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MCL Boys: Fluff Headcanons

gUESS WHO’S BACK!? well me, kinda. so i just thought about doing some fluff since i’m in one of those ‘kaha ur an idiot and u better write11!1’ kinda moods! so, enjoy.


  • Loves having to cuddle on the couch. Like honestly, he falls asleep so much during movie marathons.
  • Always kisses Candy awake,, every time she’s over he can’t help it.
  • Claps loudly if he’s right about solving a documentary case. Like “I knew it was him, there’s no way anyone else could’ve done it!” and just clAP
  • Will honestly cuddle while watching some crime investigation with Candy.
  • Tbh, this boy is so good at solving cases?? sometimes he’s mad at himself for figuring it out so quick
  • Makes the best popcorn for sleepovers or any movie occasion™
  • Long walks at night are really nice, especially in some light rain.
  • Gets flustered if Candy just straight up flirts with him. Yep, flirt - Nath can’t handle the heat.
  • Will sometimes ask Candy 'have a nice dance’ before she leaves. It could be deemed as weird but it’s just so nice to do?? let the boy dance
  • Will only spam Candy’s phone if she’s sick. 22 missed calls and 41 text messages. Which is rare.
  • Gets huffy if Candy won’t let him lay on her lap because of White.
  • Likes making out in his room, usually on his office chair.
  • Candy’s name on his phone is Candy’s nickname. If not, then ’princess’ is pretty good.
  • Really likes watching Marvel movies, all thanks to Armin, he’ll invite Candy to watch some.
  • Covered Candy’s eyes on some violent scenes in a documentary because he’s a mom like that.
  • Loves having to baby Candy. He’s such a mom, let him baby Candy!
  • Always gets Candy her favorite food while grocery shopping. Even sweets, he won’t leave it there.
  • Likes it when Candy rakes her hands through his hair, it’s the best feeling
  • Probably likes cuddling more than he does making out, it’s just so innocent and peaceful, it’s great.


  • Ponytail Castiel is the best, we all know it’s the best, free this boys hair.
  • Gets so damn flustered if Candy takes surprise pictures of him like,, “What the hell?! Give me that!” he will chase and then grab her into an attack hug
  • Could cuddle for days. This boy is just so laid-back he will just lay there and let Candy do her thing.
  • Surprise kisses. Always surprise kisses from him. Usually on the temple or kiss, or the whole face, all are good.
  • Sings to Candy while playing his guitar, he’s so good?? he should do another collab with Lysander.
  • Won’t let Candy feel like a third wheel if they’re out with friends. That is, unless she wants to.
  • Spoils Candy too much. Always buys that one gift that no one else thought of.
  • Candy’s name on his phone would be ’That little girl’ not even like 'little girl’. But it’s gotta be ‘that’ little girl.
  • Always makes fun of Candy if she’s modeling clothes, lmao she’s already pretty. “Honestly, you’re already cute enough. That dress looks like a tutu anyways-” probably got a plush thrown at him.
  • Smokes less around Candy. Plans on stopping,, but not all overly quick, he’s taking his time.
  • Will tease Candy 90 times a day. He will honestly sound like he’s initiating some hot session when he’s really not.
  • Took pictures of Candy trying on his clothes once. Never let her see the picture.
  • Let’s be real, Castiel has cried on some sad dog movies and never admitted to it.
  • Likes sweet talking Candy over the phone. Probably calls her a lot if he can’t come over.
  • Has a shitload of pictures of Candy on his phone, especially when she’s with Demon.
  • Takes candid pictures, most of them are actually really good. if you take out the embarrassing ones, of course.
  • Takes 10 years to wake up. Best to kiss him awake he’s such an ufking rock.


  • Such a smooth talker. This boy has a bold and very smooth talking side.
  • Always holds Candy when they sleep. Number one; he’s a skyscraper. Number two; he just likes it.
  • Likes talking about his childhood, especially the bunnies he’s met during the time, never forget the bunnies.
  • Flower crown making. Oml this boy can make DIY flower crowns.
  • Made Candy a flower crown or two, them being made of her favorite color(s).
  • Likes making cute origami swans. Probably taught Candy some things, it’s just super therapeutic.
  • May be forgetful, but he remembers the day the met, the time, and the day they kissed and the time. Will honestly text at the time they kissed like 'happy anniversary’.
  • Calls Candy 'love’ or 'dear’ a lot. It’s just a habit he has, he tries not to do it so much at school.
  • Surprise gifts. Always some little box somewhere Candy finds, he won’t tell her he bought something.
  • Doodles Candy when she’s not looking. He’s really good at it, usually some chibi’s or something realistic.
  • Likes it when Candy tries to do his hair. Though there’s not much to do, it’s still fun to try.
  • Gets super flustered with surprise kisses, especially on the mouth. he loves it but daMN
  • Falls asleep on Candy during sleepovers. Usually on her lap. It’d be hard to move him but he’s still cute.
  • Has a Polaroid camera and he’s taken pictures of Candy in his clothes. It’s just so cute?? Little Candy in his oversized jacket is his icon for her on his phone.
  • Candy’s name on his phone would be ’My Love’ or ’My Everything’. It’s always something romantic with Lysander.
  • Doesn’t want to be super clingy, he always overthinks he’s clingy with his romantic habits,, tries to take it down a notch.


  • Such a fun person to be around, it’s never a boring time with Armin.
  • May not look like it but he’s very committed to Candy. He would honestly send a messenger bird if he lost his phone.
  • Likes riling Candy up with bad puns. They will brutally murder the mood, guaranteed.
  • That kind of guy that laughs while making out like “I just thought of a great joke” he’s such a goof.
  • Likes bubble baths. If Candy won’t take one with him, that’s fine, but he plays like a little kid in the bubbles.
  • Has a whole damn folder dedicated to pictures he’s taken of Candy. He looks at them most of the time when he misses her.
  • The icon for Candy on his phone is a selfie of her wearing 'SEXY’ glasses with him.
  • If Candy wears a beanie, he’s gonna swap hers for his own. He’s got his own little collection of hats, usually winter hats.
  • Introduces Candy to a lot of good animes he watches. Danganronpa and Samurai Champloo being examples.
  • Won’t let Candy win at a game unless she’s super annoyed. Then he’ll have mercy, for a little bit.
  • Loves watching marvel or comedy movies. Sometimes Ju-on if Candy’s up for it.
  • Gets very flustered with random complements. There’s not much he can be flustered about but he just blushes a lot like “Oh, uh…well, thanks!” he’s so awkward when it comes to things like that.
  • It’s already expected but Candy’s name is ’Sweetness <3’ on his cellphone - he can’t help it.
  • Makes a lot of funny ass faces when she’s upset to bribe his way out of trouble.
  • Actually likes texting Candy than face to face conversation since he can use some shitty grammar without getting told on.
  • Though he likes cosplay, a lot, he probably just wants Candy to wear the hot stuff around him because he’s not *really* that kind of show off guy.
  • Oversized clothes is his weakness. He loves seeing Candy in some baggy shirt, or even his clothes, both are good.


  • Gave Candy a part of his dog tag to show others they’re in a relationship.
  • He attac and protecc. And proteccs again.
  • Likes giving her surprise kisses, but not too much, he wants for them to be a 'rare’ kind of thing.
  • Buys Candy too many things, his dad is actually proud of how much he spoils her ? But advises he doesn’t do it too much.
  • It’s so expected that Kentin would bake with Candy. If she’s not very good at it, he’ll guide her on how to decorate instead.
  • Gets so flustered with hugs from behind! He loves them so much but he probably choked the first time she hugged him like that.
  • Shows Candy some self-defense moves and how to use a weapon, usually some switchblade.
  • Accidentally jogs away from Candy and wonders where she went. He’s gotta go fAST
  • Loves taking pictures of Candy and Cookie! It’s like the cutest pair to see them get along.
  • If Candy’s allergic to dogs it’s very likely that Kentin would give her allergy medicine and worry a whole lot if she took it or not.
  • Takes a lot of pictures, sometimes candid ones, but he’d rather let Candy know he’s taking one.
  • Could honestly spend the whole day cuddling Candy. He’d probably lay on her chest and fall sleep though whoops.
  • Is pretty insecure about his freckles,, but he’d feel a lot better if Candy told him they were cute/she liked them.
  • Always likes talking about their weird memories in middle school.
  • Actually prefers hugs over kisses. Not like he doesn’t like them but he feels like hugs are more meaningful.
  • Candy’s name on his phone would be ’Princess’. Probably wouldn’t want to do much with nicknames, Candy’s already good.

matsuiwa week, day 4: alternate universe || practice/game

they’re out on a night patrol, on high alert, and they’re ready to mcfkn kick galra ass


“Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.” - Unknown

Even if I get lost
Even if the rough waves push me away and it takes long
So I can find you again, so I can be in your arms
Always stay right there

when will i stop being team soap trash part 4 (i, ii, iii

  • Bin looking over at where Eunwoo just slid into the shop, hands weighed down with bags of… food? 
    • Okay, bitter at Eunwoo or not, food is another matter 
    • Eunwoo laughing a little at the way Bin’s eyes brighten at the smell of food and the way his hands break away immediately from where he’s halfway through carving a bead to make grabby hands at Eunwoo’s bags 
    • Eunwoo pulling out boxes of rice and vegetables and beef and Bin nearly crying in happiness 
    • Because Badboy!Bin or not, he’s still the same boy who packs away two bowls of rice per meal and tries to bargain for more meat with stall holders
    • Bin shovelling rice into his mouth and beaming at Eunwoo 
    • Eunwoo snorting fondly because look at this grumpy boy with his eyeliner and piercings and motorbike beaming like a kid because Eunwoo brought him beef 
    • Eunwoo and Bin eating in silence for a while, before Bin asks: “why haven’t you changed your bead?" 
    • Eunwoo, glancing down
    • He hasn’t gotten any beads in the past five years because he hasn’t came down to the seaside then, but he also doesn’t want to tell Bin that he’s kept the red bead around his neck for the past six years instead of switching it out with the one his mother chose when he was 12 
    • Eunwoo fishing his silver chain from around his neck and slipping it over his head and handing Bin his bead
    • Bin, fingers gently running over the small moon carved on one side of the small stone
    • Eunwoo, mumbling: "it was the last one you chose. It reminded me of you.”
  • Bin slumped over the counter, hands toying with chime parts he’s supposed to be assembling 
    • His bangs are sticking to his forehead and he idly thinks about getting up to turn the fan up to a higher speed 
    • But also it’s too hot to move so whatever 
    • Bin’s phone buzzing 
    • Jinjin: “beer tonight!" 
    • Rocko: "ew" 
    • Jinjin: "you don’t have to drink it I’m the only legal one anyway" 
    • Rocko: "old man" 
    • Jinjin: ”>:( u lil shit" 
    • Jinjin: “field by my place?" 
    • Bin: "possibly busy" 
    • Rocko: "bring whoever you’re thinking about" 
    • Jinjin: “bring the one you told us about that one time you cried" 
    • Jinjin: "isn’t he here" 
    • Jinjin: "that’s why you bailed on us for lunch yesterday right" 
    • Bin: typing…
    • Rocko: "Jinjin ur gon die he said never to bring it up ever again" 
    • Bin: (typing) 
    • Jinjin: "o shiT" 
    • Bin: "ok" 
    • Rocko: ?????????? 
    • Bin: "I’ll bring him" 
    • Bin: "don’t scare him off" 
    • Rocko: "we’re pure beans idk what ur saying bitch" 
    • Jinjin: "he’s from the city nothing can scare him" 
    • Bin: "we’ll see.”
  • Eunwoo at wooden boardwalk at sunset, swinging his legs and kicking up small sprays of water and plucking at his guitar 
    • He hasn’t touched one in a long time, but Sanha’s been trying to get him back into it so he can play with Sanha while Sanha and MJ sing 
    • Sanha tells him to sing too, but Eunwoo still thinks he’s lacking a little so he doesn’t want to try
    • Eunwoo you idiot you’re never lacking to us ;;;;;
    • Bin pulling up on his motorbike and parking and leaning on his bike and watching Eunwoo from a distance 
    • Eunwoo’s glowing in the sunshine, white tank billowing slightly in the wind and light wood guitar glinting 
    • And he looks ethereal, Bin thinks 
    • Even from this distance he sees the darkness of Eunwoo’s eyelashes as Eunwoo looks up over the waves 
    • He sees Eunwoo’s nose and Eunwoo’s crinkly smile as he tilts his head back and looks at the sky 
    • He sees Eunwoo’s fingers dancing over the strings and he hears Eunwoo’s soft voice floating with the sea breeze 
    • Bin swallowing hard and rubbing his nose and sauntering over to Eunwoo
    • Bin: “come with me." 
    • Eunwoo: ??????
    • Bin, hands in pockets and looking Very Tsundere
    • Don’t lie, Bin, we know ur a soft
    • Bin jerking his head over to his bike and waiting for Eunwoo to stand up 
    • Eunwoo: ????????? 
    • Bin sighing and gently tugging Eunwoo to his feet 
    • Eunwoo, bewildered but also enjoying the feel of Bin’s palm against his own 
    • And before he realises it, Bin’s released his hand, slung the guitar around Eunwoo’s back and attached the helmet on his head 
    • Eunwoo blinks 
    • Bin, jerking his head again towards his bike: "get on.”
    • Doesn’t matter that Eunwoo would follow Bin wherever if Bin wanted him to 
    • Getting on the bike means he gets to backhug Bin again and Eunwoo is so down for that 
    • (time jump bc I don’t know how to break scenes)
  • Bin stopping the bike at a large, empty field lit with the last rays of sun 
    • Eunwoo: ?????????? 
    • Bin, unbuckling Eunwoo’s helmet and locking it in the storage (?? Idk what you call this) 
    • Bin grabbing Eunwoo’s hand and leading him to the middle of the field, where two vague blobs are 
    • Eunwoo tensing up because Bin’s friends ???
    • Also Eunwoo very much enjoying Bin’s mindless grabbing of his hand 
    • Eunwoo’s grip slightly tightening when they get closer and he sees beer 
    • Bin isn’t legal 
    • He can’t be caught with beer 
    • Eunwoo, starting to say something but then catching sight of Bin’s friends 
    • And to say the least, Eunwoo was expecting bad-boy friends too, with angry stares and piercings and cigarettes and maybe an illegal tattoo or two 
    • He doesn’t expect a brunette wearing pretty much what Bin is wearing and sucking on a watermelon slice and trying to spit seeds at the other person 
    • Or a small blonde boy in an oversized pastel pink shirt and silver glasses clutching a beer can and yelping and ducking 
    • Eunwoo blinks 
    • Smol blonde boy looking up and beaming and yelling at Bin to get his ass over with his pretty boy 
    • Eunwoo flushing and dropping Bin’s hand and adjusting the guitar strap digging into his shoulder 
    • Bin quietly cursing Jinjin in his head 
    • Rocko’s eyes lighting up: “cooL CAN YOU ACTUALLY PLAY THAT yo guitar players are so cool" 
    • Eunwoo, thinking of a screaming soggy noodle who is Definitely Not Cool and offering a weak smile 
    • Jinjin squinting at Eunwoo in the dying light and deciding out loud that nope, while Eunwoo is very beautiful Eunwoo isn’t old enough and therefore can’t have beer
      • Never mind the fact that it’s 0.1% alcohol 
      • He can’t have it 
      • Eunwoo smiling weakly because he really wasn’t intending on having one anyway 
    • And before Bin and Eunwoo sit themselves on the ground, Rocko launches right into the story of how Hwiyoung finally got the courage to confess to his crush 
      • And how she rejected him because one time when they were younger she wrote him a confession note that he didn’t read and- 
      • Eunwoo: "the teacher ended up finding it and reading it to the whole class?" 
      • Jinjin: 
      • Rocky: 
      • Bin, smiling to himself, mildly in shock because ????? He didn’t expect Eunwoo to remember that one story
      • Hell, he didn’t even connect it until Rocky came back crying with laughter with a groaning Hwiyoung and Hwiyoung telling him the story while Rocky doubled over clutching his stomach 
      • Jinjin: "Bin really told you everything when you were younger, huh?" 
      • Bin immediately sobering slightly and looking down at his hands 
      • Eunwoo, stuttering slightly: "yes, before I went away" 
      • Jinjin swallowing at the sudden awkwardness in the air because wow way to go Jinjin 
    • Jinjin deciding, go big or go home right? 
      • Jinjin proceeding to exposE BIN 
      • Jinjin: "did you know when Bin was 14 and a girl confessed to him he turned her down by saying he had a boyfriend in the city" 
      • Rocky seizing up because Bin’s head has shot uP and he’s giving Jinjin a glare hot enough to burn through the centre of the earth 
      • Jinjin hurrying on and pretending to squint at Eunwoo in the moonlight: "she thought you were imaginary and demanded proof and Bin showed her the Polaroid he keeps in his wallet" 
      • Eunwoo swivelling to look at Bin because what Polaroid? 
      • Rocky deciding to heck it, if they’re exposing Bin they might as well be good friends and embarrass him the whole way 
      • Rocky sliding Bin’s wallet out of his back pocket and Bin yelping and Jinjin holding Bin back
      • Rocky, gingerly lifting the Polaroid of Eunwoo’s attempt to take a selfie with the small crescent moon someone carved into the side of a tree: "this one!!!!" 
      • Eunwoo flushing because yeah, he remembers taking those but
      • He didn’t know Bin brought it everywhere with him 
      • He didn’t know Bin still does 
      • Jinjin, humming: "to be fair we all thought you were imaginary until we saw that photo" 
      • Rocky, adding: "highkey still thought you were imaginary up till you appeared just now because who the hell looks so pretty when they’re 11" 
      • Jinjin, reaching over and prodding Eunwoo’s arm: "still think so tbh" 
      • Eunwoo, blushing more because stOp he’s not that handsome but also because wow he didn’t expect Bin’s friends to be so soft 
      • And so ready to expose Bin 
      • Bin already resigned to his fate and his face buried in his hands 
    • Bin slipping out a cig and Rocky slapping his hand faster that Eunwoo can open his mouth 
      • Rocko: "stop pretending you’re badass and can smoke you bitch we all know you’ve had that same pack for the past month and it’s not even half finished" 
      • Eunwoo laughing out loud this time because wow they’re really ready to expose 
      • Jinjin: "also he got piercings because he saw this one magazine about city fashion and decided he’d look cool with it" 
      • Rocky, thoughtfully: "but he was also scared so he dragged both of us along with him" 
      • Jinjin: "and made us get matching piercings" 
      • And immediately Eunwoo is leaning over to look at Jinjin’s and Rocky’s piercings and the three of them collapsing in giggles 
      • Rocko, excitedly: "also he cried when he got his helix pierced" 
    • Bin just giving up and just flat out whining incoherently at both his "friends" 
      • Eunwoo just laughing more and reaching over to rub Bin’s knee
      • Bin turning to whine at Eunwoo: "see what you left me with when you went back to the city” but bin stopping mid-sentence because 
      • Eunwoo’s eyes are sparkling 
      • He looks so thoroughly amused and his gaze is delighted and fond and there’s something else soft underneath all of that that causes Bin’s breath to catch 
      • Bin moving his hand as casually as he can to cover Eunwoo's 
      • Bin’s heart racing as Eunwoo doesn’t pull away 
    • And as the night wears on and Rocky and Jinjin and Eunwoo laugh more at Bin’s expense (“what about the time last year another girl confessed to him and he pretended to celebrate his fifth anniversary with you”, “oh my god he did whAT”) Bin finds himself thinking of the times he used to tell himself that maybe it was alright to fall sometimes, as long as Eunwoo’s there at the end of it 
    • But how when Eunwoo left he just figured that, you know, 
    • It was just better not thinking of him 
    • But despite all the safety lessons they’ve had at school, it’s slipped Bin’s mind and Bin’s forgotten that the further out to sea a wave is pulled, the stronger it comes rushing back
  • Eunwoo, thumbing through music sheets at his grandfather’s piano 
    • Some of these he remembers playing, others not so much 
    • Until he comes across a music sheet, notes scribbled on in pencil rather than printed off in ink 
    • “Bin”, it reads 
    • Eunwoo smiling a little and placing it on the stand before lightly pressing his fingers to the keys 
    • It’s bright and a little clumsy and choppy and Eunwoo doesn’t know why half the notes in there are in there at all 
    • But he smiles to himself when he plays it, the shadow of eleven year old Eunwoo’s stubby fingers chasing the flow of his own 
    • It reminds him of sunshine and cold waves and heat rising from wood and when, it ends where the pencil marks trail out a page and a half in, melody bright as the full moon and the promise of forever, Eunwoo goes in search of a pencil 
    • Eunwoo isn’t actually sure where along the way he started falling for Bin
    • But somewhere in the last month spent by Bin’s side, his heart’s been tucked into Bin’s, a love letter folded gently into the pages of Bin’s book

i swear the next one is the last one i honestly didn’t intend on making it more than 3 parts but here i am, a binu mess, 

it’s aromantic awareness week. be aware of aromantics. they are out there. they probably want to be your friend.


so I did a bunch of draw the squad stuff
…… mainly involving Leonoka because I’ve been uhhh
been thinking about them a lot recently, hahah;;


some more ffxv doodles…….

the first ones are me being cranky that Luna never got to go camping. I remember playing the game for the first time and naively thinking she might get to hang out in the party as a guest character later but I WAS A FOOL anyway I feel cheated

also some sad boys and a big fish

I made a Murdoch-themed text game for class and decided to adapt it to tumblr so that you guys could play along too! Hope you enjoy! :D

Ready to start?


Thank you to all 262 people who responded to our Fan Survey! I spent a good few hours reading through each response individually, and it yielded some interesting results and great comments! Thank you especially to those of you who left lovely little messages for us, they were a sweet surprise and a great motivator!

The results have been compiled below, and are presented with some explanation and commentary! If you just want to see the core results, then read the bolded parts only! However, we recommend reading the whole thing! It only takes 15 minutes at most, and it’s very interesting! 

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A PSA that if Dan uploads a video about mental health and you don’t want to watch it or are not in the best place to watch it then don’t feel bad and just log off for the evening. If you can’t deal with that right now then that is so so so fine!

Also, phandom members please remember to tag ALL your posts with trigger warnings. Some people come to tumblr to escape their worries and if their dash is full of triggers that will make a safe space unsafe. 

If there are people who don’t want to watch a video on that subject at the moment and don’t post anything about it please don’t jump to the conclusion that they don’t care or they dislike the video. Even if it’s an educational and thoroughly important video, it might just be too much for some. 

Remember that you don’t know what’s happening in other people’s lives and so tag things accordingly and have sympathy for those who will react differently than you for that video. For many I’m sure it will be of great help, but for others it might be too much.

This goes for all posts on mental health awareness day. Please please tag stuff so others can blacklist them if they just need to look at gifs of puppies. This doesn’t mean that they don’t care, they’re just dealing with things in their own way <3 <3 <3


anonymous asked:

Hello! If it's not too much trouble, could you add a specific tag to stuff made/done by you (fics and art and such)? Stuff you reblog are super cool too, but sometimes I just want to look at your things and with the general tags there's a lot of scrolling involved. If you don't that's fine too! Also thank you for your hard work, your blog has brought a smile on my face many times after I discovered it. :> (also no need for public answer)

Ah, yeah, that would definitely be helpful… the truth is, I’m as bad as Asgore sometimes when it comes to thinking of names/titles/so on, so I hadn’t tagged my work because I couldn’t come up with anything…

But I think I’ll go with ‘undertalethingem’s art’ since that’s generally what I post. I should also make a compilation post for Unexpected Guests that puts everything in one convenient place…

I’ll go ahead and publish this so everyone’s up to date, but thank you so much! I’ve gotten a ton of nice messages since I started the comic and I don’t know how to reply to them all! I hope it only continues to cheer people up ^^

Lena Luthor Appreciation week

Day 3Favorite Headcanon/AU/Fics/Art/Videos

Favorite AU: Hogwarts AU 

My two fav fics are: 

1  -  2

I have too many fanarts I love, it would take too long to put them here, so I’m just gonna tag my fav artists: 

@elliotdrawpls   @yuripirate   @lesly-oh   @comickergirl  @namehart

I admire them so much and watching their stuff motivate me to be better everytime. Thank you so much for your amazing art!


My dear friend @fuck-you-i-am-spiderman makes the best videos <3 They are my favs, everyone should check them out! 

I love this fandom for all the talent it has, all the support, the funny jokes and the amazing people, I’m proud of being here and I thank everyone for having me.

Hello everyone! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*  

Since the year is comming to an end, i thought i´d make a follow forever to thank the people who make my dashboard so beautiful every day & give me such a great tumblr experience ! ♥

I also hit my follower goal for 2016 a few days ago + I hit so many milestones over this year it´s amazing and i cant even explain how thankful I am. ♥

I truly appreciate all of you and i hope you have the most amazing holidays! ♥

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thank you all again ♥♥♥

Dear Baahubali FamBam,


Jaya Varma is not Varma but Jayasena indeed… like Devasena!!!

Now this is why you need to watch the Telugu version, I don’t know how much more new things I’m gonna come across… (Once in theatre is not enough with my kind of emotional dam bursts)

@avani008 @forestpenguin @puppyloveblog24 @iwearplaids who else should I tag?? HEY EVERYONE SEE THIS 

PS: THERE ARE DELETED SCENES TOO (in action sequences and stuff I’M ENJOYING THIS) those who have watched the movie just as many times will pick out the extra scenes with ease. The two hunks weren’t lying when I asked them if there were too many deleted scenes.