too much hassle here

By the time Dylan made it to Palmetto State University he was exhausted. He had gotten up early to catch his flight out of LAX but, of course, it had ended up being delayed. Which meant that by the time he got to Dallas Texas for his layover he had already missed his connecting flight. And, of course, the next flight to South Carolina wasn’t until late in the evening. The time trapped in the airport allowed him to reply back to all of the messages that were clogging up his phone from the night before and the going away party he had missed, but it left him in a bad mood.

He eventually pulled up to the Foxhole Tower in the cab he had procured from the airport. He hadn’t bothered to bring his car from California, it was too much of a hassle when he could just by a new one here. It was already dark out by the time he found himself lugging his large duffel back and even larger suitcase up to the third floor.

He silently hoped that he was late enough that everyone was already settled in and he could just slip into his room and skip introductions until tomorrow. The long trip had made him tired and also given him ample time to think about what was in store for him this coming year. He was excited to play Exy of course, especially since he was going to have the chance to play as a backliner again, but that was about the only thing he was looking forward too. He especially wasn’t looking forward to living in such close quarters with his teammates- he knew he would hardly have a chance to decompress and just be himself.

Dylan tried to move silently down the hallway towards 319. Unfortunately, his suitcase snagged on the carpet of the hallway as he tried to roll it forward and fell from his hand with a loud, alerting thud. Well, if everyone hadn’t been aware that he had just arrived, they sure were now.