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surprising your boyfriend like

Bitty doesn’t like lying to his boyfriend. It’s not his style. If anything, he’s honest to a fault. It’s not his speed to perpetrate deceptions, much less relish him.

Oh, but this… this is really kind of fun.

When he first tells Jack he’ll be heading home for Christmas, Jack is visibly disappointed. His face falls, and he heaves a sigh before mustering up his stoic face and telling Bitty “I hope you have fun.”

Bitty feigns concern. “Oh, now, what will you do? I know you’re playing on Christmas Eve day, so I suppose you can’t go home to your parents’.”

Jack shakes his head. “I’ll make do. I’m sure someone on the team will have me over.” But the sad glisten in his eyes is almost enough to make Bitty break down and confess right there.


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So, so sorry to spam the tags, but I’m in mighty need of more witchcraft on my dash! I’m looking for people who don’t reblog mainly aesthetic. Under 50% aesthetic would be ideal, as I’m really looking for knowledge. not gonna be too much of a stickler though, I reblog a healthy amount of aesthetic too lol
So, you know the drill, like/reblog if you post a lot of:

  • Spells (any kind at all, if you can classify it as a spell, I want it)
  • Sigils
  • Runes
  • Incantations
  • Witchy tips
  • Correspondences
  • Minerals and their uses
  • Norse stuff (God/dess work, lore talk, culture, ect aesthetic actually too)
  • Elemental magick
  • Dragon magick
  • Otherkin magick stuff
  • Astral work
  • Space stuff
  • Literally any kind of active magick, I want it all!
To-do list

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Do This: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

1. Writing. Lots of writing.

1a. Fics - Oh, too many, friends, too many. In addition to personal projects, I’m also working on some for an assignment on AO3.

1b. Original stuff - Believe it or not, I have some of this! I want to start writing an actual honest-to-goodness novel before too long! If I… find the time…

2. Become, at some point, not bad at drawing. This is a long-term goal.

3. Reading the many many books I’ve been dithering about reading for some reason

4. See some movies, including but not limited to Rogue One, Fantastic Beasts, and Logan.

5. Start going to the gym again because I’ve lapsed

I think folks are getting tired of me tagging them in things, so I’ll just put this up in the air for any followers who’d like to do this! I’d love to see them if you do!


Haven’t posted a video yet, so this is also a test of sorts.

This channel is insane. There’s Shrek, Minions, Trump, Hitler, FNAF, Undertale, Marvel, and too many more things involved in this sort of thing. No, I’m not kidding. I already watched 5 Little Hitlers Jumping on the Bed, FNAF Fart in the Toilet Finger Family, and Candy Donald Trump Jesus Finger Family, I was too scared to watch 5 Little Papyruses Jumping on the Bed. That’s stuff you’ll have to see for yourself. I’m not that brave.

Channel and video are not mine. I was watching a video about the weird side of YouTube and then this happened.

What I’m Working on

Apparently my dear @formidablepassion wants to know what I’m working on, which means y’all get to find out too.

Do Dis: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

What I’m working on:

Eldritch: I am always working on Eldritch.  Original fic series (epic fantasy), currently sitting at… six novels and one small novella, in various states of outlining and rough drafts.  If you see me grumbling about (or shipping.  Or crying over) two people named Pasha and Luon, this is where they come from.

Currently nameless s5 rewrite: I haven’t worked on this in a while, though it’s slowly moving back towards the front burner.  Canon divergent AU, Lucifer isn’t the bad guy.  He never was, so he’s very confused when he emerges from the Cage to find an army that he had no hand in making waiting for him; but if it means he can save Heaven, and the Winchesters, from Michael, he’ll play the role of Devil.

Ships: … so I was supposed to finish these back in January but I had some… really bad weeks, and they got put off.  Just little ship drabbles for a follower count celebration, which are back near the top of the to-do list.

Cas (Don’t You Touch Them): Painting I was supposed to have finished for CCC December (>.> I greatly overestimated the speed at which I could work).  I’d say it’s sitting at about… 70% completion?  Two large sections left and a lot of fiddling with detail and shadows.  This is the reason I mutter about feathers (or at least, it was the reason, I’ve got a new reason)

Lucifer (The Prince of Light): Another painting, just because I’m obsessed with wings and I was in a very Lucifer-ish mood a few months ago.  Rather on the back burner atm; I keep opening the file and going “why do I have this many layers where do I work what even,” and then closing the program.  There’s wip thumbnails of both Cas and Lucifer on my desktop site if anyone is that interested.

Wings!verse: Yeah, so this just happened, and what it’s going to turn into is still unclear, but it’s looking like a massive combined art and writing project that may drive me insane and cause my untimely demise. Basically I am obsessed with wings, I wanted to draw everyone with wings, and I figured out how to do that all inside the same AU while still keeping things just shy of canon; which of course means there are stories to be written, and why not do a full series rewrite plus fanfic gaps and maybe codas and illustrate some of them have I mentioned this project will drive me insane and cause my untimely demise because it will.

There are plenty more things in the to-do pile, but these are the active projects.

No obligations to do this, but I am tagging @spnyoucantkeepmedown@caffeinaships@tenoko1@hyrulehearts1123@tree-of-blue-squirrel@k6034@treefrogie84@hazeldomain​ and @manawhaat​ (hi, I’m nosy).

that autistic feel
  • executive function: noo no its too much to do stuff like showering or making food there are too many steps just dont do anything today
  • me: ok
  • executive function: actually the only thing im gonna let you do today is this thing with your special interest that's 5 times more difficult than showering or eating lol
  • me: ???? what the fuck