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hey @eightmonkeys , y’know that au where laurens lives??? i can totally dig that :^^)))

concept playlists

ur stuck inside a 2006 highschool movie and suddenly a food fight breaks out in the lunch room and u have to defend urself. good luck.

its 2 am and ur thinking about the girl u have a crush on but shes taken so u spend ur night writing about her instead while wondering how it feels 2 make out with her.

u sneak out of ur house at 3 in the morning only to find a dimly lit street with a flickering light. the flicker flows in such a way that ur body can’t help but dance to its beat.

the sun starts to set while ur laying on ur trampoline and u become so entranced by the slowly appearing stars that you begin to think about the extraterrestrials and how they live up there. u get up and start jumping as high as u can while u wish u could be up there with them.

ur an experienced hacker and also trying to overthrow the government all at the same time. the CIA are trying to catch u but ur always one step ahead.

ur at an antique garage sale and u stumble upon an old lava lamp that u quickly buy. once u plug it in, u stare at the lava moving slowly when suddenly u feel urself being pulled into a trance, ur moves replicating that of the lamp.

ur sitting in the car, the wind from ur open window blowing ur hair, when u realize this is it. this is life. ur not scared, u feel okay. life is okay. life is good.

u accidentally got into an argument w dracula after u escaped him and now hes after u but u guys also secretly like eachother. a love hate relationship between the both of u is in the works.

super self-indulgent 2009 emo zimbits AU, with outfits pulled straight from a classic marianas trench video.

bonus: jack zimmermann’s gay ass would love to be beside you, bittle, but maybe.. just a little quieter. please

a happy lil sonny for @smoltinypumpkinchild

lil sonny loves summer because the lack of sleeves means its the perfect time for all the gun shows

BONUS: usnavi breaking the news


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mxrksgf​ said to luminescenct: hey hey hey it’s ya fave person, can i request a neighbour mark?♡♡ty ily♡♡

jai i miss u!! i hope u enjoy this once u get back and get wifi again❣️

  • so u’ve been living next door to mark’s family for a while but u haven’t talked to him properly before but u may have a teeny tiny crush on him whenever u see pick up the mail in the morning at the same time as u with his tired doe eyes and ruffled bed hair :))
  • until one day when u get a package at ur door but it wasn’t yours,,, it was a certain cute neighbour’s,,,, time for interaction
  • so u go knock on his door when his dad opens the door so you’re like oh um this is mark’s so he takes it and is like “thanks he’ll appreciate it”
  • ur lowkey (highkey) disappointed bc u wanted to have a proper convo with him :(
  • until half an hour later u hear a knock on ur door and ur like ??? and open the door and tHERE HE IS!!
  • he’s kinda like shy and says “hey i just wanted to say thanks bc this package was kinda important so,,,,,, ye thanks” and he abt to walk away until ur like “hey wait!!” bc umm take that opportunity to talk to ur v cute neighbour ok
  • he turns back like ?? and u ask abt what it was if it’s ok for u to know and suddenly his eyes start to light up and he’s like “oh it’s this new speaker that jaehyun got me!! wait u don’t kno jaehyun ahh he’s like my brother!!!” and he starts to talk abt music and he loves playing guitar and rapping etc
  • and u talk abt how much u like music too!! and u end up having a rlly long convo like at ur door just abt how much u both like music and which artists u both really like until mark’s like “oh shit what’s the time??? i have to go to dance practice today uhhh bye!! see u soon!!!!” and runs off
  • so after a week ur kinda like :(( bc u two haven’t talked since but then u see each other again when ur talking to ur friend jeno (!!!) in class and he’s like “sorry i have to meet up with some of my friends in my dance class so im skipping study group after school today” and ur like ….dance..class…..mark…??? so u kinda ask and jeno’s like o u kno him??? i’m meeting up with him yeah
  • so things happen and jeno offers to take u with him and ur like o no,,, that woudl be intruding tho but jeno’s like no it’s cool!! there’s like 6 other ppl too it won’t be awkward i promise
  • u go and then mark’s like !!!! bc u are cute and he likes u ok and u meet the other dream members and it’s v fun!! u get to kno everyone and it’s lit
  • ok after a while by this point ur like best friends with mark ok. you are truly bffls and one fateful day he’s like ‘hey i have dance prac tomorrow u wanna come and hang out’ and u havent seen mark dance yet so,,, ur like ofc!!
  • so the next day u dress nicely bc u still like mark,, like u like-like him :)) but when u get there no one’s there but u see a chair with a post-it on it (sorry for johnnys bday memories but ull see where im going with this) and it says “go take a seat in the middle of the front row in the auditorium” and ur like still shook but u go
  • the lights are v dim but u take a seat and after liek 4 secs the curtains open and mark has his guitar and begins to play half moon by dean and he sings too and you’re honestly mesmerised ok
  • at the end of it he’s like “will u be mine?” and u can see he’s like blushing and abt to die on the spot bc this was CHEESY but u love it and ur like get down here so i can hug u and he SMILES SO BRIGHT and then u live happily ever after :)
  • extras: the rest of nct dream filmed everything and started screaming when u kissed mark on the cheek and jaehyun probably planned the whole thing for him lmao

And the award for cutest new band goes to…. Not only is the MV adorble the song is so sweet and perfect for summer. 

oK long story short me n some other people on the bmc discord made an office au,,,,, chloe is their boss/manager and the squip gets bullied a ton and he asks everyone for coffee

it sounds dumb when i try 2 talk abt it but…. it’s really great i promise i am bad at explaining in depth

god bless aingea for planning all the outfits out and for starting the office au itself


things i love about ootan und by jüri pootsmann
  • lyrics are literally ‘i look forwards to sleep, so looking forwards to sleep’
  • that funky lil bass bit, u kno the one
  • heck the entire bassline it owns my a s s
  • how he passionately sings about looking forwards to sleep
  • that sort of muted cowbell [???] solo in the middle like ye jüri same
  • atmospheric electric guitar in the background
  • ‘bwum, bwum bwum, bwum bwum bwum’ bit in the backing vocals
  • tooty pooty flutey towards the end

emma hatton & savannah stevenson being adorable in an interview (x)


“Can you see?” - - Minhyuk endorses a game about hungry sharks