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this was the week of supportive anons that I never had the energy to answer so

1. I think I’ve really met like 10 people on this site and at least 4 of them hate me, I hate 2 of those, and I doubt the others would word it like that, so I’m having a hard time guessing who you are, anon…the most mature thing I do is refrain from lashing out when that’s a constant urge…but yeah thanks

2. I am having a great day!  Went slug hunting with my mom in her garden.  I doubt you’re ‘here for’ just telling other people they’re good!  You’re good!

3. you should read all the stuff in the “ficlet” tag. I spend too much time on it.

Why do cis straight couples insist that without them there will be no population growth and we will all die out?? Like… bisexuals and pansexuals exist, trans and nonbinary people exist??

Being what you’ve conditioned everyone to believe is the “norm” doesn’t mean youre the only way we, as a species, can survive??? Take a step down and chill maybe??


“Sometimes the world’s greatest miracles happen by accident.”

How to introduce your Xenoverse character; post the most awkward shots of them


Not feeling good today guys. Throat feels like I swallowed acid. Could use well wishes and promptis (rps or art [sfw and nsfw]). {bonus points if you find me porn I haven’t seen} *sidenote* I really need this shirt to say “I ride chocobros”. *IM ALSO STILL TAKING WIG COMMISSIONS*

My dash is??? Super dead in terms of things I like so pls pls like/reblog/reply/whatever you’d like heck submit a smiley face to me if you want if you post about any of the following and I’ll check ur blog out and probably follow you:

•Gravity Falls
•Phineas and Ferb/Milo Murphy’s Law
•Steven Universe
•Yuri on Ice
•Lego Ninjago
•Kung Fu Panda
•Miraculous Ladybug
•Avatar the Last Airbender/LoK
•History memes
•Disney movies in general
•Fandomy stuff regarding YA books (or classic-probably-read-in-high-school books I’m always a sucker for roasting Victor Frankenstein)
•Glowy aesthetic?? Please

And I think that’s about it. Please don’t like/reblog/etc if you post nsfw or gory stuff thanks c:

simliishtrash  asked:

OMFG is Casiyah still a thing I thought they were extinct. 😂😂😂😂


i haven’t shown much of them since Ani’s reunion with his Q86 inch penis and part of that is because it’s been so hectic for them for soooo long that i just want them to have a little privacy before i fully bring them back as a couple again. they’re both kinda MIA on twitter as well.. it’s almost like when you see those celebrity couples and you know they’re dating each other but like you NEVER see them because they’re in hiding and trying to keep things intimate and cute. 

having said that i believe the public now knows that Ani is dating someone else and has moved on from Benji. there are also speculations that it’s with her former ex (aka like when Dottie had a melt down during Fenix’s checkup about the IG picture she seen) but neither have confirmed it officially ;-;

here’s a lil bit of adorable JJ, because i feel like there’s not enough posts about his cute side