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Wonshik had several reasons as to why he continued to be Hyuk’s roommate. Having a human alarm clock had its ups and downs, but most of the time, the younger man was nice enough to just roll Wonshik and his blanket burrito to the kitchen whenever he was too sleepy. Neither of them minded that they each had their own loud, particular habit. Wonshik was free to create his music and Hyuk was more than welcome to shout out Hongbin for being a cheater even though they were just rooms apart.

Most of all, their disheveled room was clear that both of them could live in a messy space. Both weren’t particular about cleaning, but soon enough, even Wonshik noticed that their room was getting too messy. When confronted about the state of their bedroom, Hyuk shrugged; the smell didn’t bug him. Wonshik continued to urge the younger that the heavy smell of mold wasn’t healthy, but Hyuk was having none of it.

“If you’re so bothered by it, then just clean the room yourself.” Hyuk smirked as he saw Wonshik’s convicted gaze falter.

“But that’s so much hard work.” 

“Then stop complaining.”

“But -”

“But nothing. Both of us would make this room even worse if we tried to move anything out of place.”

“… what if wasn’t the two of us who did the cleaning?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Just leave the door open today and the rest will be solved.”

Wonshik’s plan had worked out eventually, Hongbin passing by their room as he was heading to take a shower. With one sniff of the offending stenches leaving the room, the man had made everywhere that place a quarantine zone, urging the other members not to disturb him until he was done ‘cleansing the sin’. 

Hyuk was more than impressed and decided to treat Wonshik out for dinner that night. They enjoyed their meat, alcohol and dessert all throughout the night, stumbling into the dorm room with drunken giddiness. Their smiles remained bright until they saw the huge note on the door.

Cleaning this gross mess equals ten favors each. Get your shit together next time. -Love Bin

“We should have just moved the trash out in the hallway.”


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