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Constant | Part 2

Vernon x Reader

3013 words

Synopsis: After moving in with you, Vernon needs some help controlling his reactions to you. He deals with it in the only way he can think will work.

Warnings: a wet dream what has my mind done I’m sorry

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Pride Month Day 3 - First Date

More Alyanette fluff. Probably most of the prompts with feature them, as they are my favorite queer ship. 

Marinette scrutinized her makeup in the mirror, looking for flaws and second guessing all of her fashion choices. Was the pink eyeshadow too much? She glared down at her dress. Maybe she should go with the red one.

“Why are you worrying so much?” Tikki asked. “You look great. And besides, you go to the movies with Alya all the time.”

“Yeah, but that was as friends.” she explained, touching up her eyeliner. “This is a date. It’s totally different.”

“Marinette!” Marinette’s mother called from downstairs. “Alya’s here.”

Her eyes widened and she narrowly avoided poking herself in the eye. “Oh no! I’m not ready!”
“It will be fine.” Tikki assured her before hiding away in her purse. “You look beautiful!”

She ran a brush through her hair again, trying to make it perfect.

“Hey, you ready?” Alya asked, climbing through the trap door.

Marinette squeaked. Blushing, she turned to face her new girlfriend.

Alya was staring at her, a small smile on her face. “Wow.” She said. “You look… really good.”

“R-really?” Her heart pounded nervously in her chest.

“Yeah.” Alya’s smile grew as she walked towards her. She blushed before leaning down and kissing Marinette, lightly and sweetly.

“Oh no!” Marinette said when she pulled away. “You messed up my lipstick!”


  • based off of what we have seen so far of blue diamond and what we can assume about pink diamond with context clues from the show, i am fairly convinced that these two balanced each other out in a similar manner to ruby and sapphire. the balance between fury and patience between the two gems that make up garnet, their differences making them suit each other perfectly if i do say so myself, it reminds me of how blue diamond’s melancholic nature would be matched well with pink diamond who we can only guess will represent happiness / joy.
  • people might say that this falls into play with the fact that she was a new fusion and such, but it seems a little too much like a coincidence to me that garnet’s originally color scheme was blue, pink, and purple tbh.
  • one could say that the events of the answer are suiting to pink diamond and blue diamond as well now that we know that her shattering was done by either one of the others. not only was garnet’s fusion unexpected and something that hadn’t been heard of / seen before, but she was a fusion of love too — and what was going to be the consequence of ruby’s defying actions? oh yeah, she was going to be shattered because of it. 
  • speaking of the answer, after the two gems escape to earth with one another, ruby is very clearly distraught by the fact that she was unable to protect sapphire. thinking back to the good ol’ steven’s dream, blue diamond is overheard apologizing to pink diamond at her palanquin, saying that she “should’ve done more.”
  • okay, okay so this isn’t necessarily a parallel but it felt like something worth mentioning because it always stands out to me when i revisit stevenbomb 5. basically, we all know that this bomb focuses on the “very” close bond that blue diamond shared with pink diamond and basically granted us a first look into just how much the other diamond meant to her. but you know what happens in the same bomb? when holly blue is speaking about how merciful and gracious blue diamond is, ruby gets angered and mentions how blue diamond hates love (and fusion). this just feels super duper ironic to me.
  • one last thing which i wouldn’t bother reading if you aren’t on board with the theory that pink diamond is going to return…  when envisioning how pink diamond and blue diamond would reconnect after steven fixes her gem / she is unbubbled / whatever at this point, all i can see in my head is a similar moment to the one we see in jailbreak when sapphire and ruby finally reach each other after being helped by steven. after all, it wouldn’t be the first time that the crewniverse re-used some animation in the form of a parallel moment in the show.


Merry Christmas, @missmarilove​! Have some awkward and cute (and very pink) “morning after” talk. This is your gift for @creekalldayeveryday​’s secret santa, I hope you enjoy it!

I also hope you can read my shitty handwriting, haha…

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"transing their children" jesus christ what the FUCK are you talking about do you honestly have ANY idea what the real world is like??? you people honestly think that trans people are running the world and plotting against you. have you ever actually spoken to the parent of a trans child? or to a trans child themselves for that matter? trans people are disowned by their families, beaten, sent to conversion therapy, raped and murdered for being trans. but i guess it's pointless to tell you that

👀👀👀 How’s a parent gonna “beat, rape, and murder” (hint, they don’t) a 2 yr old boy who likes pink maybe a little too much, but a 11 yr old girl can actually in real life be raped and married to a 40 yr old man and you choose the first one to be more mad about?

i spent yesterday afternoon helping my sister prepare her middle school english oral exam and tbh the teacher got them some weird-ass texts to read

one of them was ‘the pearce sisters’ and in it two middle-aged women who live of fishing save a drowning fisherman’s life and have to dress him in a pink dressing gown because his own clothes are wet

and he thanks them by shouting abuse at them that is so bad ‘even the seagulls hung their head in shame’

all because the pink gown was Too Much for his masculinity i guess

the sisters are so put out by this that they kill him

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What would Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl think of the pink twins?

Well of course, they’d feel totally awful about the twins dying in the first place, but as for them post pinkifying (that’s not a word but whatever), they… probably wouldn’t know what to think. I do imagine them becoming a little more protective of them (and Steven too, just because) even if the twins probably wouldn’t need that much protection anymore since they’re basically kind of zombies now I guess? But still, they’d try and help them figure this whole magic thing out just as much as Steven would, I’m sure.