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Cosplay 101: Failure is always an option and that’s okay

My niece asked for a rainbow sword for her birthday and how could I say no to that request? She’s still pretty young, so EVA foam is a good choice.

Got the two halves cut out, that didn’t take long. Normally I’d glue it together, but there’s a separate polycarbonate piece that needs to be cut out, so for now, I’ll tape it together so I can bevel it.

That’s a pretty good bevel job! Just needs a bit of heat to clean up the edges, maybe a bit of spot filling, but hey! Battle damage!

The other side isn’t bad either! Needs a bit more sanding and heat to smooth things out, but looks good!

Between the three pictures, it only looks like a few minutes of work. The reality? This was an hour of work. Why an hour?

Because I kept messing up the second side. 

Messing up sucks. On the other three, I probably had the bevel perfect before I pushed a bit too hard, or caught the foam in the sander, or kept sanding when I should have stopped. But I didn’t, and I messed up, and I had to cut a new piece and start over.

And that’s frustrating, especially if you’re on a budget, or have limited time or resources.

But every screw up taught me what worked and what didn’t work. I learned how much pressure I needed to keep the bevel even. I learned the curved edge catches easier on the disc sander. I learned which direction is easier to bevel in. These are things I wouldn’t have learned if I didn’t make mistakes. And now I know what to do the next time I bevel EVA foam and now I know my next attempts will be better.

So fail, and fail repeatedly,  accept you’re going to fail, especially if you’re trying a new skill. But learn from your mistakes and keep on going. That’s the only way you’ll become good.

BTS reaction to their S/O being insecure about their weight/stretch marks


Jin would be kinda saddened that you didn’t love your body the way it was. He would constantly tell you that he loved you how you are. He’d kiss your stretch marks and say that they made you more beautiful. “You’re perfect to me, sweetie. I love your stretch marks and your weight is perfect. Don’t you think any different.”

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Yoongi would be supportive of you and try to make you less insecure. He would say that weight really didn’t matter to him and he loved you for your personality, not your body type. He’d always tell you how much he loved your curves and you don’t need to change. “Babe, you’re beautiful. Screw those weight standards. Your curves are beautiful and so are your stretch marks.”

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He would be pretty confused on why you felt insecure about your weight. Hoseok thought you were the most beautiful person Inside and out. He loved the curves of your body, running his hands over them and tracing the lines of your stretch marks as you laid in bed together. “I really love your body, you know that? I think you should love it, too! You’re just like an angel!”

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He would understand why you were so insecure about your weight. Namjoon would know it’s the annoying beauty standards that society pushes onto women. He hated that you felt you had to look like that to be beautiful, because to him, you already were the most beautiful person he had ever seen. He’d always say how much he loved when outfits showed off your curves and you should be proud of them. “Who cares about what society wants. You’re gorgeous and if people don’t see that, then who needs them.”

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Jimin would really understand where you were coming from since he thinks he always needs to lose weight himself. But when it came to you, he never understood what you didn’t really like. He would love to kiss over your stretch marks softly and softly run his fingertips over your curves. “I know you don’t like the way you are. I don’t like myself much either… but if I’m perfect to you, and you’re perfect to me, isn’t that enough?”

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Tae would absolutely love your curves. He would get so sad when you would say how they made you feel insecure and how you didn’t like the stretch marks on your body. He would tell you it’s one of his favourite parts about you. That just because your body isn’t what’s in the magazines doesn’t mean it’s not perfect. “Y/N, I love feeling your curves when we cuddle and making little pictures out of your stretch marks. It makes you who you are, and I love every bit of it.”

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Kookie would stop you every time you started to talk bad about your body. He hated when you did. He would just pull you into a hug and tell you that your body type isn’t important to him. Jungkook would just talk about how wonderful you were and how weight was just a stupid number that only shallow people cared about. “You’re perfect to me. Your body is mine. Every curve, every mark, scar, mole. It’s all mine. And I’m so in love with every bit of it as well as every bit of who you are.”

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New York Baby

Steve Rogers x Avenger!Reader

Request: Can you do a Steve and Reader(mutant) where her powers are ice like, but stronger than ice. And the two get close but then the reader pushes Steve away cause she is scared to hurt him, but then Steve does his fluffy stuff and the two end up together
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings
2,410 words

Notes: SO, IT TOOK ME A MONTH TO WRITE THIS? I’m so sorry of the long wait! :( My writing has been off lately and I’m BURIED in college work so I apologize. Also, this took a complete different direction from what I wanted and it’s not my best but I hope y’all enjoy it! I guess it’s the corniest (?) thing I’ve ever written, lmao. Ps.: I didn’t mention it but I imagined a sokovian!reader who was involved in the Ultron battle. Yep, so…ENJOY!


Steve lets out a deep sigh as he takes in the silence in the apartment, not stopping himself from burying his pounding head between his hands. 

From the couch he can see everything you’ve left behind. 

Your collection of bands CD’s right beside his vinyls. The colored skeletons of your books mixed with his old sketchbooks. The McDonald’s toys you always insist in getting everytime decorating the shelves. 

He feels too; the sweet faint smell of your perfume still lingering in the air. And tastes; the strawberry from the lipbalm you’d ‘tested’ on him before buying. 

He doesn’t exactly know how things came to this point, where he’s sitting alone in his apartment with an annoying ache in his chest while you’re already long gone and away from his apartment. 

This just isn’t how things are supposed to go.

Steve is a man out of time, his company and friends mostly consists of highly trained assassins and he risks his own life for a job. 

But he’s had enough fucked up things in his life already and he refuses to let the only solid aspect of his life to just go away like this. 

He’s spent too much time avoiding things and way too much time being alone. 

And you. You just happened to be the spark he needed in the right place and right time. 

And well, he fights for a living. So he’s most definitely fighting to have you back. 

Just not in the ways he’s used to. 

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Mr. Lester's Defense Squad Leader (Sequel to 'This is Not the Place Danny Boy)

Summary (A sequel to ‘This is Not the Place Danny Boy): Someone insults Phil in class and Dan outs them in front of everybody trying to defend him. 

Words: 2058

Genre: Fluff; Teacher x Teacher

Pairing: Phan

Warnings: One swear or two

A/N: I suck at endings and summaries please don’t hurt me. Also somehow I had turned off the ask thing so you can send me prompts now. 

(You can read the first part here)

“I’ll see you tomorrow and if you forget the homework, I’m going to shove knives down your throats, I swear to God.” Dan yelled at the students who were now collecting their things and walking out since it was the last period. His hands were shaking and needless to say, his pants were getting uncomfortably tight.

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Rise And Fall

6x10 reaction fic

He sees Dalton again in a dream. Wispy and opaque and in flashes of nonsense the way dreams are: His shoes clacking on the polished floors. Some unidentifiable student handing him a cloth-covered book in the library. He sits at a handsome heavy oak table, puts his feet up and realizes he can’t read the title. It’s blurry, gibberish. Then not even there at all.

He’s in biology, stacking sheet music, watching dust motes swirl and quiver in a beam of sunlight coming from a window he can’t see.

He’s in his dorm waiting to shower. He’s in someone else’s room, wearing a red and white McKinley Titan’s gym T-shirt.

He’s on the staircase, floating down as if he were flying with the skylight spinning above, spiraling down and down and down. Kurt is there. He holds out his hand. He smiles. That’s when the fire starts.

Someone is telling him to go, run, go. It’s his own voice. But he can’t. He can’t just leave his kids and leave Dalton, it’s safe there, they need it, they need him. He can put out the fire, he can. If he could just stop panicking for a second.

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Fighting so hard to love the reflection in my own mirror, but how easy can it be when the one thing that made me love myself has continued to be absent for so long?

Fighting so hard to understand that health and emaciated are very different but when you’ve become so comfortable with the latter, it’s hard to accept when some clothes may be too tight.

Fighting so hard to remember that curves and a confident smile are more sexy than loose fitting clothes and disordered rules will ever be, but years of discipline still screw with rational thoughts.

Fighting so hard to remember that eating things like pizza and dessert is much needed, normal, and healthy even if you don’t exercise that day.

Fighting so hard to accept the changes in my body because of the changes in my life. And it won’t be forever, but a long time is still hard on the soul.

Fighting so hard to smile in the midst of wanting to cry. Fighting so hard to be a good friend, daughter, girlfriend, and athlete, because they all deserve the love I receive.

Fighting so hard to remember that the strength I’m forming and that is being created will help me so much and I just have to continue to take steps forward.

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Where did you get your Aradia Horns? you make a cute aradia<3

Thanks! :33

This is a quick tutorial on how I made my horns, it’s a little crappy, but I hope you’ll get the general idea! If not, there are many tutorials around on tumblr and one will probably be able to help you!


So here’s an up-close picture of my horns. To craft them, I used
- Special screw that you usually put in walls (I have no idea how it’s called)
- A rope
- Aluminium
- Model Magic
- Plastic piece of something to put under a chair (once again, I have no idea how it’s called)

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Why can’t Fitz have love?

I didn’t think there was anything to this. I really thought it was just a coincidence. But after 4,722 Hours, I’m not so sure anymore. 

Why is Fitz always made to be love’s chew toy? Do the writers get some kind of weird satisfaction out of singling him out and making him miserable time and again? 

We’re well into the 3rd season now and to date, Fitz is the only member of the original cast that has never had anyone interested in him romantically (to the point where his affections were returned). Daisy is already on her third love interest, tying her with Ward – the freaking villain of the show – if we’re counting his fling with May. Bobbi and Hunter wasted little time in hooking back up once Bobbi joined the team, May, a woman who couldn’t have seemed less interested in romantic relationships has had some action from Ward and Andrew. Hell, even Coulson had Audrey and now has got some serious chemistry going with Rosalind Price. And of course, Jemma had the flirtation with Trip and now the space boyfriend.  

And yet the closest Fitz has ever come to this was a, “Maybe there is,” followed by a long-awaited dinner that ended with Jemma crying about another guy that she fell for while Fitz was working night and day to save her life. And this is after he spent two seasons being in unrequited love with Jemma as she flirted with Trip, oogled Mike Peterson and lead him to believe that she didn’t feel the same way about him. 

I’ve experienced unrequited love in my life more times than I care to talk about and I know first hand that it’s not something you ever really get over. So maybe I’m not entirely unbiased here because I identify with Fitz so much, but this seems so unfair to him. 

Fitz is a good person with such a big heart. Why is he always the one left miserable and heartbroken? Doesn’t he deserve to be happy too? It makes me sad to see this constantly happen to him just because he had to fall in love with his best friend, who couldn’t seem to figure out what she felt for him, and as soon as she did, life threw a giant curve ball at them that changed the whole thing, with Fitz once again being the one who got screwed over.  

I’m just saying, if I’m Fitz, then I’m getting pretty sick and tired of my feelings being jerked around so much. 

I just wonder if there’s a little voice in Fitz’s head saying, “I’ve been in love with Jemma in one way or another since I was 17, and all it’s brought me is heartache over and over again. I sacrifice myself to save her life, winding up with brain damage, only for her to leave just when I needed her. Then after she got sucked into the monolith, I spent every waking moment for over 6 months trying to find a way to bring her back after everyone else had given up, risking my life to do it more than once, and now I’m trying to find a way to rescue the guy she fell in love with while I was doing all that for her. I can’t just stop loving Jemma, but at what point do I become the world’s biggest chump for staying so devoted to her?” 

I feel like sooner or later, something has to give and Fitz will decide that he can’t do this anymore. That’s why I kind of want Fitz to find someone else. Not permanently, but if Jemma is going to be occupied with space boyfriend for a while, I don’t want to see Fitz dejected and heartbroken again. We’ve already been through that. So I would like to see him try to get passed that and find someone else. Someone a bit less complicated, who understands what they feel for him and is upfront about it. Someone who can show him that he’s just as deserving of love as everyone else. Because I suspect this is something that Fitz hasn’t really had much of in his life. 

Why can’t Fitz just meet someone nice, who cares about him for who he is and genuinely wants to be with him without dangling their affections in front of him like a worm on a hook, making him think that his feelings don’t matter? Doesn’t he deserve love like everyone else?  

Plus, I kind of think there’s a part of Jemma that (knowingly or not) takes Fitz for granted as the guy who will “always be there.” And maybe she doesn’t feel as much urgency to be with him as he feels for her because he’s the guy who will be forever devoted to her no matter how many other people she considers before she settles on him. I want to see her get a wakeup call and find out that maybe this isn’t the case, that Fitz is capable of attracting someone who’s not her, that he won’t just keep waiting around for her while she spends an eternity figuring her shit out. 

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I love that your older Frisk has the breasts even when they're nonbinary, since I also have them but identify as NB. We can't help our body parts. Thank you so much.

It’s kind of a problem that peeps keep putting genders on certain physical features, so I’m more than happy to shove some diversity into my character designs. I’m nonbinary too and I’m like, entirely made out of curves, so. screw that noise, peeps can look any way they want regardless of gender

boobs are for everyone