too much perfect men appeared in my life

anonymous asked:

Don't you get tired of women bashing other women all the time. Like women face enough as it is but then we have to deal with "her eyebrows are ugly" or "her dress is cheap" or "she's ugly." I guess what I'm trying to say is why do people care so much about others and how they appear. This even goes for men too.

I grew up from that. I really opened my eyes as to not only are those comments not neccesary, they have nothing to do with my life so why make them? I admit I didn’t understand this not too long ago because I thought it was just funny or something to say but I really realized how it just looks bad on me as a person no matter if it may not seem to be serious, it IS serious. I’m not perfect so why am I belittling other women for their imperfections. It’s not about joking around anymore, we are grown ass women who have more important things to say/think about. I just wish every woman understood this.