go down the sewer to find every key

48. Someone says that she’s falling for me, I’m legit afraid to hurt people now– like it’s a real fear, I don’t want to hurt anyone anymore

49. I should’ve given you the stars, but instead I left your heart scattered across the universe

50. It’s been almost two year and I’m still writing about you, but at least it’s less often, right?

51. You’ve always been kinda self-centered, I think you enjoy it when I write about you. Like if I write about you in some way, maybe I’m still yours

52. We were just too damn young to realize how destructive passion, love, romance, stagnation, betrayal and pain is when mixed together

53. Sometimes I go to the places that we used to go just to create new memories without you

54. Sometimes it works

55. Most of the time, it just flicks me off

56. My brain is constantly telling me that I’m a fuck up and the more I try to get it right, the more I keep getting it wrong

57. I am trying to master the art of letting go

58. And this list is a step towards better things

59. And this life is going to be alright

60. Without you, I am still me

61. Without you, I can still breathe

62. Without you, I am still alive

63. Without you, I am still poetry

64. I can barely remember your face, I guess being around a lot of different people at work helps out plenty

65. This world is filled with pain, I hope you look back and smile about us some day

66. Maybe when you’re old and grey– you’ll remember those two young kids who slow danced in the dark

67. If we were made from the same star, I want to return home some day

68. I want to shine bright enough for the two of us

69. You’re still my best friend even if we no longer talk

70. You’ll always be my best friend

71. I still care about you

72. A whole fucking lot

73. The world is full of mysteries, I’m glad that we’re in the known, I’m glad that we’ve met

74. I hope you never regret me, you wanna know why? I could never, ever, ever, ever regret you

75. I don’t know how to open up to people anymore and I’m not sure if it’s my fault or yours– maybe this one time, it’s our fault… are you like this too?

76. I’ve been told that I’m too hard on myself, I firmly believe that one of the reason as to why we split was because I wasn’t hard enough on myself– I got too fucking comfortable with your promises and I took you for granted

77. Life waits for no one

78. I let an ex of mine break my red and black ring– she said that if I was over you, I’d let her break. I let her break it, but jokes on me, it didn’t change a thing about how I still feel about you

79. I keep writing and writing and writing because one of these days– it’ll stop being about you

80. Sometimes it works, but deep down, I know in some way, you’ll always find a way to sneak back out

81. I can’t get you out of my head sometimes

82. It’s even harder because you’re still inside of my heart

83. I saw this cool picture on Tumblr with someone cutting a piece of herself off that resembled two lovers splitting up, that shit looked like it hurt

84. Love hurts because even eating cotton candy ice cream really fast will give you a brain freeze

85. You didn’t like my rat tail idea, I grew one out just to fuck with you. Jokes on me, I love it now.

86. You never really supported the idea of me being anything, tbh, it’s not your fault. None of it is. I should’ve been my own motivation. I guess by supporting you through nursing school, I wanted to hear you say that I could do it even when I was at my lowest point.

87. I realized a few thing about loving you.

88. When you hit rock bottom, few will be loyal enough to stick it out with you

89. Money rules the world, since I’m not wealthy in any way– one day when I am, I can laugh a little about all of this

90. I think you loved our memories more than you loved me, in truth, I did too

91. Maybe that’s why it’s hard to get close to people

92. Maybe that’s why it’s hard to let you go

93. Maybe that’s why you still read

94. We had something raw and experimental, young and dumb, mistakes on top of mistakes

95. It was a perfect compass to point us to our future selves

96. I know a great many things now– although I am depressed, with or without you

97. I am great, I am strong

98. I am my own happy before anyone else’s

99. I can love myself enough to let you go

100. I had to hurt you to really, really grow–
I think to this day, that’s the thing that hurts me the most. That I had to hurt my best friend in this whole wide world, to make you crumble, to make you cry, to make you hate me– I had to do all of that in order to love myself. And it’s sad because here I am, still trying to figure it all out.

With or without you, I will be a better person.
—  100 things I figured out when we broke up
I Was Wrong - Jughead Jones

Requests: Omg thank you so much for open book it is so so GOOD! I was wondering if maybe you could do one where jughead and the reader are dating and they get into a fight and the reader tells jughead “if you walk out that dint ever come back” and the next day jughead is in the hospital because he attempted suicide and they get back together and it’s just really fluffy

Hi there! So I really hope this was okay :/ I tried my best but obviously it’s a very sensitive topic <3

Warnings: angst, suicide attempt, swearing, sad cinnamon roll :C

Words: 3,812

This was too much for you. You knew that your boyfriend Jughead was getting in deep when he started his novel on the murder of Jason Blossom. You didn’t think much of it back then though. When he joined the Blue & Gold, you didn’t think much of it. When he started cancelling on you to go on sleuthing missions with Betty, is when you started to notice that it wasn’t all quite right.

It wasn’t that you were jealous, because you weren’t. Jughead and Betty had known each other for a long time, practically since childhood and you respected that. Nothing romantic had ever seemed to come from it though. You also trusted Betty not to hurt you like that, she was one of your best friends and was opting to stay out of relationships ever since her heartbreak with Archie, she wouldn’t risk it. 

No, you were worried that he was going to get himself in trouble with the law, or that the murderer who was running around town was going to catch onto the fact that he was on their trail and would off him before he had the chance to speak out. You were scared for Jughead in every living moment and he treated it so casually, was he not even concerned for his own safety?!

He’d also been spending less time with you. You didn’t want to be clingy but with the sleuthing for the writing and the writing for now both his novel and the newspaper, he just didn’t have enough hours in the day. The two of you had a special bridge, south of Sweetwater River where he’d asked you to be his girlfriend a year ago. It was your special bridge, and you would always meet there to just sit in comfortable silence, or talk and reflect about what was going on in your lives, think about the future and try and laugh through your existential crisis. You treasured those hours. They made you feel human, normal and alive in this crazy small town, which was being torn apart by this murder… piece by piece.

You hadn’t met there in weeks. You hadn’t kissed or embraced the boy you loved in weeks. Heck, you hadn’t had a proper, deep conversation with the boy you loved in weeks. That stung deep.

The car broke you. The car took it too far.

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New Year. New Me. {Peter Pan Imagine}


Part One  Part Two 

Peter Pan Imagine 

Author: Joi A. Wade 

Tagged: @tmrhollandkay, @ arfrona

Requested: Yes,  HI CAN I HAVE A EXTREME FLUFF IMAGINE WITH ROBBIE KAY OR PETER PAN WHERE YOU GUYS GET INTO A REALLY REALLY BAD FIGHT AND YOU DECIDE YOU GUYS SHOULD BREAK UP AND HES LIKE NO BABE WAIT IM SORRY AND YOURE LIKE NOPE I CANT DO THIS ANYMORE AND THEN YOU LEAVE AND HE CANT FUNCTION WITHOUT YOU SO HE TRIES TO WIN YOU BACK AND IT TAKES A WHILE BUT ONE DAY HE FINALLY WINS YOU BACK EXTREMELY FLUFFY PLEASE,  OMYGOD I SO LOVE THIS!!!!,  I love this so much ohmhgod,  I got chills! Is there going to be another part?,  AAAH I love this!!!! ;uu; part 3…?,  You should do a part three to New Year New Me, home slice!😬😬,  New year new me is amazing😭 please tell me that there is gonna be a part 3,  That was absolutely amazing! Will there be a third part to New Year New Me?,  Omgggggg 😍😍 I just read both parts of New Year new me you’ve got me hooked ITS SO GOOD !!!!!!1!111!1!1!!!1

Note: Last part after this coming soon! Hasn’t been pre-read, so might be some errors. Enjoy the juice!

Months have passed since the whole New Years incident. Peter has tried contacting Y/n for the longest, from texts to calls, emails, through her friends, voicemail. You name it, he’s tried it. But, nothing from her. Y/n was really done with him. And that didn’t sit right in his stomach, his brain or his heart. 

When he got back to the place the two of them shared, her side of the room? Empty. Her stuff in the bathroom, the closets, the living room. It was all cleaned out. This was really happening, and he was the only one to blame. He didn’t know how long he thought his whole game would last, he just wanted to have someone on the side, just wiling to give themselves up for his needs and wants. But now, all he really wanted and needed was his love to forgive him. 

Peter was a wreck without Y/n by his side. How she would cook breakfast on certain mornings, or him cooking for her and being scolded for almost burning the kitchen down. Usually she did most of the house cleaning, because he worked most of the time, and now their home was a complete mess and it smelled of depression and months of just barely showering. He kept the curtains closed all day, leaving it to look dark; he barely ate, or slept, and he was pretty sure he’s now fired from not coming into work. He was even threatened to be kicked out if he didn’t pay the rent. 

Knocks could be heard from the front door, making Peter awaken from his dark slumber. He hasn’t been dreaming since Y/n left him, just endless darkness surrounding his mind. Once his eyes adjusted, he found the ceiling yet again for the hundredth time that day, and the knocking just kept coming. Letting out a soft groan, Peter turning his head to where he see the door. Confused for a second as to why, he then remembered he never made it to the bed. He was laying the couch.  

Reaching over, Peter took a look at his phone, seeing that there were multiple missed called and messages from work, some friends…Wendy. But, none from the only person he’s been wanting to talk to. The loud and rapid knocking got worse, making Peter groan louder at the annoying noise the echoed around the place. Getting up lazily from the couch, he slowly made it way to the door, shouting at whoever it was that he was coming. Once he opened the door, all he wanted to do was slam it right back. But, it was too late. She flung herself at him. 

“Oh, Peter! Why haven’t you been returning my calls? I was so worried about you, what have you been doing? And, ugh!” As quickly as she clung to him, she pushed him away once the smell hit her nostrils. “You smell like shit. When was the last time you took a shower-”

“What the hell do you want?” He rasps, eyes glaring down at the petite woman that stood with the bedroom eyes he swore he never wanted to see again. 

“I’ve missed you…I’ve missed us-”

“Us? There is no us. There never was, and there never will be. You ruined my life, I should have never let you in, you’ve tainted the best relationship I’ve ever had, and I let you. If I ever see you face again, I swear to God I will be put in jail for beating the shit out of you.” 

Without even hesitation, he slammed the door in her face. Walking away from the pounding, he tried ignoring her whining for him to come back and talk, but just went deeper into the condo. About 20 minutes passed when Wendy finally stopped trying and left, leaving Peter to sit in his funk and silence yet again. He couldn’t take it anymore. Not knowing if you were okay or not was driving him crazy. Were you still in town? Did you find someone else. 

Just as that thought crossed his mind, he got a text message. Looking at the ID, his heart dropped when he say it wasn’t who he was hoping for. Sighing heavily, he opens it. It was Felix. 

‘Dude, it’s been months. I haven’t seen or heard from you.’ 

Rolling his eyes, he replies. ‘And?’

‘Look I know you’re wallowing, but this is ridiculous.’

‘You and Tiger have made it clear that you want nothing to do with me. Just like her.’

‘I admit, what you did was below the belt, but you’re still my best friend. I care, and Y/n still cares about you. Whether you believe it or not. She does.’ 

Not responding this time, Peter just stares at those words Felix left. Ping.  Looking again, another message. This time, a short video. Of her and some dude. This turned his blood into ice. So here he was crying over someone who won’t return his calls and goes out with other guys. Sure, he has no right to Y/n, they weren’t together. But that doesn’t stop the little green monster that built in the pit of his stomach. Who were you with? Squinting at the picture, he nearly choked once he identified who exactly you were with. 

Her ex, Newton. 

“That British son of a bitch.” 

|| anything for you ||

[request prompt: Um hello! I was wondering if you could write a Peter x plus size/chubby reader? The reader always stands up for him against the bullies only to go on to say pretty mean things about herself. Maybe Peter doesn’t mind that she’s bigger than him, maybe he finds her cute and soft? Idk I’m sorry. I’m just having a crummy day where I’m having trouble loving my body 😞]

here’s a very relatable story ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙 we all have our crummy days, but I just hope you all know that we’re all just different types of beautiful ♡

You don’t have to be any other way than what you are to be known as beautiful ♡

tags [permanent + peter parker]: @ghostedwolf , @lovelybaka , @animexchocolate, @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53 , @literatureandimmature, @daydr3ams-away, @wannabe-weasley , @mcusebstan , @tmrhollandkay , @pepcvina , @nekonerdxox , @lokigirl18 , @fangeekkk , @kylielo22 , @wavy-ley , @lghockey , @buckysendoftheline , @1022bridgetp , @potterjamesharry , @aenna-4 , @mcheung0314 , @samanthasmileys , @melconnor2007 , @wingsanddarkness

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anonymous asked:

52 with harry please? I love your writing btw!!

awwh thanks you’re sweet ☺️ this is slightly based off of twilight, kind of like a jacob with renesmee storyline but different, so i hope you like it x

Originally posted by harryesque

52. “I’ve been in love with you my entire life.”

When (y/n) was born Harry didn’t expect her to be the one he imprinted on. But it happened, and there was nothing he could do about it. Though it was weird, (y/n) being a baby and all, imprinting it wasn’t just falling in love with someone. It meant protecting them with your life, keeping them out of harms way, and doing whatever it took to make sure they were always okay. It meant caring for them with all of your heart. And that’ how Harry felt about (y/n). It wasn’t in love with her as a baby, but when we imprinted he saw a vision of her and him as she grew up and what type of woman she would become in the near future. And that was what he would eventually fall in love with.

Niall was Harry’s best friend, and Harry and Liz had a past that only they knew about. Back in school, Liz and Harry both had feelings for each other and went out on one date, but Harry knew his friend had feelings for her as well, so it ended there. Liz was still hurt by the fact that Harry ended things abruptly and without explanation other than “I’m not ready for something like this right now.” But she never let it show whenever Harry and Niall hung out, which was a lot.
Liz and Niall had been together for two years, through junior and senior year, and when they first got together Liz found out Niall was a vampire. Shortly after that, she learned Harry was a werewolf. She didn’t believe it at first, until she saw Harry get into an altercation with one of his friends and they both turned into werewolves. But she got slightly used to after a while, realizing that her life would no longer be normal, and she asked Niall to turn her. He wanted to be married to her first, and when she saw that her begging and pleading for him to do it sooner wouldn’t work, she agreed to his terms. They got married shortly after graduation, and on their honeymoon when Niall was hesitant to change her like he promised, they ended up pregnant before he could. It was supposed to be impossible, but it happened. And when the werewolves found out that Liz was pregnant, and could die from it, and that Niall had broken the vampire/werewolf treaty, they decided that they had to kill the child if it did end up killing Liz. And when the day came for her to have (y/n), she did end up dying during labor. Niall tried turning her, but it was too late.

Or so they thought, but when Liz woke up days later as a vampire, things turned around. Niall went from feeling like he no longer had a reason to live, to having two reasons to. And Harry found out that he had one too. But when the wolves tried to come after (y/n) and Harry went against his own tribe to protect her, they realized that something had happened. Niall read Harry’s mind and his thoughts had confirmed Niall’s assumption.

“He’s imprinted on (y/n),” Niall told Liz incredulously. “They can’t harm her.”

Liz’s eyes got wide. “You’re kidding…”

The wolves eventually backed off, retreating into the woods. Harry calmed down, turning human and running inside to change out of his torn clothes. When he came back out of the guest room of Niall and Liz’s place, Liz glared at him.

“Please tell me you didn’t imprint on our daughter.” Liz demanded.

Harry exhaled. “I’m sorry, I can’t do that.”

“She’s a baby, Harry! Your best friend’s child!” Liz raises her voice. “What kind of twisted creature are you?”

“I can’t help it!” Harry tried. “It’s not like I’m in love with her. At least, not yet anyway.”

Niall clenched his fists by his sides. “I know you can’t control it, but my daughter?! Of all people it had to be her?”

“Trust me, I’m as surprised as you are.” Harry put his hands up in defense.

Before anyone could say more, they heard (y/n) crying from the nursery. Harry went to go see if she was okay, but Liz pushed him to the side. Harry stumbled, Liz’s vampire strength stronger than he anticipated.

“I’ve got her,” She spat, walking back to tend to her child. As Liz walked away, Niall gave Harry a judging look.

“I really am sorry, Niall. I don’t want this to affect our friendship.” Harry said remorsefully. “I wish there was something I could do to make it up to you.”

After a moment of thought, Niall spoke up. “There is something you can do, actually.”

Harry raised his eyebrows. “Name it and I’ll do it,”

“Swear to me that you will never pursue a relationship with (y/n).” Niall proposed.

Harry hesitated, but eventually obliged.
“I swear,”


It was (y/n)’s seventh birthday, though she looked as if she was almost twnety. After spending the day with her parents, she couldn’t help but have a thought in the back of her head she couldn’t quite shake. She hadn’t seen Harry all day, and it was very unlike him to not see her at least once, let alone not say happy birthday to her or not answer her calls or texts.

“Dad, have you heard from Harry today?” (y/n) asked.

“No, I haven’t,” Niall frowned. “Maybe he’s super busy today?”

(Y/n) sighed. “He’s never been too busy for me. This isn’t like him. He hasn’t even said happy birthday.”

Liz looked at Niall in confusion.

“This is very unlike him,” She whispered. “Do you know something you’re not telling me?”

Niall looked away, making himself busy as if not to show Liz the guilty look on his face. “No, love, I have no idea what’s going on with him.”

Liz rolled her eyes, knowing Niall’s usual tricks. He could never lie to her face.
“Do you want to break your daughter’s heart and ruin her birthday?” Liz questioned.

“Of course not,” Niall said defensively.

“Then fix this,” Liz insisted, before walking away.

“I’m going into the woods to look for him,” (y/n) said, determined.

Niall looked at her in shock. “Are you crazy? You’re not going alone, you have no idea who could be out there.”

“I can handle myself, Dad.” (y/n) stood up. “I am part vampire, after all.”
And with that she walked out.

Niall sighed, getting his phone and calling Harry. On the third try, he finally answered, and Niall told him of his daughter’s plans. Harry reluctantly agreed to go find her, and their conversation ended there.

(Y/n) ran to where she and Harry usually met to hunt, looking around to see if she could tell if he had been there recently. But when the hairs on the back of her neck stood up, she knew he wasn’t far. When he walked up to her, she hit his arm.

“Ow!” He yelled, holding his bicep. “What was that for?”

“For ignoring me all day!” (y/n) said. “If you were busy, the least you could’ve done was called. But you’ve never been too busy for me, so why has that changed all of a sudden?”

Harry looked around, avoiding her gaze. “I’m sorry, love, I–”

“Don’t call me that,” She spat. “If you loved me, or cared at all, you would’ve have shown it by now.”

“Is it too late to say happy birthday?” He tried, a goofy grin on his face.

She rolled her eyes. “Yes, it is.”

His smile fell, and he sighed. “Look, (y/n), there’s certain things I can’t tell you. Like why I haven’t spoken to you all day, or why I’m distancing myself. I wish I could tell you, but I just can’t.”

She laughed sadly. “Wow, you really don’t care.”

“I do so,” He looked at her.

“Then prove it!” She raised her voice. “Tell me what I did that made you not want to be around me anymore. Because I’ve been wracking my brain all day trying to figure it out.”

“(Y/n), it’s not like that–”

“Oh don’t try that bullshit on me,” She interrupted. “You know, I thought things were different. But I guess not…”

“They are!” Harry continued. “If I could tell you, would. I promise.”

“I don’t think you realize how much I care, or how much you mean to me.” She accused. “I’ve been in love with you my entire life. And I know how crazy that sounds, but I’ve always thought that when i got older you felt the same. But I guess I was wrong.”

She went to walk away, but Harry grabbed her wrist. She turned to face him, tears rolling down her face.

“I’m in love with you too, (y/n).” Harry admitted.

“Then why did you leave me without any kind of explanation?” She questioned.

He exhaled, leaning his forehead onto hers. “When you were little, your father and I had an agreement. The only way we could stay friends and I could stay by your side and protect you was if I swore to him I would never be in a relationship with you. So, in order to keep my word, I distanced myself from you. I had to leave you, I couldn’t hide my feelings any longer and he was starting to notice. I’m so sorry, love.”

(Y/n) grabbed Harry’s face and brought their lips together, kissing him like she had always wished she could. He kissed back, happy that his feelings were finally known and that she felt the same. He didn’t care about how pissed Niall and Liz would be. His only care in the world was that he and (y/n) were together, and we wasn’t going to let anyone tear them apart for as long as he lived.

if you have any other imagine ideas, feel free to request them, requests are always open x

send me a number from this list and a boy from 1d or 5sos

The Hunter and The Witch Chapter 6- Run For Cover

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: :Reader is anxious after Cupid incident  .
Warnings: Swearing, explicit language.
Word Count: 1276

A/N: Thank you for the amazing feedback everyone!  I hope you’ll like this part too, and please make sure to tell me what you think! I love feedback, it makes me so happy! I’m hoping the tags will work this time :d Kisses, Dream :*

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So as it turned out, every love song ever was right about everything and you were now beginning to realize that.

You didn’t know whether it was because of Cupid’s unwanted comment on your situation or because the object of your desire seemed more and more attractive to your hormones every second passed, but there was one thing for sure; you needed to keep your distance.

After all, whose love lasted forever?

No one, that’s who.

So when it came down to logics, love was as annoying and temporary as flu.

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On a night we won’t remember - Montgomery de la Cruz ( part 7 )

A/N: my heart exploded through my chest while writing this lord i’m an emotional wreck. also a big big big thank you for @personljournal for helping me with continuing this story! go check out her writing at @hapinessandlove123 it’s amazing!

word count: 1081


You thought you wouldn’t tell anyone ever what happened to you but when Monty asked you, with those tears on his face, you couldn’t help but break down and tell him everything. When he had asked, you just sort of collapsed on the ground and you started to cry again. After a solid 20 minutes you started to talk to him. In that time Monty already rushed to his room and got you one of his oversized shirts, he sat down next to you and held you in his arms. He also didn’t talk. Other times when something was wrong with you he kept pushing until you told him what was up but this time was different. Monty was scared of what was coming, did he really want to hear something that might had changed his y/n forever? When you started to talk tears slowly started to escape Monty’s eyes again. He listened and listened, you felt his grip getting tighter on you like he would never let you out of his arms again so he knew  you were safe. You felt like Monty sincerely cared about you and in some kind of way it made you a little bit happy inside. The two of you had been sitting on the bathroom floor for a very long time now. You with your head on his shoulder and your legs over his in his arms, his head leaning on yours caressing  the back of your head to calm you down since you were still crying. Monty heard you slowly calm down and drift to sleep. He picked you up bridal style and laid you in his bed covering you carefully with the blanket. He laid himself next to his bed on the ground so when you woke up you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable  but you also weren’t alone.

You started to slowly wake up but weren’t in the mood to open your eyes yet. You were feeling like a complete train wreck. You clearly had a serious hangover and your eyes felt like bricks on your face feeling all red and puffy.  The realisation of why your eyes are like that hit you pretty quick making you feel even worse then you already were. You roll over and open your eyes to see Montgomery laying on the ground with a blanket that’s obviously way too small for him. You couldn’t help but wonder how could someone care so much about you and still hurt you so deeply.  You were watching him closely when you saw his eyelids move a little before he opened his eyes.  

“Hey y/n, you’re awake? How are you feeling?” He said while sitting up and stretching his back obviously being in pain from the hard ground.

“Not that great.” You say shortly not feeling like talking about it all over and over again.

“Mont how did you know where I was?” you asked confused getting flashbacks from the night before.

“Justin texted me.” he said while unlocking his phone and showing it to you.

Y/N is at Bryce’s and she’s drunk. I left her there because Jess is sick but I have a really bad feeling about this all. I wanted to ask Zach cause well you’re a dick but he’s sleeping. So please do me one favour and go pick her up but don’t even think about kissing or even touching her. – Foley.”

Oh how you loved your best friend you thought by yourself.

“Y/N do you still want to talk about it or?”

“No please no, it happened and I hate it but I think I’ll go crazy if the subject keeps coming up.”  You say while sitting up, Montgomery pushed himself up from the ground and sat next to you laying his hand on your naked leg that showed from under the blanket.

“That’s fine but just know that if you need someone I’m here for you.” he said with a reassuring smile. As heroic as his actions were last night you couldn’t forget about all that had happened between the two of you and how he broke your trust and maybe also broke a little bit of you.

“Mont don’t do this to me, thank you for yesterday really but everything is already difficult enough. This heartbreak is already killing me don’t make it worse.” You said while picking up his hand from your leg and moving it away. But you felt something had changed that night. Monty and you never had been so honest against each other. He cried for the first time in front of you, he listened instead of pushing and trying to change your thoughts. You just told him everything without he needed to ask. Every single feeling he knew right now.

“But I don’t want to make it worse, I swear. I screwed up big time and I know but I have never in my life felt so committed to something or someone like I feel with you. I truly understand you don’t want to be with me anymore but can we just try to be civil again, maybe become friends? I understand you don’t trust me anymore but you can’t disappear out of my life you just can’t.”

“Mont what’s happening with you, you’ve never been like this when we were together?”

“Because back than I didn’t realise what a great person you are who deserves nothing less than the world. This all has changed me for the better and I want to prove to you that maybe if you gave me a second chance you can let me try to give you that world.”

“Monty I’m not going to lie. I don’t want nothing else than you in my life. I miss you and even tho I got drunk and tried to forget all that was on my mind was you.” while you were saying this you saw a small smile appear on his face.

“But you hurted me so bad and I didn’t deserve that.” And with that it all changed back to disappointment and regret. You didn’t want to hurt him but being honest was the best you could do.

“I- I understand I’ll get your stuff so you don’t have to stay here any longer.”  He said while getting up and walking towards his bedroom door.

“But I don’t want to be out of your life either so trying to be friends does sounds like a plan.” Monty turned around quickly smiling again.



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playing with fire | taehyung (2)

genre: fluff, fuckboy taehyung, smut (not yet)

pairing: taehyung x reader 

summary: you knew what you were in for, but it was too late to get out. besides, it’s not like you wanted too anyways. 

a/n : i got really good feedback from the first chapter. so here is part 2! hope it wasn’t crappy. 

regular - present 

italics - flashback

also part one is here 

 So. You were now the most hated girl in school. Word got around, and it got around quick. Everyone now knows that Taehyung had asked you out, and now the whole neighborhood (over exaggerating) knows that you said no. The whole world has basically come to an end. You’ve never received so much death glares from anyone in your life. But you didn’t know what the big deal was. Shouldn’t all of Taehyung’s whores be happy you said no? Meaning they could’ve had him all to themselves. But, no, Taehyung wanted you. 

“I honestly wish I was there.” Park Jimin laughs as he stuff fries in his mouth. Jimin was one of Taehyung best friends. Those two were inseparable. Where they went, trouble follows. And it’s been that way since they were just kids. “I bet the look on your face was priceless!” 

“Maybe she’s busy on Saturday. You should ask again hyung,” Jeon Jungkook tries to encourage his older friend. Jungkook was a grade bellow the two, but they had all met in music class, and just stuck with each other till then. 

Taehyung tunes out his friends and stared at you across the lunchroom. It frustrated him that you weren’t eating and just scribbling in your notebook. But it frustrated him even more that you rejected him. It wasn’t even a harsh rejection. It was plain old polite. 

“She’s so hot.” Jimin sighs out, taking a look at you. 

This caught Taehyung’s attention. He turned to Jimin giving him a glare. “Shut. Up.” He says lowly. 

“Hey Y/N!” Jimin calls out, waving his hand frantically in the air. 

You had looked up confusingly, trying to find the source that said your name. Once you did, you rolled her eyes. Jimin wasn’t your favorite person in the world. The two of you had fallouts a few years back. But that’s a story for another time. Jimin didn’t realize that he caught the entire cafeteria’s attention. 

This resulted you into being so embarrassed and quickly gathering your things and rushing out. Taehyung didn’t waste no time rushing after you. Not only did he want answers, but he just wanted to make sure you were okay. 

Had had caught you in the staircase and grabbed your wrist. You were startled a bit so your books dropped. “Oh, sorry.” Taehyung quickly bent down and picked them up. He handed them to you and you took it. You were ready to leave again but Taehyung wasn’t having it.

“Wait Y/N, can we talk for a sec? Please.” He pleaded. You sighed and sat down on the staircase placing your books next to you. He followed your movements and sighed. “Are you okay. I’m sorry about what Jimin did, he was being himself.”

You restrained yourself from laughing because you knew exactly what Jimin was like. And he hasn’t changed one bit. “Look it’s fine. The problem is the entire school will now be on my case even more. Even the petty 9th grade girls.” You groaned. 

“People have been messing with you?” Taehyung asked you. The change of tone is his voice frightened you a bit, in an exiting way though, if that makes sense. He was being protective and part of you liked it. “No, well not yet atleast. If you keep this up. The girls you fuck are kinda still lingering on to you, if you don’t know.” You say to him.

Taehyung’s words were caught in his throat. Almost as if he didn’t expect you to know that he fucks around a lot. How could you not? Taehyung was the schools biggest player. Meaning he had over a dozen girlfriend and slept with thousands of people. 

“I—uh—Y/N,” He stuttered as he spoke.

 "You don’t have to explain yourself to me Taehyung.“ You say to him, before getting up. Taehyung’s actions speak for them-self. 

 "So, that’s why you won’t go out with me!” He blurted out. You stoped in your tracks and looked at him. 

“Yeah, pretty much. Plus, I don’t really want date right now. Maybe not ever.” You tell him truthfully. It was best if you just forget about boys. 

 "Well, can I change your mind?“ He asked. 

 "No not really. It doesn’t matter what you do.” You say honestly. You hoped you weren’t sounding too harsh. Their was plenty other girls he can fuck over. You didn’t know why he was so persistent on you. “I’m nothing special Taehyung. Just find other girls to date.” You gave him a slight smile before leaving.

But what you said is beyond what Taehyung thinks. Ever since he started noticing you about 3 months ago. He ended his player ways. He stopped going to parties, texting girls, sleeping with girls, he even goes to sleep at a decent time now. He’s completely changed, and it scared him. It scared him that a simple girl like you can bring out the good in someone. He was so thankful for the day you two met.


You ran out of your boyfriend’s house only to burst out in tears. You couldn’t let him see you cry. You were stronger then that, and only little girls cried. You couldn’t show him that what he said about you was real. That you were just a little girl who doesn’t know any better. That’s what he told you. And that’s how you two broke up. 

Sure, there was a big age difference between you two. You were now 17 and he was 21 in college. But, their was sparks the first time you met, and there’s been sparks ever since. Being with him never made you so happy. And after a year of being with each other, it’s all down hill. 

So what could you do—but just cry. Cry and randomly walk to wherever you feet takes you. Your eyes so blurry, that you didn’t even see the car coming your way. All you heard was the sound of a horn and a yell. Right, before you felt yourself being pulled back roughly. 

“Yah! Are you crazy?” A deep voice asked frantically. 

You were still processing what just happened so you couldn’t give the person, (which you confirmed was a guy due to voice) a response. So he kept asking again. You found yourself slowly nodding. 

“I need you to speak for me. So I know your not going into shock or anything.” He says to you.

What a dumbass you thought. “If I was going into shock don’t you think I would be going into shock.”  You scolded at him. 

“Well shit okay, your fine then.” He says. You suddenly regret they way you answered him. He just saved your life. 

“I’m so sorry. Thank you, a lot.” You say looking down.

“Yeah, your welcome. Are you okay?” He asked you. 

You finally found the courage to look at the guy who just saved you from your impending death. And you knew who he was. It was Kim Taehyung. He was in your year. 

“Uh, yeah. I’m okay.” You manage to say through you sniffles. Your tears were clearly evident, so there was no point to lie. 

Taehyung slightly frowned. “Girls always say that and they never really mean it. Do you wanna talk about it or something? I don’t know if that helps. I most likely won’t care, either.” He tells you. 

Wow, he was an asshole, you thought. You never talked to Taehyung in your life. But you knew that he was the school’s biggest dick and fuckboy. 

“Thanks for somewhat caring, but no.” You say before walking away. After walking for a while you stopped and sat on the sidewalk. You hugged your knees against your chest and started crying even more. You were hurt. What were you suppose to do when the best thing that ever happened to you, doesn’t love you anymore. 

“Hey!” A famliar voice spoke to you. 

You felt a brush by your shoulder and looked up to only see Taehyung taking a seat right next to you. 

“What the hell! Did you follow me?” You asked him, clearly shocked that he was even here right now.

“Yeah, I did. It wouldn’t have been nice to just leave a girl out this late. So the least I can do is drive you home.” He says to you, messing with his brown hair. “But first we’re gonna talk. Because you need to stop crying.”

“I’m okay honestly” You try to lie. But more pain builded up and more tears spilled out of your eyes. 

“Just vent to me already!” Taehyung raised his voice. 

Which shut your right up. You tried taking deep breaths you calm yourself down so you could tell him what’s wrong. “My b-boyfriend. Just broke up with me.” You say softly. 

“Oh, I’m sorry. Breaks ups are the worst.” Taeyung laughs to himself. “It’s nice; meeting someone, falling for them, getting so attached. You feel like anything is possible. Then it sucks when the greatest thing that ever happened to you, all turns to shit….like it’s not even fucking worth it.” 

Your cries stopped. And you listened to what he had to say. 

“It hurts,” You whispered, looking down,

“I know; it hurts like hell. But it won’t forever. That’s why I don’t do relationships. I never had a girlfriend, and I don’t think I want too for a long time. It’s good to just be to yourself. Have your own fun. You don’t need anyone to make you happy all the time, because they won’t be there all the time.” He tells you.

You couldn’t believe that Kim Taehyung was lecturing you. And you couldn’t believe that he was absolutely right. 

“You ever been in love?” You asked him, looking up to see that he was already looking down on you.

Taheyung shook his head. 

“Well, this was my first time. We’re too young for this shit anyways. But, it felt amazing. I’ve never smiled so much. Everyday it was something new and I would go to sleep smiling because I couldn’t wait for what was happening next. I guess my hopes were too high.” You say.

“What’s your name?” He asked you,

“Y/N,” You answer.

“Well, Y/N. It’s time to hope that you’ll get over this break up. Forget the guy. And start remembering you,” He says before standing up. 

“Thanks Taehyung. You actually made me feel better,” You smiled shyly. 

“You know my name?’ He asked confusingly.

“We go to the same school.” You sigh. 

“Oh. Makes sense. Now let’s get you home.” He gives you a smile. 

 pART 2! this was also crappy. i swear i’ll try to write better, as the story goes along. because i know i can do way better then this. also sorry for any mistakes. hope you like it. also you should have my notifications on, so you don’t miss a new chapter :) 

Pretty Boys Cry (Biadore) -Burgundy

AN: Wow, I actually wrote something that wasn’t an AU for once! I’ve been having pretty bad writer’s block but once I started writing this I couldn’t stop. Sorry for how long this took, but school is a bitch! Follow me on artificialburgundy to talk, yell at me, or send me pictures of your pets. (srsly do it)

In which Adore writes about her problems because she likes turning them into art. tw for mild cursing i guess?

Hope you enjoy! xx <3

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Birthday Kiss

“What, no birthday hug?” Minhyuk appears behind you, making you jump.

“Happy birthday,” You smile, leaning into his chest, his open arms waiting for you. He holds you tightly and you squeeze him back, inhaling his unique Minhyuk smell.

You don’t want to let him go, you want to stay in his arms all day, feeling his hands on your back, rubbing soft circles in a way that makes you think he doesn’t realise he’s doing it.

He’s warm, and solid, and he smells good, and you’re painfully in love with the boy.

He starts to laugh when you cling on tighter as he tries to pull away. “Come on, koala bear, we’re going to be late!” He pries you off him and slings his arm around your shoulder, leading you towards your next class,

“Did you get everything you wanted?”

“Hmmm,” he fake thinks, “Almost. I haven’t got a birthday kiss yet!”

The thought makes your face heat up, you’d love nothing more than to give him a birthday kiss, slow and sweet. And that kiss would open the door to whatever else you wanted to do to him, sweet, and otherwise.

“Shame,” you answer, your eye on the classroom door. You can almost hear the whispers already.

Everyone knows exactly how mad for Minhyuk you are, except Minhyuk himself, and you’ve been the talk of the class for some months now, as you become more and more desperate, and he more and more oblivious.

Minhyuk pushes it open, holding it for you to go through, his hand leading you in on your lower back.

Eyes flicker towards the pair of you and then to their neighbours, hands fly to cover mouths as whispers begin, wondering if you’ve confessed, or if he’s cheating on his girlfriend with you.

Because it’s not you he’s wanting a birthday kiss from. It’s her. His girlfriend of three weeks.

You don’t want to hate her, you know that anyone Minhyuk chooses to spend his time with must be wonderful and lovely. And that much is true; the little time you’ve spent with your best friend’s girl you’ve seen her sweet nature, her sense of humour, and her very pretty smile that she nervously covers with her hand when she laughs.

But you can’t like her. You can’t stop the uncomfortable flip of your stomach when he talks about her. Or the uneasy thundering of your heart when he lets go of you to take her hand instead. And that acidic bubble of jealousy that leaps up your throat and threatens to spill out in angry words when he kisses her goodbye, the softest of pecks, followed by a shy giggle from both of them.

It makes your skin prickle just to think about the fact that someone else gets to share all the secret little intimate parts of himself that only you should know. Soon this new girl would know more about him than you would.

You clench your fists at the thought, denting your soft palms with your nails, trying to ignore the speculation of your classmates as you make your way to your seat.

“Catch you after class,” Minhyuk grins, making his own way to his seat, squeezing your shoulder.

You drop into your seat with a soft sigh, catching the attention of your friend, already sat in her seat next to the window, “What’s up? Is it Minhyuk?”

“It’s his birthday today.”

“And that’s a bad thing because…?”

“Because he wants a birthday kiss.”

“Then give him one!”

“Not from me,” You slam your bag on the table and tug out your books, “from his girlfriend.” You sneer. You hate being like this, bitter and jealous, but you can’t help it. You were there first, you’ve loved him longer, and maybe even more than she does, it’s not fair you should be the one making him smile and giving him birthday kisses.

She shrugs, “Give him one anyways. If he freaks out you can say it’s a birthday kiss nothing more, if he doesn’t, then you’re in.”

You wish you had the guts to try it out, but the thought still makes you smile.

You have to sit through an hour of class, leaning your cheek on your fist, bored out of your mind, wishing you were still tucked into bed. Maybe tucked into Minhyuk while you’re at it.

But finally, you’re allowed to slink out, like a line of weary sheep, not having digested the majority of the information during the fifty-minute class. No one can blame you, it’s been a long week, and you only managed to drag yourself out of bed this morning with the promise that it is finally Friday

And Minhyuk is quick to find you again, his warm hand settling on your waist as if it’s the most natural thing in the world. And for the two of you, it is.

You’ve always been close, and he’s never been shy about showing his affection towards you physically, in the form of back hugs, front hugs, hand holding and tugging your body into his at every opportunity.

It’s probably one of the reasons you’ve fallen so hard for him, the constant affection made it so much easier for you to close your eyes and pretend you were together.

“You’re coming over tonight right?” His voice snaps you out of your own mind.


“For my birthday party! We’ve literally been talking about this for weeks!”

“Oh yeah.” An entire evening of watching Minhyuk snuggling up with his girl, getting cosier and cosier as the night goes on. “Not sure if I’m up to it, Hyukkie.”

He stops dead in the hallway, stalling you with him, “What?!” Eyes swivel towards you too at his outburst, “You can’t bail on me! Apart from me you’re the most important person going!”


“What does ‘mmm’ mean? If it doesn’t mean ‘Of course I’m coming!’ then I’m going to drag you there myself.”

“Minhyuk I’m tired! School is tiring me out! Life is tiring me out.” You whine.

He shakes you a little, your hips banging together. “You’re such a moaner. Please come? I’ll be so lonely without you!”

“You’ve got plenty of friends Minhyuk, you won’t even notice I’m not there.”


You feel guilty, abandoning him after his pleading, whining, and eventually his aegyo to try and tempt you. But you had stuck hard to your decision, stomping to your room after school and throwing yourself onto your bed instead of picking out an outfit for the night.

You knew you wouldn’t be able to handle it, and why twist your already broken heart?

Your ceiling stares back at you. “Shut up.” You mumble, turning over on your bed. “I’m not going, I can’t watch them.”

You sulk for the next few hours, picking your way through your food, mumbling when your mum asks you why you’re not heading over to Minhyuk’s.

“Don’t really feel like it.”

She narrows her eyes, not believing you, but lets you get away with it.

You ignore the texts he sends you, the cute pouty pictures he spams you with, even the video of him yelling over the music for you to get your butt over there.

And when you phone rings you don’t answer it, going to shove it under your pillow before catching the contact name flashing on your screen.


“Annyong!” He cries down the phone. “Come to the party! The birthday boy is sulking without his favourite!”

“I’m not his favourite Eunkwang.”

“Of course you are! Come on he’s got no one to cling on to.”

“That’s what his girlfriend’s for.”

“She’s not here! She bailed, she’s sick.”

“What? Really?”

“Yes! Come over now!”

“Alright, I’m on my way.”

Eunkwang picks you up himself, eager to show off his driving skills, chatting your ear off the whole way, telling you what you’ve missed, who’s at the party, and who isn’t. “I didn’t tell him I was coming to get you, it’ll be a nice surprise.”

You grin, “You think?”

“Yeah! He loves you!”

You glance out the window, smashing your cheek against the cold window. “If only.”

Eunkwang punches your arm. “Of course he does.” He turns back to the road, glancing at you briefly. “He doesn’t talk about her half as much as he talks about you.”

“Shut up,” But you’re smiling out the window.

Eunkwang laughs. “I’m serious. That boy is crazy about you, even if he can’t see it himself.” He pulls into Minhyuk’s drive, switching the engine off. “You ready?”



“You came!” Minhyuk jumps to his feet, running into a table in his eagerness. He swears, holding his bruised shin with a cry. “It’s ok,” he insists, seeing you rush over to him, unable to contain your laughter. Up close you can see the tears in his eyes, “I’m fine.” He laughs with you, wincing when he puts his leg down.

“You’re an idiot.”

“Yeah but I’m your idiot.” He grins, pulling you close.

“I have something for you.” You mumble into his chest on impulse.

“What is it?” His eyes, still sparkling with pain induced tears search you face as he pulls back.

“Not here, is your room free?”

“Sure! Unless Ilhoon’s dragged a poor girl in there.” He giggles at the thought.

He slips his hand into yours, pulling you upstairs, away from the loud music and into the quiet of his familiar bedroom.

The times you’ve studied here together, played video games, card games and even drinking games, bitched about school, grades, friends, exes, life.

It seems different now, smaller, but maybe it’s because you two are both bigger, and there’s a girlfriend shaped space between the two of you now.

You wonder if she’s lay in that bed with him, making out, doing things his parents don’t know about, things he hasn’t told you about.

But you shake your head, if you keep thinking like that you won’t do what you’re planning to.

“What do you have for me?” His face is puzzled, but anticipating, eyes bright waiting for what you’re about to give him. Always anticipating when it comes to you.

It strengthens your resolve and you close the space between you, rising on your tiptoes and pressing a soft kiss to his lips.

Your heart is racing like crazy, knowing you’re crossing a boundary in your friendship that you won’t be able to return from. But you don’t care, you’re kissing Minhyuk, and it’s all you ever wanted.

You drop back down to the flats of your feet, still close enough to him to feel his quick breath on your lips. “You said you wanted a birthday kiss.” You whisper, eyes stuck on his, trying to read his reaction.

They’re wide in shock, his lips parted, on the edge of saying something.

But his lips close again, and, determined, he kisses you back, pulling you in with his hand on the back of your neck.

Your body sinks into his, chests touching and his other hand finds your hip, dragging you even closer. His lips open yours, claiming you with open mouthed kisses, his hot breath filling your mouth, clouding your brain.

Fingers run up his chest, his skin burning beneath his shirt on your fingertips.

You pull back, half in surprise. “Minhyuk,” you gasp, breathless, your face on fire, “your girlfriend.”

A flash of guilt crosses his face as he looks down away, still holding you tightly to his body. But his eyes find you again, his voice low when he says, “She’s not you.”

You should feel the same guilt, should push him away and tell him that until they’re over nothing can happen between you two. But you are absolutely love drunk on him, and the last thing you want to do is push him way, put more space between the pair of you.

He kisses you again, sweetly on your lips, down on your jaw and softly, so much so you barely feel it, on your neck.

“Minhyuk,” you breathe again, the spot where he kissed sending sparks of electricity through your body.

He kisses the same spot, harder, “I want you to say my name like that again.” His voice is still deep and low, vibrating against your skin where his mouth lies. His teeth graze softly, his mouth curling to a smirk when he hears you draw in breath, “All night.”

You nod enthusiastically, whimpering when his warmth leaves you to lock his door.

He turns back, gripping your hips and hoisting you up so your legs wrap around him, and walking you to his bed. “I never imagined you would want me like this.” he admitted, laying you down on his bed, crawling over you.

“Why on earth wouldn’t I want you? That’s crazy!”

He hides his head in your shoulder, your cute Minhyuk again, “I don’t know.” He giggles.

You pull his head up to look at you. “I want you.” You affirm, in a serious voice. “Very, very much.”

He grins, his eyes disappearing into crescent moons, kissing you again. “Are you sure about this?”

“Yes. Are you?”

“I’m sure. So sure.” His hand runs down your waist and under your top, creeping his hand over your warm stomach. His lips find yours, moving against them slowly, as if you two have forever to do this.

Maybe you do.

This took so crazy long I’m so sorry, but it’s Minhyukkie’s birthday today so I thought this was a good time to do this request. It is currently un-spellchecked and I took some artistic liberties, and it was more suggestive than actual smut, but I hope it resembles something like what you wanted!!!

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Could I fic request love letters between Prom and Iggy? :D Thank you.

Long-distance relationship anyone?

/Accepting fic requests until August 1st! Check here for details!

[Ao3 link]


This probably sounds silly because, as I’m writing this, I’m on the train back home after spending the week with you, but I miss you already. It felt so nice to physically be with you after so long and it hurts knowing it’ll be another few months before we can do it again. God, it’s worth the wait, though.

I’ve been looking through all the photos I took while I was with you and my face hurts from smiling so much. There’s this kid kicking the back of my seat and the old man next to me is griping about “kids these days,” but seeing you smile in those photos and thinking about the time we had together makes things a little more bearable.

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Fork in the Road

Pairing: Dean x wife!Reader, Sam
Word count: 1,728
Warnings: Character death, swearing, suicide

Part 17 of Last Chance

Months passed, seasons shifted, and so did Dean. Some days you weren’t sure how to even act because you never knew what mood he was in. He was so all over lately. You’d mentioned it, but it really didn’t accomplish much.

If his mood was sour after a hunt, you understood. However, him getting snippy with you wasn’t fair. You’d barely speak to him on those days, keeping yourself occupied. That way, he could pout in peace, and you wouldn’t be hurt because he got annoyed.

When summer came along, both kids were out of school. They’d reached the rivalry stage, and would go from playing nicely, to fighting like cats and dogs. Dean had left on a hunt the day before school let out for the summer. Then, cases had been back to back. It had been almost a month of no Dean, and you were at your breaking point. All you wanted was one evening to lock yourself away from them arguing, yelling, screaming, or getting into trouble.

A couple times he’d Skype’d them purely to talk to them about it, and that would help for about an hour. Until one kid took the car the other wanted. Then it was right back to it.

One night mid-July, you texted him. They had been at it since the second they woke up- at 4 that morning. Not once did they stop bickering. Not even food helped.

Babe? Are you busy? Can I call you?

What’s up?

I’m stressed out. The kids are wearing me thin. I need some kind of break. Please?

Babe, they’re kids. Can’t be that bad. Lol

Are you kidding me?! You’ve been gone nearly a month. That’s a month of parenting these two alone. A month of fighting over fucking cars, and who gets the goddamn red plate.

I think it’s you that needs to chill.

…I’m not even sure how to reply to that…

Just calm down. You’re getting too worked up. This case should be over soon. Just breathe.


Oh, come on!

No, go. Enjoy fucking around at a bar with Sammy.

Not fair. I enjoy a beer or two at night. So what? It’s relaxing, and it’s what we do. Not like I’m not stressed over here.

Not even close to the same, Dean. You can shut out for the night. I can’t.

With that, you put your phone on silent and rubbed your temples. How the hell could he try to turn this around on you? You didn’t want to argue with him anymore. Lying down, you let out a sigh to try to get some sleep. Just as your eyes shut, your daughter woke up. “MOMMY!” She called out, thus waking up your son.

“Fucking great.” You groaned, getting out of bed.

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Author: Arfrona-and-Marvel

Word Count: 1464

Type: Angst

Pairing: Clint x Reader

Prompt: Clint x Reader : “ She’s been missing since Friday, and you aren’t worried? ”

Warnings: Cursing

Notes: This made me cry







Then there is a cold silence among both of us as he circles around the island in our kitchen. I sit tensely on the kitchen counter with my arms folded and my glare follows his movements.

“You’re never home,” I whisper curtly. He turns around to stare at me.

“It’s part of my job Y/N, you signed up for this when you started dating me. Hell, you’re an agent yourself.”

I hop off the counter and lean on it, still keeping my eyes on him.

“You were sent home from the mission two days ago, but you didn’t come home. You went to Natasha,” I snarl him.

He starts to chuckle and I ignore it for my sanity and his life.

“You were sent home from the mission two days ago,” I repeat.

“You already said that,” he replies.

“You have to go on another mission in another two days, and you could have spent four days with me, but you decided to spend it with -”

“Natasha. Yeah, yeah, I get it Y/N,” he laughs a little more.

I ball my hands into fists and heat rushes to my ears.

Does he think this is a joke?

“You don’t have to be jealous of Nat, we’re friends okay? You’re the one that I’m dating and-”

“Yeah, but you spend so much time with her,” I whisper, I start rubbing my arms and recall all the times he chose her over me.

“I don’t, Y/N. I know where my priorities lie,” Clint walks over to me and hesitantly gives me a hug.

I don’t hug him back and look up at him,

“If you do know where your priorities lie, why didn’t you come home to me? Why’d you go to Natasha instead?”

Clint’s POV

I pull the blanket closer to my chest and mumble, shifting around on the lumpy futon mattress.

 Y/N wasn’t lying when she said I would be sleeping on the couch that night.

Damn it.

I usually sleep fine on this damn couch without a blanket or pjs, what‘s the matter now?

You aren’t sleeping next to Y/N, dumbass

Shut up, Clint.

 I scold myself. I let out a small whimper and turn to my back to stare at the hallway that leads to our shared bedroom.

Well, worse case she would say no… and we would fight more, but I have a chance of sleeping with her close.

I heave out a sigh and roll out of bed. I trudge down the hallway and into our room. The door is slightly ajar and I can see her figure on the king-sized bed. She‘s curled up in a ball hugging a pillow and my heart aches as I see her shoulders shake slightly.

She’s crying.

I open the door quietly, thankful that it doesn’t squeak, and I quickly make my way to the bed. I gently get on the bed, not wanting to scare her and wrap my arms around her body.

She instantly stiffens and does her best to stop crying.

 “I thought you said you were fine with sleeping on the couch,” she bitterly says.

I hug her tighter.

 “ I missed you a lot, can’t sleep alone,” I mutter, burying my face into the crook of her neck.

“If you missed me… You. Would. Have. Been. HOME!” she suddenly shouts startling me. She tries to wiggle her way out of my grasp, but I hold her even closer.

She whirls around and glares at me. Despite the room being dark, I can see her eyes are red and puffy, and her nose is slightly red as well. Her cheeks have dried tears on them and her lips are parted open and quivering.

Oh, fuck.


“You did this, three times Barton. Finish a mission and go straight to her. You think this is some form of crazy-girlfriend jealousy? Agents go home after missions, Clint. They come home.”

She finally looks up at me, and I’m staring back at her, watching as her eyes well up with tears again.

She wants to ask it,

And she does:

“Is Natasha home to you?”

I shake my head no, unable to form words and she pushes me away. She lies down and curls into a ball, hugging a pillow instead.


She didn’t talk to me for three days. I did everything I could to get to her. I brought her flowers, made breakfast, lunch, and dinner, got her favorite movies so we could watch them together, did all the chores, and followed her around like a lost puppy.

Every time I would hug her, she would just stand there and not hug me back, every time I kissed her, she would just let me, but wouldn’t kiss me back. She would go back to doing what she was doing before.

At night I held her close and she didn’t do anything back.

God, I wanted her to at least resist me.

Fight me.

Do something to show that she cared.

She didn’t.

I get lost in my thoughts and I don’t notice she’s standing in the hallway with a backpack and her combat gear on.

“Mission?” I ask.

She looks at me and her shoulders droop a little.

She still doesn’t say anything.

We had a tradition where before one of us leaves for a mission, we would write a list of things we love about each other together leaving. She looks like she was in too much of a hurry to do that and my heart sinks.

“Cupcake?” I ask, getting up from the couch. She walks up to me and I quickly run up to her and hug her tightly.

She hugs back.

“I swear, I’ll be home next mission, okay? Straight home. I’ll come straight home to you. Okay?” I say as I breathe her in and pull her even closer to me. She gives me small kisses on my jaw and I sigh in relief.

My eyes blur and I realize I’m crying.  

She lifts up her hands and wipes away my tears.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” I repeat over and over.

“It’s okay,” she whispers, consoling me.

Her phone alerts her of a text, and she looks at me.

I nod, understanding.

She takes a look and sighs.

“I have to leave now, I’ll come straight home when I come back. Okay?”

“I love you,” I say, taking her hand and kissing it softly.

She smiles and hands me a piece of paper.

“Shit, let me get a piece of paper and write my list!” I say, pulling her along with me as I try to find a piece of paper and pencil.

“It’s fine, Clint.”

I shake my head no and scribble eight words down quickly:

I love you because you are my home.


Here’s the thing.

She left on Monday.

She should have been back on Thursday.

Her quinjet was said to have disappeared off the face of the Earth on Friday.

I did what any boyfriend desperate to see his girlfriend would have done,

I barged into Nick Fury’s meeting and demanded an answer.

“ Where is she, Fury?” I ignore the concerned looks of councilmen as I bite my tongue and resist from telling them to fuck off.

She’s been missing since Friday and you’re not worried?” I continue to question him.

The councilmen leave the room as Natasha enters with an iPad.

I turn back to Fury and give him my best glare.

“Where is she?”

“Barton,” Natasha tries to get my attention.

I stand face to face with Fury and lean forward

“Where is she!”

“Clint,” Natasha says even more sternly, pulling on my arm.

“I’m not leaving, until he tells m…”  I stop talking when I turn around to see Natasha’s face scrunched up and Maria behind her with tears in her eyes.


I push Natasha away from me and walk over to Maria quickly,

“You were on the mission with Y/N, where is she! She said she would be home.”

Maria looks down and shakes her head, handing me a folded piece of paper.

Natasha places a hand on my shoulder and I look at her.

She nods and hugs me.

“It was the last thing she wanted to do, she died happy Clint, I swear. She wanted me to tell you that she loved you and that she forgives you.”

I nod numbly.

My hands shake as I open it up.

I close my eyes and move the paper away from my face, not wanting to get it wet.

I take a deep breath:

I love you, thank you for being my home.

Ruby Woo (Part Two)

[part one here]

pairing: daveed diggs x reader

request: Could you please do a part 2 to Ruby Woo where maybe the reader finds out who he is

summary: reader finds out just who she’s dealing with

warnings: idk just swearing maybe

word count: 1,385

a/n: sorry i haven’t posted in so long, life has been crazy. it took me a while to write this, too, even though it’s short so sorry about that as well. i’m happy with the way this turned out though, and i hope you like it too!! as always, my inbox is open for requests/comments/questions. happy reading :))))

“You’re also the fastest rapper on Broadway,” Jimmy Fallon announces from the television set in your hotel room. “Because, in Guns and Ships, you have nineteen words in three seconds. That’s very fast, I mean, are you used to rapping that fast?”

You’re standing in front of the sink, brushing your teeth when you hear his voice.

“Yeah, it’s - I mean, that’s sort of…that’s fast, it’s not not fast, it is absolutely fast. But kind of, in the rap world, that’s medium fast. It’s fast, but it’s not the fastest.”

Your eyes widen and you inhale, some of your toothpaste rushing to the back of your throat. You begin to cough as you run out of the bathroom to look at the tv, sputtering even harder when you’re sure it really is him.

Daveed is sitting there on your television screen, next to Jimmy fucking Fallon. 

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Reasons part 2/2


-Typical Hanbin angst

Oh shit, this part is so long haha. Sorry, i got carried away.


-“where’d all this come from? I thought we were fine…” 1:30

-“please, reply” 1:45

-”please baby, i need something, anything at all” 1:50

-“are you seriously just going to ignore me after dropping a bomb like that?” 2:05 

The texts went on all night as you lay there trying to figure out where everything had gone wrong. As far as you can tell, the relationship was stable. Sure there were small arguments here and there but nothing serious enough to cause this. It couldn’t have been his label because you were given permission to date as long as he keeps up with the work. Was there someone else? Could he have met someone from the company, a trainee maybe? After all you guys did agree that if the thought of someone else ever cross either of your minds, you guys would end it rather than putting each other through the pain of cheating. 

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I was so afraid of you. Sometimes I think I fucked everything up because I was too young, too naive… But now, now that I’m not that young anymore, I see that I was just afraid of how I felt about you. How you put butterflies inside my belly, how I got chills when you touched me, how I was always on the edge of kissing you. Every time you said you felt the same, I ran from you like you would hurt me, I ran like I was this scary animal lost away from its habitat, afraid of the cars, the people, the sun, the touch… You were so brave, babe, you were so brave and I was so fucking scared all the time! You wouldn’t mind if anyone knew about us while I was freaked out only knowing that you knew how I felt, that you felt the same, that you wanted me with you every day and night. I couldn’t sleep well without you, remember that? I was so needy I felt pathetic. And you were always taking me to places where we could just kiss, watch the sky and ignore the whole stupid world. The world used to make us so sad, it still makes you feel miserable? It still makes you feel like nothing is worth it? I hope not. One day I decided to push away because I knew I could never make you truly happy, it would always be missing something to you, something that I couldn’t give you. You went crazy with that, you told me that I ruined everything… I know that after somedays, when we started seeing each other again, you said you were sorry, that I would never fuck up what we had… Well, I think I did. I mean, it wasn’t only me, but I did. I ruined everything hardcore. That day you saw me crying and passing out drunk because I couldn’t stand anything anymore was the day you decided to leave me. I’m sure. I know it with all my heart! You felt guilty, you thought it had something to do with you, but it hasn’t! I swear!!! I just hated myself so much. You stopped answering me… the door, the messages, the calls, everything. They told me you were a liar, that you were only using me, but really? You would never do that, you were too kind, you liked me too much, you heart beated too fast when you were with me… I was even more sure by the way you started to look at me when we casually saw each other at school, the streets, some parties… You made everything up so I could finally get over you. You broke me into a million pieces and it took me ages, literally ages, to get over you completely. To stop feeling this urge to run after you, to kiss you, feel your body, your smile against my skin. I know I hurt you, but well, you hurt me too, and you did a good job making me cry until I sleep. After something like 2 years and something, when I saw you and felt nothing, it hit me like a train. That moment, I knew that everything I felt was really gone and it made me so sad I almost threw up. The moment you saw me at Gabe’s door I saw your hesitation. I think you wished you could just run away because you looked at me with broken eyes and it made me feel worse because I felt nothing but agony of seeing you like that. You told me you couldn’t hug me that night, you didn’t touch me or stood near me, you couldn’t even look at me and I felt like I was disgusting, like something was wrong with me, it was painful, but I understood, obviously. Four months after this we saw each other again. You gave a sad smile, you took some steps back, but then you came near and hugged me. You hugged me for whole 13 minutes and we didn’t say a thing, when you pulled apart, you looked at me and told me I looked good, that you missed me, but that you didn’t know how to deal with the whole “us” thing, that you couldn’t be my friend like before, that you couldn’t know about my life, about who I was with, what I was doing, you just wanted to know if I was ok and happy once in awhile. I understood again. Of course, and you had sincere eyes. You made so fucking happy when I was with you, you made me feel like the hate I felt over myself was going to pass someday, that I would be ok, that life would be ok even with some bad days and I know I made you happy too and I feel sorry that we (I) fucked everything we had up, but look, I’m glad I had the amazing chance to feel your feelings, your lips, your body and your soul. I’m sorry we had to break our hearts in pieces so we could move on, so we could have some peace again while looking at each other in the streets. I know you feel glad about everything too, I can see it in your eyes when you come to hug me and tell how much you miss me and that you’re glad I’m doing fine, you’re glad I’m studying, eating, going out with my friends and I know you feel sad when you read somewhere or when someone tell you that I’m having some bad days… You tell me that you wish you could do something on my bad days, but you know that we’re poison to each other. I know we could only hurt each other. We would hurt us until hate overcome the good thing we felt. I must say that sometimes, when I see you and you smile, I feel this needy thing, you know? Like I can feel your lips on mine like a ghost and need to kiss you again to feel if anything changed. I doubt. You’re the same person and I’m glad you still shine so bright! I learned amazing things with you and I’m happy I was part of your life, I don’t care if we lasted long or not, I know how it was, what it was. I just want to thank you for everything. Thank you.
With love, L.
—  Some parts of the awkward letter I wrote you to say everything I’ve been keeping for years.