too much pride to beg

Gone - Yongguk

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One shot with Yongguk when you’re pregnant but decide to leave. Thanks ending up to you - anonymous

(A/N: Okay I can’t write angst with non-happy endings I’m sorRY. I have this need to leave everything all lovely and resolved (except cheating scenarios bc nobody should be forgiven for cheating tbh). Anyway, I hope you like it!)

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Quickies with GIFS: [10] T.O.P

Request by @katythekitty @topinmyheart: “I need a little pick me up, if you have time could I request a quickie with TOP where you’re both super busy and need to relieve some stress?”

Gender neutral, my naughty kittens. Enjoy.

Creating Memories

*Too much work, zero play. Your boyfriend was overwhelmed with rehearsals, practices, shows, promotions… You too had your heavy share of tasks at work, and you didn’t have any minute to spare. To make things worse, the news of his military service had left your heart drowning with worry.*

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*His schedule was so all over the place that he barely got to see you, despite you two living under the same roof. When he arrives at home you are sound asleep and he gets up before you too. He could feel tension accumulating in his body and he knew you’d be in the same state, and he hated he couldn’t give you what you needed. When he talks to you on the phone, your voice is so lifeless and exhausted, he feels guilty, despite him feeling the same.*

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*For the first time in weeks he got at home at a normal hour and he just wanted to smoke, have a glass of wine and appreciate the last art pieces he had purchased and couldn’t even take a second look. But what he really wanted was you, and that day you got caught up in the traffic.*

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Capricorn have this thing inside them where they have too much pride and grace to beg for praise, yet at the same time want some kind of public recognition, but still want remain dignified and not to appear to grovel for such admiration. The truth is that they work bloody hard for the things they desire, and can sometimes have a difficult time patting themselves on the back for their achievements. Much like Leo actually, they want to receive that sense of gratitude and admiration, but unlike Leo, they certainly won’t outwardly ask for it.