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I’m over here trying to practice sketching Asra from his official art and um. i love him? i gave him my money and he still stole my heart?? WHAT AM I TO YOU BOY

i wish i could do things right and i wish i had motivation to get up


Canon ‘verse Dean and Cas talking about feelings

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“Cas, I just - I don’t think we can do this,” Dean says.

And Cas, sitting beside him in shotgun, tastes loss in his mouth. He stares straight ahead.

He’s been waiting for this, if he’s honest with himself. It was too good to be true. He and Dean have been - things have been different between them, recently. They’ve been saying more, showing more. It’s been filling a part of Cas that he hadn’t even understood was aching and empty, until suddenly it wasn’t.

But now…

“It’s - you know, we got jobs to do,” Dean says. Outside, the night rolls past. They’re driving home to the bunker, shopping bags in the back. The trip was domestic, even sweet; but at the check-outs, Cas saw Dean’s face. He’d known that something was shifting. He’d known that there was trouble to come.

“Jobs?” he manages.

“Yeah, Cas, jobs. We got the world to save. Half the time we’re throwing ourselves under the bus so it won’t drive off the cliff, and that’s good, because the bus won’t crash, but…” He pauses; Cas says nothing. “But - God, Cas, it’s so much harder to throw yourself under the bus when you got someone out there who makes you think you shouldn’t have to.”

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Masquerade: Japanese choreography vs. Broadway choreography

Left: Hisako Hanaoka and Kanji Ishimaru
Right: Kaley Ann Voorhees and Jeremy Hays

hold me tight | supercorp

Somewhere around the seventh time Kara saves Lena’s life, she decides it’s time to tell her. They’re flying over the reservoir, the echoes of Lena’s screams to let her go playing over and over again in her mind.

The half of the plane she’s still holding is starting to slip, and Kara lifts Lena up higher, until they’re at about the same height. “You need to climb on my back,” she tells her. “Otherwise the plane is going to slip. Do you think you can do that?”

Lena nods, but her hands are still shaking. She reaches one hand out to grab onto Kara’s cape, and Kara doesn’t let go until both Lena’s arms are tightly wrapped around her shoulders.

“Hook your legs around my waist,” Kara says, ignoring the way she can feel Lena’s heart beating through her chest. It’s the not the moment to overthink physical contact, and Lena immediately does as she’s asked. Kara loosens her grip. “Whatever you do, don’t let go.”

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Too Much Sail

What exactly does it mean to outrun a curse?

“The most dangerous part of sailing alone is when you’ve not slept in sixty some hours and your dead brother comes topside for his watch and offers to take the helm. And you almost let him. Because you’re too bloody exhausted to realize he’s still gone.”

For @killian-whump‘s (belated) birthday which inspired me to dust off this fic in honor of the occasion!  Happy birthday, dear, have a little padding for your sleep deprivation tag :P You are a constant delight on my dash!

With my gratitude to @pirate-owl, @justmilah and @queen-mabs-revenge for their constant Jones Brothers feelings in my chat windows!  


A sailor’s tales always seem to start on a dark and stormy night. Something about the ambiance of the night when the only hint of light to guide the way comes from the pale reflection of a half-hidden moon off white-capped waves.

Except it wasn’t night. It was broad daylight, and the only storm in sight was the one from which he ran, adjusting sails and charting degrees in an exhausted haze. He was so tired it damn-well could have been night for all he cared, his vision had long ago narrowed to the few bits of information he needed to keep going, filtering out the rest as useless as he worked.

This curse was different, a creeping thing, crawling it’s way across the landscape… too slow to spare its victims the knowledge of what was coming, too fast to run. Unless you have a ship like the Jolly Roger of course. He’d been sailing for three days straight (was it three?) and with no time to gather the crew when he’d spotted it on the horizon, that was as many days since he’d last been allowed a moment of rest. He didn’t dare rest in the cabin he’d once shared with his brother. If he rested he might not wake up again before the curse took him, or the rocks.

He spared only a few moments to drink when he noticed his mind going fuzzy and his balance growing precarious. The coffee had run out not twelve hours ago. Instead, he was taking to randomly pinching at his forearm from time to time hoping to keep himself alert enough to stay the course, to keep running. The cloud of smoke kept chasing, always moving closer no matter how fast he coaxed the Jolly to go.

“Let me take the helm, little brother?” Liam asked quietly. “You’re exhausted.”

“Younger-” Killian corrected absentmindedly. His voice came out scratchy from disuse.

He made it halfway to his cabin before the ship suddenly dipped and a wave crashed over the side of the deck sweeping his feet out from under him and dumping him over the edge of the ship. Pain lanced through his ribs as his safety line pulled taut, leaving him dangling over the edge of the suddenly listing ship. He’d tied the line not three hours earlier when he’d found himself staring off into the distance with no concept of time until the sea mist in his face brought him back to himself. That line was the only thing now keeping him from joining his brother in the deep. The sudden drenching with cold seawater cleared his mind momentarily, just enough to remember. Pan’s death hadn’t brought Liam back, no matter what tricks his eyes now played on him.

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Pumpkin Spice

Word Count: 1138

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: Written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing ‘s Seasons of Love - Colors of Fall Challenge. My prompt was pumpkin spice latte. 

Feedback and Constructive Criticism Always Appreciated

“Jens.” You nudged your boyfriend who had fallen asleep on your shoulder, waiting to film a scene. You’d both been sitting outside in the pouring rain all day and night waiting to film. You were cold, miserable, exhausted, but you’d had the foresight have coffee delivered. Jensen on the other hand, did not. “Jensen.” You nudged him again when he grunted in response the first time, unwilling to wake up. “We gotta finish this scene babe, get up.”

“Gimme.” Jensen reached out, grabbing your extra large cup from your hands and downing a huge gulp of your coffee before you could stop him. He choked, swallowing it down and glaring at you like you’d just kicked a puppy. “That’s not coffee!” He glared harder at you, his lips forming an angry purse and you couldn’t help but laugh.

“It is absolutely coffee.” You giggled. “It’s a pumpkin spice latte.”

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The Secret (7)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; epilogue.

Baekhyun stared blankly at the schedule printed out in front of him, seeing the black shapes of the words but not being able to focus enough to read. His mind was still reeling from what he had learnt, trying to process it and make sense of it. So he had a daughter: for five years he’d had a daughter he didn’t even know about.

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honestly you're one of the best authors out here, truth. Can you please do smut with Taemin, your mind can wander with it... I just want my oppa😍

Try Me:

The door locked once it was shut, the blonde making his way towards you until he was pushing you down on the bed hovering above you. His eyes shown nothing but lust, and a bit of his cocky attitude, but those lips shown a smile that was seductive and inviting, leaning down to hover his lips above yours the male spoke, his breath smelling of strawberries and vodka as his hand moved to grip at your hair keeping your head in place. “So, are you ready to try me?”

It was supposed to be the impossible situation but here you were laying under Lee Taemin. This should have never been allowed to happen. If it wasn’t for the stupid party that your stupid friends invited you to, then you wouldn’t have gotten drunk talked too much shit and played spin the bottle resulting in you laying here under this man who looked at you like you were edible. It wasn’t the fact that you told Taemin he was a fuckboy or too pretty for you. No, it was the fact that you kept going, saying how he was too cute to be in bed with you because he couldn’t handle you. How he would probably be the submissive one begging for you to go harder and touch him. You shoved your foot in your mouth big time hurling insults at him about his sex life because you wanted to believe that. You told yourself these things in your mind for a reason. So, that you wouldn’t jump on him, be needy for him. But now look at you, pinned under him and already breathless from a little kiss that he placed on your neck.

“We don’t have to do this..” You rasped out trying to move your hands from above your head that he so effortlessly pinned down with one of his own hands. His legs slipping in between yours he gave a low moan, letting his free hand move to cup your breast through your shirt groping you gently as he looked up at you.

“No I think we do. You questioned a lot about me, so I know that you’re curious. But it’s also no secret that I want you and I’d be a fool to let you walk away now. Untouched, unmarked… Untainted.” He whispered lightly before his lips was crashing against yours knocking anymore arguments from your lips. He slipped his hand under your shirt to draw lazy patterns against your flesh, smirking against your lips as he kissed you tilting his head to the side to deepen the kiss. His fingers scrapped against your hardened nipple that was poking against your bra resulting in your mouth parting to gasp and his tongue finding away inside of your wet cavern. You let out strangled moans from his touch, resting your hands under him because it took too much energy for you to pull at his grip and try to get free. Taemin greedily sucked at your tongue claiming your mouth as his even if it was just for a night.

He pulled back after devouring your mouth, his blonde hair falling into his eyes as his hands went for the hems of your shirt. You lay there watching as he lifted it off your body, his lips placing wet lewd kisses against your skin until he had the offending material off your body and scattered somewhere on his floor behind you. His hands didn’t worry about undoing your bra, too impatient and needy he slipped down the straps of your bra and yanked it down revealing your pert nipples and breast that begged for his attention. Grinding his hips down against yours, Taemin grabbed at your breast cupping them and playing with him, his tongue dancing across your flesh. He watched you humming and sucking on your breast, making slurping noises when he caused too much spit to get on your skin. He treated your breast like he was a feeding man needing his fill. Taemin bit on your nipples pulling them gently with your teeth letting them go when he felt he had done enough. He flipped you on your stomach grinding his hips into your ass as he undid your pants sliding his hands down past your pants into your panties and past the top of your pussy to rest it on your soaking folds. He chuckled breathlessly against your ear as his fingers danced up and down your lips parting them so that his long slim middle finger could rub your wet throbbing clit.

“For someone to talk so much shit about what I do. You seem to be the needy one here who can’t even contain your need for me right now. Just like a little slut. I bet you’re thinking about how good it’s going to feel when I finally fuck you hmmm? I can bet I’m bigger than some of my fingers combined and I can’t wait to stretch out this little pussy since you’re so sure that I won’t be able to handle you. I won’t stop until I have you screaming.” He promised licking the shell of your ear as his finger twirled around your clit slowly, your mouth filled with whimpers and pleas you were not going to tell him he was wrong or how good it sounded to you. Your hands pressed down against the bed because you were sure you’d fall over if you weren’t careful.

Taemin let his finger drag down your slit until he was sliding his long middle finger inside of your went pussy. It didn’t sting too much because you weren’t a virgin but he did have a length on his fingers that you couldn’t deny felt good. It had you gasping and arching your back to push your hips down against his finger. He smirked thrusting it in and out slowly, he slipped in his second finger after sometime scissoring your pussy open for something much bigger and harder. Taemin licked down your back slowly along your spine placing more wet kisses there wanting to see you squirm more for him. It didn’t take long for him to have you a whimpering mess wanting him to give you more, your head rolling forward to bite against the sheets as you rolled your hips down against his fingers. You wanted more fingers gripping onto the soft comforter that was under you.

“Ta-taemin please.” You whined softly looking up at him.

“Please what?” He asked curling his fingers to press them against your spot smirking as he licked his lips.

“I want you to touch me. Taemin make me cum.” You groaned out rolling your hips back once again. Taemin full on smiles moved to jerk down your pants and panties in one go, his hand moving to slapping your ass cheeks making them jiggle and sound off in the quiet room. Taemin spread your legs wide licking against the star of your ass before he pushed his tongue in causing you to gasp in surprise. Your face heated up and red as he licked and flicked against your asshole lubing you up and making sure that you were going to be stretched out for what he had planned. Once his tongue played with your entrance enough Taemin was moving back to grab at some of the beads he kept in his dresser beside the bed. Looking down at your helpless form he licked on a few beads moving behind you as he sucked on some more, lining them up with your anal entrance Taemin slipped them inside starting with the smaller beads. He moved them one by one until he had as many of the big beads in your ass that you could take without hurting you. He rolled you on your back smiling down at your naked panting flustered form.

“You’re so fucking beautiful. I should have done this earlier. But don’t worry it won’t be the last time. Next time, I’ll enjoy you even more.” He teased as he stripped himself of everything he had on letting them pile together on the floor by your clothes. He spread your legs wide, reaching back over he grabbed a foil packet tearing it with his teeth. He slid the condom onto his shaft, his tip glistened with wetness from how aroused he had gotten.

His hands gripped onto your hips and he slowly rocked his hips forward pushing inside of you. Your lips let a hiss escape as you felt your walls being opened and stretched by his girth. Taemin felt so good inside of you, and part of you were glad you were not inexperienced because it would’ve hurt. Your hands moved up to grab at his biceps, rolling your hips up against his you moaned in pleasure not wanting to wait. He got the hint starting to slam inside of you at a fast pace, the bed shaking under you as he fucked into you. Your back arched off the soft surface as you rolled up your hips trying to keep up with his pace. Your wet pussy invited his shaft in every time he penetrated your walls and caused you to scream for him. You were keeping up until he reached down with one hand starting to slowly pull the beads out of your ass one by one. Taemin would give you a few harsh thrusts, slow his speed down and keep it gentle only to pull a bead out and start back up with it all over again. Your body shaking and writhing with the pleasure he delivered to you. You tried to calm down your loud screams of pleasure but it was no use because you were sure everyone could hear you and frankly you didn’t care right now. Taemin used his other hand to start furiously rubbing at your clit, two of his fingers pressing down against the soaked bud as his hips slammed against yours and his other hand pulled on the beads watching both of your clenching holes take him and the beads he was close to the edge growling and biting down on his plump lip to keep from cumming. In a few more strokes of his hips colliding with yours, he was pulling out the last few beads watching your face contort in pleasure as you cried out for him with your back arched and lips parted. Your eyes rolled back as your fingers clung to the sheets, stomach clenching and sweat falling from your body. Your holes were both clenching, your cum was sliding onto the condom, and feeling all this Taemin was no match for his desire resulting in him cumming as well. He slowed down his hips, helping you both ride out your orgasm as his fingers pull out the rest of the beads from inside of your twitching asshole your hips jerking as you whined.

“I know, I’m done you can rest for a bit.” Taemin chuckled as he moved to clean off the beads and tie the condom by the end throwing it in a trashcan. Moving he scooped you up in his arms, crawling to lay against the headboard with you he pressed his lips against yours smiling.

“Now, aren’t you glad you tried me?” He teased you gently rolling you over to lay on top of you starting another make out session.

100% agree

Imagine:A few weeks after Stefan Salvatore moves back to Mystic falls his brother Damon turns up. And he only has eyes for you.
Song:Make you feel good-Fetty Wap

Lately you found that you had been cringing a lot.
Probably because you now had a stalker who went by the name of Damon Salvatore.

“What a surprise seeing you here"Damon leant in as he handed you a glass of wine.

"Damon this is my birthday party"you rolled your eyes and hesitated before taking the glass.

You held it up to your nose and sniffed it.
"What are you doing?"Damon looked at you confused.

"Checking to see if you put anything in it"you narrowed your eyes at him.

"Sugar, I’m not going to hurt you. How many times do I have to tell you that"Damon exclaimed.

"Well it doesn’t really matter, you can repeat yourself a million times. I still won’t believe you"you replied as you started to walk away.

You knew he was following you into the kitchen, you could feel his presence.

"You don’t even drink wine, you drink bourbon?”

“Wine’s your favorite"he smiled proudly.

"How…sweet"you rolled your eyes again.
You didn’t mind Damon’s company, in fact you loved his company. But you weren’t going to let him know that.

If Stefan hadn’t told you about Damon’s manipulative side then you would have said yes the moment Damon asked you on a date.
But you knew what he was really like everyone had filled you in on all the details, and you weren’t about to let him take advantage.

*3 hours later*
Red plastic cups littered your floor and your head was spinning. Too much alcohol.

Everyone had left you to clear up the mess.
You bent down to pick up a cup but you tripped and stumbled forwards, falling into someone’s arms.

"Hey, you okay?"Damon asked worriedly.

"You’re still here?"you mumbled quietly. Internally grateful.

"Yeah, I figured you’d need some help clearing up"Damon looked around your living room and shook his head.

"Damon what do you want from me?"you slurred.

"I don’t want anything y/n, I just want y-

"Well, Stefan said you usually have a motive, I don’t have anything for you, I have blood but you can’t have that I kind of need it"you wiped your eyes, mascara smudged all over your face.

Damon smiled at your appearance.
"Plus, Caroline’s prettier than me can’t you just take her blood it will taste better"you pouted.

You yawned and rested your head against Damon’s chest. He’d been holding you up the whole time.

"I don’t want Caroline and I certainly don’t want your blood, you’re different"Damon mumbled as he carried you to your bed.

Part 2?

Shoma after the short program, December 7th


“[My 3A fall] was so funny. When I launched up, I thought I didn’t take off with enough momentum, so I tightened my body more than I usually do which made me spin too much I guess, and I didn’t land in the correct place and the ice wasn’t there to land on. It’s been a while since I was so relaxed at a competition. Recently, I’ve been heading into competitions thinking, ‘I need to work harder than usual’, but today, I aimed to skate the way I always do, and I was able to skate as if it was just a practice. The cheers felt warmer here than at any competition I’ve competed in. There are many uncertainties [in my free program], but I would like to land the jumps I can land, and enjoy challenging the harder jumps.“

In continuing with the theme of expending dramatically more energy on a piece of art than is strictly warranted, here we have another half of yet another famous duo.  She seems to be having a great time!

An unspecified request for a certain cephalopod from the mod of @askmarinasplatoon

I can’t imagine why they’d request this specific cephalopod.  No sir.