too much perfection in one photo yup

Product Review from Socks Makeover

Yay, another review! I ordered this amazing otter keyboard wrist rest (lol I wrote “wrist wrest” the first time) from Socks Makeover on Etsy.

De makes all kinds of adorable and practical animals for resting your wrists on out of socks! Sock animals were never my thing, but the ones at Sock Makeover are awesome!

The straw that broke the camel’s back for me was the little clam the otter was holding. Yup. End of story. Sold!!

I’m not even going to post my own pictures because my desk is ugly right now and mine looks 100% identical to the one in the photos.

Quality wise, it’s perfect. Very sturdily put together. As for the amount of stuffing, it’s also perfect! Not too much, not too little, it’s the perfect wrist support! I’m really happy with my purchase and highly recommend them to all of you guys!!

Recommended: Yes!!

Btw the shop owner De is going on vacation the 2nd half of november so I recommend you order one NOW if you want it for Christmas. They’re all made to order and she needs about a week to get them shipped out. Remember that outgoing mail also takes longer around this time of year because of all the christmas mail going out, so if you wait until after she gets back…well, it’s a gamble!