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Imagine a wild night in Rome with your husband after the last day of JibCon.

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: fluff, Jensen gyrating(Yes it’s a warning), SMUT, some dirty talk

Word Count: 1.9k

A/N: I  able to work this into my 30 Days of Jensen and Dean (That has gone on ENTIRELY too long.) This is fic number TWENTY-FOUR. The line, “Bring me some pie,” was requested by @percywinchester27. It was supposed to be fluff, but you can’t always get what you want. ;) This is just smutty, smut because all of the JibCon photos got me WORKED UP. (sigh) I also promised Ana so gyrating Jensen and this was the perfect opportunity for it. Not so much obviously drunk Jensen, but it’s hot either way. ;)

Feedback appreciated

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(Zimbits, slight AU, 2.8K, under a cut because it got long.)

They asked him every year. Sometimes, even more than once a year if he wanted to be on Samwell’s promotional material.

Jack said no every time because he really didn’t have any interest in having his face plastered on billboards and on every brochure and course calendar they handed out to students, both prospective and current. He’d had enough secondhand publicity from his parents’ careers and he wasn’t going to go seeking it out while he was at Samwell.

The only allowance he made was when he was photographed with the rest of the hockey team because he understood that hockey was a big selling point when it came to convincing people to attend their school. One of the team photos was enlarged and put up in the sports complex, right between the women’s volleyball team and Samwell’s dance team. It had already gotten vandalized this year by some drunk LAX bros and had to be replaced (which the university was not happy about and last Jack heard, the bros responsible were on suspension from the team).

The university couldn’t get Jack, but they got Ransom and Holster to agree to photos other than the team one. There were some of them pretending to study in the library, or looking happy and not-stressed as they socialized. These ended up on the cover of last year’s Campus Life magazine and both Holster and Ransom both joked that they were wasting their time at school when they should be modelling instead. It still didn’t stop the recruitment team from continually asking Jack who refused to change his mind.

Little did he know it was about to be changed for him.

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sidney crosby // it's a boy

warnings: none
who: Sidney x reader
premise: you have special news to tell your husband


From the day you married Sidney Crosby, you knew he would be an amazing dad. You loved watching him interact with young children during various charity events and listening to him gush about it after. You both had discussed it and were both looking forward to being parents and raising a family, maybe hockey players like their dad.

A year after your wedding, you found out you were pregnant. When you told Sidney, he had tears in his eyes and a grin plastered across his face. 9 months later, a baby girl was born and he vowed to always protect her.

Over the next few years, you had two more daughters together. Sidney loved the girls with all of his heart but you could tell he wanted more.

You put the girls in hockey camp as soon as they were old enough, learning basic skills and skating around with other young girls as your husband beamed from the sidelines.

But, as much as he wanted them to, they never quite loved hockey. Sidney was always understanding about it though, trading in his skates for princess slippers on more than a few occasions to humor the girls with a tea party. He never said anything and you knew he never would but he didn’t have to for you to know how he felt: it crushed him a little bit to not have a son to carry on the Crosby legacy.

After you had had your last daughter, you could tell he had almost given up on having a son. You both had come from smaller families and three kids already felt like so many. You loved each of your girls so deeply and you wanted to make sure they all felt that. Adding another kid to the equation was scary because you both didn’t want any of your kids to feel neglected.

That being said, you and Sidney hadn’t taken extra precautions against it. You just weren’t actively trying in the same way as you had with one, two and three.

So when you found out you were pregnant with your fourth, you weren’t shocked. You were a little nervous and a little scared but you certainly weren’t surprised. All the nerves went away though when you went in for your first ultrasound and found out your baby was a boy.

You were instantly consumed with happiness, not only for yourself and your daughters but for your completely unsuspecting husband.

Sidney had been with you the last three times you had found out you were pregnant so you never had gotten to do any of those cute announcements that you always saw on Pinterest and you figured now was your shot.

Sidney was away for the next two nights so you had time to brainstorm and plan before you saw him at a home game Thursday. You were planning on taking the girls to the game anyways so you figured you would get them to help.

Thursday morning rolled around and you had it all figured out. The girls always loved to make posters for all of their dad’s games so you would help them, as usual, but this time you would make your own poster to.

The girls spent all morning painting boards with glitter paint and sticking flower stickers all over. You helped them write sweet messages for Sidney to see before starting to work on your own poster.

When you had finished, you knew that it would be perfect.

It said “Make Space on the Roster: Another Crosby’s Coming to Pittsburgh!”, all in various shades of blue. You weren’t the best at drawing but you included a small doodle of your husband passing to a young boy.

You spent the rest of the day buzzing with excitement, wishing for the 8:00 pm start to roll around sooner. At about 7:30, you got all of the girls into their Crosby #87 jerseys before putting on your own and strapped them into the car to drive to the stadium.

You usually sat up in the box with the other families of players but, today, you knew you had to sit front and center. You got there after most people had already taken their seats, smiling as the friendly security guards guided you down to the front row, right behind the glass.

As the girls caught sight of their dad warming up, you grinned as they squealed and screamed for him to look at their posters. He came over for a brief second to come and wave and blow kisses before returning to his team.

You made sure to keep your poster hidden so that the fans around you didn’t see it before Sid did. You could hear them whispering around you as they began to realize who you were but they all remained sweet and respectful, smiling as your girls rambled on about how proud they were of their daddy.

You didn’t want to distract Sid anymore than the girls already were so you decided to save your poster until the end of the game.

Uncle Geno came over to say hi to the girls as well as a few of the other players, laughing at how much they looked and sounded like Sidney. They all loved the girls and the girls loved them.

Sidney didn’t come back for most of the game but you could tell he always played a little bit harder when you came. Little did he know he was playing for five tonight, including you, and not just four.

The game went amazingly. The boys swept the Dallas Stars, Sidney scoring 4 out of the 7 goals scored and assisting in another. The energy in the arena filled everyone as the final buzzer went off, the girls all screaming. Sidney was still celebrating with his team, but you knew he would be over shortly. Time to put up your poster.

You let all of the girls hold it up together, standing to the side to wait for his reaction. Some of Sid’s teammates saw it first, laughing and pointing before giving you a thumbs up.

You could tell some reporters got sight of it as well because you could see the flashing lights out of the corner of your eyes. But you couldn’t care less at all. As far as you were concerned, the world was just you and your family right now, a little perfect bubble amongst the chaos of the arena.

Finally, Sid turned around, pausing for a second to read what the poster said before a deeper smile took over his face. You took the girls by the hands and took them onto the ice through the player’s box, slipping a little bit but standing up as your husband rushed over. The girls got to him first and he pulled them all into a hug at the same time, his eyes still trained on you.

When they let go, he skated up to you, wrapping an arm around your waist and half spinning you around so he could hold you up right on the ice.

“Is it true? Are we really having a son?” He asked, the excitement in his voice filling you up.

You look into his eyes and smile deeply, nodding a bit as you feel tears swell up.

“Our little hockey star. Just like his dad” you say, hugging yourself closer to him.

Everyone is watching you at this point. The guys are awe-ing, the fans are cheering, hoping that maybe in 20 odd years they will get another player to love, and the reporters are snapping photos, soon to be plastered on every newspaper in Pittsburgh.

Sid takes off his helmet and tosses it on the ice, freeing a hand to hold your face before leaning down and kissing you sweetly, so much love and joy held in one small act. You could stay in this moment forever when you feel your girls latch onto both yours and Sid’s legs, causing him to laugh a little right into your ear.

“I love you, (Y/N). So so much.”

“I love you too, Sid. You and this perfect little life we’ve created”

OK @darthluminescent , it’s not  Anakin “oh my god I have a cold and I’m probably dying now” Skywalker, but it is more Texts From Anakin. ;) 

Anakin: [text] SNIPS
Ahsoka: omggggg WHAT IS IT NOW MASTER it is 1 am 
Anakin: im just worried what if he doesnt like the chocolate cake 
Ahsoka: you SAID he likes chocolate cake. i have seen him eat chocolate cake. it’s FINE. i’m going to bed now, Master. Please do the same. I’m putting my phone on silent. Goodnight!!

Anakin: pls say u r awake 
Padme: I have an early Senate meeting tomorrow. I care about you, but if this is about that birthday cake again, I am going to have to block your number. 
Padme: Was it about the birthday cake?
Anakin: no but now im not gonna tell u 
Padme: goodnight Ani. I am sure he will like everything you’ve planned. 💕

Anakin: look I am just really really worried about all of this bc it has to be perfect and is that one photo of me i put in his card too much? like i know i look hot but this is a man who gets embarrassed when people kiss on the holonet 
Mace Windu: wrong number skywalker
Mace Windu: and if you ever text me at 2 am again with this ridiculous bullshit i will bust you back down to initiate again 
Anakin: shit sorry 

Anakin: OK no one else is awake so i need ur help: i bought 17 kinds of tea for obiwans birthday do u think that is enough???
Quinlan Vos: Skywalker, the man got a rock for his birthday once, OK? u need to RELAX. He owns like 2 pairs of pants and he’s eaten the exact same breakfast every day for 35+ years. 17 kinds of tea is going to be like Space Mardi Gras for him. Plus he’s gonna be getting it from your pretty self. 
Quinlan Vos: Getting the tea from you, I mean. Of course.
Quinlan Vos: 😏
Anakin: omg why did i seek ur counsel 
Quinlan Vos: hey I’m just a fan 

I have had such an amazing journey losing weight and getting healthy. There were many ups and there were many downs but boy has it been one of my favorite chapters of my life.
 Weight has always been a problem for me since I was a little girl, it’s one of those strange things where I don’t remember not being concerned for my weight and I have
one of those bodies where if im not working hard at it it’s very easy for me to gain weight, which happens often, I’ll lose 20 pounds and gain back 10 i`ll lose 50 pounds and gain back 20.
 But the key is to not obsess about it. I know that`s one of those things where it`s easier said then done, but i remember obsessing so much that if i ate one bad thing I
would legit cry and feel like i failed myself. The journey can be hard like that, but you`ll enjoy it so much more if you have a better understanding of balance.

I used to be very overweight and I worked really hard and lost a bunch in a short period of time and I have gained some of it back, and people ask me if that upsets me,
and truthfully it doesn`t, not one bit does it bother me because it`s life, it`s going to happen and I enjoyed my journey so much that it`s exciting to be doing it again, and I`m still
happy with myself and you should be to. I have been having a lot of messages of people telling me how they have gone through a weightloss and have gained some of it back.
YOU GUYS, IT`S OKAY believe me, it`s okay because we`re not perfect and we sometimes slip, weather we gained a little weight or we spend too much money or let our
rooms and apartments become a mess, it`s life and we pick ourselfs back up and start all over and by doing this you appreciate your journey so much more.

 I know being on tumblr or pinterest there is a ton of amazing weightloss photos and stories and they are truly inspiring, but we also need to talk about the ugly side to
that sometimes, because the fact that no one talks about weight gain after a weightloss makes people feel discouraged and makes them feel worse about themselves and makes them feel alone because
no one talks about that. I am here to talk about that, coming from someone who has lost a lot and has gained some back I`m honest about it, I`m not ashamed of it, because
I`m working on it now, and so can you! And everyone gaines weight back for various reasons, like if they were pregant and haven`t been able to have the lifestyle back
because they no longer have the time, or maybe you were in school and had a little more time to lose weight and now you`re too busy balancing 2 jobs and can`t seem to
find the time like you had before. It`s a common issue and I`m here to go through it with you guys, because it`s okay and we`re going to work on it together!

I have already started my journey again and I feel great, and i`m not ashamed to have to lose weight again because LIFE HAPPENS sometimes, and we can`t all dedicate 2
hours in the gym and cook a healthy meal 3 times a day and so this post is for you guys, because we will find ways to overcome the challenges that stop us from being the best
we can be for ourselves !
If you have gained weight, or even if you haven`t even begun a journey at all, just know i`m here for you and know that I have exsperienced it all, and i`m here to tell you it`s okay.
If anyone ever needs to talk or wants advice on anything please do not hesitate to message me!

I`ll be sharing a lot of tricks and exercises and food ideas for those of you who just don`t have much time in your day and things that are working for me!


Japan (Shawn Mendes)

Hey! I’ve been inspired to write this fluff by the Instagram Shawn uploaded, plus I’ve always wanted to go to Japan, so here it is, I hope you like it :) Only thing I have to say, that Shawn’s girlfirend here’s 18!

Word count: 1.1k

Warning: none, just too much fluff

I tossed and turned myself to the point, that it became morning, and the sunrays – instead of warming my body – pointed right to my face, making me grumpy in a matter of seconds. I covered my face with my right arm, inhaling the dry air, then stretching my limbs. After I hid my face into the huge, white pillow it became quite obvious, that it wasn’t my usual one, judging only by the size of it. It took me a good two minutes to realize, I wasn’t in my own flat, neither in my country.

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“Can we do something?” Y/N groans, sprawled across the couch. “I’m bored!”

“It’s snowing outside, love. Do you really want to go outside?” Joe asks, glancing up from his computer.

“We don’t have to go outside to do something,” Tilting her head back, she meets his gaze, “I’m sure there’s something to do inside.”

“Like what?”

“Not editing.”

“I’m nearly done, so no worries there.”

“Fine. You finish editing,” She rolls off the couch and jumps to her feet, “I’ll figure out what it is that we are going to do.”

“Something the requires minimal effort!” He calls after her.

Half an hour later, she appears back in the living room, a smile on her face and her hand behind her back.

“What did you find?” Joe asks hesitantly, closing his computer.

“Something I forgot Zoe gave us for Christmas.”

“She gives us the randomest crap, so that doesn’t help.”

“Smile!” Y/N says, pulling the Polaroid camera from her back, snapping a quick picture of him.

“I wasn’t prepared!”

“Which makes it so much better,” She tells him, shaking the photograph that has slide out from the camera. When she looks at it, she bursts out laughing, handing it over to Joe who rolls his eyes.

“I look like a crazed person.”

“I like it.” She replies, falling onto the couch beside him.

“So we’re doing an impromptu photo shoot then?”

“Mhm,” Lifting the camera above them, she turns to miss Joe’s cheek, clicking the button as he feels him smile. “We need more pictures of us.”

“Or,” He grabs the camera from her as she places their new photo beside the other one on the table, “Just more pictures of you.”

“But I like your face!”

“Yours is so much prettier though.” Joe tells her, snapping a picture as Y/N blushes at his words. “Perfect.”

“You haven’t even seen it yet.”

“I don’t need too.”


“You love it.”

The couple carry on taking pictures of each other, starting with silly ones that turn into cute ones, and then Joe jokingly says he should do shirtless shirts, until Y/N encourages him, and that sets them off into a whole new type of picture taking.

Ones that would only be seen by them.

“Gods, you’re beautiful.” He mutters, looking over at her as she walks into their bedroom wearing only one of his shirts.

“Thank you, babe.” Y/N smiles softly as she walks over to Joe, who’s sat on the end of the bed, clad in only his boxers. She bends over to kiss him softly, and he briefly forgets about the camera as he pulls her onto his lap, deepening the kiss.

“Hey,” She giggles as she breaks the kiss, “We’re meant to be taking pictures.”

“Kissing is more fun though.” He mumbles, his lips traveling down to her neck, his hand inching closer up her bare thigh.“

“But think of the pictures we can take,” She replies breathlessly, shifting slightly on his lap.

“Think of the things I could do to you.”


“Fine,” He sighs, pulling back reluctantly. “Pictures. And then I want you.”

“And you’ll have me.” Y/N tells him, placing a simple kiss on his lips as she picks up the camera once again.

Later that evening, the couple lay together in bed, limbs tangled together as they look through the various photographs they had taken during the day.

“You were right,” Joe holds up one, admiring the look Y/N is giving over her shoulder in it, wearing only his shirt, hair slightly messed up, “Black and white makes it much better looking.”

“Remember, some of these are for our eyes only.”

“Who needs pictures when I have the real thing,” He smirks over at her.

“So cheesy.” She mumbles, rolling her eyes as she looks through the others.

“You love it.” He tells her, leaning over to kiss her on the forehead.

“I do. And I love this photo.” She holds up one that is of the two of them, with Joe staring fondly down at Y/N while she’s caught mid laugh.

“You looked beautiful, I had to capture it.”

“I’m glad you did.”

Anytime (Jughead Jones x Female!Reader)

Request: Could a request for jughead x reader where the reader is like super sarcastic and always wears black just like jughead, and she’s friends with Archie and she says something to Archie that gets him really mad and so Archie like blackmails her and embarrass her I front of the whole school so jughead makes this whole plan with her that’s like an epic revenge prank against Archie (sorry that it’s so longggg)

Rating: T/Platonic

Warnings: Uncharacteristically Mean Archie, Swearing,

A/n: So I kinda went off the topic a bit. Archie in this is more like Reggie???? Archie is a cinnamon bun who needs to be protected but also needs to stop sleeping around. ALSO THIS HAS BEEN IN MY DRAFTS FOR LIKE A MONTH IM SO SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG!!! 

Five points to whoever finds the Heathers references!!!

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anonymous asked:

"Which means that Viktor seriously sat there and DEBATED which pictures he should send to Yuuri that would have the most impact without embarrassing Yuuri too much." Ok, but picture it: Viktor squinting at certain nudes and debating whether or not to send it--if the peek of a buttcheek is teasing or a bit too much, if the bathtub photo shows too much skin or instead balances the perfect line. Mulling and weighing the pros and cons of Too Sexy and Not Sexy Enough. (V, I have no words for you. XD)

“Yes, yes, you are on speaker which is why you could hear Makkachin.”

Chris chuckled.  “But why am I on speaker?”

Sighing, Viktor redid the piles that Makkachin had ruined when she jumped on the bed.  “Because I need two hands to sort through these pictures.”  He paused.  “Chris, you remember the advert I did for that sportswear line?  The one with the jacket–”

“That was unzipped.  And you were drinking water and there was some trailing down your chest and you were all sweaty.  That one?”

He knew he could count on Chris to remember!  “Yes, that one.  Do you think that Yuuri has seen it?”

Chris started coughing.  “Viktor! Warn a guy before you say something like that.  I was enjoying some coffee.  Why?”

“Oh, I want to send him some of my more recent ads… that’s all.”  Viktor picked up the aforementioned ad and put it in the ‘maybe’ pile.

“No, you want to send him professionally taken pictures of you where you think you look hot.  And yes, I bet he has.  It was in an English language skating magazine.”

“Oh.”  He took it out of the ‘maybe’ pile and put it in the ‘no’ pile instead.  Chris raised a good point.  If Yuuri wasn’t subscribed to the English language magazines, then Alexei almost certainly was.  He picked up the next one.  “Oh, Chris! I found the perfect picture! That lotion advert from that French fashion magazine! There’s no way that he’s seen that one before.”

“The one where you’re naked?!  The only thing covering you was the branding!  Are you trying to kill the boy?”

“Oh, I wasn’t going to send him the finished advert, just the picture for it.  The raw.”

Chris was silent for a long time.  

“It’s too much isn’t it?”

“Yes.  Way too much.”  He paused.  “How many pictures do you have set aside to send him, anyway?”



Viktor sighed.  “I probably shouldn’t send him that many.”

“Probably not.” 

“Two.  I think I can get away with sending him two.  But which ones?”

Chris coughed again.  “May I make a suggestion?”

Viktor hummed an affirmative.

“Be subtle.  Yuuri seems like he might be the sort to appreciate subtle.”

Scared To Be Lonely - D.H.

Pairing: Dan x reader

Summary: in which Dan and the reader have been fighting every night for months, and it’s finally time to sit down and re-evaluate their relationship. based on the song Scared To Be Lonely by Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa.

Requested: yes, see here

Warnings: angst, feels, mention of like pg-13 topics (like twice but), just a whole lot of everything

A/N: sorry this took super long but i wanted my first imagine in a while to be (objectively) good so please enjoy my first song imagine! if you have any other songs you think would make good imagines, let me know here. if you don’t know what i’m talking about, click here and finally, let me know what you think of this one/if you want me to do a part 2 bc that could be a thing

you can listen to the song here on youtube and here on spotify!


It was great at the very start, hands on each other; couldn’t stand to be far apart, closer the better.

In the beginning, everything had been great between you and Dan. The two of you were inseparable, unable to stand being far apart; so close that your friends joked you were more attached at the hip than Dan and Phil were, which seems pretty impossible.

Somewhere, somehow, in the past few months of your nearly 2 year relationship, loving words had turned into yelling, date night into falling asleep alone, and touches into slamming doors.

You flinch at the ever-recurring sound, body crumbling in on itself as you collapse onto the end of your bed for what felt like the hundredth time that week.

You and Dan had gotten into a fight, again. Recently, it seemed the only way you were communicating at all was through picking fights.

It had started out so stupidly, Dan had filmed a video but hadn’t cleaned anything up; his light and tripod still sitting in your bedroom a day later. You had asked him to put it away, commenting that he never seemed to clean up after himself when he filmed.

Now we’re picking fights, and slamming doors; magnifying all our flaws.

From there, it had escalated into magnifying each others’ flaws. You were too clingy, but he was too anti-social, and you were too loud, but he was too busy. It always seemed to come back to that, Dan being busy.

You understood how time-consuming what he did was, but recently, it felt like he didn’t have time for you; you couldn’t even remember the last time the two of you had done something together even as simple as eating breakfast at the same time. The only time you were spending doing anything as a couple was making up every night when Dan returned from god knows where; climbing into bed with an apology and a kiss that always led to something more.

You run your still trembling hands through your hair, eyes burning with unshed tears.

You couldn’t figure out how you’d let you relationship come to this. It wasn’t even really a relationship anymore. You felt as if maybe, it was time to really think about what you were doing. Maybe it was a healthier decision for both of you if you ended things.

You felt a single tear roll down your cheek as you came to the realization.

You lifted your hand to your face, wiping it away quickly before standing up and making your way into the lounge of your apartment.

Too much time, losing track of us, where was the real? Undefined, spiraling out of touch; forgot how it feels.

Next to the door Dan had just slammed, a picture frame was on the floor. You sighed, knowing it was the same picture that always fell; one of you and Dan from your first anniversary.

Picking it up, you stared at the photo, envious of the people staring back at you and how happy they were. You yearned for nothing more than to go back to how things were, when everything between you and Dan had been perfect.

Unfortunately, perfect didn’t seem to exist anymore when it came to you and Dan. You couldn’t even remember what it felt like anymore, to be like you were back then. The only thing you associated with Dan anymore being arguments and make-up sex.

You hung the picture back in it’s place before making your way back to your bedroom, falling asleep alone for another night.

time skip of a few hours:

You’re woken up by the sound of your bedroom door opening.

Turning to face that side of the room, you see Dan standing sheepishly by the door through your blurry vision. Rubbing your tired eyes, you sit up and watch as he makes his way towards the bed.

“I’m so sorry, love,” he begins the vicious cycle, leaning down to press a kiss to your lips; you responding before realizing what you were doing, quickly pulling away just as he tries to deepen the kiss.

Dan looks at you confused as you do so, trying to decipher your expression.

“We can’t keep doing this, Dan.”

“What d’you mean, [Y/N]?” he asks, moving to sit down next to you.

Are we both losing our minds? Is the only reason you’re holding me tonight cause we’re scared to be lonely? 

“This isn’t a relationship anymore, we’re just losing our minds… Is the only reason we come back every night because we’re scared to be lonely?” your voice shakes as you voice what had been in the back of your mind for weeks now.

“No, don’t say that.. I-I love you, it’s just a rough patch,” he stumbles over his words, rushing to get them out before he can lose the thought.

Even when we know it’s wrong, been somebody better for us all along, tell me how can we keep holding on? Holding on tonight cause we’re scared to be lonely.

“A rough patch? It’s been like this for the last 3 months, Dan… We can’t keep doing this, we both know that it’s wrong; what if there’s something better out there for us?”

“There’s no one out there better for me than you, I know you’re the one for me.”

“How do we know that Dan? How can we keep holding onto this when it’s doing nothing but hurting us… I think we need a break.”

There. You’d said it. The elephant that had been in the room since the second he’d walked in the door, you guys needed a break. Some kind of time to yourselves, to process and to think before you could come back to this.

“No, no, [Y/N], we don’t need a break, love. We can work this out, I promise I’ll try my harde-”

“Dan,” you cut him off, tears that had been building up for the last 15 minutes finally beginning to fall, “I love you, and that’s why I’m doing this. We need some time to figure out why we keep coming back, why we’re constantly fighting and making up.”

He nods his head in understanding but looks miserable. His face reflecting how your heart feels.

It kills you to have to do this, but you knew it was necessary for you guys to have a little bit of time to sort this out separately before you could come together and try to fix things.

He stands up next to you again, “Please don’t cry, love.. We’ll figure this out, I know we will,” he wipes tears from your face before continuing, “I’ll call Phil and see if I can stay with him for a few weeks, I- I want to fix this, fix us; however you think we need to do that.”

You nod, breathing deeply in an attempt to calm down as he slides his phone out of his pocket, dialing Phil.

You listen closely to Dan’s half of the conversation as tears continue falling down your cheeks, “Hey Phil.”

He pauses, likely waiting for Phil’s response, “Look, can I come and stay with you for a few weeks?”

Again, silence as Phil replies, “I know,” another pause, “Yeah,” one final pause, “Thanks mate, I’ll be over within the hour.”

This makes your tears fall faster. The break was your idea, and you knew it was necessary; but you also knew that watching Dan walk out the door, even though he would be returning, would shatter your heart into a million pieces.

Dan sighs as he hangs up the phone, noticing the increased speed of your crying, “[Y/N], love, please don’t cry, okay? This is only for a short while, alright? You’re right, we do need the time to think and that’s all we’re gonna get.. I’ll be back before you know it, I promise.”

You nod as he leans down and wipes tears from your cheeks again. He turns to begin packing some stuff but you grab his arm, “Wait.”

He stops, turning back and sitting beside you again as he pulls you into his chest, rubbing your back soothingly.

“Please, this is already breaking my heart, don’t make this harder, on either of us,” he pleads with you as your breathing begins to even out slightly.

“I’m sorry, Dan, it’s just-”

He cuts you off, understanding what you meant, “I know, [Y/N], I know.”

Dan pulls you back into his chest one last time, pressing a kiss to the top of your head.

“I love you,” you let out against him, allowing him to finally pull away from you.

“I love you too, now, it’s late, get some sleep, love.. I’ll lock up behind me, okay?”

You nod, laying back down like he had told you, biting your lip to keep from beginning to cry again; knowing it would only make it harder for both of you if Dan was forced to leave you like that.

You feel him press one last kiss to your forehead before hearing him step away, moving into the closet for a bag before rifling through his drawers for the things he’d need. After a few minutes, you hear him head into your bathroom, collecting some other stuff. By the time he’s back in your bedroom, you’ve fallen asleep; mentally and physically exhausted after the day you’d had.

Dan stands, watching you for a moment before smiling sadly at your sleeping figure, taking a deep breath in as he exits the bedroom and apartment.

Caught In Action-TW preference


  • you or him, is caught pleasuring your/him self to a picture or a video  of him/you

A/N : Sorry for not posting yesterday. My grandma was diagnosed with cancer and i was not in the mood. 


Stiles was in his room, editing a video of you and the pack had made a little while back. He finished the editing and hit the play button for proof play, but as the video was loading he got up from his bed to get a cup of water.

The video was halfway through when he re-entered his room. The distance did not allow him to look at the screen but he heard your voice.

‘’ Please !’’ you whined. He chuckled at the sound of your voice and how it could make his heart skip a bit.

‘’I want it…’’ you said and his brows furrowed.

‘’it’s long and stiff and I need it.’’ you said and his eyes widened as he jumped onto the bed to see the video. As soon as he looked at the screen he remembered what this was about.  

Scott had bought you a popsicle, but refused to give it you unless you could take it from him. It was overall a playful moment, but if you took the visual out, he only now had come to realize how dirty it sounded.

He tried to let it go, but your voice haunted his thoughts.

He kept replaying it in his head. Imagining you were addressing him. That you physically needed him to fill you so much you actually begged.

That thought was enough to do the damage. Stiles brushed his palm over his clothed crotch and let out a groan. He had already gotten hard.

He unzipped his pants, and softly caressed himself, shutting his eyes , thinking of your voice as he pumped hard. Then he opened them . he didn’t need to just think it. He could listen to it. He pressed play , and shut his eyes. Picturing that you were there with him, as he stroked his length.

‘’STILINSKI ! y/n’s here !’’ His father yelled from downstairs but you were already outside his door so when you opened it the only thing he had enough time to do , was pause the video and turn it so that the screen of his laptop would face the wall.

‘’i…i..oh god…’’ you mumbled at the sight infront of you smirking a little bit. He quickly zipped his pants with the world’s redest cheeks. While stuttering.

‘’you.i’s//um…look. I mean phew okay..’’ he tried to speak properly but couldn’t .

‘’relax. ‘’ you casually said trying to get the image out of your head.

‘’what ?>’’ he said surprised.

‘’it’s natural. I do it all the time.’’ You say and he mentally curses himself because your words are sooo not helping him relax.

Then you notice the laptop.

‘’ were you watching porn ?’’ you ask and move to go towards the laptop but he stops you, getting in the way.

‘’DON’T LOOK !’’ he yells.

‘’why ? is it some weird stuff like tentacles hentai porn ?’’ you say laughing.

‘’NO !’’ he says all too fast to defend himself. ‘’wait…yes..yes that is exactly what it is.’’ He says hoping it will prevent you from looking.

‘’really ? which one ?’’ you smirk and try to go to it but he raises his hands up cutting off the view.

‘’Stiles for god’s sake what is it ?’’ you ask giggling. He scratches the back of his neck sighing.

‘’it’’s,’s gay porn.’’ He says and nods after saying it. You raise an eyebrow at him.

‘’you’re not gay.’’ You state hoping it is true.

‘’I can be…’’ he says raising his voice at the end of the sentence.

‘’fine fine I won’t look.’’ You say and act as if you’re moving back to his desk but as soon as he looks away you run , jump on his bed and take hold of the laptop, only to see it paused at a video with your face.

‘’I can explain. ‘’ he says and you raise an eyebrow.

‘’okay maybe not, but it is not what it looks like…’’ he says.

‘’really ?’’ you ask, dropping the laptop walking closer to him.

‘’cause it looks like you were jerking off to me.’’ you say and he blushes.

‘’i.. ugh’’ he has nothing to say and you smirk, getting closer.

‘’I remember what I said in that video. You’re totally excused.’ You said and he smiled/ \

‘’really ?’’

‘’yes…’’ you lean in close to his ear.

‘’please…i want it..’’ you whisper what you had said in the video, your lips brushing against his ear. He couldn’t take it anymore. He grabbed  you , bringing his hands to your cheeks and kissed you.




Isaac staring at the snapchat video you had sent him over and over again. He was incapable of understanding how a single girl could have that much of an impact on him. And what killed him was the fact that you were not his.

‘’damn it y/n ‘’ he muttered looking at it. He knew you were on vacations and he totally respected that but maybe you shouldn’t had send the ‘’hey I’m having great fun. Miss you’’ video with your bikini on. He watched your curves, your chest rising and falling as you spoke. He wanted this. He wanted you.

Before he could even process what was exactly happening, he found himself leaning against his desk, pulling his hard member out and stroking himself. His eyes focused on the video.

‘’fuck…’’ he let out as he wrapped his hands around him.

What Isaac did not know was that you were returning one day earlier from your vacation, and were planning on paying him a surprise visit. You stood right outside the door, when you heard him moan.

You weren’t born yesterday. You could imagine what was going on. In there stood a possibly naked Isaac, pleasuring himself, with swollen lips, and shut eyes and though your moral told you otherwise, the need to see overwhelmed you as you opened his door entering.

‘’HOLLY FUCK. Y/N ! ‘’ he yelled as he saw you, quickly getting his dick back into his pants.

‘’ indeed..’’ you mumble still focused on his bulge.

‘’well stop staring !’’ he said moving his hands way more than he should as you walked closer.

‘’I’m back early…thought I’d step by…’’ you mumbled still in awe of his image.

‘’yes, hello!’’ he said stretching his hand. You looked at it and then him raising an eyebrow, thinking of where it had previously been.

‘’okay maybe not shaking hands…’’ he mumbled.

‘’you’re still hard’’ you said like a kid pointing out something random. He blushed and looked at you raising his hands.

‘’you’re…seriously acknowledging that ?’’ he said not believing it

‘’ oh I want to do more than acknowledge it..’’ you whispered and then widened your eyes not believing you actually said that.

‘’ did I say this..’’

‘’out loud.,,,yes,,,yes you did..’’ he chuckled and walked closer.

‘’ i…um..’’ you bit your lip and he laughed at your reaction.

‘’you really shouldn’t have sent that bikini video..’’ he mumbled before leaning in to kiss you



You were staying at Derek’s loft for the night, because of a terrible storm. You had visited earlier, and when the storm started he insisted that you spent the night there.

You always liked Derek so you didn’t really fight that offer too much, And now that he was probably sleeping in another room, you wished he would just enter yours.

There was a photo of him and Scott on one of the few furniture in the room.

‘’How can someone be so fucking perfect ?’’ you wondered out loud looking at him.

You felt your stomach tingling at the thought, and shifted your legs, rubbing your thighs.

You let out a long breath in frustration, but it didn’t go away.

You focused on Derek in the picture as you slipped your and beneath your panties, caressing your clit, letting out a gasp, to the contact of your cold hands and your warm core.

Derek was two doors down. The thunders, the rain , the air , it all sounded louder to his ears as he was trying to block them and get some sleep. But then, within the muffled sounds of the storm he heard and increased heartbeat.

He thought that maybe you were having a nightmare so he focused on it and waited for it to stop. To his surprise it only got faster and then he panicked. Had someone intruded ? Where you in danger ?

He got up and run to your room not bothering on knocking,thinking you were in some sort of distress.

And you were.

Just not the kind of distress he was expecting.

You froze as you saw him standing at the door frame and he widened his eyes at the sight in front of him. Messy hair, the bed sheets slightly pushed aside but not enough to reveal yourself to him. Only your bare spread knees.

You felt heat rushing to your cheeks and he was fast to notice. But instead of saying something and making it go away, he increased it by taking off his shirt.

‘’what..what are you doing ?’’ you whispered, your voice caught in your throat.

‘’you, hopefully.’’ He smirked and approached you. You tried closing your legs but he placed both of his firm hands on top of your knees holding them apart.

‘’aren’t you creeped out ?’’ you asked referring to what he had caught you doing. He leaned over , his lips brushing against yours.

‘’ I’m flattered.’’ He smirked against your mouth as he kissed it hungrily.


You knew he was a complete psychopath and always up to no good, but you found absolutely no harm in fantasizing about him. I mean as long as they remained fantasies…

You were lying on your bed in your underwear. You reached beneath your pillow and grabbed your ‘’diary’’. It wasn’t really a diary. Sometimes you wrote in it when you were mad, or copied stuff you saw and liked, or sketched random people. You flipped the pages until you found the most realistic detailed sketch you had in there.

Peter Hale. It surprised you how it looked exactly like him , even though you had made it from memory. Without looking at him while drawing it. You knew every part of his face by heart. It had somehow managed to imprint itself in your memory.

You gasped at the sight of him. If only he could be here.

You lowered your hand and reached your panties, slowly rubbing yourself above the fabric.

You let out a slight moan at the contact, and pushed the fabric aside, while with your other hand you caressed your chest. You shut your eyes getting into the moment, when the door suddenly opened. You dropped the drawing, and covered yourself in the bed sheets.

‘’Fuck’’ you whispered once you saw the person that had entered. Peter had the world’s biggest smirk on his lips as he approached the bed. He took a good look at the drawing and then at you.

‘’I could audio enhance it you know…’’ he said and you blushed.

‘’it’s not what it looks like !’’ you defended yourself.

Peter took a seat across your bed and opened his legs, placing his elbows on his thighs and supporting his head on his hands.

‘’don’t stop on my account.’’  He said smirking and you furrowed your brows.

‘’what ?’’ you asked shocked.

‘’I’m offering you the real deal. You can look at me.’’ he said proudly which made you blush even harder.

‘’I am not doing thi..i.. I can’t do it if you’re watching.’’ You protested. But Peter really wanted to see you. He wanted to see you moan because of him., touching yourself while thinking of him. And the thought of not seeing it, pissed him of.

‘’Didn’t anyone ever tell you to finish what you bloody started ?’’ he said sounding a tiny bit mad, which only made you re-consider it.

He looked at your legs and motioned for you to spread them, to which you obeyed. He got up , pulling the cover sheets away revealing your body as you whimpered in surprise.

‘’from where you left of.’’ He said nodding and returning to his seat. You heisted for a moment but then his eyes changed as he said ‘’now !’’

You did as told, slowly feeling yourself again. There was something about having him there. Being able to look at him. You started getting into it, rubbing harder and faster. You wanted him to see. See what he does to you, the very thought of him. You watched as his muscles tensed and as his lips curved into a smirk as you picked up the pace. Then you felt the need to shut your eyes.

‘’don’t you dare.’’ He said strictly and you forced them open looking at him. You kept on pleasuring yourself and you could see it in his eyes that he enjoyed it. The picture of a girl going through this all, just because of him.

Soon you arched your back and you swear you heard him groan at the sight.

Seconds later you came undone in front of him. He waited for you to ride off your orgasm and he smiled.

‘’thank you’’ he said getting up and exiting the room.


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Liam had a crush on you since like, always. He had managed to go from complete strangers to best friends with you but to him it wasn;t enough.

You too had  a massive crush on him,, but everything he did you took it too friendly. You had declared yourself friendzoned even though that was clearly not the case.

But on your defense, you had tried everything. Dropping hints, trying to make him jealous, nothing seemed to do the trick.

You were shopping underwear with Lydia. Well basically Lydia was shopping and you were suggesting.But all of a sudden she tossed you a purple laced set that seemed to cover barely anything.

‘’try it on then’’ she smiled.

‘’what ? no no no, I doubt I even have the money for this…let alone the tits…’’ you said looking at the bra.

‘’nonsence. It’ll be a gift. Oh and take a picture once you have it on. ‘’ she instructed. You did as told and to your surprise the pair of underwear didn’t look as bad as you expected it to. In fact you liked yourself in it.

‘’satisfied ?’’ you asked getting out of the dressing room and showing her the picture.

‘’yeap.’’ Lydia popped the ‘’p’’ but kept your phone.

‘’what are you doing ?’’ you asked widening your eyes once you saw she was texting someone.

‘’ your job.’’she mumbled. And then you jumped trying to grab it from her but it was already too late. The picture was sent to Liam , with the caption ‘’should I  buy them ?’’

‘’OH MY GOD !’’ you screamed dialing his number to call and explain but he didn’t answer.

‘’he’s not answering. Maybe he hasn’t nseen it yet. !’’ you yelled and started running while constantly calling.

You were going to run to his house, distract him and delete the message before he could see it.

‘’USE PROTECTION!’’ Lydia yelled as you ran.

Liam had received the picture with wide eyes. This was so not like you. You would never sent that, but there was no denying it was indeed you. And he couldn’t take his eyes off of it.

‘’Is it even legal to wear these kind of things ?’’ he mumbled to himself looking at the photo. He observed the smooth skin, the curves, the way the lace highlighted every part of your covered body, and he focused on the color .

He had a thing for purple and you knew it. Maybe it was why you agreed on trying on the lingerie on the first place.

Liam felt himself growing in his pants.

‘’I hate you’’ he mumbled at your photo. He looked how plump your lips looked in it, and unzipped his pants, stroking himself.

He allowed his head to fall back and bit his lips to not let out a moan. He slowly started pumping his erection. He wanted you. He always did. He wished it was your hand and not his. He knew you would be better at this than him and he wanted to feel you. Your hands, your lips, your core. Everything. He wanted to be in you. Be with you in everyway possible.

He was close to climaxing when you rushed into the room.

He froze and you froze as well. You saw his eyes dark in lust, his hands that you always admired wrapped around himself, his lips swollen.You could see his v-lines and the veins on his neck and you gasped at how incredibly good and vulnerable he looked. Then your eyes widened when you saw his mobile close to him.

‘’ I.. I can explain..’’ he mumbled.

‘’please do.’’ You decided to mess with him. He zipped his pants and looked to the floor.

‘’I I have…eczema. and I need to apply ointment every day and you have to um rub it-

You laughed at loud at his excuse and then smirked.

‘’ so you were not masturbating to the picture I sent you ?’’ you chuckled.

‘’picture ? what picture ?’’ he asked.

‘’the one with the black underwear.’’

‘’They were purple’’ he mumbled all too fast and then covered his mouth with his hands realizing he had been busted.

‘’I am still wearing them..’’ you whispered.

‘’good..good to know. That is..yes. um they looked nice..’’ he mumbled not taking his eyes off of yours.

‘’ you think so ?’’ you teased stepping closer, decreasing the distance between the two of you.

‘’ yes.. they um..flattered you..they’’ he gulped looking straight into your eyes.

‘’ I thought they made my tits look small…’’ you whispered, too close to him now.

‘’no your tits are absolutely amazing. Perfect size. I mean , yeah. I never liked big ones, or too small ones but you didn’t ask what I like…they um. Yeah. Oh god’’ he whispered the last part sighing in embarrassment.

‘’would you like to see the underwear?’’ you asked and his eyes widened.

‘’ yes. I would very much appreciate it’’ he said and thought he would erupt. You were unbuttoning your pants when he realized he would not take it anymore. Rejection was better than this torture. He attacked your lips, pulling you close. You were taken aback but as soon as you kissed him as well, his hands went to your jeans continuing what you started as you smirked against his lips.

Relaxing bath - Chen

Originally posted by beastdw

Group: EXO
Member: Chen
Type: fluffy Smut
Warning: sexual content!

You came home after a long day of work, exhausted and completely worn-out. You kicked off your shoes and threw your coat somewhere in the hallway, not bothering with properly putting it away. You went into the living room and saw Jongdae watching some TV, he just got home before you since he also had to work late. ‘Hey babe’, you yawned and you flopped down beside him, resting your head on his shoulder. 

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For @whotheeffisbucky, because I always promised I would write some fluffy head canons about you and Lance. 

Lance was literally stunned when he first met you. The guy is more cultured than we give him credit for, and met you at a certain show you were putting on. He was amazed by it, and when it ended, stayed for a moment, looking for whoever was responsible for it.

And of course, he saw you. He was dressed pretty damn formal that night, all in black, and came up to you. Lance’s plan was to stick his hand out, say ‘I’m Lance,’ and see how long it was until you fell in love. But he saw how beautiful you looked in that dress, and sorta just fell in love himself. He spent a long time talking to you, before he asked if you would meet him for Coffee the next morning. Which you did.

He was at the cafe pretty early. He’d been up earlier, making sure that he looked perfect. He didn’t want to fuck this up. And then when you came through the door looking so damn perfect, he tripped on the foot of the table, and had to catch himself. That’s why you suggested you bought the drinks over.

His dates got so romantic from there. He would take you to the Cinema to see movies, restaurants and order all these amazing different foods. His favourite one by far was when you both went rollerskating and he got to hold onto you all night and then you took cute photo strips in the photo booth. He keeps one of them inside his wallet at all times. 

He’s there whenever things get too much. Holding you on his lap, and reminding you that it’s all going to be okay. He never wants to see you upset, because you’re too beautiful for that. 

And then he realised; he’d never kissed you. Lance wanted it to be special, very vanilla, because he’d only ever get to have his first kiss with you once. But it all went wrong. He ended up having to be an extra for a Gymnastics Tournament the night of the date he planned. But you didn’t mind. You fixed it; suggesting a movie night at his.

And that’s where it happened. You were leaning into him on the couch, and stood up to get a drink, but misjudged your balance and fell into his chest. It just…felt right. He leaned in and kissed your beautiful lips, and he knew he was completely smitten for you, and that he loved you so fucking much. 

Sex with Lance is usually as women expect it; rough and quick. But not with you. You, were special. He would spend hours, making you feel like a princess, and making sure you were alright. He wasn’t one of them people who would just disappear, either. He’d cuddle you until the morning and then make you breakfast, served with a smile.

It’s pretty safe to say that Lance is smitten by you. And that he will never let you go, no matter what. 

The Productive Out, Part 2

Genre: Fluff/Romance/Meet Cute; Unspecified Modern Tom

Summary:  OFC baseball fan is on a first date at the ball park and teaches a new acquaintance about the game.

Rating: T (innuendo related to the sport)

Author’s Notes: Okay.  Here you go.  Kinda Baseball Tom, Part 2 - written solely for the Little Gray Face who knows who they are, because I can be bribed with compliments. Not beta’d, all mistakes are mine. Might not be what people are expecting.    ICYMI PART 1

“So tell me, what is the traditional post-victory activity after a win of this magnitude?” Tom asked as we were making our way out of the ball park with the streams of jubilant faithfuls.  We had remained in our seats for the on-field interviews and festivities while I explained the post season to him.  He seemed to be entertained by my joy and I was basking in the atmosphere, pleased to be so indulged by this charming stranger, especially since I had thought that the night might end awkwardly with Harrison.

“Well, first of all, I’m not going anywhere else with you until I do this.”

I reached up and pulled the price sticker off his cap and held it out to him with a grin.  An adorable flush colored his cheeks.

“Has that been irritating you all evening?”

“Yes,” I laughed and tossed the sticker into a trash can. “But I didn’t want to be rude about it.”

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My List of Miraculous Ladybug AU Ideas:

➸ Video Gaming Buddies AU

On Ultimate Mecha Strike 3, Marinette “Ladybug” and Adrien “Chat Noir” are the top two gamers in all of Paris. Even though both are unaware of who the other is, they play online together everyday and work together to defeat various villains.

➸ Dancer & Superstar Athlete AU

Marinette is a talented dancer who is known as Ladybug on stage, and Adrien is a superstar athlete who is nicknamed “Chat Noir” for his bad luck on the field. They only know of each other through mutual friends, and don’t speak until Adrien’s father insists that he gets some ballet training to improve his footwork on the field. Embarrassed to have to take ballet at all, Adrien turns to Marinette for private lessons.

➸ Chat Room AU

Marinette (@ladybug), Adrien (@chatnoir), Alya (@ladywifi), and Nino (@bubbler) have set up a chat room for Miss Bustier’s class at College Francoise Dupont. No one is aware about who is who, giving way to some interesting conversations. Their classmates; Chloe (@antibug), Sabrina (@vanisher), Kim (@darkcupid), Max (@gamer), Alix (@timebreaker), Nathanael (@evillustrator), Juleka (@reflekta), Rose (???), Mylene (@horrificator), and Ivan (@stoneheart) don’t use it as frequently but still join in from time to time to comment on discussions.

➸ Miraculous Music AU

Adrien Agreste is a famous pianist, and Marinette Dupain-Cheng is enchanted by Adrien’s music. She attends almost every single performance of his, and falls in love with him a little bit more each time she hears him play. But, neither know that she is the inspiration behind his music, or rather- Ladybug is. “Ladybug” is Marinette’s stage name, who sings at various clubs and bars around Paris. Adrien goes to every single one, and flirts with her under the disguise of “Chat Noir”.

➸ Agreste co. AU

Adrien is the CEO of his father’s fashion company, and models for the Agreste clothing lines. [Chloe & Kim model, and their assistants Sabrina & Max make sure they have everything they need. Nino is Adrien’s right hand man and “assistant” even though Alix is the one who makes sure Adrien is on time for all of his photo shoots (she’s his secretary). Ayla manages the online website with help from artist Nathanael. Rose manages the Agreste Magazine, and makes sure everything looks pretty and perfect. Marinette is the resident fashion designer who makes clothing for the models to wear, while Juleka is the make-up artist on set. Finally, Ivan and Mylene are set crew and everyone’s OTP.] While Marinette IS the fashion designer, she often finds herself subbing in for Chloe who values her ‘beauty sleep’ a little too much. They find themselves in intimate positions when posing for the camera.

➸ Demigods AU

At Camp Half-blood, the kids of Miss Bustier’s class are quite known throughout the camp. Marinette is the lucky daughter of Tyche, the goddess of good fortune. Adrien and Chloe are the beautiful children of Aphrodite, even though Chloe seems to like Adrien as more than a brother. Alya is the daughter of Hermes, and Nino is a child of the youth goddess Hebe. Sabrina and Max are children of Athena- aka, the two smartest kids in camp. Kim is the athletic child of the goddess of victory, Nike. Alix is the daughter of Kronos and Nathanael is the son of Apollo. Although Juleka may be the daughter of Hades, she has resided to being a hunter Artemis and loves her girlfriend Rose, daughter of Iris. Finally, the favorite couple of camp is Ivan, the son of Ares, and Mylene, the daughter of Hecate.

Please feel free to add more or add your own AU ideas!


My love of fashion began with vintage, a long time ago. It was always the small things, the tiny details. The fabric covered buttons, edges of meticulous stitching, plush velvet and silks that rustled when I moved. And if a lot of it was scratchy polyester too, I was still charmed by how different everything looked compared to what the early 2000s had to offer (it was that long ago!) My fondness for vintage has grown with me over the years. When I look at my wardrobe now, my most beloved pieces are still the ones dating 50, 60, 70 years ago. There’s something special about wearing a part of history on your back.

I’ve teamed up with three equally vintage loving bloggers today for this post. Joi, Sacramento, and Cynthia are all posting on the same theme, so do check out their amazing vintage outfits which I’ve totally been blown away by! I’m legendarily awkward about doing collaborations, mostly due to my scoliosis leaving me with very few spoons, and I hate letting people down! But I’m so delighted and honoured that Joi asked me to do this - if nothing else, just for that wonderful feeling of community with people halfway across the world who share a similar fashion ethos. I decided to wear a vintage Bavarian dress for this post, one which had been languishing in my closet for ages. My accessories are contemporary, but they’re secondary to the dress, which is the centrepiece. I felt like some kind of a fairy queen of summer, twirling around in Ulsoor lake as Tahireh directed and snapped away, and Antara made sure neither of us ended up in the water from too much enthusiasm. It was one of those perfect storm scenarios that produce absolute photographic perfection.

Don’t forget to visit Joi, Cynthia, and Sacramento’s blogs for their take on vintage love! The links are below for easy access.

In My Joi (Joi) ♥ Skittlis Fashion (Cynthia) ♥ Mis Papelicos (Sacramento)

Wearing ♥ Vintage Bavarian Dress ♥ Flower crown from Elle Santos on Etsy ♥ Gifted bag ♥ New Look Sandals

Photos by Tahireh Lal

Birthday Surprise - L.H.

In honor of Ashton’s birthday. Wrote this for myself because it was a bad day, but, you know, Luke and Ashton make up for it

ALSO, I’m sorry, but you may need to shower in holy water after this because I got way to carried away with this and damn…bathing in holy water right now. ___________________________________________

“Fucking hell, Franklin. Can’t fucking do anything right,” Ashton heard a female swear as he walked into his apartment with his band. He already knew who it was before even asking.

“Michaela…how in the hell did you even get into my apartment?” He asked walking into the living room where his Xbox sat. She was seated on the floor in front of the tv playing GTA V not even bothering to turn around. “When did you even get here? I told you to call me when your plane landed.”

“Well I didn’t want to disturb your work so I just caught a cab. And I asked the lady across the hall if she had a spare key, knowing you’re that type of neighbor. Very nice woman,” she responded still watching the tv, the other boys stood there in silence watching the interaction. When she finished the mission, she decided to finally pause the game and turn her head to the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer, Ashton in particular. “Lovey, you need to get a hair cut. It’s getting way too long.”

“I think it’s perfect, thank you very much,” he responded with a huff before turning towards his friends. “Michaela, this is Calum, Michael, and Luke. Guys, this is Michaela, my friend from home.”

“Oh, is she the one you always talk about? The one we haven’t met yet?” Calum asked with a smile on his face.

“Yea because someone always seems to be busy when we come home.”

“Hey, hey, a girl’s got to pay her bills. It’s not my fault that when you guys decide to come home I’m half way around the world taking photos and doing my job,” she said back finally standing up revealing her black ripped skinny jeans and white cut off Good Charlotte tee. She was a professional photographer that mostly did special event such as award shows celebrity outings such as parties, over the top, but not by much. “But, anyways, it’s nice to meet you all. So, Ashton, where are we all getting wasted tonight?”

“I thought we weren’t going out,” Luke responded confused causing Michaela to glare at her friend.

“Oh, absolutely not, Fletcher Irwin. I did not buy a new outfit and fly around the world just to sit on my ass and get drunk in your living room.”

“I do believe this is my birthday, Michaela,” he said back with a small laugh. “And I really hate when you call me that.”

“Aw, come on, Ash. Bryana and I already planned it out. It’s going to be great!” She exclaimed clapping her hands together all giddy and excited causing Ashton to giggle as well.

“Is that alright with you guys?” He asked everyone else who just simply nodded or responded with a simple yes.

“Awesome! Oh, I made some baked mac and cheese earlier with some bacon on top. I figured you all might be hungry when you-,” she started before they all left to find the food in the kitchen hearing boyish moans all at once.

“When can I marry her?” Michael asked quietly earning a small smack from, what she assumed, came from Ashton.


Michaela sat at the bar with her martini in hand watching the boys, Ashton especially as they enjoyed themselves at one of the clubs in LA. She had on a new, short, tight black dress that left little to the imagination with matching silver pumps to accent it wanting to draw attention. She watched Ashton whisper something into Bryana’s ear before giggling causing Michaela to smile to herself. She loved seeing him happy.

“Enjoying yourself?” She heard a thick accent ask from beside her. She turned her head to catch the piercing blue eyes of Luke Hemmings before turning back to watch Ashton dance poorly to an over played pop song.

“Very much, actually. How about yourself, Hemmings?” Michaela asked before downing the rest of her extra dirty martini and setting the glass down behind her.

“I guess so.”

“You guess? Hun, there’s plenty things you could do that would make this night better. I’ve already spotted at least ten females that would love to go home with you,” she giggled turning back to him seeing him smile a bit.

“Yeah, one’s caught my eye but I’m not exactly sure if she’s into me,” he said back chuckling. “Alright, so how’d you become such great friends with Ashton?”

“Long or short story?”

“Whichever you want to tell, love,” he said back.

“Well, I’m from the States. Boston, Massachusetts to be exact. When I was about two, Ashton about 5, my grandmother became ill so my parents moved us Australia to be with her and help take care of her. My mom reconnected with some old friends, Anne being one of them and, so every chance my mum got, she’d go visit bringing me with her. We didn’t become close until after his dad left, which is actually around the same time my dad left as well, give or take a year. And, bam, here we are now at his twenty-second birthday.”

“So you’re about nineteen?”

“Just turned it, actually, in April. But, yeah…that’s my best friend story. So, what about you, Hemmings? Any wonderful stories you’d like to tell?” She asked jokingly.

“Nothing too exciting,” he laughed back. He watched the way her eyes lit up during the story and the way her eyes crinkled when she laughed, and her single dimple on the left side of her face appeared when she spoke. Her tan skin shinned and he wasn’t sure if that was just the way it was, or if it was because she had on lotion, but he wanted to be close enough to find out.

“Earth to Luke,” she giggled waving a hand in his face causing him to blush slightly as he came back to earth.

“Oh…I uhh…that’s my bad.” She giggled again tucking a piece of her naturally curly hair behind her ear.

“Alright there, Hemmings, I’m going to go out on a whim here because I don’t even know if I’m drunk enough for this but…did you maybe want to get out of here? I’m not really feeling this place,” Michaela asked looking back to Ashton as he winked at her causing her blush to deepen knowing he was remembering their conversation from earlier.

“So, The Luke Hemmings thinks your attractive,” Ashton said walking out of his room in a clean pair of skinny jeans as he towel dried his hair noting his friend in his bathroom in only her undergarments adjusting her hair and applying make up. She stopped briefly blushing slightly before continuing what she was doing.

“I swear to god, Irwin, if you mentioned the fact that I totally think he’s the sexiest thing to walk this earth, then you’re a dead man,” Michaela said back.

“I didn’t. But, what I think should happen, is you should go on a date. You’ve both been out of a relationship long enough to know this isn’t some sort of rebound, you both have a lot in common, and, according to both of you, you think the other is sex on a stick.” It was true. Her precious boyfriend had broken up with her about nine months ago, and it was all over the media that Luke’s relationship with Arzaylea had ended around the same time. Enough for the grievance, anger, and inevitably the acceptance to pass.

“Absolutely,” Luke responded without hesitation grabbing her hand and helping her down from the stool before helping her make her way towards the nearest exit.

Within seconds of making it through Luke’s apartment door, his lips were on hers, hands molded to her waist while hers were tied around his neck, fingers sprawled through his hair tugging and gripping at it. She wasn’t much shorter than he was, standing 5'9 without heels and 6'0 with them, it was easy for him to kiss her without bending down too far. She lifted a leg to wrap around his waist pulling his hips into her causing them both to moan out as he slipped a tongue in her mouth. The feeling was almost too good to be true, and it got even better when Luke’s hands made their way to her ass, lifting her up to carry her towards the bedroom, pressing her against a few walls along the way. He quickly placed her on the floor right in front of his bed, turning her around quickly to unzip her before tugging the sorry excuse for a dress down her body so it looked at her feet letting his lips connect with the skin on her neck from behind almost instantly after.

“The shoes stay on, alright baby?” He muttered against her skin letting his hands massage her chest through the fabric of her bra, dark marks slowly starting to line her neck as profanities left her mouth like crazy. He didn’t bother waiting for a reply, pushing her onto the bed on her stomach before fumbling with the buttons on his top to get it off quicker. She watched him removed the buttons nimbly before tugging the shirt off as soon as he could, taking that as his cue to climb over her pressing their lips together again as he slowly maneuvered her onto her back, her legs around his waist as he rested between her legs grinding into her slowly, but rough. He needed her to feel the want he had for her. “God I’ve been waiting to do this since this morning.”

“I win. I’ve wanted this since Ash showed me a video of you after he met you.”

“Alright, you win baby girl,” he chuckled kissing down her neck wanting nothing more than to rip the bra off her body. He settled with acting like a normal human and unhooked the clasp, quickly yanking it off and tossing it somewhere in his dark room before latching onto one of her nipples, the other getting treatment from the arm not not holding his body weight off of you. He switch sides when he felt your nipple was hard enough treating the other just as well the first. He started kissing down her body once again, taking a moment to stop and tug at the chain on her naval piercing. It drove her insane. The panties, on the other hand, weren’t as luck as her bra, Luke deciding to literally tear them off with his teeth. It was incredibly vulgar and made Michaela’s legs shake.

“Hemmings. Take your damn clothes, then come and let me ride your face .” He quickly did as he was told not wanting to miss a beat tugging off his skinnies as best he could and (for once in his life as he thanked the heavens he decided to be an adult tonight), plain grey briefs as well leaving them on the floor before climbing next to the female, lying on his back ready to eat. She climbed on him carefully setting her lower half just in front of his face, Luke wasting no time to hook his arms around her to hold her in place as he started in on her pussy, making vulgar noises as he licked and nipper at her lower lips enjoying her taste. The girl above him, only having one choice, tugging at his head with one hand while the other was placed against the headboard holding her up. Her legs were shaking violently as he continued to slurp at her juices, her hips slowly staring to grind into his face causing them both to moan out. “I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum,” Michaela chanted rapidly as her orgasm washed over her, her legs shaking even more than they had while he was eating pussy like it was his job.

“Fucking hell, you taste so good,” Luke muttered as she rolled off of him, his chin glistening in her arousal, just letting it rest there while he pressed his lips to hers once again crawling on top of her to reach into the night stand easier. Any other night, he’d have her on her knees returning the favor, but just the thought of him inside her had him ready to bust already. “Let’s do breakfast tomorrow, yeah?”

“Fucking hell, Luke. Hurry up,” she whined out raising her crotch to run against his for friction as he chuckled, rolling the condom on swiftly before pumping himself a few times and nestling his face in her neck, thrusting into her slowly making sure not to hurt her while she got used to his size, loud moans released from both parties in pleasure. Within seconds, she was begging for Luke to move again, only encouraging the boy to go harder and faster every time he thrust into her. He took one of her legs lifting it over his shoulder for a new angle, before doing the same with the other living the feeling of depth he was getting, knowing she could feel it as well as she clenched around him every time he thrust into her. “Fuck…fuck, L-Luke. Jesus, just like that!”

“You like that, baby girl? You going to cum on my cock for me? Huh? Come on love,” he muttered into her ear out of breath moving one of his hands to rub at her clit only making her moans that much louder. He was sure everyone in the floor of his apartment would know his name by tomorrow, if they didn’t already know. The way her breathing got louder and more uneven gave Luke the knowledge he needed to know she was about to unravel. “That’s it, baby. All over my cock.” And that’s just what she did. Within just one or two more thrusts with her clenched around him mid orgasm had him releasing as well, slowly thrusting into her letting them ride out their orgasms before slowly pulling out of her sensitive cunt and moving off the bed to discard of the used condom. He climbed back into the bed with her as she pulled off her heels, lying back against the pillow only to be pulled into the strong side that belongs to Luke Hemmings.

“Well, that was something else,” Michaela muttered letting her eyes flutter close as Luke pressed a kiss to her temple.

“So…was that a yes to breakfast?”