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my therapist taught me a very valuable thing today:

when i was little, i clearly showed a interest in music. i even bought a guitar that i had absolutely no idea how to play, but i played it anyway. i was horrible. but i loved it with a burning passion

no one ever pushed me into music. i was never encouraged, even though i showed so much interest.

but i’m an adult now. and (my words, not hers): i’m conducting this bitch now. choo choo mother fuckers i’m gonna learn how to play guitar like the little shit i used to be wanted to do a decade ago

I think we both know we’re not in love.
We just like having someone there.
Someone to be intimate with
without too much at stake.
I know I just need that contact.
Hands clasped in a crowd, kisses at a concert,
shoulder to curl up around in a cold bedroom,
anything to show I’m not alone.
And I think you just need the excitement.
Someone to laugh with you
eating cheesy bread in a church pew,
making out in the front row of the pit,
anything to show you’re not fading.
I think we both know we’re not in love
we’re just so damn hungry,
that performance art will do.


I really want Plance to become canon in Voltron, or at least let Pidge’s obvious feelings for Lance be revealed. She blushed when he was asleep in the cryropod, she gets annoyed when he talks about other girls, she lets him borrow her stuff unlike the others…its obvious there’s something there.

I mean, yes, anyone could say I’m looking at the show with shipping goggles, but if any of those moments were between characters of a ship that is more popular , you know the fandom would not stop talking about it. And maybe I am a little, but also, I would love Pidge to be with someone because it’s sad how much this fandom puts her on a pedestal of “age imbalance”, “too young”, etc. I know some people also want ace or lesbian representation, but why just Pidge? Personally, I think Keith is more ace. And Allura could be a lesbian? Who knows (I mean you are free to your headcanons and ships)

Sorry, I could go on and on, but there really is something there, and I hope, in some way, it gets mentioned in a future episode…

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I need ur help pls (for the sake of the yoonmin fandom) my sister, a heavy jikook shipper (jikook is her life I swear) wants me to rec her some yoonmin fics (we watched a serendipity x yoonmin fmv haha) and I don't think I have enough exp to rec her anything good? I rly want something that'll blow her mind. I think she'll like fluffy/angsty fics (w/ a happy ending ofc), and preferably one that doesn't show JK in a bad light cuz she loves JK. Pls and thank you so much 💜💜💜

First of all, I can actually relate to your sister because Ji Kook was my original ship in bangtan (I know, Shocking isn’t it?) but YoonMin came for my ass, and boy, did they get it lmao.  i don’t know if What i rec will necessarily blow her mind but there are a few that i loved a lot. also, don’t worry i love Jungkook too much (Kid’s my phone’s home screen after all) to have anything with him in a bad light!

Yoonmin Fics

ten things i love about you

Baby Blue (I’ll Bloom For You)

Black Cat

Legitimately ANY fic by  Elemir

need a little sweetness in my life

i don’t care if you’re not sorry, i forgive you

The Devil Wears A Leather Jacket (Not Prada)

Just A Set Of Lips

give me a sign

The 100-Day Love Challenge

when you’re in love all the lines get blurred

Heroes, we come in all shapes and sizes

Yoonmin Fics, with good Kook characterization/cameos 

(Because i love him)

Vocal Princess

Pickup Lines


half feral, but just right

If You Get The Chance

Impractical Magic

Meeting Us Was What I Wanted

Out of My System

Ice Cream Friday Rides


I hope this helped, and that she enjoys them, and that they’re what you were expecting/hoping for! maybe even turn her into a yoomin shipper ;) lol good luck! (Also, maybe send me the link to the serendipity yoonmin fan MV??)

Bowers Gang As Aesthetic Posts

Henry Bowers: Bloody cigarettes/knuckles, knives, shattered glass, white text on pastel backgrounds proclaiming hope but ultimately showing a lack of it, leather jackets, sticks of gum, dark photos of forests with intense fog, lots of recipes

Victor Criss: Camo, dogs smiling, blue hued everything, monochromatic sunsets, Whisper confessions about being in love with your best friend, Let Boys Wear Makeup/Dresses, Thick wool sweaters, glittery bloody cigarettes, bruises, vague kink posting

Patrick Hockstetter: DEAD DEAD DEAD, blood, black leather, bugs/mounting bugs, lighters, fire tricks, disjointed manic ramblings, foggy mornings with brightly lit cottages on lakes, Silent Hill 2 memes, road kill, not-vague kink posting

Belch Huggins: Body positivity, professionally prepared meals, cats, lakes and ocean shots, Friends Are Family You Choose, Car stuff, movie gifs he relates to, procrastinators unite tomorrow

Suga Scenario × Do I look easy to you? × - Fluff&Angst

This was requested by iamthatdamselindistress. I hope you like it.

Yoongi was always a mysterious guy and Y/N would never have thought that he would be okay with dating a bisexual until now, when they started dating.

The truth is Yoongi was not that confident guy he pretends to be around people, he had always thought Y/N was too beautiful inside and out to be with a guy like him.

With a year into their relationship, he would frequently come and watch his girlfriend play vollyeball games at their college, because he did not just want to show his support but actually really enjoyed seeing her happy pursuing something she truely loved.

He had always seen a certain team member, Lya always being touchy to you unnecessarily, he has never thought anything much of it until your team has won the match and Lya had kissed you on your skin where it meets your lips. That’s when he froze in his place.

You had seen Yoongi’s reaction as you turned around and searched the crowd for a familiar face. You felt so guilty because even if you didnt have any feeling for Lya, she certainly had and made it clear at the changing rooms in the past. Something you’ve never told Yoongi incase he worries for no reason. You only loved him.

You quickly realise that he was trying to get out of the venue and you panicked. You raced him all the way outside.

“Wait… please” you tried to pant

“Y/n are you… do you not have feelings for me anymore?” He asked quietly but you can see anger radiating off him

“No… noo its not like that offcourse I have feelings for you, I love you” you tried to convince him

“Then what about that girl?” He asked looking into your eyes

“She means nothing to me, I promise I’ll even tell her off infront of you”

You stayed still for a few seconds and your doubts that Yoongi is still mad evaporated when you saw his mouth twitch into a small smile.

“No need, lets go get some icecream” he suggested and thats exactly what happened.

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Can I get some hc's of bon, yukio, reiji, and renzo's (and Rin and lewin unless that's too many) reaction to finding out their s/o is a ballerina? Love the blog! Thank you so much!


  • Ryuji is his s/o’s biggest fan
  • Basically a groupie
  • He tries his best to go to all of the shows
  • And as many practices as he can
  • Considering his schedule with being an exwire and handling Lewin, he won’t make it to a lot of things
  • He’ll give his s/o lots of foot rubs
  • While he studies


  • Yukio thinks it is a beautiful art form
  • But he doesn’t have time for it
  • With all the crazy shit in his life rn
  • He’ll be supportive of his s/o doing ballet
  • But he won’t be able to go to shows most of the time
  • When he does have the time, he makes sure to make it special
  • He’ll bring flowers and take them out to dinner afterwards if his s/o wants
  • It’ll eat him up on the inside that he can’t go all the time
  • Just feels like he’s disappointing another person in his life


  • Reiji would be pretty surprised
  • Considering anyone he dates would have to have a punk rock look going on
  • With lots of piercings
  • He’d just shrug his shoulders and be cool with it
  • His s/o probably shouldn’t expect him to come to their shows or practices or anything like that
  • Reiji just really won’t have any interest after the initial shock


  • Renzou can only focus on the fact that his s/o is so flexible
  • Like
  • Gah damn
  • Doesn’t really care about the dancing or anything
  • Just thinks his s/o is hot af


  • Dis boi would be so excited
  • Thinks it is the cutest type of dancing in the universe
  • Can’t wait to see his s/o perform
  • Goes to all of the practices
  • The tutus make him laugh


  • Lewin won’t even try to act like he cares
  • He’ll straight up tell his s/o he’s not a fan
  • But he will be supportive in their ballet endeavors
  • And go to all the shows
  • But he’ll still fall asleep during them

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It's interesting that you said season 4 is your second favorite season of Arrow but SA himself doesn't share your opinion at all😂 I mean I liked it but he doesn't seem to be very fond of it.. wonder why🤔

As a writer and a fan, Stephen and I have two totally different distinctions while him actually making the show as actor.

As much as we loved it, I know a lot of elements tended to be creatively stifling for both Stephen and his favorite scene partner Emily.

I know Stephen wasn’t too keen on the idea of magic, but adores Neal McDonough. He wasn’t thrilled with some of the flashbacks because he was constantly being told, “you HAVE to do this.” Like swim in the Pacific Ocean for them in winter time.

Both Stephen and Emily have said this as actors. They love Olicity and working together, but as actors, it’s more intriguing for them to play Oliver and Felicity during the breakup because it gives them a broader range of emotions to play with, and they can focus on their characters as individuals. However, they think Olicity are a point where they’re it for each other. I’m paraphrasing. In other words, they’re endgame.

Also, in 408, Stephen said he’s always been very protective of Oliver and who he is. Behind-the-scenes, he mentioned this in a few interviews post that episode, but he didn’t want Oliver to lie to Felicity. That’s not who he is as a man at this point in the series. So he had a discussion [coughs] argument with the writers about it, and they said “Okay, he’s going to lie by omission.” Obviously, actors don’t write the show. But honestly, Stephen understands his character.

Stephen also really wanted to explore Oliver as a dad and not lie to Felicity, but they sent William away

And in 415 Emily said the writers had the goal for Felicity to get in out and of the chair as quickly as possible. She did her research and talked to a young woman named Rachael who was paralyzed after a skiing accident, yet knowing the writers’ plan for Felicity’s paralysis storyline, she was disappointed by how they dealt with it. She said point blank at a con “What was the point?” [after knowing the writers’ goal. She really wanted to do more with it, but writers wouldn’t let her.

So as a fan and a writer, I liked it. But as actors both Stephen and Emily were constantly shut down. The thing is they both know their characters so damn well, writers need to be more open.

okay so idk where Niall is rn but he has a show in LA tomorrow so I assume he’s back in LA? do you think he saw louis today? and they listened to too much to ask together? and then Louis was like bro…. i’m so proud of you?? and then he gave him a hug and then they talked about how much they love each other? or do you think Louis was listening to too much to ask and he called Niall and told him how much he loves the song?? and then he was like you know what I’m gonna tweet something because that song is fucking amazing? do you think he cried a little? and do you think he whispered ‘but we are in love’ when he heard the part where Niall sings 'don’t it feel fucked up we’re not in love’? do you think he bought the song on iTunes and added it to his 'favorites’ playlist on spotify? and do you think Freddie was there when he listened to the song for the 487th time? I don’t know about you but I’m crying

Finished the new episodes of Call the Midwife on Netflix..

I was caught off guard when the last episode finished and I didn’t have any more left!

That show always tugs hard at my emotions. Plus I’m on my period and more hormonal anyway so of course I cried and now my head is killing me.

I wish I could find a word to describe the feeling I have watching this show. I grew up in a Catholic Church and parts of this show connect with me on a deep level even though I don’t attend church anymore (because it’s just too much with my illness). 

I feel a deep sacred connection to all the good in the world when I watch this show. I feel connected to where I came from and my grandmother (who I know would love this show if she watched it). 

I feel like some part of me that was once lost long ago and hidden away deep down gets to come up for fresh air and breathe easy when I watch this show. 

I feel I relate to Sister Monica Joan because of how much she cares about everything but struggles to get her thoughts across, like I do most days because of my brain fog and memory issues. 

I feel that my soul is replenished after watching even one episode. This show keeps it real and sometimes that means love, loss, tragedy, miracles, and impossible situations even. 

It made me think about my life. I have my own little fairy tale. But my life is obviously not without loss and impossible situations. I lost my health but I gained the other half of me in my husband. I also learned how strong I can be when I have no other choice. 

I often wonder how I have made it this far through all the terrible things my body has put me through. A huge part of that is being honest with myself when I need to reach out for help. Another huge part is being able to communicate that to my husband. My life is not at all perfect or how I pictured it. I have nights where I cry because of the things I know I will never have or experience. But I also have days where I cry from laughing so hard with my husband. 

I may not have the life I pictured when I was younger, but I have all the love and support I could ever need and Call the Midwife somehow always seems to remind me of that. <3  

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Is it ok to write a fic/one shot about some of your art and publish it somewhere?

YO i would absolutely Love That!!!!! it’d be super great if you’d link/show it to me as well when its done so i can read it too i would Die of Happiness 

tmi tag.

i was tagged by @enslavedmind​, thank you, love you always.

1. what are you wearing? a red and black fall out boy tshirt and pink fluffy jumper.
2. ever been in love? once.
3. ever had a terrible breakup? no.
4. how tall are you? 5′1.5″
5. how much do you weigh? too much.
6. any tattoos? not yet.
7. any piercings? double lobes, forward helix, rook, tongue web and nostril. i used to have two belly button piercings, a smiley and two helix piercings.
8. OTP? no thanks.
9. favourite show? hannibal.
10. favourite bands? twenty one pilots, real friends, the hunna, neck deep, bleachers, as it is, too many.
11. something you miss? happiness. also in 4 days time i’ll be missing my cats & family & friends.
12. favourite song? guns for hands - twenty one pilots.
13. how old are you? 18
14. zodiac sign? cancer.
15. quality you look for in a partner? communication.
16. favourite quote? “killing must feel good to god, too. he does it all the time, and are we not created in his image?” said by hannibal lecter.
17. favourite actor? mads mikkelsen.
18. favourite colour? teal.
19. loud music or soft? depends on the situation. usually loud.
20. where do you go when you’re sad? bed.
21. how long does it take you to shower? 15 minutes.
22. how long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 30 minutes.
23. ever been in a physical fight? only with my siblings (i always lost).
24. turn on? dimples.
25. turn off? clinginess.
26. the reason i joined tumblr? somewhere to post my poetry.
27. fears? spiders, people, rabbits, losing control, roads with more than two lanes.
28. last thing that made you cry? the thought of going to university.
29. last time you said you loved someone? romantically? over a year ago. platonically? today.
30. meaning behind your tumblr name? i could make something up right now but the truth is i can’t remember it. it did have a meaning but i’ve forgotten.
31. last book you read? the sign of one - eugene lambert.
32. the book you’re currently reading? i wish i could read again.
33. last show you watched? hannibal.
34. last person you talked to? my brother.
35. the relationship between you and the last person you texted? siblings.
36. favourite food? lasagne.
37. place you want to visit? everywhere. i wanna travel until i die.
38. last place you were? my brother’s room seeing my cat.
39. do you have a crush? yes.
40. last time you kissed someone? 17th august.
41. last time you were insulted? last night.
42. favourite flavour of sweets? sour.
43. what instruments do you play? ukulele.
44. favourite piece of jewellery? necklaces.
45. last sport you played? lmao I don’t play sports, but i’m going to join the badminton team at uni bc I love badminton and i’m also going to join trampolining.
46. last song you sang? new americana - halsey.
47. favourite chat up line? i don’t have one.
48. have you ever used it? no.
49. last time you hung out with anyone? i saw my friends in town today, does that count??? the same friends are coming over on friday, though.
50. who should answer these questions next? @gracebabcockwrites​,  @sweet-poesy​, @bumbleblossoms

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Omg is the deleted IT scenes show it actually eat the baby? I'd love to watch it honestly. And I think most people would too. I mean I know it might be triggering and too much for some people, but as a fan of horror and a fan of Pennywise, I really want to see that scene

I couldn’t watch if it was too graphic and the baby screams. Just no. If they showed it from behind with blood splatter and it was quick, I could live with it, but nothing more than that. As much as I love horror and gore, when it comes to small children dying gruesome deaths, I just can’t. I’m still scarred from the hyena scene in Exorcist: The Beginning *shudders* that was fucked up and unexpected. Idk. I’m on the fence about this.

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Hey Sasori, why dont you try to take some time with only Deidara? You guys seems way too busy, what about a vacation with many lovely cinnamon things, ~smu t~, kisses, lovely talkings? I know that you don't show that much feelings for Deidei, I support you guys, I hope you both can find some time! Cherry kissus

How the ever loving fuck are Hiccup and Astrid getting “engaged” after only being canoncially together for literally three episodes…?

I mean. I was never under the illusion that the show will never act on the Hiccup and Astrid romance plotline that was teased in movie 1 and kinda-sorta a little hinted at in movie 2 (I mean, really, Eret and Astrid had more scenes together than Astrid and Hiccup… whiiich is the reason I ended up shipping Eretrid after movie 2).

But they have had five whole seasons of show to build it up. There was basically nothing, aside from Heather teasing Astrid about her feelings for Hiccup that were… never acted upon before in the show… There was absolutely no romantic undertone between their interactions until they, all of a sudden, kiss and get together at the finale of season 5.

Which is particularly ridiculous considering that the relationship between Fishlegs and Heather has more build-up and screen-time than the actual main pairing of the franchise.

Two episodes into season 6 and they’re getting engaged… What the fuck.

Taking it slow and actually developing the romance, that’s… too much to ask? Even for my NOTPs, I demand good writing. And that’s just not it. Showing them developing feelings during the past five seasons and then actually developing their relationship in this season before having them get… engaged… That would have been great.

But it’s too much to ask for, apparently.

I mean, it’s kinda weird to ask for more PDA of a NOTP, but at least that way the relationship would come off as, ya know, developed and built-up instead of happening out of the blue and then suddenly rushing ahead.

That show must be sooo frustrating for people who actually ship Hiccup and Astrid? Like? You go in, expecting the show to tie in right after the first movie where it was set up that they’d get together, but then you get blue-balled and ignored for literally five seasons and then it’s one thing right after the other yet still without, you know, giving them more than one kiss or like an actual date or something…?