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Just cause WE haven't seen pics and what not of Harry on set doesn't mean he's not there :) We don's see much of Matt either. So maybe there filming malec scenes and for once they're actual,y going to be a surprise instead of being uber spoiled. Not that the bts and promo pics/scenes aren't appreciated (they are omg) but surprises are awesome too! I'm an optimist ok. And I like giving people hope and happy feels. Have a lovely day Maia! <3

lmaoo no i know it’s mostly … kind of a joke but also harry has been flying back to L.A. pretty frequently during filming so we’re all over here like *eyes emoji* I LIKE TO KEEP MY EXPECTATIONS LOW

I’ve seen a lot of fellow long time Star Wars fans get upset and crotchety over the new generation entering the fandom. I grew up on Star Wars, meaning the books, comics, games and television series in addition to the films. It’s been my favorite franchise since I was old enough to follow one… And that’s why I am so excited for all of the people who are falling in love with this series for the first time. I don’t care if you start with the prequels, original trilogy, The Clone Wars, The Force Awakens… Just enjoy it and don’t get discouraged about discussing it. I have made so many friends through this fandom over the years and I love seeing how much our once mildly dormant fandom, much like the force, has had an awakening with a massive group of newcomers. 

I have always viewed things this way, but I know that Celebration this year is going to have a lot of first time attendees… And I just hope all of them have a great time and avoid the petty drama. There’ll always be elitists or people who want to discourage people from learning about the lore, embracing their favorite part of the franchise, etc. and people just need to ignore the people who do that.

Regardless of which trilogy is your first or favorite, who you ship, what your fan theories are or any of that… You should be able to share that and enjoy it without being attacked or bullied out of the fanbase. 

tl;dr: We are a gigantic fandom that is quickly growing in size. Some of us, myself included, have been here forever. But let’s please be cool to every single new person and not be petty.



warning: these contain spoilers from season 2

  • zarkon’s actor is the grandpa that spoils the vld kids rotten and they all love him
    • originally the scene where zarkon beats up shiro for the black lion was going to be a bit more violent than it looked until zarkon’s actor asked the producer if they could tone it down the scene a bit because he was worried he would hurt shiro
  • one time the actors of the 80′s voltron showed up in the studio and shiro cried for like 20 minutes
    • he did the thing where he doesn’t stop shaking their hands because he’s too busy gushing about how much he loved the original 80′s voltron
  • since it’s confirmed Lance’s fave song is Single Ladies they always like to play it at random because it’s Lance’s fucking tradition to ALWAYS JAM TO THIS SONG
    • ALWAYS
      • they’re filming a scene where Lance is fighting in the episode where they save Slav and then Pidge starts playing Single Ladies on the speakers and LANCE JUST STARTS JAMMING WHILE THE CAMERA IS STILL ROLLING
        • Hunk: That music’s really loud I’m gonna turn that off-
  • When Keith finished filming the scene where he undergoes the trial for the Blade of Marmora he asks all the dudes he just beat up if they were okay like a million times
  • In episode two where Hunk and Lance end up underwater Hunk kept singing Under the Sea
  • all the Galra Keith jokes Hunk made where all improv and golden they had to keep all of them in
    • it wasn’t too long until keith started doing it too
      • “are you trying to see if my skin is purple???????!”
  • Pidge really did build all those trash models of the Voltron crew by herself
  • the actors of child!coran and baby!coran are coran’s grandkids
    • she spoils them rotten outside of filming 
  • allura’s snapchat story was once full of just pics of her and keith getting their make up ready before filming started and they started making fun of shiro’s eyeliner at one point
  • yes they actually got a cow for the episode in Space Mall
  • everytime Keith doubts himself of his acting Lance does this
  • a lot of voltron’s fight scenes were done with motion capture + 3d effects
    • it was highly used during the last ep in season 2 with the fight between voltron and zarkon
  • the amount of times coran slipped during the episode where he has the slipperies was almost enough to outmatch the amount keith injured himself during his fighting scenes
  • it’s a running joke now for the cast that whenever they are asked a yes/no question if you answer with a yes you have to say ‘Yup’ like how Laika the yupper did
  • Pidge’s snapchat: *posts a picture of the scene where matt escaped* cryptid spotted
  • after they filmed the scene where Keith and Shiro hugged Shiro went to hug the rest of the cast because HE LOVES HIS SPACE FAMILY OK

i still got like way more but my brain is kind of deflating atm so this is is all i got for now LMAO 

so i watched fantastic beasts today and loved queenie so much that my hand slipped

  • Jared Leto: playing a pg-13 rated joker has made me go crazy i must now harass and bully my co-workers and generally act like a 2edgy4me middle-schooler from 2008 because that's just what you gotta do to bE ThE JoKeR his mind is just too tWIsTed lol what do u mean i'm exploiting heath ledger's death
  • Mark Hamill, one of the most influential Joker performances ever, who is playing the first R-rated film Joker in the Killing Joke, one of the most iconic Joker stories of all time, after over 20 years in the role and defining the character in many people's eyes: I do love playing the Joker, it's so fun! Oh, I love my fans so much, you're all family! Here's a retweet.
myers-briggs types as negative stereotypes that aren’t really negative

INFJ: Self-aware adolescent who’s probably spending Saturday night reading Tolstoy or Dostoevsky… or browsing Tumblr for the latest aesthetically pleasing film, enjoys that video of the monkey in the snowsuit a little too much (but also pities the exploited monkey), needs to be dragged out of the house to attend social functions

INTJ: Anime-obsessed nerd who is equipped with an eidetic memory and a morbid sense of humor, is easily bored by his/her peers’ intellectually-lacking conversation, loves being an ‘expert’ on a subject and talking about said subject for hours, has a wicked death glare, genuinely likes being alone

INFP: Overemotional writer who blogs instead of trying to find a publisher because he/she can’t handle any more rejection + criticism, loves chocolate, attempts to contact Jane Austen at a middle-school séance

ISFP: Sensitive songwriter who spends his/her weekends unsuccessfully searching for a word that rhymes with ‘angel,’ is very open-minded and preaches the “live and let live” mentality, is too busy being kind and artsy to find time to get a haircut

ISFJ: Former conservative who becomes more socially liberal with age, will say/do anything to keep the peace, occasionally utters a passive-aggressive insult when he/she feels threatened or insecure, believes babies are pure + perfect gifts from heaven  

ISTJ: Dedicated musician who practices 7 hours a day because he/she wants to attends a prestigious conservatory, wears too much cologne but somehow manages to pull off the heavy + slightly nauseating scent, wakes up at 5:00 am on school days to straighten hair

INTP: Socially anxious computer expert who is actually very much in touch with his/her emotions, will ignore you if you can’t differentiate Star Wars from Star Trek, is very hard on him/herself, contributes silly quips to dull conversations

ISTP: Rebellious bad boy/girl who is independent af… leather jacket… unbelievably cool and perpetually brooding… need I say more?

ENFP: Little energetic bean squirrel who has the stamina of 9 pronghorn antelopes, loves everyone too much (is too much love even a thing?), will run to your house and cheer you up with hysterical stories and candy at 2:38 am if you’re feeling sad

ENTP: Straight-A student who doesn’t have to study, still worships Kanye but prefers his older works, quotes rap lyrics during intellectual debates, laughs at his/her own jokes

ENFJ: Pun-obsessed cuddlebug who absolutely loathes conflict, uses humor and self-deprecation to restore harmony, has trouble concentrating on one person and will participate in 11 conversations at once

ESFJ: Mom-friend who remembers every friend’s birthday, thinks everyone hates him/her, wants to befriend all peers but is afraid of rejection

ENTJ: Perfectionist workaholic who is motivated by personal ambition and the desire to make his/her partner + family proud, would rather lead than follow, either despises abstract expressionist art or spends hours analyzing Jackson Pollock’s paint splats

ESTJ: Strict + somewhat traditional science teacher who doesn’t tolerate obnoxious students, shows his/her love by helping loved ones pursue goals (instead of showering them with hugs and kisses), finds an efficient way to execute everyday tasks (cleaning, cooking, paying bills, gardening, etc.) 

ESTP: Promiscuous teen who’s hyperaware of social status, can shop for 27 hours without tiring, will slap you if you talk s*** about his/her friends

ESFP: That one charismatic kid in high school whom everyone—ladies, gents, & other–has a secret crush on, will party and flirt with anyone and everyone, will spontaneously hop on a plane to Vegas “just because"


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (1966) » Tuco

You never had a rope around your neck. Well, I’m going to tell you something. When that rope starts to pull tight, you can feel the devil bite your ass.


get to know me: [1/10] celebrity friendships ♣ will smith and margot robbie

‘i’ve said it to you before but you don’t listen to me because i probably joke too much, but it was the individual greatest film experience of my career. i had the best time that i’ve ever had on a movie working with you on focus.’

‘thank you, will.’

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I need to know good things about raúl. Please tell me all the best things

  • He literally helped to create an arts program for his school, and used the profit earned from doing plays to support missions in the Dominican Republic and homeless shelters in Miami. 
  • “I don’t care so much what you have to say. I’ll decide.” 
  • Still has a solid friendship with his ex-wife, and I’ve never heard anyone so much as even vaguely imply that he’s a bad friend or coworker. He just loves and respects everyone so much.
  • Randomly decided that Caractacus Potts needed a flashy entrance and thought that floating in on a swing would be top notch.
  • His face when spoken to about Donald Trump.
  • He avoided going to the bathroom when it meant he’d have to walk through too much scary stuff while filming Hannibal. 
  • He tried to do some impressive footwork in a high school play once and ended up having a really dramatic fall in front of everyone.
  • He’s so outspoken on culture, whitewashing, stereotypes and not being able to play Latino as much as he’d like to. 
  • He had a very publicized diva moment in the early 00′s that he can laugh about now, and even though I don’t even fault him for having had that, it’s nice that it’s never really happened again. How good and pure and strong a person must he be to have avoided that for so long. 
  • He does (or at least used to do) yoga. important.
  • He got really emotional when a large audience sang happy birthday to him.
  • He left Rocky Horror on Broadway to do Tick, Tick, Boom, which was an off-Broadway, lesser publicized show at the time. But he believed in it so much, he took the risk.
  • He used to drive a van delivering gift baskets, but he crashed too much.
  • This:
  • He helped as a volunteer cleaning up debris after the 9/11 attack.
  • He didn’t know for a very long time that his grandmother could understand English, so he’d speak in English to say questionable things around her without her hearing him and eventually found out she understood him the whole time. 
  • He considers himself to be a goof and thinks that if he were an animal, he’d be a penguin sliding around on ice.
  • One time in a rehearsal for Hair, he really obviously mixed up some lyrics, so he hit an incredibly unnecessary high note right after to make up for it.
  • He said he “walked out of the room and burst into tears” after being called terrific by Sondheim.
  • Even though he’s struggled with self confidence and identity, he always encourages people to be themselves and do what they dream of doing.
  • A fan who went to Leap of Faith was disappointed when Raúl didn’t come to the stage door for matinees, and she mentioned that to one of the other cast members (Kecia Lewis-Evans) who did come out, and so when Raúl heard that a fan was outside hoping for him, he went out there specifically just so she could meet him.
  • “I want to be the best that I can be every time I hit the stage. I don’t know how to give less than 200 percent. I want to be exhausted!”

Just a few things I love him for.

This has probably been mentioned already, but I have to get this off my chest

So Star Trek:Into Darkness was a great film - in fact, I loved all three movies. But one little thing that always bugged me was how much Bones was downplayed. I particularly have a lot of feelings for this scene:

Now, there is truth to that - Spock did capture Khan, whose blood was used to generate the life-saving serum. Spock risked his own life to capture a dangerous, near-invincible psychopath for Kirk (even though his initial intention was to kill Khan out of revenge and had to be begged by Uhura to spare his life). So I’m not going to deny the importance of Spock’s role in Jim’s revival (I love Spock, love his friendship with Kirk, not knocking that one bit). But tell me, was it Spock who:

- injected some of Khan’s blood into a dead tribble out of scientific curiosity, to study its incredible regenerative powers?

- discovered that the Tribble had been brought back to life, thus realising that Khan’s blood could be used to bring back Kirk?

- had the quick thinking to cryogenically freeze Kirk’s body in order to prevent his organs decomposing to a point that would be beyond saving?

- took Khan’s blood - breaking countless ethical guidelines in the process - and dedicated his time to generating a serum (surely that must have taken days, if not weeks, to generate a successful serum that could be safely used to medicate a human)?

- carefully nursed Kirk back to health?

Nope, all Bones. Now, I don’t have proof as to what happened during the two weeks Kirk was in a coma, but do you honestly think that this man:

… just carried on as normal? Or do you think he never left Jim’s bedside unless he was physically dragged away by other crew members so that he could eat/sleep before collapsing? Of course, Bones being Bones, he’s very flippant when his part in rescuing Jim is ignored:

… even mentioning Uhura’s part in it, because he won’t take all the credit, he acknowledges all who helped. Because he doesn’t care about recognition or thanks when it comes to Jim - he just wants to keep his best friend ALIVE. But why oh why couldn’t we just get a little acknowledgement from someone else about how Doctor Leonard Horatio “Badass” McCoy literally CHEATED DEATH and brought a dead man back to life as though it was just a normal part of a medic’s life?! The fact that he broke several medical ethics laws, thus risking his whole career, just to give the ship her captain back? WHY DOES NO ONE SEEM TO ACKNOWLEDGE THIS?! And don’t get me started on the fact that he didn’t even get to say goodbye and the first time he sees Jim after the warp core incident is when he is lying in a freaking body bag on one of the biobeds.

The sweetness of September has left my lips but you still drip like sugar from my tongue. It’s not fair.

Because I exist like salt on raw gums but all I can picture is dragging my anxiety over the crooks you call lips and staining your skin the shade my doctor prescribed to heal the vacancy you painted my everything. And it doesn’t matter doesn’t matter doesn’t matter that you mark me like a hospital band alone but separate because I can’t I can’t I can’t sleep at night without three pills and a chaser because the shade of sky pooling on the wall looks too much like your eyes. I’m in love.

Maybe I’m too much or maybe I’m too little too frequent too forgettable but you left two months ago and I still taste you in old films and book pages like frost on my cheeks. And I’m sorry because I can’t forget can’t forget can’t forget the the brush of your skin like velvet against the heartbeat I call a harp because you played my heartstrings like a symphony.

I picture you in metaphors.
You picture me in past tense.
Too bad you never liked English.

—  I call this poetry and you call it bullshit

Whatever you do, don’t imagine little kid JD
Don’t imagine his mother taking him to the library as he happily skipped along
Don’t imagine him frightened when his father drank too much
Don’t imagine him going to his mother for protection when his father got worse and worse and worse
Don’t imagine his mother forcing him to Sunday school when she saw his father getting bad. Don’t imagine her needing to give him something to hold on to
Don’t imagine JD loving the heroism of bible stories
Don’t imagine him enthusiastic about religion but not quite understanding-asking his mother,“Mommy, what is God?”
Don’t imagine her replying, “Love is God.”

Don’t imagine his scattered panic when he saw his mom in a building set to be demolished.
Don’t imagine him not understanding-why, why would she wave to me?

Don’t imagine JD at ten or eleven as his father shut out.
Don’t imagine him blaming himself for his father’s distance and his mother’s death
Don’t imagine JD drunk for the first time, not understanding why it felt good to be numb.

And above all, don’t picture all of this running through his head when Veronica decided things had gone to far.


Ok so I know I shared the first panel before (this whole thing is kinda old)

but I feel no closure for this


the nostalgic yet lighthearted manner in which Taylor voices the line “I do remember the swing of your step, the life of the party, you’re showing off again” so beautifully reminisces on the more candid, magical moments in time, whilst still holding such poignance; much like capturing a blurry photograph of someone on film as they’re laughing too hard and smiling too much to notice, then being able to physically hold onto that memory forever.