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ok but like for real i loved jason so much in batman #16 because he was being so ?? silly??? like it wasnt ooc or anything it was just… Jason being jason. It wasnt the vigilante, or the fallen soldier, or the black sheep of the family or any of that.. it was just nineteen/twenty y/o jason peter todd eating fries named after the joker and not caring about it  bc they taste good and even joking about his death in an.. almost organic waybothering his little brother and then said brother taking revenge on him by mocking his hairline… it was so ridiculous and silly and something we never see anywhere?? and i loved it so much… please… 

TF2 Go character selection screen.

No one ever picks Bidwell

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This is such a lame question lol, but do you have any tips for meeting other like girls?? My gay ass is struggling 😩😩 my friend has like Grindr and he's got like access to practically every gay guy around lol

That’s not a lame question, sweetheart, but honestly I’m struggling too. I feel it’s easier for mlm to met - my friend can get guys so easily it’s not fair.
Go to LGBT events! Like pride or gay/lesbian bars and clubs.
One of the other best things we can do is use the Internet. I’ve heard of lots relationships starting over Tumblr! (Which makes sense but I haven’t been been able to do that)
You can use dating apps.
‘HER’ was an app I used to use


Mini Imagines:

First time with Tig

You try to seduce Kozik. It works

You wake Happy up with some TLC ****Sexual content****

Jax asks you to be his Old Lady

Chibs likes your attitude.

You’re Tig’s daughter and come home from college to surprise him

[You surprise Tig in the bedroom after his shower wearing only his cut.


Kozik finds out you relapsed after getting clean ****Mentions of drug use/abuse***

You’re Opie’s sister and after his funeral, you’ve got some anger to let out

Juice cares for you after you get a bad sunburn

You’ve got a broken arm and Happy’s protectiveness goes into overdrive

You and Hap find out the sex of your baby

Happy caring for you and your newborn baby girl


The Hills

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12 Finale

Regular/full length imagines :

Jax cheats on you

  • Part 1
  • Part 2

Jax gets jealous of you working later with a male coworker

Jax forgets your anniversary

Tara rats on you out of vengeance when Jax gets close to you

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Part 4* Part 5

Jax’s sister is sneaking around with Juice and ends up pregnant

  • Part 1
  • Part 2

Jax leaves you for Tara and you end up with Tig

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3* Part 4

You’re Tig’s daughter and you get caught with Jax

Juice takes care of you after a long day at work

Juice cheats on you and tries to make it up to you

Part 1

Part 2

Happy dumps you then gets jealous when he sees you with another man

  • Part 1
  • Part 2

Happy refuses to leave your side while you’re in the hospital

Happy Takes you home to meet his family for Christmas

  • Part 1
  • Part 2 -coming soon

You’re Jax sister and Tig’s Old Lady and Tig doesn’t want you to go on the run

You find out you’re pregnant with Tig’s baby and leave town

  • Part 1* Part 2

The clubs finds out that you’re dating a Mayan

  • Part 1
  • Part 2

You’re Jax’s sister and a member and the club finds out you’re with Juice

  • Part 1
  • Part 2

You’re Jax’s sister, Juice’s Old Lady and you get kidnapped

You’re Jax’s sister, Juice’s fiancé and in the MC when you find out Gemma & Clay’s roles in Johns death

  • Part 1
  • Part 2

You spend your first Christmas with Happy

You go to Gemma for advice on your relationship with Tig

  • Part 1* Part 2

You reminisce with Tig on your relationship

Chibs forgets your anniversary

You’re Clay’s daughter and he finds out you’ve been messing around with Tig

  • Part 1
  • Part 2

You’re Chibs’ new girlfriend and Tig tests you loyalty

You’re Opie’s sister and Juice gets protective of you after he dies

  • Part 1
  • Part 2

You’re Chibs’ Old Lady and find out about Fiona and Kerrianne

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3* Part 4

You spend your birthday with Jax

You’re Clay’s daughter and he finds out you’re messing around with Tig

You’re in love with Jax and go to Opie for advice

  • Part 1
  • Part 2* Part 3
  • Part 4* Part 5

You’re Jax’s sister and get protective of him when Tara comes back to Charming

You help out the club but they end up having too much fun with it.

You’re a member of the MC and Opie’s Old Lady

You ask Happy to be your maid of honor when you marry juice

  • Part 1
  • Part 2

You comfort Tig when he admits he hates himself

Chibs proved himself to your father, who’s a mob boss

You kill someone to save Chibs and he comforts you when you breakdown

You meet Juice for the first time when you come home from college

Chibs dumps you to protect you but gets jealous when you go to a club party with a new guy

  • Part 1
  • Part 2

You try to seduce Juice and he finally gives in but the guys catch you ****Sexual content*****

The club comforts you after you and your friend get kidnapped and she dies.

Being Hispanic and dating Chibs on the down low but the club finds out

Dating Chibs but being much younger than him and getting teased about it

Staying by Chibs’ side when he gets hurt in the van explosion in season 2

TRIGGER WARNING: SELF HARM The club finds out about your self harm

Gemma finds out she’s pregnant with Clay’s baby

You’re Happy’s Old Lady and you get kidnapped

You get hit in the head and can’t remember your old man, Happy

Juice comes to stay with you and Tig for a couple days, then comes onto you

You’re Hap’s kid and got him wrapped around your finger

Tig and Venus want you to carry their baby

You convince Tig to let Kozik patch SAMCRO **** Sexual content****

Happy brings a pitbull home

You visit your uncle Happy and accidentally hook up with one of his brothers *****Sexual Content*****

You get wasted on your 21st birthday and hook up with Tig ****Sexual content****

You’re Kozik’s Old Lady and he has you staying with Hap when he’s killed

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Part 4
  • Part 5
  • Part 6
  • Part 7 - coming soon

You go after Jax when you find out your boyfriend Juice was killed

You’re Tig’s Old Lady and his ex wife shows up

You try to get your old man and brother in the Christmas spirit.

You’re Tara’s baby sister and seeing Chibs behind her back

Tig teaches you how to ride a motorcycle

You tell Juice that you’re pregnant

You spend Christmas with Jax in your new house

Happy refuses to have sex with you because you’re pregnant *****Sexual content*****

You go off to the cabin with Jax to relax and spend some quality time

You’re Tig’s daughter and messing around with Happy behind his back

Part 1

Part 2

Juice is your friend with benefits and he finds out your ex is harassing you

  • Part 1
  • Part 2

The guys make fun of you for driving a street bike. You make Jax eat his words.

Chibs teaches you how to shoot.

Juice admits to you that he can’t be alone

You’re a member of the MC and might have a not so secret crush on Juice

Jax leaves you for Tara and you start messing around with Juice in revenge

  • Part 1* Part 2* Part 3* Part 4
  • Part 5
  • Part 6 - coming soon

You’ve got a thing for Kozik, but he doesn’t seem to be catching on.

Tara comes back to Charming but Jax’s loyalty lies with you.

Juice has the flu an you take care of him

Things go a little south at your wedding to marry Chibs

First big SAMCRO party with your new man Chibs

You and Opie confess your feelings at a club party

Momma Gemma catches you hooking up with Tiggy

Your relationship with Opie suffers because of the club

Your best friend Opie drops a bomb during karaoke

You get shot and have a confession for your husband Tig

You’re Marcus Alvarez’s daughter, also unknowingly dating a Son, Kozik

  • Part 1
  • Part 2

Jax finds out that you’ve been kidnaped by the Mayans

Angry Juice gets a little rough *****Sexual content*****

You and Happy adopt a baby

You figure out what Hap really does and he makes sure you don’t tell *****Sexual Content*** **

Hap teaches you how to drive a motorcycle

You and Jax get a little rough with each other after a fight *****Sexual Content*** **

You’re having tough time telling Jax you love him and he doesn’t appreciate it *****Sexual Content*** **

You find the bruises on Juices neck after he tries to hang himself *****Trigger Warning*****

You give Juice a little TLC while he drives *****Sexual Content*** **

Chibs tries to teach you how to box

Jax thinks it’s really hot when you get in bar fights ****Sexual Content*** **

Tig finds out you’ve been faking your moans in bed. He fixes that. *****Sexual Content*** **

You get pregnant and Hap isn’t sure he wants to stick around

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Part 4* Part 5
  • Part 6 - coming soon

You’re Gemma and Clay’s teenage daughter. Their secretly pregnant teenage daughter.

Chibs finds out you have an eating disorder *****Trigger warning*** **

You find Chibs crying in the clubhouse

Donna and Venus try to help you get over a shitty week.

You find out your Old Man Kozik is dead and you’re less than happy with your dad Clay.

Jax reflects on the things he’s done

Kozik doesn’t like when the prospect flirts with you *****Sexual Content*****

Juice hears Half Sack saying some sexual things about his Old Lady. He doesn’t approve.

You’re Gemma and Clays daughter and you’re sneaking around with Chibs

  • Part 1
  • Part 2

You comfort Tig after he loses Dawn

.Happy tells you he loves you for the first time

You move with Juice to Charming. He finds SAMCRO and wants to Prospect for them, not knowing you’re pregnant. You leave to let him have what you thought he wants.

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Part 4
  • Part 5
  • Part 6 - coming soon

You’re childhood friends with Jax and Opie. The club helps you when a Mayan gets a little pushy

You and Chibs have something going on but he’s giving mixed signals. Only one way to figure out where his hearts at

You wake up in your best friend Jax’s bed naked.

You’re friend drags you to a SAMCRO party. You’re not feeling it but this guy Juice is cool.

Abel is all grown up and he wants to be a Son

Venus gets you ready for a date

You’re Opie’s Old Lady and Jax has to tell you about his death

Plot twist where Jax left Charming and wants Tara back

You’re about to marry Jax but you get cold feet and get yourself into a bit of trouble ****Sexual content in part 2****

  • Part 1
  • Part 2* Part 3

Half Sack’s not too sure he wants the club to meet you

Tiggy’s having dog problems and needs your help. Gemma is being Gemma.

You fill Opie in on your little pregnancy secret

Chibs teaches you how to fix a motorcycle

Both Opie and Jax like you. How awkward.

  • Part 1* Part 2* Part 3
  • Part 4 - coming soon

Chibs tries to treat you for your anniversary but it doesn’t go as planned

You and Chibs take care of Jax’s boys.

Juice drives around and reflects on life

Tig comes to the realization that he has a thing for virgins ****Sexual content part 2&3****

  • Part 1* Part 2* Part 3
  • Part 4 - coming soon

Jax and Juice vacation to Vegas and Juice falls for you ****Sexual content part 2****

  • Part 1* Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Part 4 - coming soon

You leave Charming, pregnant, after your family finds out you’re seeing Happy.

  • Part 1* Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Part 4
  • Part 5
  • Part 6 - coming soon

Your daughter from another relationship calls Tig daddy for the first time

You have a hate/friends with benefits relationship with Juice ****Sexual content****

Tig’s baby sister gets into trouble and needs his help. Maybe the help of a certain brown eyed killer as well ****Drug use and violence****

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3- coming soon

You get your first tattoo and it just so happens to be Kozik’s Crow.

Opie is less than pleased that you walked out on him and he wants answers.

Juice’s girlfriend is chubby and she worries that she won’t be liked when she meets the club but soon realizes that no one cares and they like her just the way she is. ****Trigger warning for mentions of weight and insecurities****

You realize that things aren’t as the seem when you find out your Old Man killed Donna.

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Part 4 - coming soon

You and Juice reconnect after years of being broken up.

  • Part 1
  • Part 2

You and Tig decide to put on some music while you make love but it backfires *****Sexual content*****

You find out that you’re not only having Tig’s baby, you’re having twins

  • Part 1
  • Part 2 (Maybe)

You’re Tig’s daughter and you tell the club you have brain cancer

You’re Happy’s Old Lady and you get kidnapped. But the killer isn’t going to have a wimpy girl. ****Violence, gore, murder, sexual content and all the other good stuff****

Chibs is very romantic. He’s also very distracting.

You just want to cuddle but Juice wants a little more than that. ****Sexual content****

Jax imagine based off Humming by Turnover

Kozik imagine based off Haunted by Beyonce

Gemma has to convince Juice to make a move

Kozik cheats on you and you’ve had enough

Part 1

Part 2

You’ve been around the club for years and Jax’s feelings for you are now known

Kozik’s chubby girlfriend is insecure but he fixes it ****Sexual content****

Tig and Kozik battle for your love, amongst other things ****Sexual content****

You’re Tig’s daughter and in love with Kozik. He’s not too happy about it.

Chibs isn’t too keen on a cowboy’s advances on you in Texas

Jax falls in love with the girl who fell under SAMCRO’s wing

You play hard to get with Juice because you think he’s too sweet and not tough enough. He proves you wrong.

You’re Piney’s distant daughter and Opie’s sister. They end up finding you and bringing you to Charming to catch up. A certain Son with a faux hawk catches your eye.

You’re Chibs’ Old Lady and you meet Fiona for the first time. She’s not feeling you and you’re not feeling how Chibs ignores you ****Sexual content****

Jax meets your mom and her not so great boyfriend for the first time

You’re Jax’s best friend since childhood and you’re back in town. Tiggy takes a liking to you. Jax isn’t feeling it.

Being Jax’s baby sister and getting pregnant by Juice after a one night stand isn’t the best position to be in

Jax finds your sex toy and decides you both should get familiar with it *Sexual content*

You’re partnered with SAMCRO and Juice is a little infactuated with you

(MALE POV) You’re Opie and Jax’s best friend. After Ope dies, you get a little too close to Lyla

Things get a little hot and heavy between you and Juice during lockdown. Your dad Chibs accidentally walks in on it **Sexual content **

Happy imagine based off of Porn Star Dancing by My Darkest Days Sexual content


Next batch of palette swap weirdness. Why do Kinosaki’s colors look so good on everyone? The usual bonus below, eyes of a dead fish indeed.

Yumoto | Ryuu | Io | Atsushi | Akoya | Ibushi | Kinshiro

All I’ve heard you say is that you have no hope, and that this is your hell, so if it’s so bad then why don’t you just end it?