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You're very commendable for your art. In fact, you even inspired other artists to draw King Dice with you! You definitely deserve some praise and hopefully some respect, too. Although, I'd like to admit, the uh..."remarks" about King Dice you've gotten recently are a bit too much for me. But despite that, please do not let that hinder you in the future. Your art is awesome. Keep up the good work!

Ay thank you for the well-thought out message! And not a problem, tho if it gets too much for you, I’ve actually tagged all the suggestive stuff with the tag ‘sin bin’ so people can blacklist them if they want to enjoy my stuff without getting uncomfortable! 

 And I’m gonna take the chance to drop a note: I’m not planning to breach the nsfw line on my blog, so yeah! 👌

(//ゝε╹//) ~☆

Why do cis straight couples insist that without them there will be no population growth and we will all die out?? Like… bisexuals and pansexuals exist, trans and nonbinary people exist??

Being what you’ve conditioned everyone to believe is the “norm” doesn’t mean youre the only way we, as a species, can survive??? Take a step down and chill maybe??


“Sometimes the world’s greatest miracles happen by accident.”

How to make friends: Featuring Shigaraki Tomura

Let’s start

That didn’t go well. Let’s try again.

Maybe with a little more of practice…let’s keep trying.

Ok maybe making friends is not your thing.

Shigaraki please stop!

It’s ok Shigs, making friends can be hard. Maybe you can get the hang of it later, just don’t do anything weird like kidnaping people and trying to convince them to be your friends or something like that…

Tomura what the hell?! That’s not how you make friends!

See, that’s what you get.

Aww. But seriously stop, just stop, don’t make friends EVER.

Some expression practice with Mettaton to ward away consistency issues (and also I just wanted to test out his expressions!!)

someone on Twitter told me that this was MTT’s “that booty” face so I made an edit…

And finally a big thank you to my Mettatonspirations, @spectrumelf and @samserve for inspiring me so much.
Seeing your fantastic Mettaton art always makes me want to create Mettaton art of my own, and now that I’m laying out the Mettaton battle scene in the graphic novel making cool Mettaton art has become very important.
So…thanks a million, you two.✨

I was chatting today about the coming season and all the exciting meta everyone’s going to write about it, and about how hard it is sometimes for your posts to get seen, especially when you’re a new blog with not so many followers yet, and since hardly anyone uses the main tags or just being anxious to put yourself out there.

So this is a post I hope others with a good number of followers reblog as well to agree, but if you have written any meta or observations or thoughts you think I’ll like, and want it to get seen, please feel free to @ me in the post or to use the airplane at the bottom of the post or even just drop an “anonymous tip” in my inbox to go look at it, and I will happily reblog and boost it to my followers, since I am often the first small part of a chain in a very large explosion of reblogs :D (Because I have the best followers with great taste.)

Meta isn’t an exclusive club, this is just a weird and terrible platform for getting heard on, and I don’t like the idea of it seeming like only the same few voices ever get any traction around here <3

I’m trying to figure out a very bird-like mordrem sylvari because I always wanted to make one! He’s supposed to be pretty colorful actually, and among other things hunts parrots for feathers to be the prettiest bird in the jungle. He also needs a name and I can’t come up with any >:

aaaand the mayor’s bedroom is done! ^_^