too much i'm dead


“There’s always a little truth behind every “just kidding”
A little knowledge behind every “I don’t know”
A little emotion behind every “I don’t care”
And a little pain behind every “It’s okay”“

Note: Shiro’s was going to be in his paladin color like every one else but it didn’t look as good so I just decided to make it in the other paladins colors since it looks better and he’s their leader and all. Also there wasn’t a part of the quote for Hunk so sadly he is left out :( but I hope you like this anyway.

I hope all depressed aromantics are having a good day, and if not good, at least decent, whether that’s through productivity or doing basic tasks like staying awake or eating something. I’m proud of you, even if your day is terrible and just another passing of time. You can get through this.

Aaron was the first person to break down Robert’s defenses, to challenge him to be better, to me more, to be himself. Aaron was the first person to show Robert he could care, he could love, without losing himself in the process. Aaron gave Robert a place to exist without judgement, encouraging his good traits, and making Robert want to be less bad. I don’t think Robert ever really thought it was possible to be this accepted, this loved, to feel this at home, to find a place where his flaws aren’t picked apart but someone helps him hold them together. Aaron has given Robert that priceless place of sanctuary, inexorably tied to this one person, and Robert has a relationship with Aaron unlike any he has had with anyone. Robert Sugden has always been broken, but for the first time in his life, that’s ok.

My very good friend @caffeinechick drew one of my D&D characters, Tobias! He’s a farmboy hedgewizard that played around with spells he shouldn’t have, so now he’s on the run with nothing but chatty ghosts and his raven familiar for company. 

the novelty doesn't wear off
  • Harry: I can't believe it
  • Harry: I honest to god can not believe this is happening to me
  • Harry: I kissed you; we're HUGGING
  • Harry: I am fucking HUGGING Draco MALFOY
  • Harry: and you kissED ME ON THE CHEEK
  • Harry: i'm dead, i'm gone, this is too much
  • Draco: Harry we've been married for seven years what the fuck
  • Harry: and we're MARRIED