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captain swan + 93? hope you have a good day!

a bit of canon fluff for you, love, with a little nod to Killian’s dialogue on the horizon being calming. I hope you like it <3

93. “You have the most amazing eyes.”

“You have the most amazing eyes.”

The sentence drops unbidden from Emma’s lips, a soft string of words that breaks the comfortable silence between them and causes Killian to halt his caressing fingers.

He pulls back a little to look at her, equal parts confused and amused.

They’d been sitting pressed against each other at the balcony of their bedroom for what felt like hours. After the griffin attacked Storybrooke last week, she’d only finished with handling repairs and complaints late last night. Her dad had insisted (in what she assumed was his Royal Voice) that she stay at home for the next few days. Killian had agreed, texting David sporadically throughout the day to ensure him that she was, in fact, relaxing.

(She’ll never understand their relationship.)

Killian’s insistence is how they ended up cuddled together, watching the perfect view of the sea, with mugs of hot chocolate to keep the chill away. Emma doesn’t know when she stopped mapping the horizon and instead started mapping the planes of Killian’s face, just that she didn’t really want to stop. And then the evening started approaching, and in the light of the golden hour, well, she just couldn’t help but make her judgment out loud.

“Have you only noticed them now, love? You sure know how to wound a man,” he chuckles, voice as quiet as hers was.

Emma smirks. “Please. I was just making an observation,” she taps once at his chest with her hand that’s resting there.

He hums, resumes running his fingers up and down her arm but doesn’t break eye contact. “I’d say it was more of an opinion, Swan. Which could only mean you’re trying to seduce me with your words, and although I am a man of honour, I do accept.”

He says it with such propriety that Emma can’t help but laugh. When he breaks out into a full grin, she knows that’s what he was going for.

Emma reaches up and runs a thumb under the curve of his eye. It makes his expression soften, his eyelashes flutter. (And yeah, he’s got amazing eyelashes, too.) He doesn’t wear as much kohl anymore, only a little, and sometimes he forgoes it completely. It used to make his eyes brighter, but she finds his eyes are already a colour she can’t quite describe. It’s as though someone mixed all the oceans together to create the most striking blue.

“Your brother’s were a different shade,” she muses, knitting her brows in concentration to make sure she’s remembering Liam correctly.

Killian nods, leaning into her palm. “I took after my mother in that regard, or so Liam told me.” He smiles, and she can’t help but mirror it. When she leans into him, he doesn’t hesitate to respond with a lingering kiss that she can feel down to her toes.

“If you keep staring at me, you’re going to miss the sunset,” he says with a smirk when he pulls back. He raises an eyebrow for good measure when she doesn’t look away from him.

“I think I like this view better,” she hums.

Killian looks down and then back at the water, an adorable rosy hue tinting his cheeks and the tips of his ears. She wonders just how long he had to go without someone offering him a genuine compliment based on a simple observation. She thumbs at his cheeks for a moment before dropping her hand back to his chest, the other playing with the tuft of hair at the nape of his neck.

She wants to tell him about all the amazing things he is, and she promises herself to do just that.

Killian presses her a little closer to him. They fall back into silence, and Emma watches his gentle expression as he watches the water, his eyes like the ocean calming her like no other thing can.

Justin with a hangover

Hungover. A term used to describe the world of crappy sensations you get the day after consuming a lot of alcohol

Last Night

Justin and I were at our highest moments with both of us taking our 8th shot of Tequila and rum for the past hour that we have been at Drake’s new club opening, OVO, with all his elites turning up for the opening day such as Rihanna, Tyga, JLO and Chris Brown to help with the launch but tonight Justin let out too much steam especially as now he’s Dancing with some of the rented strippers and holding Cîroc on the table.

“Justin this is our shit” I looked up from the table and pulled him down to dance to Controlla that he happily agreed to with 0 hesitations “Controlla, Controlla”

If I was a cup I would defiantly be half empty but after all the body shots Justin was sure to have the worst hangover by tomorrow.

The Morning after:

As a high school/ college student I would have had the strongest hangover from last night’s antics but with lessons from my older sister Aaliyah and roommates I have mastered the immunity of which is called a hangover which is easy to say for me in comparison to Justin which wouldn’t contain his pounding headache that followed the morning after. This morning I was awakened by Justin’s volume groans in his King sized bed that he made sure to project around the upper whole floor “Y/N turn the TV of please” he grunted. For a 3-4 hour Bizzle 2.0 he was sure cranky

“It’s off like it was never on” I hummed and pulled myself up from the soft Egyptian covers that heated my whole body, “Jay I think you have a hungover” I added

“and you don’t?” replied Justin, turning over the pillow to cover his ears from any noise that I would make in the future. It was best that I would leave him to sleep off the hangover so I rushed over to shower to clean myself up and get ready to help him with his hangover. After the brief shower, I made sure to fix everything for his liking such as cleaning the kitchen, the floors (which he dropped the bottles on) and fixed him his breakfast like a good girlfriend should. Target would be open by now you thought.

I was almost on the way to Target. The day earlier started not too warm but defiantly wouldn’t stay the same in the blinding skies of California. The coolness of the car’s air conditioning kept my body sane against the 25-degree forecast!


Back from Target and taking short sessions of pictures with Justin’s fans that I met upon the arrival of buying all the medication Justin would need for today and probably tomorrow.

“Jay I brought some goodies” opened the shopping bag and pulled out all the general anti-hangover remedies to take care of Justin onto the kitchen counter and pulled out some bottled water to take care of his dehydration, aspirin, and mc Donald’s that you picked up on the way all for him. The main bedroom looked exactly the same since you last left. The curtains draped shut, bed still occupied by Justin’s sleeping figure and clothes scattered all over the bedroom floor.

Justin slowly shuffled from the bed and slowly stood up while you were still in the process of picking up all the clothes and placing them in the hamper so when he would wake up everything would be put in order however a wave of nausea stroked his shaped frame that added to his misery, “Y/N” he weakly spoke

“You okay there bud?” you laughed

Justin raised his heavy eyelids half way only to be shut again. It was never usual for him to ignore anything I would say, especially towards the times he would first wake up,  He walked up to me slowly and pulled me closer to him wrapping his arms around me. His embrace was warm, and his big, strong arms seemed very protective when wrapped around my restless body. we held onto that embrace for what felt like the world was frozen and in anticipation for us to savor this time. It was strongly noticeable that Justin did not have the best good morning wake up taught was seen through the layer of his dehydrated lips and messy hair. “Y/N I don’t feel too good”  he softly hushed after making a rapid movement to the bathroom to was his face in the master bathroom he was not going to be seen out of this house for the rest of the day looking like that. My instincts took over as I dried him off and placed him back to the bed with painkillers, water and a plate of my most loved and famous scrambled eggs laid over the bedside table, it has been time after I last remembered Justin drinking that hard to celebrate the New year and an event but I was sure to spend the rest of the afternoon watching sappy films and reality TV with Justin only .

why does no one ever talk about the logistical downsides to two super-soldiers bumpin’ uglies tho?

where are the fics where Steve and Bucky keep having to replace the bedstead they routinely shake to bits every few weeks and the mattress they wear to an embarrassing spoon-shape, before finally settling on doing it on the floor (until one of them knees a hole in the hardwood)

where are the fics where the landlord gets complaints from the neighbors about all the remodelling they’re doing (because how else do you explain all those dents in the dry-wall and that huge crack in the kitchen island and those endless banging noises they’ve been making for hours and hours and hours and hours?) 

where are the fics where Steve is embarrassed that they have to buy condoms in mass-bulk because somebody keeps bursting them (which is also, coincidentally, the reason why he has had to replace all the art prints on his apartment walls with Jackson Pollock paintings, in case of accidents).

  • Gray: Okay, what are you...? What are you doing in the men's bathroom?
  • Erza: Taking a shower.
  • Gray: I can see that. W-Well, I mean, I saw that. Rather, I didn't see anything, really! There is too much steam, and that's doesn't mean that I want it to be less.
  • Erza: Gray, I don't care.

i dont know quite how to handle being in the mad max fandom because the only other fandoms i have been in hardcore are video games or tv shows and those things are sequential and also they continue and are super long 

but like this is just a movie and it has ended now and its like…weird for me.