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Cherry boi Kakyoin for the weird headcanon thing please :p

  • What they smell like: Cherries I dont make the rules
  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): This boy does not get enough sleep he only get a few hours on a good night, but he does sleep he always end up with a pillow in his arms,cuddling it close(maybe some drool too)
  • What music they enjoy:I imagine he would enjoy Walk off the Earth or that kind of sound?
  • How much time they spend getting ready every morning:about a hour with showering and doing his hair,eating etc etc
  • Their favorite thing to collect:He likes to collect pretty stones and different things with cherry patterns
  • Left or right-handed: I wanna say both but more with his left
  • Religion (if any):Not sure about this one
  • Favorite sport:I know he says he likes Sumo and baseball during the series but I like to think he is secretly into watching dance
  • Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc): Art and sports museums are a must! He would also be willing to try certain types of local food as long as its not to strange
  • Favorite kind of weather: Fall weather, not too hot and not too cold, he would love to sit outside and draw the orange and gold trees
  • A weird/obscure fear they have: Moths
  • The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail: Dunktank
Character typing: more pitfalls to avoid

So the Mr. Darcy post got me thinking about how people mistype sensors.

There are three different main patterns of mistyping sensor characters as intuitives* I can think of. I chalk these three down to poor understanding of sensing functions (I hesitate to say intuitive bias here, since a. I think sometimes it’s genuine poor understanding based on poor information elsewhere rather than an actual held belief that intuition dom/aux users are better at everything but SPORTS and PAPERWORK, and b. If you say intuitive bias three times a teenage self-typed intuition dom/aux will appear in your mirror and whine about how hard it is to be them and you just don’t understand).

Also I’m using MCU characters as my examples, because I saw Captain America: Civil War this morning and I have thought about this shit way too much.

1. Straight up lack of knowledge of the sensing functions. This is the one that assumes entrepreneurship and resourcefulness is an Ne trait only, or predicting future outcomes is Ni only, when the difference is in the source of that entrepreneurship/prediction. I honestly could be swayed either way on the ExTP question for Tony Stark**, for example, but this is the core conflict: is his quick wit, tendency towards being a playboy/asshole, and talent for innovation due to Ne or Se? This happens a lot with dichotomy models, and the result is usually than an xSxx is typed as their N-using counterpart.

2. Seeing the functions but getting them out of order: typing the character as intuitive because they’re smart/creative even though they use more sensing This is what’s in play when people type Daredevil (Netflix flavor) as INTJ instead of ISFP. They see that he has his own moral code (Fi user) and that he relies primarily on his assessment of the situation as it arises to act quickly (Se user)…and then I guess see that he has some long term goals (Ni and/or Te) and decide he’s an INTJ, even though he consistently makes his decisions based on morality rather than logic and acts impulsively without serious consideration of future impact. This one does generally require at least a cursory function understanding, and as you can see, the result is that someone is typed as the dual type (or the introverted/extroverted version of such).

3. The one the Mr. Darcy description is most guilty of: not realizing that sensors and intuitives have equal access to their judging functions.

To expand on #3, disliking crowds and unease with strangers? Could be any introvert or for that matter an extrovert with social anxiety. Prefers facts to feelings? Okay, probably a thinking type over feeling then. Perceptive? Maybe he’s a perceiving function dom; both sensing and intuition perceive things. Decisive, stubborn and a person of convictions? Points to a judging type then, and we’ve decided he’s probably a thinker, so TJ rather than FJ, and given the potential hints towards introversion and perceiving dom, that makes him most likely an IxTJ. So you’ve got the right judging axis, but where’s the Ni?

Now, many descriptions, especially of the letters-only variety, tend towards ignoring the capacity of people to use their tertiary and inferior functions, but it seems worse with a lot of the sensing types. ESFPs and ESTPs are pretty much reduced to a shallow version of Se, with the judging aux functions basically only there to distinguish them from each other (do you like dancing and drama? Or sports and action)? Their Te or Fe tert? Forget it. At least ISTP and ISFP get a little bit of credit for Ti and Fi before people get to the Se-aux and forget that they also have Ni-tert. Now, plenty of INTJ descriptions do ignore Fi (the ‘emotionless world domination nut’ stereotype), but if an IxTJ gets credit for having it, guess which one it’s going to be.

Since I use character typing a lot as a basis for comparison and examples, and since that was a big part of what got me really interested in studying functions, if I see an character typed as an intuitive somewhere and if there’s a reason provided for the typing overall, I go through the steps just like I did for Mr. Darcy. This isn’t something just I do or came up with; clearly @in-tj did as well, and there’s a good @funkymbtifiction post in which someone asks her why she typed Captain America (see I told you, MCU all up in this) as an ISFJ rather than INFJ, and her response is effectively “I posted my logic, so can you tell me why you don’t see him as an ISFJ?

*I did leave out the fourth mistyping pattern, namely the “what the fuck are you even doing go home you’re drunk” mistype (see: Hermione, High Priestess of Te, as INTP) because I’ve never seen that one with any kind of explanation, just gifs of the character being cute or badass or somethi

**While I lean a little towards ESTP for Tony Stark I do kind of like the idea of Civl War pitting dual personalities against each other (ie, ENTP vs. ISFJ).

Haikyuu!! Smell headcanons

I talked about this with a couple people before but this has always appealed to me so I’m g o i n g to w r i t e a b o u t i t 

(This is a weird topic but:)

Karasuno Regulars:

Hinata: Morning dew, grass, and pork buns

Kageyama: High-key like milk, berries, and a hint of sports deodorant

Daichi: Light cologne, the one in the scratch magazine booklets, and aftershave

Suga: Flowers, probably roses, rice , very very clean laundry and fresh bread

Nishinoya: You can smell his axe in his near vicinity. He might smell like oranges.

Tanaka: You can smell his axe from across the gym.

Asahi: Not too much axe, but enough that its detectable. Banana nut bread

Tsukishima: Citrusy and like the ocean (he is as salty as the ocean)

Yamaguchi: Lots of fruits, probably most like pineapple? Smells maybe like cinnamon

Seijoh Regulars:

Oikawa: Lots of abercrombie cologne (THE TEEN BRAND) and hair products that smell nice?

Iwaizumi: smells faintly of abercrombie because oikawa sprayed it on him and scrambled eggs

Yahaba: Lavender and softsoap

Kentarou: The hot cinnamon candy I hate but like to smell and lots of axe

Kindaichi: I thought of barbeque sauce and a busy kitchen, a bit of cologne

Kunimi: The new book smell and very faint traces of cologne (and sleep deprivation)

Hanamaki: Peaches and CrEaM

Matsukawa: Stronger cologne and apples

Watari: Moderate amount of cologne and bananas

Feel free to talk to me about these or suggest~! I kinda want to do more aha ;)

Inspiration from: @aftertaste-of-memes