too much free time in math

This week has been another busy week, most of my free time was filled with auditions or practice ISAs. I’ve had so much homework too, 10 lengthy pieces in total! Today I need to complete my maths, English, French and music theory homework. Then I need to do some grade 5 music theory revision, I didn’t have time this week to do any.. Hopefully I’ll have time to go out for a run later because I’m missing out on my running. The drink featuring in this photo is something I’m obsessed with atm, cranberry juice and lemonade, there hasn’t been lemonade in the house for soooooo long! What’s your favourite homework/revision drink?x

Nathanaël Head Cannons

• His parents are teachers like maybe university professors or history teachers

• He is the kind of person that has a lot of friends online.

•He runs a really popular art blog online

•He likes shopping at thrift stores and gets bigger sizes in hopes that he’ll grow one day.

•He hates math.

•He has an older brother who teases him all the time and calls him names

That’s it for now. They’re kinda stupid but… Meh I tried

i hate myself but im having a fantastic time at math camp like 7 hrs of math/day isn’t actually killing me too much and im also learning a lot about myself for some reason it’s like self renewal camp. also free food every day never gets old

In the past week alone

We’ve gotten over 500 new followers, meaning we now have over 13,000.

Which is a little bizarre, given that in terms of content production & amalgamation we’re pretty much at an all-time low, and last time I checked we had under 9,000 followers.

As all overworked mathematicians can sympathize, we’ve been a little too busy with regular stuff in our lives. So I really don’t know what’s going on right now or what you see in this blog, but welcome! (I guess!!!!!)

As always, please feel free to submit interesting math stuff and/or let us know if you want to help us post more regularly. Tomorrow night I’ll finally post all of the remaining math jokes we received in February and never got around to. Now back to our regular programming! [CJH]