too much sugar in my life had caused this

Things You Should Never Say To A Diabetic

1. You can’t eat that
I’m the one living with this illness and have attended classes for how to deal with and treat my illness. I know how certain foods affect my body. If I have checked my blood sugar and administered insulin for something I am about to eat, I have all intents of eating it and have already done any “evaluating” or researching I need to do for me to eat that. Unless you are MY doctor or know MY OWN ILLNESS better than I do, please refrain from making remarks unless I am about to ingest poisoned food or something that will actually cause harm to me.

2. I had *insert sugary item* at *insert time* and now I’m going to have diabetes (or anything even remotely similar to that phrasing)
You’re not going to. If you do, it wasn’t caused by just eating that sugary item. There’s more to diabetes than having too much sugar for one moment of your life.

3. I WISH I HAD DIABETES BECAUSE *insert reason that you feel diabetes is cool*
Someone told me today that they wished they had diabetes so they could leave gym early sometimes. Do you want to know why I left gym early? My blood sugar was low and I couldn’t gain my balance so I needed to get juice to treat myself. Any workout I did in that 30 minutes of gym was therefor cancelled out by the fact that I had to drink all the calories I had just burned to prevent a serious issue. It’s not always like that, but those days are tough nonetheless. And it’s not just that one circumstance - gym. It’s anything. You want to sleep? Too bad, your blood sugar’s low and you need to treat. You’re really busy? Not anymore, you need to treat or else you’re schedule might be cleared out by a hospital stay. Cool, an outing! Nothing can go wr- oops, nope. You’re spilling ketones and feel like all of your strength has been stripped from you and you need to take time to fix it - which isn’t a quick fix.

4. You’re going to give me your diabetes.
Yeah, about that. How do you think this whole autoimmune disease thing works?

5. I could never do that!
If you had to choose between chugging an entire glass of extremely hot water or freezing cold water, which would you choose? The cold water, right? Choosing the hot water means that you’re going to have to deal with pain a lot longer - even if you’re lucky enough not to have irreversible damage done. The cold water’s going to suck for a far shorter time and you’ll be back to normal after some discomfort (and possibly a chance of complications but that’s still a far less common outcome than burning your insides on the burning hot water). Treating myself with finger pricks and insulin shots and overall management sucks, but compared to the choice of causing irreversible damage to myself and potentially death, it’s a choice I made and you would too.