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Lately I’ve been thinking about that conversation where Dorian tells the Inquisitor that he needs to go back to Tevinter. His main reasoning for not wanting the Inquisitor to come with is his worry that the Inquisitor would be the one to end up doing it all. That’s a pretty flimsy excuse, it can’t be the whole reason, can it? I have to think there’s plenty more, he just chose the easiest one, the self deprecating one because it’s simpler.

It’s self deprecating in the sense that he’s doubting his own ability to lead. Sure Dorian is made for the spotlight, but following the Inquisitor is such a natural thing. It just makes sense to him and, while I don’t think this would actually happen, I wonder if he’s concerned he’d constantly be looking to the Inquisitor when decisions need to be made.

Besides that, there are hundreds of other reasons why Dorian might not want the Inquisitor to accompany him to Tevinter. There’s the danger of course, but he can’t bring that up. The Inquisitor has been through so much and he doesn’t want to drag them back into dangerous territory, but it’s not like the Inquisitor would be okay letting Dorian risk himself alone.

There’s also the Inquisitor’s title to consider, something Dorian doesn’t want him to give up so quickly. The Inquisitor could do a lot of good with all that power, even if they say they don’t want it now, what if they’d regret abandoning it later? What if they went to Tevinter and stagnated, unable to find their place, growing frustrated and bitter, far from friends and family?

That’s probably a cruel place to jump to, but Dorian still expects things to go bad and he has to consider every angle. Besides, by doing it this way, he isn’t tying the Inquisitor to anything, no major decisions that could change the course of their life. I don’t think Dorian wants them to make such a huge decision just for him. That would be a huge weight on his shoulders and he’d feel responsible even though it’s really the Inquisitor’s decision to make. Besides, Dorian wants to leave the Inquisitor an easy out if they realize their relationship is a bad idea. Dorian still can hardly believe their relationship is happening at all, that he is so incredibly happy, and he cares for the Inquisitor so much, he never wants them to feel trapped.

Following up on how happy he is, I have to wonder how much of his decision is based around his self destructive tendencies? In The World of Thedas II we hear about him causing fights and running away quite often. Whenever things look like they’re going bad, he lashes out and hides from his problems, such as with the way he spoke to Alexius towards the end of his apprenticeship, trying to convince him that it was impossible to save Felix, drinking himself into oblivion after because those two were probably more like his family than his actual parents.

Here, things aren’t going bad yet, but he’s so incredibly happy, can it really last? What if he fucks it all up? What if the Inquisitor changes their mind? There are so many variables, but if he makes this move, it kind of forces things to move forward. He wouldn’t blame the Inquisitor for wanting to leave him now, and if it’s going to happen eventually anyway, Dorian would rather be able to see it coming.

There are probably more things he takes into consideration, but a lot of this could even be subconscious concerns he himself is only vaguely aware of. Either way, turning it into a kind of a joke, talking about how good the Inquisitor is at taking charge and changing the world, is so much easier than admitting to all of his concerns, making himself even more vulnerable than he already feels, something he’d learned long ago he should never do. He’s already made huge steps, allowing himself to be vulnerable in other ways, but, well, “Old habits are hard to break.” At least a lot of this becomes irrelevant if the Inquisitor dissolves the Inquisition after Trespasser which gives me hope for their future. It just would have been nice if they could have properly talked it out to begin with.

Ladrien June Day 15: Fear


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eres bonita como eres. you’re so cute, thank you so much ❤️ […] but hello, i don’t take spanish, what does it say? tienes que averiguarlo por tu misma, amiga.   

I hope Dan and Phil enjoyed their ten year long Florida vacation (and specifically for Dan, his 3 second excursion to the Bahamas)


i imagine this taking place in a relatively early cycle when merle, like….was off doing merle things; iirc, taako doesn’t have THAT many deaths under his belt, so losing him was probably hard to get used to. i also headcanon that it wasn’t often that the taaco twins didn’t go down together. so. here’s this.

also do consider full-viewing; i overestimated how large the panels would look.



The Force is strong in my family. My father has it. I have it. And my sister has it. Yes. It’s you, Leia.

what if we just stole NO cars and took the bus


but what if one day

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she really means: In DDD of The Symphony of Sorcery world Sora and Riku had to get song pieces to help wake up Mickey. The song was Dearly Beloved. Riku had the melody while Sora had the harmony. The harmony usually completes the melody so does that mean that Sora completes Riku? Also the scene where they are discussing how to wake up Sora, Dearly Beloved starts playing again when Riku talks about Sora on how he's a dork and that it's his job to take care of him and he heard Sora call out his name. So does this mean that Dearly Beloved is the SoRiku theme song in the KH series????
I’m too often expected to keep quiet about things that are just too much, too loud. I can’t keep everything inside all of the time, and ink isn’t always as helpful as I trust it to be. Sometimes I need to scream.
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OMG I love your icon so much, Sam looks so fucking good in that pic, like where do you find these incredibly photogenic pictures of Jared it's so fucking amazing, I could stare at it all day bro

Oh my gods. I know right?? 

Jared is photogenic in almost any picture. 

But like, do you prefer Jared in a suit? Because fuck, man. 

Or you know… Without a suit whatsoever…? (I die.)

What about his beanie and sunglasses?

Or what about the ridiculous way he stares at the camera sometimes? 

Jared… Sir… Please keep your lips and tongue under control. Just keep your damn mouth under control. 

Oh and hey! What about the stupid Saxx underwear thing? Because double fuck. 

And here’s an adorable younger!jared for good measure. 

There. I totally just filled everybody’s dashboards up with Jared Padalecki, but somehow… I’m not really sorry?? 

I think I accidentally destroyed and murdered myself too. 

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Feel free to add more gifs/pictures and maybe tag me please?? (you know… Tumblr’s suck-ass notifs) because this is one of the few things I don’t mind being destroyed by. lmao


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Day 13: underappreciated character - Laura Wilson/Persephone

The stranger in the mirror looks back. I wish I was her. She looks like a god.”