too much perfection in one photo

so there is one other really amazing thing that Yuri On Ice did for me personally and I know it probably sounds silly, but I feel way more beautiful now. I used to think that I had an ugly smile. My eyes were too narrow when I smiled, and my lips were asymmetrical and looked crooked, not like those perfect smiles my friends had. I noticed that especially when I was about 18 and someone took a picture of me and my friends on our school graduation night.

Fast forward 4-5 years, I am in the yuri on ice fandom and suddenly people start pointing out how John Cameron Mitchell’s smile was almost like Victor’s heart-shaped smile and I looked at the picture and was like: oh my god. my smile isn’t ugly. It’s a gay-icon smile full of motherfuckin LOVE.


bonus: photo of 18-yo-baby me, being fucken delighted I finished school (haha oh boy I had no idea what university would do to me)

This body isn’t perfect. It’s got scars and blemishes, stretchmarks and isn’t as in shape as I’d like it to be - but it is mine, and it is precious. It is, after all, the only one I have.

Been thinking a lot more about health lately and trying to make a better effort to take care of myself. I hired a personal trainer back in January and I’ve been slowly changing my attitude. Back when I had these photos taken I was self conscious about my body; I put too much emphasis on the way I looked. I know my body is changing, and I can feel myself getting physically stronger as I keep working out. I need to get into much better shape for a cosplay I have coming up next year but that’s still many months away… Can’t wait to share it with you all… x

Character~: Shura Kirigakure
Series~: Ao no Exorcist / Blue Exorcist
Photographer~: UWCosplay


(Top one is the raw ver. and the photo below it is the filtered ver.)

Happy late Valentine’s Day lol ;;

Uwaa! Finally done! It’s been half a week, and it’s finished! If you noticed yesterday, I did posted this, but it was almost finished (I was rushing whoops) because I forgot to filter it (and did some touch-ups). Ouma freaking Kokichi.. I have a problem with this guy. It’s not perfect, but at least it turned out good!

The things I struggled with was the anatomy of the hands along with the flowers, so I thought a blur would blend in well, and it actually did ^^. Another thing was the volume of his hair.. When I THOUGHT I was done, it felt like something was off, and it was his freaking hair. So, to me, I thought it would be okay to add where the light source is (and his suit).

Program: Medibang Pro

Estimated Time: Four Days

Drawing Tablet: Yes

Yesterday i’ve receveid new gajevy Photo, I’ve edit her, and i cryed .. Q.Q My feeeeeeels ! 
So i share it too <3 i’m  in love with this photo , we don’t see our face, but the posing is so perfect (my boyfriend  is strond huhu <3 ) i take me so easy in the air :alwayschoquedaboutthestrongofherboyfriend: And yesterday, i see , You are so much to follow me ! Really thank you ! i’m so happy to see the feedback about me Gajevy/levy Cosplay ! one day i gonna tell you why i love this OTP 
I hope you love this photo like me <3 

Levy: Me
Gajeel: @agils-world
Photo: HR Photo
Edit: Me ~ 

shinee as tumblr bloggers
  • jonghyun: funny animal vines & pics of his dog; makes late night real deep posts but deletes them the next day so no one actually knows..
  • key: fake deep aesthetic blog
  • minho: mainly a sports blog but he tried writing fitness advice posts b4 but it was too much effort
  • onew: the best. just a perfect balance of humor and photos and nice things. he doesn't understand why he has 100k followers. he just writes random thoughts & every1 reblogs it.
  • taemin: forgot he even had a blog

Received my books today from my Secret Valentine! That’s right BOOKS (as in plural, more than one, 1 + 1 = 2)! I’m so excited and happy!! It came right on Valentine’s Day so it was like perfect timing ever!! AND, I got a little note from my Secret Valentine too!

Thank you so much @arrivalavirra!!! You’re amazing! And your note says you’re a Californian Canadian so hello fellow Canadian! *waves*

Lastly, thanks again, @whispersofthesilentwind for holding this book exchange. I don’t have much money but I LOVE participating in these book exchanges. They’re lots of fun and so simple. Thanks for all your time and hard work putting these together.

Not Too Sick (Jack J)

“Perfect! Just one more! And… Done! We are done for the day! Great job ladies! You are all dismissed!”

I went back into the dressing room and started putting on my regular clothes before leaving the set. I had just finished up my photoshoot and was about ready to go home. As much as most people would disagree, being a model is tough work. Maybe not overly back breaking or anything but it does indeed become tiring after a while and sometimes you just need a good rest. I packed up all my stuff and started heading back to my boyfriend’s place. Jack had been sick all day and although he kept begging me to stay home for the day, I had a photoshoot to attend. I did promise that I’d be back afterwords though. Besides, it was our one year anniversary today. I wouldn’t bail out on him. Unfortunately due to Jack’s being so sick we had to cancel our plans of going on a daily road trip and Jack stayed home.

I made it to Jack’s place in no less than ten minutes and knocked politely at the door. Old school I know but hey you can’t blame me. I kinda like old school. Jack G was the one to open it and greet me with a huge hug which I kindly returned.

“Where is he?” I asked.

“Upstairs in his room. Getting slightly better I guess. He just completely lost his voice though.” Gilinsky explained. I nodded and stepped in.

“I’ll be with him you can go out of you want,” I said.

“Will do,” Jack replied and grabbed his keys. “I’ll see you later.”

I said a quick ‘bye’ to him before climbing the stairs and heading to Johnson’s room. He was slightly overly dramatic whilst sick sometimes but I thought it was kinda cute because that meant I could cuddle up to him as much as I wanted. When I got to his room, he was in the middle of recording a Snapchat so I silently made my way towards his bed and sat on the edge until he had finished in which I threw myself right next to him and hugged him as tightly as I could.

“Hey baby!” I exclaimed as I placed a kiss to his lips.

“Mmm hey beautiful,” he replied with a grin on his face. “How’d your photoshoot go?” He asked.

“It was fun. But I missed seeing my baby there,” I pouted.

“Well I missed seeing you here so that makes two of us,” Jack replied. “But hey at least you’re here now and we can spend the rest of our day together.”

I nodded and remembered I had bought him a small gift. Well two gifts but seeing the state he was in meant he’d have to wait for the second one.

“I got you something!” I said to him and reached into my purse. I handed him a small box which he opened with much anticipation. It was the watch he had been wanting for so long.

“Oh my God, babe. I love it!” He beamed and kissed me. “I got you something too.”

I watched as he reached into his drawer and pulled out a small bear. On its neck was a beautiful silver heart shaped necklace with our anniversary date engraved into it. It was beautiful.

“Jack… This is so cute! Thank you so much babe!” I squealed as I gave him a hug.

“Happy anniversary,” he said. “And sorry I was too sick to take you out anywhere.”

“It’s okay baby, as long as we can spend the day together,” I replied. He started to kiss my lips which started off very slow and mild at first but things started to heat up very quickly as Jack’s hands were moving up and down my body. I straddled his lap and let his hands roam wherever they wanted to before he started reaching for under my shirt. I remembered my second gift for him that I knew he was going to love. I detached my lips from his as he gave me a look of confusion.

“I have something else for you,” I smirked then started to undress right in front of him. He started to get a little excited at the view. I took some of the lingerie from my photoshoot earlier which was my gift for my boo.

“Fuck…” He muttered at the sight as I went and sat back on his lap.

“You like it?” I whispered in his ear. He couldn’t even form any words with his mouth as he was too busy admiring every inch of my body.

“I love it, baby girl,” he gasped and immediately began to hungrily attack my lips. His sloppy kisses started trailing down my neck and to my breasts leaving small love bites here and there. I stopped him and he looked at me with slight annoyance and slight confusion.

“I thought you were too sick to go out or do anything today?” I asked.

“Hmmm not too sick to not be able to fuck you senseless in this instant,” he replied instantly and threw me on the bed then climbed on top of me.

“I’m never to sick to show some appreciation to my girl,” he whispered in my ear before taking full control of me in that moment.


Just One Word Book Photo Challenge ○ day 14 ● “S”

This one was too perfect, I could not resist. I am completely mesmerised by this book - there’s so much to discover, it’s brilliantly written and beautifully designed!

mitchy-fleur  asked:

Could you recommend me foundations primers that suitable for dry skin? Thank you! :)

Primers are often reserved and targeted towards those with oily, combination and acne prone skin with large pores and dry skin types often get forgotten about. Mattifying, oil free primers are great if you need your makeup to last all day or have oily skin, but on a day to day basis they can be a bit too much for dry skin. Overtime I’ve tried many primers, some bad, some good and some great. I’ve tried ones for every skin type under the sun and every skin condition/concern and as someone with dry skin myself here are some of my favourites.

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Mechanic Tom

I really can’t with this one… this is too much for me… too much perfection… too much everything… I LOVE HIM! If this is what came home to me every night I would die from sexual overload. :sigh: Thank you hiddlednlokid for the idea :D

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Sailor Moon iPhone 6 hard case and dust plug 

I got the cases of these four senshis. They are all very beautiful. Pluto’s shade is a bit too dark though. Neptune and Venus’s look best on iPhone. Uranus’s has a pretty shade but somehow failed to show when put onto the phone. If you look closely, you could see that the outer’s set has their talismans and makeup lip rods on the background. For Venus, there is Luna and a couple of Usagi’s weapons and also the Silver Crystal. A pity that Venus’s hair takes too much of the background and covers my favorite one which is the Spiral Heart Moon Rod. They are quite tight and not that easy to take on and off. Very delicate and detailed designs. I thought about collecting the whole set but some senshis’ poses I am not that fond of so I only got these. They look perfect with the dust plugs. I’ll take some photos of the dust plugs too later this week. In my opinion these dust plugs are the best Sailor Moon merchandise so far!