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If you notice I did not use the word “diet”. We need to be less focused on getting “skinny” and focus more on eating food the way nature intended. I do pay attention to what and how I eat as well as maintain a workout regimen because my main job does require me to get naked on camera. I really am passionate about my lifestyle so I do believe I would be doing exactly the same thing even if I was in another profession.

I cannot stress how bad “low fat” “diet” or “light” foods are, my first suggestion is to look at the label. Most of the foods that are marked towards weight loss have so many chemicals added, more sugar (synthetic or real), and preservatives. I don’t know about you but I like to know what I am putting in my body, the fewer the ingredients the better.

Fats are not your enemy. I eat bacon, I eat butter, and I eat meat. People have a misconception that fat leads to gaining weight, this is simply not true. A healthy lifestyle is all about moderation, as are most things. I’m going to drop some knowledge on you; Cholesterol is not actually fat, its a Low Density Lipo-protein (LDL), it is not to blame for poor heart health or weight gain. Where it can get troublesome is when you mix LDL’s and carbohydrates, this causes the LDL’s to mutate in shape thus creating issues in our bodies. Sugar and excess carbs are where you need to be weary.

1:1 ratio. Did you know that if you eat a ratio of good fat (omega 3) and “bad” fat (omega 6) of 1:1 it essentially cancels out any of the negative effects of saturated fat so long as your carb intake is in check?

Why grass-fed and pasture raised? Well for starters, there is a significantly lower amount of omega 6, and much more omega 3 fatty acids in anything that is fed a grass fed diet and pasture raised compared to the grain-fed caged counterparts. Omegas are lovely heart healthy fats that also are great for fat loss especially in the belly area. CLA; grass-fed butter and meats as well as pasture raised eggs are loaded with this wonderful fat burning amino acid. Don’t believe me? Crack open a generic egg in a bowl, and do the same with the pasture raised egg, the difference alone in color will blow your mind.

Organic. I suffer from a few autoimmune disorders so I cannot stress the importance of eating organic. It puts so much less stress on your body, your ingesting fewer pesticides, and did you know according to Stanford studies there are 20-40% more antioxidants in organic produce compared to their conventional counterpart? Antioxidants are like the fountain of youth, they help keep your mind and body young.

All that being said I do eat the occasional baked good, bread, and sour patch kid. But I do try to stick to eating WHOLE FOODS, in their most simple form most of the time. I do not count calories, or worry about eating too much bacon. I limit my sugar and carb intake as that is what can lead to excess weight gain, brain fog, and inflammation just to name a few things. I am not a Dr, but an enthusiast that reads a lot of books, if you want some book suggestions I reccomend Grain Brain, and Brain Maker by David Perlmuttler, he is an MD.

How to deal with period pain:

- regulate your glucose levels
- regulate your carb intake
- don’t eat too much salt or sugar that could dehydrate you
- stay hydrated
- don’t over hydrate
- be a fucking magician
- turn into a computer who calculates exactly how everything you do or don’t ingest effects the symptoms of your period
- don’t eat too much or too little protein leading up to your period
- avoid stress
- relax (even tho your body is acting like it’s trying to excise a fucking demon)
- regulate your hormone levels
- exercise and do yoga (even tho you can’t move and are curled up in a ball in pain)
- keep a diary to share with your Dr! (even tho their blanket reaction is to just put you on birth control)

Basically this all boils down to “if you have PMS or severe period related pain and symptoms, it’s your fault bc of your ~lifestyle~ choices”

i’m eating healthier suddenly (i came into a bit of money which meant i could buy fresh fruit and veg) and i feel like death, but apparently there’s a reason for this. my diet wasn’t awful, but i was eating too much sugar (chocolate mainly) and cutting down on your sugar and salt intake can make you feel like shit for a few days. gonna try not to think ‘fuck it’ and just buy a bag of delicious greasy chips from the chippy lol.

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I’m back with (DJ Khaled voice) another one. 

2.9k Grillems AU based on this prompt: “i’m a figure skater who’s trying to practice and you took your baby cousins out to the rink but none of you can skate do you need help??” au.” Uncle Bruce then came into reality. The song title is from Gooey by Glass Animals. 

The rink is too busy for eight at night. 

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  • Add(MasterMind): *is eating cake*
  • Apocalypse: Warning. Too much sugar intake would increase your--
  • Add: *hits Apocalypse* Shut up!
  • Apocalypse: Attention, Incoming message. *opens up a call*
  • Ciel(Royal Guard): Is this thing on? Add, did you took that slice of cake from the fridge... Again? You do know that you're banned from any sweets for a month, right?
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anonymous asked:

You call Addy 'peach' a lot. Now all I see are you two going peach picking and making peachy desserts while having a grand time. And you two fight over the last peach cobbler/pie. You two are too adorable <3

Yeah, that’s definitely a thing. She really likes cooking and stuff… 

Although, I recently made the mistake of telling her what happens when humans eat too much sugar. She’s limiting my sugar intake now.